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  1. Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    I kind of dabbled with Highlander fan fiction in the 90's. I pitched an idea to the editor for the book series. She liked it, but the novels folded pretty quickly. Never did more than write a sample and plot the story in outline form. ETA: The real impact of this exercise can still be seen today in my user name. Still "Myrddin" after all of these years.
  2. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    Wait until Finn gets frozen in carbonite.
  3. It's been so long since I've read the books, so I'm probably mixing saidin with saidar, but didn't the Nyneave and Elayne make multiple trips/quests south? Nevermind. Just read through the wiki. In my memory, they went to Ebou Dar multiple times, but that just because they(mainly Matt) floundered there for multiple books. I'll live with the Bowl of Winds sub plot if we can skip the circus, though... Regardless, I have high hopes for this. I just pray it falls close to the GoT spectrum of quality rather than Shannara.
  4. I could do without the Bowl of Winds thread... There's got to be a better way to keep the non-Rand characters busy while he's learning to lead.
  5. NO! Crossroads should be stretched across two seasons to really convey the meaning inherent within the subtext.
  6. Reboot wish list - they are a thing, deal with it

    Highlander Yeah, yeah. The (theoretical) sequel movies sucked. The TV show mostly good, but very dated now. And I know they've been trying to reboot this for awhile, but I'd still like to see a planned out series of movies based on this concept.
  7. How many sleds slides did Rosebud get?
  8. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    Yeah, I saw Rey taking over the Falcon too. Finn never showed any ability to pilot anything. That's why he broke out Poe. "You need a pilot." "I need a pilot."
  9. The thing with credits on blockbusters these days, is they seem so much longer. When you include the people from every effects house involved, it's quite a list. We were watching Kong a few weeks ago and sitting through the credits and started reading off random names. No lie, there was a guy named Luke Harrison Ford. Someone had a serious SW fan as a parent.
  10. I watched the show live from episode one, and am one of the few who didn't hate the end (didn't love it either, but no burning hatred). I don't remember the color red having any significance, but that could well be an oversight on my part. I pay attention to color when I learn it's significant (like in Unbreakable) but otherwise don't try linking it to anything. I've been meaning to rewatch... Maybe I will once I finish rewatching Spartacus.
  11. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    That's the very definition of a MacGuffin. It doesn't matter what it is. Only the race/conflict to get it matters. Why was everyone driven to get the Maltese Falcon? The briefcase in Pulp Fiction. The Ark/Stones/Grail/Skull in Indiana Jones. The nuclear codes/secret plans/list of undercover agents/encoder for a spy to chase. Any ancient artifacts or treasure for an adventurer. Rosebud. It is sometimes explained and tied to the hero's motivation, but often it's just a thing to chase. Luke is the "thing".
  12. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    I read that a few years ago. I love this theory.
  13. I lost my cat....inside the apartment

    Glad to hear Renly has adjusted! And thanks for the follow up.
  14. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    Agreed. I was just going for the obvious joke.
  15. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    Yeah, it's definitely Luke's voice. The audio balance was off, so the music was drowning out the voices, but I sacrificed for the forum and watched it multiple times. One truth?? ONE TRUTH? ONLY THE SITH DEAL IN ABSOLUTES! ahem ETA: It's worth watching the Last Jedi panel from Celebration. After being grilled (again) from Josh Gad, Daisy talks a bit about part of Rey's journey is around her expectations aroud her training and how meeting your her doesn't always turn out how you expect.