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  1. Looks like Shannara had their same budget. Ok. Snarky exaggeration. But not in the costume department.
  2. I enjoyed it overall, but the show couldn't decide on a point of view, and lost focus and steam as a result. Starting from the POV of the kids worked, because we were along for the ride regards what their parents do in PRIDE. But then they kept jumping to the parents' perspective. While showing both sides humanized the parents, making the viewer more knowledgeable than the the kids sucked most of the tension out of the mystery. The character building wasn't strong enough to carry the rest on its own. That said, I'll probably tune in for the next season, if we still have Hulu.
  3. They're due to air Feb 24th and Mar 4th respectively.
  4. I love celtic myths. Subscribing through iTunes now. Will listen tomorrow.
  5. Hope this is as good as that trailer looks. I'd love to see a well made Celtic Britain show.
  6. Thanks, Corvinus... (and Rhom)
  7. In Force Awakens, Han asks Maz where she got Luke/Anakin's saber (the one lost in Bespin) and she said it was a story for another time. Aside from being blue, I didn't think the handle looked anything like that one.
  8. I have the complete opposite point of view. Luke becoming a hermit makes total sense. New Hope to end of Return of the Jedi is what? Four years or so? That's the honeymoon phase of being a Jedi. TLJ is 34 years later. That's a lot of time to try, fail, fail again, and completely change your world view. The Obi Wan in New Hope is in a very different place philosophically from Obi Wan in Phantom Menace. War does that to you. Hell, he's very different the Obi Wan at the end of Ep III. I said it upstream somewhere, but fear has always been a motivator for Luke. It makes total sense that his fear would eventually drive him to being a hermit. Glad to see Rey drew him out in the end. Nice character arc for his swan song.
  9. Good point, but I'd hang his dark side tendencies on fear, not anger. He's always been afraid. Of being left on Tatooine. Of not being trained as a Jedi. Of losing his friends. Of having Vader turn Leia. "I'm not afraid." "You will be." Seeing the darkness in Ben amped up his fear of failure.
  10. I'd rate Jon higher only because of Rey can be a force wielder with or without known parentage. While I kind of like the idea that they were truly no body and everything that implies, it's not very "Star Wars." Anakin's parentage stemmed directly from the Force (or maybe orchestrated by Plageius). Luke and Leia were secret children of The Chosen One (tm). It's not a stretch to expect Rey to also be from some significant bloodline/origin.
  11. That's a strong generalization equally as flawed as the other. Anecdotal as my next comment is, everyone in my family and workplace friends have all wondered the identify of Rey's parents. It was my 10 year old's fist comment walking out of TLJ. Rey's parents was not as large a question as, say, Jon Snow's parents, but still an open question a significant amount of people wanted answered. Not just the internet folk.
  12. After wondering whether X-Men would enter the MCU, this was my second thought about the buyout. I still get excited when ever I hear that fanfare no matter what movie is starting, usually leaning over to whisper to my wife, "Star Wars."
  13. Padme died of a broken heart. Anakin died from life support failure (ok from lightning). Luke died from exhaustion/overexertion. I'm sensing a weakness in the Skywalker/Amidala bloodline. The opening crawl of Episode 9 will read*: After narrowing escaping from the First Order, General Organa suffered from loss of hope and suddenly died. Later, Kylo Ren will die at the ripe age of 37 from teenage angst. **This is besides the sad reality of Carrie Fisher's death**
  14. "chrome dome" was a common insult thrown at Destro. Or Conra Commander. Maybe both.