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  1. Official Testing Thread

    test test
  2. The Back of a Westeros Milk Carton

    Old Nan :crying: Beth Cassel
  3. Crackpot Alert: Might Lem Be Richard Lonmouth?

    Not sure if this has been covered... from the text we suspect Lem is a former soldier because he has the 'look of one'. I was just reading the SoS appendix and ... LEM, called LEM LEMONCLOAK, a one-time soldier, So Lem is confirmed to be an ex-soldier hanging out in the Riverlands. What struck me is that this is the only piece of info the appendix gives about him.
  4. Main Theories about the Others!

    It was to an artist ie he's describing how they should be drawn.
  5. Board Issues 4

    Me too.
  6. Y'all who enjoyed the thread.... I've just released a podcast episode with Lady Gwynhyfvar regarding Mel. We talk through this S+B=M theory, and there's lots more about the red woman we discuss. There's readings (set to arranged music) of the onion/davos scene and the DwD flame reading. A pseudo advert from Asshai shadowbinding academy. Interested? You goddam should be. :P Really, this is everything about mel that I've wanted to write about but haven't known where to put it. Thanks to everyone who helped in the thread, obviously y'all were a huge influence. :wub: Link's in my sig, it's Ep03 ;)
  7. Another nice addition to the theory from the World of ice and fire previews that were released.
  8. Here's a screenshot guide to the poisoning in S4E2, some clues you might have missed... Poisoning of Joffrey in screenshots
  9. How to indicate "spoilers"?

  10. Will he outlaw beets after defeating the Great Other though? That's the key question.
  11. Official Testing Thread

    Quaithe = Rhaella Targaryen Thought this since i first read Storm. Suck it ;) - yolkboy, 22.Feb.'15
  12. Ok, so Grrm has clearly taken some influence from Ragnorak, as he has with lots of famous mythology. But the shoehorning of grrms entire story in the Ragnorak mould as the post suggest is completely unconvincing to me. The conclusions the poster reaches are bizarre to say the least, and that's because he uses faulty methodology throughout. A lot of it is shoehorned so hard, it makes little sense. example... So Quaithe's prophesy equates to a dragon that can circle the world? I guess it does if you want it to. And Tommen being tptwp? I can't even begin here because the reasoning is so imaginative. I prefer to read and interpret the text, than imagine this work as a giant like-for-like Ragnorak parallel, which clearly it isn't. This is the same author that has Jaime pinned for Azor Ahai because there was some ham in the background of a HBO scene, right?
  13. The meat in the storage room doesn't appear to be salted... I agree the smoke could come from a fire or pyre re Mel. I think the key word is AMIDST - surrounded by. I think the salt in the prophesy is actually snow. The prophesy was made in Asshai, where they have no snow (its longitude with Sotheros/central Africa)- even Sam hadnt seen snow. So what would anchient Asshai'i call white stuff they'd never seen that was surrounding AA? Salt is used to describe white things often in the books, even Val is descrived as salt. That's my guess for the salt/smoke. ETA - as JS says, Tze thought of snow + mist = salt + smoke. I love the idea, but I would go with snow + smoke as it fits the ice/fire motiff rather well
  14. If any one's interested in Jon Snow, I have a new project about him, - 'Jon Snow's fate' It's relevant to this thread because I will be leading into a rundown of Jon Snow as Azor Ahai, looking at all the prophesies etc, which means an overlap with the notion of Mel as the red star bleeding. In that sense, the two threads will jigsaw together.