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  1. Crixus is the Ever Living Druid, the Bane of Jupiter's Cock, the One Whose Fuck Is Not Given. May the Gods make a place for him in their midst when the time comes for him to leave this world. 6,000 is too short a time for him to walk among us.
  2. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    Vader should be like a Predator, only omitting the last 10 minutes of each movie.
  3. Looks like she survived the trash compactor. Maybe she'll be allowed to, I don't know, actually do something in the next movie.
  4. Boarders Writing A Novel: Volume 14 A Memory of Civility

    It absolutely can't hurt. Do it! :thumbs:   Let us know how it goes.  
  5. Honestly, I don't see this trend catching on. It's too meta.
  6. 12 Monkeys

    April 18th baby!
  7. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    I'm sure it's non canon, but a promo for one of the Force Unleashed games had Vader's apprentice pull a Star Destroyer out of orbit and crashed it at his feet.  
  8. Boarders Writing A Novel: Volume 14 A Memory of Civility

    Some free companies had names. John Hawkwood band was called the White Company. In 1303, the Byzantines hired a Spanish merc band called the Catalan Company. So, GRRM's naming convention is consistent with real history.
  9. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    This. Vader on the battlefield should be a terror to behold. Not from Yoda-like flipping, but the raw power he brings. "The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force." Show us.
  10. They were offended that their lighting wasn't more appreciated in Ep VII.
  11. (Book spoilers) American Gods on Starz

    I pictured him to be more American Indian looking, but I'll trust the casting.  Any idea when this will be premiering? Next fall or winter?
  12. Blade Runner Sequel

    I think we need a reaction video of you watching the trailer. For science. If someone had taken one of me watching Force Awakens trailer, it would've looked similar to this around the :54 mark, give or take 40 years.  
  13. Marvel Netflix - AKA the Second Thread

    I had no idea that the showrunner for this show adapted all the Twilight books for the silver screen... Incredible.
  14. Yes. Indiana Jones. As an aside related to the updating theme parks, I really enjoyed the new portion of the Star Tours ride with Jakku. Very well done and included a guest star on the side monitor. The new Launch Pad (Hollywood Studios) is mainly a place to get Darth Vader and Chewbacca's signatures and photo op. The rest is a museum area with models, props, costumes, posters, and the like scattered about. Though there is a cool little room decorated like the cantina. The bar even has glasses of blue milk sitting there (glued in place). Yes, I succumbed to temptation and had my wife take a picture of me lounging against the bar nursing my drink.  All was good until a Jawa tried to pick my pocket... Oh, and there was a Disney Infinity area with about 10-12 Xbones set up to play an exclusive toy box. Best part, is they give you a code to download the Toy Box to your home machine (assuming you have DI 3.0). If anyone wants a code, pm me. We have annual passes and will be back...
  15. Songs You Never Realized Were Covers

    Don't they know Ewan McGregor wrote it?