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  1. Meanwhile: What’s everybody’s take on how much Serwa and Moënghus know will happen? It is clear to me that Kellhus and Serwa assume that the Niom is a trap. But why does Serwa not want to teleport all the way to the Nonmansion? From her perspective, they’ll be taken prisoner upon arrival anyway, at which moment her leet metagnostic skills will be known. Or does she fear that the Quya just blast her to ashes if she appears as initially too powerful? And why worry about Sorweel not seeming sufficiently hostile? Does Serwa actually attach nonzero probability mass to the idea that the Nonmen are friendly? Does Moënghus know that extreme torture awaits? (Clearly Sorweel has no idea.)
  2. Revive, update title (in particular, subtitle), and first post. Make it so, lokis. Show us your father’s fraction.
  3. Something else: Shall we now unite the fractions that are the spoiler-free and the spoiler thread? Out of two, one? Ere the TGO-free Bakker thread plunges ever deeper into darkness?
  4. He makes her love. This will turn into a mushy romance novel yet! Kellhus saving Esmi, SorwaSerwa-shipping, Cnaiür and the-thing-called-Serwë… Love is for real souls.
  5. Oh, there’s a bunch of stuff going on with Sorweel. The Yatwer-glamour may no longer work (since I assume that Sorweel has lost his faith), so finally there is consistency between the Sorweel that Serwa sees and the Sorweel that she can figure out. Remember that until now, he has been a mystery to her, because of the incongruence of what he should feel, and what he obviously (but falsely) feels. Whether or not the ghoul-bucket has left an imprint I don’t know. How can it not, even if not magical? But the Amiolas was a very good authorial device. It makes sense that the Nonmen have some cool super-teaching device that they used during the Tutelage. And it’s a very good vessel for the massive information dump that Bakker needs to give us. Cute.
  6. The Prince Of Nothing series is optioned for TV!

    Hm… pretty much nothing of what was (to me) the core experience of ASOIAF made it into the TV show. Pilot episode has Kellhus encounter Leweth, with Sherlock-style inferences shown in a visually smart way (extreme zoom on sweat trickling down, heartbeats, etc.) Intercut this with Ishual flashbacks where Kellhus learns what this means (you don’t even need internal monologue, you can have the Pragma explain this to young Kellhus in thereby the audience). These Kellhus-POVs could be the defining gimmick of the show, at least for the first many episodes. It would be insanely entertaining to watch and garner splendid reviews. (It’s also cheap.) Interviews with Kahnemann-style psychologists in the popular press. (“New fantasy series weds GOT and Sherlock into a psychological twist.” “TV show questions the lies we tell ourselves” Etc.) I’d include a gazillion Ishual-flashbacks anyway; montages of warrior-monks training is cinematic gold. The anti-islamic crusader-theme you can play straight from the books, there is a huge audience for this. (“Fears of angered muslim community while Second Apocalypse show receives rave reviews.”) Ramp up the swords-and-sandals imagery from House Ikurei to attract viewers of historical drama. Ikurei-related material will be the most expensive (Conphas at Kiyuth, and the Nansur army entering Momemn. I don’t know much about CGI costs, but large block of infantry are cheaper than animated dragons, are they not?) Milk the diversity angle of the cast for all it’s got (“Finally a fantasy series where almost nobody is white!”). And retain the seriousness of Acka’s angle to make reviewers happy (“New series is mix of Mad Men and GOT”). On-screen buggering of the Scylvendi captives is the biggest issue, form a censorial point of view. You need only imply it, as in the books. But if you play it right, this is good publicity. Esmi’s rape by the glamoured Auruang is a completely standard, steamy soft-porn sex scene which is routine for TV. Entirely unremarkable.
  7. Re-read the Ishterebinth chapter, which I like very much. (We should do a systematic study of the symbolism surrounding depth and branching and emptiness and space, also in relation to the Ishual chapter.) But I have a less ambitious observation to report, at the danger of pointing out something obvious (or already discussed on a previous thread.) First, So I felt cheated when Sorweel appeared alive in the final scene, but the point is of course the following, from Serwä’s point of view: I missed it the first time, but the important thing in this description is that Sorweel is no longer wearing the Amiolas! So “wrenched him in two” might have been given as “pulled his head off,” but that would have been too obvious. Oirûnas has ripped Amiolas off Sorweel’s head, therefore flaying skin off his face, but leaving him otherwise quite hale.

    It currently misspells CTRL. Some corruption begs not the cloth but the original poster to edit the title.
  9. The Prince Of Nothing series is optioned for TV!

    … but I suggest you edit the thread title. Lots of TV rights are sold. That doesn’t mean it’ll ever appear on TV.
  10. The Prince Of Nothing series is optioned for TV!

    Sure it’s filmable; the surface plot is pretty mainstream epic fantasy. Use the visual tropes from Sherlock for Kellhus. (In fact, make Cumberbatch play Kellhus. Win.) On TV (without the inner monologue) the whole thing would be much more appealing. (For the record, I love the inner monologue.)
  11. Good question. I was under the impression that the Confluence was “where the soul is located.” (In Bakkerverse, the Soul and Consciousness and “What makes us human” etc. may be the same thing. It’s the difference between a human and a p-zombie.) If I’m right then real humans (i.e., those on Earth, denizens of the Westeros forum) don’t have this neuroanatomical feature, since (after all) we don’t believe there is the “extra something”, certainly not in physically separate extra-complicated lump of brain tissue.
  12. Do conservative people lack imagination?

    It seems to be that non-conservative people are missing something (namely a “moral tastebud”). Conservatives are able to taste the full spectrum of ethics. (Haidt, Moral foundations theory. Very interesting stuff.)
  13. US Elections - There is 'Ahead in the Polls' behind you

    At the danger of derailing this thread, here’s the Popperian view on elections: Democracy is not about who should rule, but how to get rid of inevitably false decisions. In particular, democracy accepts as basic dogma that democratically elected leaders will be at best as good as the hoi polloi. The electoral process is a priori unable to consistently select good (or even average) leaders; it will select bland leaders, some good leaders, and some downright terrible leaders. (“Leaders” here is a catch-all for individual people, parties, or even ideas. You might substitute “ideas”.) So the election of Trump is cool. Democracy expects these kinds of things to happen. One man’s Trump is the other man’s GW Bush or Tony Blair or Merkel. Electing Trump would not be a sign of democracy being broken; instead, it is an expected event. Because the purpose of elections is defensive. They aim to get rid of bad ideas (in a nonviolent and orderly fashion), rather than select good ideas. Democracy breaks not when a bad idea is elected (after all, wrong decisions are inevitable). Democracy breaks when institutions that protect the people break (such as elections), not when bad ideas are elected. From this point of view, two-party systems are vastly superiour. (This, at least to a European as myself with strong sympathies for representative elections, coalition governments, and compromise, is a major surprise and runs counter to my intuition.) Representative and coalition governments are very terrible at getting rid of bad ideas. (Plenty of parties in various European governments have governed for decades while representing only a tiny sliver of the population by changing the wagon to which they hitch themselves to.) Here endeth today’s Popper sermon.
  14. If I were planning the Ordeal, I’d spend twenty years getting hold of and then breeding Excursi Sranc. (Hm… the Consult probably has them auto-destruct after prolonged contact with humans or something similar. They would be an insanely powerful thing for the Consult’s enemies to get hold of.)
  15. Not in so many words. In the italicised WLW POV, p. 456: “She had hidden her will from herself, but still the Demon can see.” So Esmi never really tells the WLW to kill AK, he just (correctly) surmises it. This is why she keeps him around, even though she never admits that to herself.