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  1. Well, we have porgs in VIII, so maybe they skipped Empire and went right to Jedi.
  2. Absolutely agreed. (To be overly clear, I wasn't really advocating someone come write DoS.) Without being completely fresh on the source material, I'd side with Chaotic Neutral too. He acts outside (and he sees himself above) normal rules and laws.
  3. Not Jordan's fault that he died obviously, but he let the story expand too far. He thought he could still finish in one more book. Granted it probably took Sanderson three just because he had to wrap his head around someone else's vision, it would've still taken Jordan more than one. In the end, he ran out of time. Sadly.
  4. (Assuming your comment was aimed at me) No, it's like ordering a Coke and getting a Pepsi. It may be too sweet and not to your taste, but it's still a cola.
  5. A Day Three short story is neither good nor perfect or even in anyway desirable. It's a wikipedia entry. Rothfuss (I assume) is consumed with finishing out his trilogy perfectly. That is a barrier he needs to overcome. It's never going to be perfect. Books 1 and 2 weren't (and I still enjoyed them). Good as book 1 is good enough for me. Doesn't need to be perfect. As far as fan fiction (sanderson/HBO) finishing out the story, that was the fault of both Jordan and Martin. I hope Rothfuss doesn't allow his quest for perfection result in the same.
  6. At some point, I rather see an official ending to the story rather than wait for a perfect ending that will never happen. Sucked that Jordan couldn't finish WoT, but I was glad to have Sanderson step in. Sucks that Martin can't seem to finish ASOIAF, but I'm ok with HBO finishing it off. Sucks that Rothfuss can't seem to squeeze more out of his muses, or maybe just get them to sing exactly how he wants. There was a saying my old company (online training development): Perfect is the enemy of good. If perfection is your goal, you'll never finish.
  7. I am happy too. JJ is a solid choice. I've been a fan of his since Alias. I will say, that this may be the only time he will have "finished" a story, though. He started (or restarted) a bunch of stories: Alias, Lost, Mission Impossible (aka feature adaptation of Alias pilot), Star Trek, and Star Wars. I'm not sure if he's seen any story all the way through.
  8. All good here in north Orlando. Blustery night, but no real damage or flooding. I know everyone was not so lucky.
  9. I figured. Was just funny to see Kelli instead of Kay and have that moment of wonder whether there was more than one phone booth knife fighter. (that is one of my favorite sigs on the whole forum)
  10. Maybe if boarders would stop changing or adjusting their screen names... (I needed your sig to confirm you were who I thought you were)
  11. Central Florida here. Stocked up on supplies and will be moving all our outdoor stuff inside over the next few days. Looks like the storm is going the way of Matthew last year and veering east. Please do, Irma. Please do...
  12. I had no idea Pat posted back then... I was mostly a lurker on the EZboard, but I remember it well.
  13. LOL Shows you how much I was paying attention....
  14. Right? I get that they didn't want to recast a new generation, but I was curious if they were mining stories from other books to fill the gaps between Elfstones and Wishsong. I guess they could just retread most of Sword if they wanted... Flick is now his uncle, so I guess he can tell him a truncated version and let this show play out the journey set pieces, such as they are. Though I remember liking the trip through the gnome valley (back when the gnomes were bad guys).
  15. has an interesting run down of all the DC planned and announced movies. Quite a lot of talk and not much actual movement. Surprisingly little actually coming out next year... Just Aquaman in 2018.