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  1. Star Trek: Discovery

    Sulu is Grant from Mythbusters? That's great! Just glanced at the trailer. The stage production is spot on. Amazing.
  2. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

    This one doesn't bother me. Since the "future" was really the present with a young Kitty (not much older), it made logistical sense to use Logan.
  3. Walking Dead Season 7 (No comic Spoilers)

    I see my own response to the opening is reflected in the lack of comments two days later. Sunday came and went and I was still ambivalent about the show. Had my wife not suggested we watch it ondemand last night, I would've been content not watching it. The episode itself was well done. Rick's pain was heartbreaking to watch. JDM did a powerful job with Negan. I just found I didn't care because I've lost faith in the showrunners. My wife paced the room as she watched, not being able to watch as Rick was given the choice to hack his own son's arm off. If her response afterwards was any indication, she's done. It was too bleak. Had this been the finale, I think I'd be in here praising how well they executed the raw emotions in a post apocalyptic world. But I feel more apathy after the rug pull. Don't worry. I won't be here every week talking about how much I dislike it now. I hate that.
  4. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

    Dammit, red snow! Don't give them any ideas! And thanks, Black Bear for the recap.
  5. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

  6. That's disappointing. As I know I'll be seeing the MCU version, I'll refrain from watching the Netflix cartoon. I'm hoping we'll be surprised by the story.
  7. Hmmm... Not an established genre like Winter Soldier = spy thriller or Ant Man = heist. Yes, the tone is very much Marvel. Action, humor, takes itself semi seriously. It felt like Batman Begins meets Inception (not picking Nolan movies on purpose). If Origin Story was a genre, I'd say that's the vibe I felt, thus the concerns I had in the spoiler tags. Or Mystic fantasy? There were discussions about nature of reality and they showed a bunch of other dimensions from the Marvel comics universe (no alternates of this reality, though the actual movie could have that too). Does that help? It's a great question. I'm going to think some more about and add more later. Oh. One thing that I thought was interesting: Cumberbach's delivery/American accent reminded me of Harrison Ford.
  8. So, last night I attended an IMAX 3-D 15 preview of Dr Strange. Now, I don't care for 3-D too much. It's gimmicky and usually not really needed. The only movies I've seen where I thought the 3-D worked are Avatar (visually, story not so much) and Gravity. All other movies I've seen in 3-D added nothing with the special gimmick (Includes movies like Avengers and the Hobbit). Dr. Strange looked insane in 3-D. Just don't do it if you get vertigo. The depth of field is pretty incredible, especially int eh mulitverse scenes. Now the hospital scenes seemed weird in 3-D, especially when the camera angle would flip between over the should shots while Strange was talking to McAdams (the usually back and forth of a conversation). It took me a bit to stop "noticing" the 3-D there. It was also the first scene in the preview, so I may have been more attentive or my eyes had not adjusted yet. Anyway. If you're wondering whether this is worth it in 3-D (or even IMAX) my answer is yes. The Inception bending of cities and realms in 3-D really made it an incredible experience. Visually, everything looked great. Story wise, I fear there's going to be both too much and too little. Detail thoughts in spoiler tags, but nothing really spoilery. Most of it can be deduced from the trailers. I'll still be seeing the movie opening weekend with my boys and in IMAX 3-D no less, but it's the visuals that has me excited. Not the story so much.
  9. Hurricane Matt

    So far so good in Central Florida (inland about 30 miles). It's been raining all night, but the wind is not much more than our usual summer storms. It's just lasting longer. Like KiDaster said,it would've been a completely different story had the storm came closer to land.
  10. Hurricane Matt

    Bunkering down in Central Florida here. I lived near Charleston for Hurricane Hugo in '89, so I've seen what these storms can do. But we're quite a ways from the coast, stocked up on supplies, and ready to ride it out. I'll check in when I can tomorrow or Saturday (connectivity willing).
  11. Marvel Netflix - AKA the Second Thread

    Or maybe the arm situation will play out on Netflix...
  12. Wise Man's Fear XI

    For all his success (and I assume wealth) he still seems to live and dress like a college student. As much as I give him crap, it's nice to see someone newly rich take it and build a solid charity. Most celebrities tend to do that in name only (generalizing here of course) but live like red carpet parties are a weekly occurrence.
  13. Wise Man's Fear XI

    Paolini is trying to grow a Rothfuss beard...
  14. Star Wars Rogue One: Now With Less Rouge

    Second chapter of Go Rogue toy video series is up (Robot Chicken like videos with SW toys). Chapter One Chapter Two - "TK-XXL" These remind me so much of my childhood...
  15. The Crescent Moon Kingdoms by Saladin Ahmed

    I read the TofCM years ago and while I loved the concept and Ahmed's angle toward fantasy, I was extremely underwhelmed by the book itself. Both the writing and character development seemed shallow. It's been a while since I've read it, and honestly haven't thought much on it since then, so I don't really have concrete examples to support my position. That said, I'd love for the sequel to turn out to be a compelling addiction. An Arabian-theme fantasy should be right up my alley.