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  1. Robert's possible bastards

    Mya knows
  2. Robert's possible bastards

    You have seven of the sixteen, but there are other murdered Kings Landing bastards as well.
  3. Robert's possible bastards

    he did make the Eight after all
  4. Why didn't Tywin Lannister remarry?

    Joanna is Tywin's first cousin, has to be, elsewise Stafford and Daven Lannister would not be considered Lannisters "of the Rock"
  5. Why didn't Tywin Lannister remarry?

    They tried, he refused.
  6. Why didn't Tywin Lannister remarry?

    "Too many dragons (lions) is as dangerous as too few" Lets take a look at the Lannister family tree Unnamed Lord -Tytos --Tywin ---Cersei ---Jaime ---Tyrion --Kevan ---Lancel ---Tion ---Martyn --Tygett ---Tyrek --Gerion ---Joy (Hill) -Unnamed brother --Stafford ---Daven --Joanna m Tywin Thats quite enough Lannisters
  7. When did Stannis Baratheon become your favourite character?

    Proudwing, the way he treats Davos after his semi-treasonable acts of trying to kill Mel and smuggling away Edric Storm.