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  1. Saw it last night and my thoughts are echoes of what's already been said here. Fun, fun film. The Washington Monument scene was great. Of course it'll take him a long time to climb up. It's freaking tall. And his comment of being much higher than he'd ever been was striking, but it made perfect sense: He's from Queens, not Manhattan. He's probably never crossed the river with his Underroos on. Vulture's last scene felt real too. Spiderman put him away, but he also save him and his daughter on two separate occasions. He's not a Tony Stark white collar hero. He's a kid from Queens. So it made perfect sense that he wouldn't give up the identity to "Scorpion". Best laugh out loud moment (and there were a bunch of them): What!?! the f---- I texted my brother this morning that patience is rewarded by waiting through the credits. Sets the stage for the future of the MCU.
  2. I was going to buy the R5-D4, but I had a bad motivator (and a lacking bank account)
  3. By this logic, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Bladerunner are all in the same universe.
  4. To me, it's more important that she feel like an Air Force officer than ripped and fit. She should have a command presence. I can see her walking into a room full of Avengers and taking her place with the "command" crew (Tony, Steve, Fury), not sit back and wait for orders. I guess I'm looking for no-nonsense military attitude over muscles.
  5. We binged the show last week. For some reason I thought this was the last season so the last few episodes felt really heightened. This season reminded me of old X-Men comics where friends becoming adversaries and people switch sides. Antagonists becoming allies, both temporary (like Olivia) or semi-permanent (Deacon). Also loved who played the Witness. I could've watched a whole season just of his exploits. I wish that actor would be in more stuff. (Being vague because I cheered when they revealed him. Bug fan and don't want to spoil it for anyone). It's funny, but without Jennifer, I don't think I'd care for the show overall. Cole and Railly get a little dull with their on and off relationship, whereas Jennifer just energizes every scene she's in.
  6. My assumption watching the trailer was that Ross was in on the secret and was merely T'Challa's proxy in the interview room, trying to figure out how much Gollum knew.
  7. Me too, Cas... The RT critic score now shows 18%. The audience score went from 96% wanted to see it to now 50% like it. I'll still watch it on rental, but man...
  8. So... with The Mummy currently running at 23% on Rotten Tomatoes, was the whole rolling out of Bardem, Depp, etc a bit premature? Is this Dark Universe dead on arrival or will they ignore this Mummy like they're ignoring Dracula Untold?
  9. yeah, I leaned over to my wife during the beginning and whispered, "The Princess... Buttercup!"
  10. After his turn as Professor Lupin and the knight in the Kingdom of Heaven, I tend to trust him now.
  11. I guess I'm in the minority in vastly preferring the Sci Fi mini series to the Lynch film. AND the follow up Children of Dune mini series (mashed up Dune Messiah and CoD). I saw the Bladerunner trailer on the big screen last night before WW. It was truly stunning. I'm so glad Villeneve will be directing Dune.
  12. I kind of wish we could restart this spoiler thread without the first 14 pages of bickering... Maybe update the first post with a note saying "actual discussion about the movie starts on page 14" or something. Anyway. Spoilers mixed in below. Saw the movie last night and was really glad how it turned out. Maybe my expectations were lowered after BvS and SS, but I didn't have high hopes for this until RT reviews started coming in. And even then I kind of held my breath and hoped it would be good. Gadot really owns the role. She was able to balance the fierce warrior with a heartfelt compassion better than most female action heroes. Maybe it's how she smiles with her eyes that sells the compassion. I also loved how she played the character differently in the present time versus 1918. In the book ends (and BvS) she exudes a worldly confidence. Even though she is an obviously proficient warrior when she leaves the island, she is still a bit naive. She just assumes that all people are better than they are. Given the time of war, it would be easy to think all mankind are deplorable, not that there is a range of good and evil in everyone. Doing a greater evil to remove mankind does not justify the outcome. Reducing it to just "love" is a bit simplistic, but I take that as more the "aha" moment versus being the actual reason. Another thing that struck me was how helpless Diana felt as the enormity of the task was dawning on her as she progressed from London to the front. She wanted to save every person, but the jaded Trevor just shrugged and said you can't save them all. Gadot played that very well. I must admit, that the identity of Ares surprised me, though it was perfect. I knew it couldn't be the German general, but I kind of assumed it would be Dr. Poison. I'll have to watch his first scene with Diana closer next time to see the recognition (which I probably mistook for contempt) at her appearance. I really enjoyed the movie, but surprisingly, my wife immediately said she preferred GotG2 as we were walking out of the theater. I'm not someone who likes to line up Marvel and DC into an automatic dichotomy, but she's right in that GotG was more fun to watch. Even though WW was lighter in tone that the other DC movies, the humor was pretty sparse. Most of the funny moments were in the trailers. Different movie and different tone, but I was just surprised that my wife who was excited for WW in the end preferred GotG. In the end, (as someone who really liked Man Of Steel and mostly enjoyed BvS), this is easily the best DC movie since Dark Knight. Hopefully JL and Aquaman will continue the trend.
  13. Superman wasn't in the trailer. He's dead. (ok, we all know he's coming back)
  14. Captain Steve Rogers? Too soon.