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  1. I thought it was well known that garrisons were typically small? You don't want a massive garrison...too many mouths.
  2. Yes, the Bloody Gate guards the Vale, but the Gates of the Moon guard the Eyrie itself.
  3. A few seemingly ignored things. The Eyrie is unimportant when it comes to control of the Vale, but the Gates of the Moon are not. The combination means that the Lord or King of the Vale can stash his wife and kids and valuables in the Eyrie without worrying about them getting snatched. Besides, the topography of the Vale indicates to me that raising large armies there is not really sustainable. Storm's End's seaside location means that only part of the castle is exposed. I also don't see a spot in the Stormlands that would be better. Oldtown might not be on the Mander, but it is closer to the Arbor and home to the Citadel, as well as less of a trip for Essosi vessels. In addition, the Mander has traditionally been raided heavily by the Ironborn. Casterly Rock's placement is perfect.
  4. Did Cersei murder Melara?

    Cersei was killing at a young age. The difference between Cersei and Joffrey is that Cersei didn't raise herself. She learned to lie about what happened to inflict pain on those she wanted to punish, although she most certainly made sure they got punished. You can see that in the story the Viper tells Tyrion. Cersei calls Tyrion's wet nurse a milk cow and treats to have her tongue out. This type of vicious behavior, although no one would dare tell Joanna or Tywin, is known among the servants at Casterly Rock and in Lannisport, and it is likely that these whispers from servants to servants is why Cersei was refused as a bride for Rhaegar Targaryen. Looking at the timeline, it strong looks like 1. Tywin and Aerys made plans to marry Rhaegar to Cersei, when both were quite young. Rhaegar was born in 259, while Cersei was born in 266. Most like, since 270, there had been agreement between Aerys and Tywin to marry Rhaegar and Cersei, or at least an understanding. The Lannisport Tourney happened in 276. Rhaegar would have been 17, with Cersei at 10, ideal ages for a bethrothal. Rhaegar can live a happy early twenties doing whatever he wants and then in four or five years, he marries Cersei Lannister, the daughter of the Hand of the King and the wealthiest family in the realm. She is even said to look like Joanna, the woman Aerys wanted more than his own wife. They stage a tourney in Lannisport to celebrate the event and announce it publicly, and Aerys chooses to reject Cersei due to the news of her tendencies, in the same manner that the Tyrells decided to kill Joffrey. He chooses to humiliate Tywin on top of this because he is jealous. It is only AFTER the tourney in Lannisport that Aerys sends his cousin Steffon Baratheon to find a wife in the Free Cities for Rhaegar. This mission fails, and it is now 279, and his son Rhaegar is twenty and unmarried. Due to his public shaming of Tywin, Aerys is forced to look only at the other Great Houses of Westeros for a bride. Lyanna Stark was too young and already betrothed to Robert Baratheon. Jon Arryn has no daughters. Catelyn Tully is spoken for and the Tullys are a clear step down from the Lannisters anyway. There are no Baratheon women, and the Tyrell women were spoken for. This is why Aerys picked Elia Martell, a woman uniquely unsuited to the role of Queen.
  5. Randyll Tarly is an terrible commander

    Like I said, I didn't come up with this ridiculous idea. We can discuss a million things. I think mice have five legs. Given me time, I am sure I could make a wonderful case. You would still be right to dismiss said case outright. Sorry, fail thread is fail.
  6. Randyll Tarly is an terrible commander

    please, don't call me an idiot. I didn't start a thread specifically to challenge something that the author of the books has written pretty clearly into the story.
  7. Randyll Tarly is an terrible commander

    Next up, Melisandre-totally doesn't love R'hollor!
  8. Randyll Tarly is an terrible commander

    Maidenpool's revitalization project isn't a function of his good leadership?
  9. Randyll Tarly is an terrible commander

    Because at Ellis Island all the Irish Padraigs became Patricks.
  10. Randyll Tarly is an terrible commander

    Sure, but when you have the sources saying he's a good soldier and you see the effects of his being a good soldier in the field, then its easy to deduce.
  11. Randyll Tarly is an terrible commander

    See, now you are getting into the type of logic that strips all meaning from the text entirely. I understand that these are POVs, but in general, people do see things accurately, and its not like Kevan is the only one. What clinches it for me is the behavior of his men at Maidenpool. They would rather be dicing and whoring, but Randyll puts them to work? He sounds like my Puritan mother turned into an extremely macho baron, with the whole idle hands are the devils workshop mentality. I can't imagine a more effective general than that.
  12. Randyll Tarly is an terrible commander

    Who is he lying to in his own mind? What would be the point? Its not like he has a reason to like Tarly for emotional reasons.
  13. Randyll Tarly is an terrible commander

    He's known as competent and he's a good judge of character. Someone like Kevan Lannister would know how to evaluate Lords.
  14. Randyll Tarly is an terrible commander

    As for evidence, I take the word of Kevan Lannister.
  15. Randyll Tarly is an terrible commander

    I think most of the Vale loyalists would have turned their cloaks by now, like the Corbrays and Graftons. They fought Jon at Gulltown and lost and had to swear allegiance to Robert. I doubt there were more than 3,000 men from the Vale at the trident. There were loyalist Riverlords, but I think the only "main" ones were the Mootons and Darrys. So only a few thousand Riverlords as well. No matter how you slice it, there has to be a significant forces from the Reach.