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  1. Here's the Ilyn Payne actor, Wilko Johnson in the Christmas University Challenge of this year:
  3. Yeah that is strange. I thought it was supposed to be significant that he left just before Dany returned and all. I mean he was Master of Whispers for her dad and all...
  4. Whatever makes creative sense because they want it to happen.
  5. I just wanted to put this up. Another salty MTV review: The whole JonSa thing she keeps referring to still has me in stitches. Bad writing is what is, milady.
  6. Actually it does explain D&D's misreading of Sansa in the books. They subscribe to the popular belief that Sansa is Catelyn 2.0 when she is closer to Ned in terms of personality. But then again, they have severely misconstrued Ned as well so I guess they just hate women with feminine-coded interests even if one of their canon talents is the art of diplomacy and observation.
  7. What wonderful Emmy-award winning writing!
  8. Probably a cat or an iguana. Not that i have anything against cats. I'm a cat person. But direwolves, people. Direwolves.
  9. So pretty much everything that Boss Ass Person did to convince Mr. "I'm leaving the North I don't want to fight anymore" to actually fight and then basically saving the entire North with the Vale army (forget how she did it, the fact is she did it) has been credited to the new KitN? Really? And we're supposed to be entirely sympathetic towards him? Why exactly? At this point, both of them come across as entirely stupid and unworthy of sympathy.
  10. So everything stupid will happen. Also boring, except for the beautiful visuals.
  11. You mean something nice? Nah. That would take away all the faux-empowerment they imbued her with. It's much more likely that they'll go on a revenge-spree. Oh lovely book characters, I miss you!
  12. This is stupid. Also, the Hound is heading North (for reasons) and will ultimately add to the moronic-ness of this plot. BTW, given the teleportation rampant in Weisserroff, shouldn't the BwB and Brienne be in WF already?