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  1. Greatjon was getting drunk Manderly had leg of lamb as far as i remeber
  2. finally someone that made sense . my idea was here (as in westeros/essos ) - my tought was he considered him self under the sea ... others also tracked it as "in land of the dead" - makes sense - thats kinda far away .... tnx for this was sitting whole day looking for someone to crack it - urs so far makes most sense to me edit : “The crow, the crow,” Patchface cried when he saw Jon. “Under the sea the crows are white as snow, I know, I know, oh, oh, oh.” = Far away there's a place where crows are white as snow. True enough, there are white crows in the Citadel (or were they ravens?) and beyond the Wall the Brothers of the Night's Watch (=crows) are being turned to wights. edit 2 : could be about Oldtown - remeber sheeren visiting measter to show her white raven think pf was there
  3. this is great catch .... i think its very likly Penny keeps hitting on Tyrion is very likly he will tell her about his love life to get her of his beck.
  4. thats cool here is something similar what if Got was like " Friends"