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  1. test test
  2. Thanks Le Cynge, I hope we represented the project well and we very much enjoyed the process. Glad you liked the nod to you via Saint Saens. ;) DogLover was a joy to work with, and her thoughts on Jon/Ygritte and Romance were illuminating. We've had very good feedback from listeners. Thanks so much to both of you! :cheers: Congrats to all of you for delving into one of the most under-appreciated aspects of grrm's writing. Keep it up!
  3. Hey Rethinking Romance, pleased to say that special guest on Radio Westeros for this episode is DogLover, representing this project. The episode is on Jon, and in the discussion on his romantic side, DogLover joins us and talks us through the romance with Ygritte. Afterwards we discuss this project in some detail. Hope you enjoy DogLover's contribution and the interview! Thanks to DogLover & Le Cygne for helping with this collaboration, and we're very happy we got to showcase Rethinking Romance. Keep up the great work everyone! (And to listen, click the sig)
  4. Hello Rethinking Romancers - just to let you know that resident Rhaegar/Lyanna expert - Ygrain - is our guest in the current episode of Radio Westeros. Given she wrote the Rhaegar/Lyanna piece for this project, we thought you might be interested to hear her talk about her favorite subject. We're also excited to announce that Rethinking Romance will be featured in our next episode - and Doglover will be joining us! She will talk us through a certain romantic pairing and then discuss this project. :D Listen to Radio Westeros via my sig.
  5. Me too.
  6. Y'all who enjoyed the thread.... I've just released a podcast episode with Lady Gwynhyfvar regarding Mel. We talk through this S+B=M theory, and there's lots more about the red woman we discuss. There's readings (set to arranged music) of the onion/davos scene and the DwD flame reading. A pseudo advert from Asshai shadowbinding academy. Interested? You goddam should be. :P Really, this is everything about mel that I've wanted to write about but haven't known where to put it. Thanks to everyone who helped in the thread, obviously y'all were a huge influence. :wub: Link's in my sig, it's Ep03 ;)
  7. Another nice addition to the theory from the World of ice and fire previews that were released.
  8. Here's a screenshot guide to the poisoning in S4E2, some clues you might have missed... Poisoning of Joffrey in screenshots
  9. wtf???
  10. Quaithe = Rhaella Targaryen Thought this since i first read Storm. Suck it ;) - yolkboy, 22.Feb.'15
  11. The meat in the storage room doesn't appear to be salted... I agree the smoke could come from a fire or pyre re Mel. I think the key word is AMIDST - surrounded by. I think the salt in the prophesy is actually snow. The prophesy was made in Asshai, where they have no snow (its longitude with Sotheros/central Africa)- even Sam hadnt seen snow. So what would anchient Asshai'i call white stuff they'd never seen that was surrounding AA? Salt is used to describe white things often in the books, even Val is descrived as salt. That's my guess for the salt/smoke. ETA - as JS says, Tze thought of snow + mist = salt + smoke. I love the idea, but I would go with snow + smoke as it fits the ice/fire motiff rather well
  12. If any one's interested in Jon Snow, I have a new project about him, - 'Jon Snow's fate' It's relevant to this thread because I will be leading into a rundown of Jon Snow as Azor Ahai, looking at all the prophesies etc, which means an overlap with the notion of Mel as the red star bleeding. In that sense, the two threads will jigsaw together.
  13. I just saw a piece by Ran, in which he lists the striking similarities between Shiera and Mel. He discuses the possibility of them being the same person, but gets stuck at the fact Mel is "tall" and Shiera wasn't. It's interesting how Ran goes over the same differences highlighted in the OP. I had been similarly stuck with Shiera equaling Mel for some time before I realised Mel had the white skin of Bloodraven. Aside from this, there's some interesting observations about Mel, some of which has been covered here with help from y'all. The full article's here. Ran says Mel's mystery means we are in for something big in the next book. Hopefully we know (crosses fingers).
  14. Someone messaged me to point out something interesting. This is a lighthearted addition to S+B=M. I argued in the OP that Mel's powders she holds as important, to turn fire silver, green and blue - might be a nod to the colours of Shiera's necklace. "Her favorite piece of jewelry was a heavy silver necklace of emeralds and star sapphires, alternating" about 5 years ago, a company called Dark Sword Miniatures got the exclusive rights to produce a series of 28mm miniatures based off the series. One miniature that they made was our favourite red priestess, Melisandre. Now, the interesting thing is that Martin specifically requested a particular paint scheme for one of the Melisandre models. Guess what colours? Second one down. As far as I can tell, he hasn't done any other similar requests, and here's a character who is unambiguously red red red, and Grrm personally asks for different colours to be used. Take it or leave it ;)
  15. A request for anyone on reddit. Someone posted this theory word for word copy and pasted on reddit... http://4x.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/1ph3ib/spoilers_all_the_red_star_bleeding_melony_seastar/ They are answering questions by copy and pasting things ive said in the thread, as if they are me. It's a little creepy and leaves open unpleasant possibilities. I joined up to reddit but dont really know how what i'm doing and dont know how to let people know that guy isn't me. His user tag is casden1. The theory has gone down well so i have no wish for deletion, but what that guys doing is wrong and creepy. If anyone could make some noise about the imposter I would appreciate it, I dont want people thinking casden1 is yolkboy, one day i might like to post there. ETA - problem solved, the mods took it down.