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  1. Rothfuss XII: The Doors of Twitch

    Book 1 was probably mostly self-edited. But it probably tookmany many years to do before getting an agent. I seem to remember he worked on it through college and work shopped it quite a bit? If that's the case, it explains why 3 is taking so long. He's trying to replicate the original 4-8(?) year process.
  2. Wonder Woman -- 100th reply unlocks Invisible Plane photo

    So, is she a 3/4 cup full or 1/4 empty type of Gal?
  3. Kong: Skull Island

    You beat me to it.
  4. And they just announced the screen writers who would be writing it. Doesn't that imply there's no script yet? Ok, it says there's a previous draft. But still.
  5. I lost my cat....inside the apartment

    Thanks for continuing the updates of Renly.
  6. Daylight savings time sucks spring 2017!!!

    I learned (reminded) about DST this weekend and immediately came here looking for this post. I am not disappoint. Thank you, Scot.
  7. So... I'm engaged now.

    Congrats! May she long be the yin to your, uh, fox.
  8. Maybe I should've pin pointed my objection (mainly the bolded part): This is the part I have no recollection of, after reading X Men religiously from 1986 -1996 (and collecting back issues to catch up from X Men Giant X Men 1, #94 and up). Which "death" of Jean are you talking about? When Phoenix replaced her body in the shuttle (#100-101) or when Dark Phoenix sacrificed herself? The bolded part plus the Pryor reference (which was years later?) is what's throwing me off.
  9. That's ... not how it happened at all. The comic "love triangle" was mostly Logan hitting on Jean, with her feeling some attraction, but little else. Madeline Pryor was way later, by which time Logan was already in love with Mariko. Jean came back to life after Scott married Madeline.
  10. My boys (11 and 9) are really enjoying Rebels this season. They never cared for Clone Wars and showed only passing interest in Rebels before Vader started showing up. They're not in tuned to all the nuances of the connective tissue, but they recognized Saw, Organa, and Mon Motha. They keep asking "Is this still before Rogue One?" So, having R1 sort of jump ahead of Rebels confused them a bit, I was able to explain the timeline to them.
  11. We just watched season one on Netflix. My opinion matched Wert's until episode 8 or so. About the time they went to the author's house. Then I got hooked. Before then, it was just something we watched while eating lunch. Honestly, Penny was the only thing that kept us watching. I liked Julia's story (how does someone push forward after not getting into her dream profession) but really disliked the actress. Hated Q. Honestly, I disliked almost all the characters. I think I liked Penny because he says to them what I'm thinking. The show started getting good post-Antarctica and must see after visiting Glover's house. We finished season 1 last night, so I'll be catching up on season 2 probably by the weekend.
  12. Alien: Covenant

    If given a choice, I'd rewatch Prometheus any day rather than Alien3. And that is after rewatching A3 a few years ago and thinking it was better than memory served. I was watching the film, not the sequel to Aliens. I liked Prometheus, mainly because it wasn't an Aliens movie. If they had left out the xenomorphs, it would've improved the movie, tbh. The scene where (spoilering below since everyone hasn't watched it) sold the movie for me. I get why people hate it. There really is some dumb science going on and a bunch of people set up just to die. The angst about the "straight" run at the end is misplaced, though. Looking from the side, yes, we scream "Turn!" but the perspective on the ground would never be that clear. Panic is too strong. Just watch it from the perspective that David is the main character. Ignore Shaw's journey and watch his.
  13. Rothfuss XII: The Doors of Twitch

    Maybe someone will go to the mic at a comic con Q&A and ask "how's the plumber's block?" Then ask "how's the teacher's block?" Then say, "One more question: How's the soccer..."
  14. The real question here is: Will Kelley get back together with Dillon or Brandon? /crickets Ok, sorry. I associate "Melrose" with a completely different kind of show.
  15. Marvel cancels Inhumans movie in favor of 2017 TV show

    Groot and Hodor are harder roles.