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  1. SPECTRE - Bond 24

    I didn't know Spectre wasn't available to them until now. But agreed: Silva should've at least been better tied to Quantum. Maybe a better approach here would've hinted that Quantum was only one tentacle of the Spectre octopus.
  2. SPECTRE - Bond 24

    I finally saw this last night and I'm conflicted. The set pieces were all very well done individual scenes (especially the long first shot without any cuts) but a lot of the connecting tissue used to link them together felt forced. This is the type of movie I imagine coming out of a committee. One person loves Live or Let Die, so let's do something similar except in Mexico during the Day of the Dead festival. Another person loves snow chases, so that's in. Oh! Car chases in old historic European cities too. Add Rome! Remote bad guy lair in the desert is always fun, and Tunisia is nice this time of year. But let's bring it back home to London for the finale so we can have M be involved somehow again. Hand this to a writer to figure out how it all fits together with the previous three films, even though there was no foresight into an overall narrative. I know! photos of the the deceased! Brilliant! Ok, that makes it sound worse than it was.... It just felt disjointed to me.
  3. They reached out to me Monday afternoon for comments, while my jaw was still on the floor. I stopped trying to pronounce it correctly over here in the States. I used to be in a Denver gaming clan (Counter Strike and BF 1942). We'd meet up for beers and what not, and at first I tried saying it right but it just confused people. Serves me right for picking a Welsh name.
  4. It's an extreme long shot, but if you're on Twitter, retweet and/or like this tweet.
  5. I've been laughing all week! If you think your pants were in danger of being filled Monday morning... I still have no idea how someone found that post. Red Tiger forwarded me the link to it on Sunday night, before the show aired. I guess someone on Reddit has made Google skills Now, if this scores me a set visit while I'm in Croatia this July, then it'll all be worth while.
  6. [Spoilers] On tinfoil theories and the show

    As much as I'd like to think we (me in this one instance) influenced Martin, I'm inclined to think it's not the case. He's put tons of clues throughout the books. With all of us going over every detail, it shouldn't be that surprising that a few of those theories or, ahem, jokes are right on target. For my own part, I just puzzled out the words hidden within Hodor's name. "Hold the door" Now, if we later learn that Bran's name actually came from for Ned yelling "Bring me another ale, Nan" over and over, THEN we can call out Martin. And thank you for the blessings. It's been a crazy 24 hours.
  7. Hold the Door = What you say on the Internet will come back to haunt or amuse you.


    1. AnthonyLopez


      Hopefully amuse :) 

    2. Myrddin


      Stunned, really. Still not sure how the post was found OR how/why I'm suddenly a fan mentioned in a dozen news articles.



    1. AnthonyLopez


      Genius figured it out. 

    2. Bawn


      Why are you pretending to be Myrddin Bran?

    3. Myrddin


      I am Groot. :)


  9. Congratulations on your prediction sir!

    1. Myrddin


      Thanks! More like I guessed how many marbles were in the jar. ;)


  10. But not IMAX? What kind of fan are you?
  11. This should be a movie tailor made for me. But yeah, trailers have been so underwhelming I don't see myself seeing this unless you all bite the bullet for me and report an amazing movie has been released. Which is sad, because I want to see Fimmel succeed. Even my boys (8 and 10) who saw the trailer last weekend before Civil War commented how bad it looked. (And fantasy movies are still new and fresh for them)
  12. I don't many of you play, but news broke last night that Disney Infinity is done. They've laid off the 300+ employees of Avalanche and no more figures or playsets are forthcoming (after the Alice and Dory releases). I really enjoyed this game, even though it is a money sink. Sad to see it go.
  13. Rogue One: 2 Rebellious 2 Fail

    Episode 3.75 Rogue One It's a time before the civil war....
  14. TFA ripes off RotJ. Anakin chooses the light side and throws his "father"down into the abyss. Ren chooses the dark side and throws his father down into the abyss.
  15. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    Maslanycan just play the whole cast.