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  1. To be fair, they attacked the Death Star with not that many more ships.
  2. Apparently the Rotten Tomato score appeared and was yanked. Take this tweet with as many grains of salt as you need.
  3. I mean the rest of the season. Do they split up seasons usually or run straight through? This is the first time I've watched it "live" and the list of episodes doesn't have release dates for the remaining episodes.
  4. My Google skills have failed me. When does Rebels return?
  5. It's "fun." Better than my expectations.
  6. First impressions of JL are out. Looks better than I had hoped, at this point. Yes, my expectations were that low, in spite of the fact I really liked MoS and enjoyed BvS (mostly).
  7. Make him like Vader.
  8. People who are advocating boycotting Disney if they buy WB/Fox properties: Do you currently boycott all WB/Fox properties?
  9. I agree about Kanan. His fate was sealed with that kiss.
  10. I think you need to move to Arizona.
  11. The Frost and Wooding examples are what I'd like (personal preference/opinion only/etc/etc) to see more of. Authors doing what's best for the story. They recognized for whatever reason the end was in sight and wrapped things up. Much of the angst expressed here and elsewhere over the history of this forum and others can be pinned on the incomplete nature of open stories, versus a promise a product will be x volumes (no more, no less).
  12. I just realized we're almost halfway through the season. They are really flying through the story. When I saw only Hera and Chopper get on the shuttle, I wondered if that's the last time she sees Kanan and Co, as those two are the only ones mentioned in Rogue One... As for the last episode, does anyone else see Ezra's choice to not act even worse than using his lightsaber to end the fight?
  13. I'd prefer a Disney reboot of X-men over the soft reboot that is currently in progress post Days of Future Past muddling up the timeline. Logan, Deadpool and (from the looks of it) New Mutants are going in a good direction, but the A-Team needs to god back to the basics without all the muddling. Go back to either the first 5 only or even start with Storm, Wolvie, Nightcrawler, and Colossus joining the team. That said, keeping X-Men out of MCU is probably a much cleaner way to go, unless it's for a once every five years cross-over movie. Like the comics used to be. Avengers and FF the public heroes and the X-Men as the underdogs working on the side, fighting prejudice. FF would slot in easily with MCU phase 4, especially if many or most of the Avengers are killed off in the next two films (or at least sidelined/retired afterwards). I wasn't much of a fan of FF growing up, but they are a part of Marvel at it's core. Family,
  14. New Black Panther trailer has dropped.
  15. Or people (me) have grown jaded with the wait and are (am) content to see the story play out on tv and be done with it. I've stopped getting upset or even concerned with the wait (unlike my friends who've read the books post HBO), because the wait is no longer a coincidence but part of a trend. To tie this back in to the thread, does GRRM/Rothfuss/etc have an implied agreement with readers? Legal, no. But they have to accept that no one has an implied obligation to continue purchasing either. It's a symbiotic relationship. When one side breaks down, the relationship can't continue.