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  1. I think this is why people suspect Jaehaerys, which looks like Aerys when spoken a bit.
  2. Yeah what you guys (and a bunch of others) said. I think he respects her. Perhaps more than he respects any other human being. Tyrion has likely given up on romantic love. And i feel like he looks at her and sees not just vengeance on his family, but a reason to keep fighting. Its beyond "Aegon the Conqueror with teats", its "this person gives me hope that things can be made of light."
  3. And how! Jaehaerys I was among the best of the Targaryen kings, (if not the best) and was known for making an effort to really bring the North into the fold. They called him the Conciliator. He ended the war with the Faith Militant (!!!) in a peaceable manner. (while also taking away their right to conduct trials and shit like that.) He was The Guy(tm) that basically made the Seven Kingdoms a peaceful place. Stabilizing laws throughout and shit. I could see Rhaegar naming his son Jaehaerys, not just after his grandpa (who was not as cool as the OG Jaehaerys) and Lyanna thinking the name was cool too. Jaehaerys has this bomb ass reputation in the North. He was the North's favorite Targ like, ever. If his name isnt Jaehaerys, i root for Aemon for a lot of really big reasons. Yeah, i dunno mang. I feel like somewhere along the line, this thread just went off the rails.
  4. no joke, and even looking like human beings. I guess people expected Eva Green style Lyanna, but i rather appreciated a human, real looking Lyanna. One who looks like the characters shes related to in the story.
  5. I miss Marg so bad already. I loved Marg
  6. yes
  7. Someone explained the passage of time in the show better than i can so heres what that guy had to say from another site:
  8. Yes. Down with Aejon. I agree with that. Rhaegar having correspondence with Maester Aemon. Maester Aemon being something of a mentor figure for Jon. (i knew there was a reason he was blind...) Jon's real name maybe even being Aemon would be so lovely. Would Rhaegar ever anticipate the relative in the Night's Watch he corresponded with would ever meet his fated son? Mannnn im really rooting for the name to Aemon now! Wasnt the masculine version of Visenya basically Viserys?
  9. It was obvious that was there because of the victory over the Boltons. and also: yee
  10. Tommen knew damn well that he could not reconcile what happened at the Sept. He would be known as the king whos mother destroyed King's Landing for her own ambition. Innocent people by the hundreds died because he allowed the High Sparrow to have reign and allowed his mother to do this. His queen is gone. Members of her family are gone. The Tyrell house was pretty much destroyed (outside Olenna) and Tommen pretty much felt responsible for all of it. Even though it was all Cersei's doing. Knowing full well he could never win the people now, and his mother is a monster, he decided to end it the only way he knew how. It does seem a bit comical, the scene, but once you stop and think about it, its really sad. Poor Tommen.
  11. I agree. Shes cute as a button and id love to see her as Lyanna being...well not dying, and being Lyanna. Maybe pouring wine on a young Benjen's head, or a glimpse of her in regards to the Knight of the Laughing Tree.
  12. Hats off to you, mate
  13. She is my precious daughter babygirl and i love her forever. I want her to marry Bran and live happily ever after as the true She-Bear. Alas, thats not that kind of story. But at least she must live and be the She-Bear.
  14. He strongly assists in her character development in both mediums. Hes the honest little devil on her shoulder saying "yo, be the durgin, embrace the durgin, stop pussyfooting. Durgin." Daario reminds her of her true self. I also feel like we havent seen the last of him in the show? After all, Jorah is still out there.