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  1. A+J=T v.7

      Here's the full quote with source....   "They (Valyrians) had some unique factors that didn't necessarily fit into the mainstream of the other westerosi lords... such as their traditional incest, which was part of keeping the bloodlines pure so they could better control the dragons"   Source - Grrm @92Y - OCT 2014
  2. A+J=T v.7

      I don't think you understand circular logic, red herring or fatherhood.
  3. A+J=T v.7

      That's the theory as i understand it.
  4. A+J=T v.7

      Tywin will always be Tyrion's father. Maybe you don't understand fatherhood? You can be a father either by siring or raising.
  5. A+J=T v.7

      you're assuming the three heads = three dragon riders.
  6. A+J=T v.7

      This isn't true   But he did say (at 92Y)   (Targs were) 'keeping the bloodlines pure in order to better control the dragons'
  7. Bubonicon update (no show spoilers/discussion)

      Grrm un-confirmed that he's writing the last book already on his not a blog   plus what was said about the show (cant discuss in this thread)
  8. Bubonicon update (no show spoilers/discussion)

    I'm not surprised the Bubonicon report is turning out to be BS... the guy that 'reported' is probably the most untrustworthy person in the fandom.
  9. Well if we ever look at astronomy, you're the man. Thanks for the kind words (and support) re the podcast, and yeah i remember the early draft and telling you to post it on forums! Lady Gwyn is vacationing at the moment, I'm sure she read the early draft you sent... i'll ask her if she has any suggestions when we talk. Anyway good to see you doing well ;)
  10. Great to see PtP up and running once again, and agreed that the notion of this chapter being controversial was a self-fulfilling prophecy. Look forward to some analysis, and I have to say my first thought: Sweetrobin is a copycat for liking lemoncakes.
  11. Official Testing Thread

    test test
  12. Evidences for Hybrids from the Main Series

    I was suggesting BR warged a direwolf and then made Ghost with the mother. Of course, unless there's some fantasy rule bending at play, it wouldn't account for the albinism being passed on so it was just silliness. But I do agree with something you said earlier about a possible BR warg connection with Ghost, especially upon finding the horn and dragonglass cache.
  13. Evidences for Hybrids from the Main Series

    Ha, sorry for that thought :blink: . PS...Varamyr gets mounted whilst warging. Haggon would have called it abomination, but Varamyr had often slipped inside her skin as she was being mounted by One Eye.
  14. Evidences for Hybrids from the Main Series

    Why would anyone glamour themselves as a tiny albino?