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  1. No lie, man. Hes all in the Narrow Sea with the dromonds, drinking some Pentoshi rum being all "dude lemme tell ya some shit about the queen." confession: im really tempted to join the Heretics now.
  2. Who Does Bran Warg Now?

    Only psychologically. Not really physically. However, this may not matter when it comes to dragons, which i think Bran is gonna fuggen warg.
  3. Discussing Sansa XXIII: Lady Stork and her flock

    Even if this is a thing, that doesnt mean Sansa is going to betray or backstab Jon. I think shes just being really wary on how to make the next steps. Sansa had to learn the hard way that the real world is full of salt and nightsoil. That would harden any Stark, especially when she has seen and learned of Stark bannermen sticking knives in backs.
  4. Heresy Branch Office E05

    Yeah, when i was watching last night, i thought to myself "the Heretics are going to be exploding right now." And lo, i was not disappointed. I must admit, i thought some of the Heresy theories were barking. Im....really close to joining Team Heretic right now tbh. Oh bruh, that chills me, but i think it might be correct too. Everything shown in the show with the visions have been very Winterfell centric. Even though the ToJ was not Winterfell, obviously, it involved Starks. So there has to be some connection. Not only does Bran have to know how the Others were made, but where. Yeah, i think you may be on to something about the "There must always be a Stark in Winterfell" bit. Also why the Stark House words seem to be the only ones that are a warning, not a boast. "Winter is Coming" may refer to the Others. I saw speculation about this ages ago.
  5. yeah same. Aurane Waters has always been one of my favorite minor characters. Such a little shit disturber!
  6. Where did the Others come from?

    I was about to post, "hey guy, hows it feel to be right?" you little stinker.
  7. When you read the books...

    Whoa! That would be really wiggy tbh. Oh yeah, my Mance does not look like Carian Hinds. I love you, Mr. Hinds, but you werent really Mance.
  8. Using the Myrish Lens

    Ive been thinking about Myr and its impact on the rest of this world because all the goods seem to be coming from there. But this is a lot more eloquent than my ponderings. Neat!
  9. Hold the Door!

    Yeah thats one reason why i was actually gross sobbing during the scene. I was remembering Hodor's first reaction to Bran entering his mind. Bran trying to be reassuring that it was only for a little bit, and to not be afraid. But Hodor was literally curling up into a little ball, almost as if it had happened before. Given how Varamyr Sixskins had to deal with Thistle who went barking as he tried the same thing, i reckon because Bran literally did enter Hodor before the first time we saw it, he reacted in a subdued manner. And here i thought it was simply because he was a simpleton. N o p e. I think this is where Bran is a little grey. Its a really messed up situation, but not done for self-gain as much as a matter of life and death. WHY YOU DO THIS? IM CRYING ALL OVER AGAIN
  10. [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    the theatre scene wasnt meant to be funny, to the viewer. Its funny in-universe, but not to us, and not to Arya. That was the point. Its a little shocking how much stuff flies over people's heads.
  11. Discussing Sansa XXIII: Lady Stork and her flock

    You, i like the cut of your gib and wish to subscribe to your newsletter. I think this is really what is going on. Welcome to the forums! And yeah i feel similarly. I dont think Sansa is scheming to outright stab Jon in the back. Its like that guy said, her aims are different in the long run. As if character development doesnt exist....
  12. Hes actually really freaking obvious about it too and she just eats it up like the cow she is. My gods. Hes so obvious, its painful. Indeed. And how she thinks Taena is super loyal. (i theorize shes actually a spy for Doran)
  13. When you read the books...

    Yeah. Its easier to name who DOESNT match the show impressions in my mind. Dany actually doesnt look like Emilia Clarke in my mind. (and her eyebrows are not fucken black!) Asha doesnt look like her show counterpart either. (and neither does Euron) And maybe a few others that just arent coming to mind right now. But everyone else looks like their show selves in my head when i read. Right down to guys like Thoros, Gendry, Hot Pie, and Edd.
  14. [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    the Kingsmoot and Euron being really disappointing dragged this episode down a bit. So its a 9. If Kingsmoot was better, it would have been a 10. Hodor and the CotF reveal was really something and i know this is GRRM stuff. (giggling at book fans overly salty because they got spoiled hard tonight.) Hodor made me cry really hard.
  15. [Spoilers] On tinfoil theories and the show

    yes. They confirmed this too, i believe. That, and the Hodor thing.