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  1. After SM: Homecoming, I'd assume the Sony movies will be connected just nominally. Kind of like Netflix shows or Agents of Shield. It'd be cool to see more cross over back and forth, but who knows at this point.
  2. I had the same reaction. I can't imagine trying to cope with a child committing suicide. Not surprised he thought going back to work would help the grieving process. Dive back in with something he had control over. But, yeah. His other kids need him more than a movie does. It is just a movie, for all the time we spend picking over all the details.
  3. Maybe they'll do a hybrid villain and soldier Venom. Like down on his luck ex-soldier hired to steal something from Stark Industries and he comes across vials of blood from Peter and spills it on "symbiote" stuff Stark was making. He becomes Venom, then moves toward being a hero, ala Flash's Agent Venom. Hey, I'm not saying it's a great (or even good) idea, but it'd let Sony have its cake and eat it too. I'd just rather not repeat the storyline wasted in Spiderman 3...
  4. He was the first Bond I saw. While I later grew to appreciate Connery more, he always held a special spot for me. Farewell, Mr. Bond.
  5. I expect that line to come back during Infinity War. Youse Avengers saved, what, a single planet? Once from invasions and once from yourselves. Big whoop. We've saved the galaxy. Twice. Get in line.
  6. (sorry, Darth Rich. I haven't read PA in years and saw this on reddit. I think I remember the why behind your ugh and I'm sorry I posted this now.. )
  7. I didn't want to be the one to start another Rothfuss thread, but this Penny Arcade comic needs to be shared. Penny Arcade
  8. The Watchers exist outside of time. So it could still work. *Yes, I'm making up a "reason" to explain why it still works.
  9. Maybe she'll go swimming in a pool with too much chlorine? (I was very blond as a kid and my hair would turn light green when I swam in pools who overdid the chlorine).
  10. The best friend has the same joyful glee as Hiro from Heroes. He has all the questions I'd have if I had found out my best friend was a superhero.
  11. It certainly had the most entertaining opening credits I've ever seen. Gunn: You liked Dancing Baby Groot in a pot? Hold my beer. Yeah, I probably laughed harder than necessary, but I loved the silly dancing with all the action happening in the background. Even when Groot froze when Drax looked at him.
  12. Stan Lee being a Watcher = the Ultimate No-Prize
  13. Was thinking of comics, mainly. The way they were shoving X-Men and FF aside to promote MCU properties makes sense in a boardroom, but creatively it's like cutting off your left hand because you wish you were right handed.
  14. Am I the only one who kinda hopes this fails so Marvel can stop trying to phase out the X-Men in favor of these guys?