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  1. Star Wars Rogue One: Now With Less Rouge

    LAPD Captain: Get ready to fire that tow cable! LAPD Officer: Activate harpoon! Good shot, Janson!
  2. Medici: Masters of Florence (Netflix)

    I love this time period so I'm looking forward to watching it.
  3. Spiderman: Homecoming

    Is Michelle's middle name Jane/Jacelyn/Jade/Jasmin/J-etc? It'd take the pot joke out of MJ's name.
  4. Star Wars Rogue One: Now With Less Rouge

    I find your lack of continuation of the quote meme disturbing....
  5. Star Wars Rogue One: Now With Less Rouge

    Basically, Jedi are like ninjas. Believed to be real, but it's hard to separate reality from myth.
  6. The Collective DCU TVerse -- Lions, Titans, and Supergirls

    Too bad they'll never go all out and get Cavill to cameo too. Hell, if they go that far, get Afleck to cameo Hollywoodland's George Reeves.
  7. Star Wars Rogue One: Now With Less Rouge

    Burn the heretic!
  8. Vikings X: Halfway Through the Madness

    Bumping this to the front page because I forgot it was premiering tonight (until I read the Last Kingdom thread). The first half of season 4 was lack luster, but I'm still looking forward to seeing my favorite vikings again.
  9. Wise Man's Fear XI

    Looks like we'll see the end of Rothfuss' trilogy play out on TV first, just like ASOIAF! (kidding. sort of)
  10. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

    Didn't the current comic continuity bring a version of the teenage of the original 5 teenage X-Men? I'm a huge fan of the comic (well, when I collected 80's-90's), but continuity on the page is really about as screwed up as on the screen. We just expect more from movies/tv.
  11. It's official. Benedict Cumberbatch is Strange. The Doctor.

    See it last night. I really enjoyed it. After seeing an advanced 15-min preview a few weeks ago, I was a bit worried that it wouldn't be able to juggle all the story it had to tell. The main villain's was duped, but he had reason to doubt the Ancient One. Mordu's philisophical position at the end felt organic and a natural outcome from the events. Someone in my theater yelled out "There can be only one!" after the post-credit, but Mordu's reasoning for wiping out the sorcerers made sense. As well as his very human notion that only he can be trusted to wield such power. And the movie really nailed the ending. Reverse destruction is quite a change for a Marvel movie. One question: Am I the only one who thought Cumberbatch was channeling Harrison Ford for his American accent? So many of his deliveries just reminded me of Ford through the years.
  12. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

    Clear example? We have different interpretations of film-maker intent. My interpretation is they wanted to merge the two casts and they saw Jackman's Logan as an easy bridge (the actor's age made sense in both timelines). In the comic, Kitty was middle aged in the future and a teen in the present. Sending her back worked great from a story structure and character point of view. She wasn't an established leader on the team, so giving her the challenge to convince everyone to believe her was compelling. It also gave a glimpse into the woman she would become. In the movie-verse, Kitty wasn't even born in the 70's, so there's no way she could've gone back into her younger body. The time traveler had to be another character. That's very different than deliberately taking a role away from one character and giving it to Wolverine.
  13. Star Trek: Discovery

    Sulu is Grant from Mythbusters? That's great! Just glanced at the trailer. The stage production is spot on. Amazing.
  14. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

    This one doesn't bother me. Since the "future" was really the present with a young Kitty (not much older), it made logistical sense to use Logan.
  15. Walking Dead Season 7 (No comic Spoilers)

    I see my own response to the opening is reflected in the lack of comments two days later. Sunday came and went and I was still ambivalent about the show. Had my wife not suggested we watch it ondemand last night, I would've been content not watching it. The episode itself was well done. Rick's pain was heartbreaking to watch. JDM did a powerful job with Negan. I just found I didn't care because I've lost faith in the showrunners. My wife paced the room as she watched, not being able to watch as Rick was given the choice to hack his own son's arm off. If her response afterwards was any indication, she's done. It was too bleak. Had this been the finale, I think I'd be in here praising how well they executed the raw emotions in a post apocalyptic world. But I feel more apathy after the rug pull. Don't worry. I won't be here every week talking about how much I dislike it now. I hate that.