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  1. That POV character you could care less about

    ...but...Brienne's chapters are some of my favourites :( This topic makes me sad.
  2. Who are your top four characters?

    1. Brienne 2. Brienne 3. Brienne 4. Jaime's cool too.
  3. GoT Youtube vids - Part 2

    I made another video today: Game of Thrones -Friends Style Opening. I really only made it so that I could sync the Joffrey slaps to the claps in the song, and have footage of Ned Stark’s beheading to the lyrics “When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year”
  4. GoT Youtube vids - Part 2

    I just finished making this; Jaime Vs Brienne with Lightsabers.
  5. Rhaegar and Lyanna's child is a girl

    R + L's child is a girl = Well, Jon snow is very beautiful woman: