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  1. Alien: Covenant (update: trailer)

    They've released a "prologue film" for Covenant. Introduces the new crew....
  2. I think Ragnarok will provide this call to warn earth, if any do. Or maybe a mid/post credits scene. Thor finds the slaughtered jawas Asgardians and links them to stolen droids stones. He realizes that if stormtroopers Thanos traced the droids stones to the jawas Asgard, that would lead them him... home to Earth. To which Banner yells out, "No! Wait, Luke ! It's too dangerous! "No! go! Too dangerous!"" *Cue the awesome music in the background everyone no one remembers
  3. Trailer Thread III

    I have a confession. I may just rent this movie, after purposefully avoiding the entire run of the show during the 90s. The trailer reminds me of the 21 Jumpstreet movie.
  4. First link blocked. Here's a repost. ETA: Pope Carson I?
  5. They're just now filming? Surprised. I guess I figured it would be out this spring sometime or canceled. I didn't necessarily overly enjoy season 1, but I would still like to see season 2 be good.
  6. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    The All-New Order is coming up next!
  7. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    Superb Owl. My favorite weekend of the year. (Confession: I stopped to think what movie "Superb Owl" was before recognizing the typo.:
  8. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    Calling it now: Episode IX: The Previous Title No, I mean: Episode IX: The Prodigal Son Which does make sense when you consider Skywalker family history working in cycles. Light to dark to light to dark and back to light again. (Yes, this has been raised in previous threads before.) ETA: The trailer came out last October! Ok, not the official trailer, but that guy called it. #holdthedoor
  9. Star Wars Rebels (All Star Wars Spoilers)

    Maybe it's just a reference that the plans had slipped through his fingers twice: once at Scarif where the guy slipped it through the door and on the Tantive where Leia put the plans in the escape pod. He's assuming "no life forms aboard" means no one to stop them. He didn't figure on the wiles of his former co-pilot....
  10. Tolkien 2.0

    I studied in Finland for my Junior year in college. While I'm not great with languages, Finnish stumped me beyond measure. I felt like just another idiot American until a German gal, who spoke most of the languages on the European continent, threw in the towel after three months of rigorous study. The only foreigner who actually caught on was an American who arrived in January, declaring he'd be able to learn it. We all scoffed and rolled our eyes, being 4-month veterans. Sure enough, a month later, he was engaging Finns in philosophical discussions --in Finnish. So. While not impossible to learn, Finnish can challenge even people who excel in languages. Which means, I had no chance in hell. ETA: Speaking of Tolkien and Finnish, I got a copy of Tolkien's Story of Kullervo for Christmas. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but I did dust of my copy of the Kalevala. I figured I'd re-read the original (translation) before reading Tolkien's version.
  11. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    I think kissing his sister really confused him so he swore off all romantic entanglements.
  12. Rogue One....Brings a New Hope. Full Spoiler Discussion

    Oliver Reed died during the filming of Gladiator, so they cobbled together a shot of his saying "Shadows and dust" and used a body double when the soldiers came for him. Originally it was supposed to him who buried the figurines in the arena, not Djimon's character. I haven't been following the series, but they rewrote one of the Fast and Furious movies during post production to explain Paul Walker's character's death. Regardless how they handle it, I'm not through the grieving period yet to think about Leia's exit.
  13. Alien: Covenant (update: trailer)

    He makes Prometheus and gets accused of not making what people want. He makes Alien:C and gets accused of rehashing old ideas. Scott can't win.
  14. Carrie Fisher has passed away

    I heard about an hour ago and am still in shock. The first movie I remember seeing in the theater is the original Star Wars. We will miss her. Her sardonic sense of humor and her wit.
  15. Wise Man's Fear XI

    Feast of Crows, page 685 (hardback edition) They've both under-estimated the effort and time to complete their next volume(s). Calling out Rothuss while giving GRRM a pass is not playing fair. (I know I keep responding to you in this thread, Scot, but it's not because I'm signaling you out. Honest. You just happen to be the last person posting at the time. )