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  1. Since her father's death, she has been showing concern for her family (crying when they died, hating Jof/Cersi, even disliking Tyrion for being a Lanister). She hated Theon and the Boltons for killing her family. She has displayed concern that I would translate to loyalty to her family. Why did she keep info from Jon??? It could have been many reasons that have nothing to do with disliking Jon. They never explained her motivation, and I am not sure if the show even knows what her motivation was. If they do move forward with a dark/betraying Sansa, then I really don't think they have set up for it very well. If I had only watched the show, I would have no idea that betrayal was afoot. I don't think what they say outside the show is correct, and it really is not right for them to talk so much about something that was not portrayed in the show. It makes me feel like the time and money I put into watching this show is not being respected.
  2. If they are so open about giving us hints about upcoming events, then why do they hide the titles of upcoming episodes until a week before airing? I found that to be ridiculous. Also, their episode synopses are cryptic at best. The show runners are being more and more secretive as each season goes by.
  3. Possible marriage

    Yes, I am trying to look for objective clues as to what is going to happen next. Apparently investing time and watching the story/actors is giving me the wrong impression according to all the outside show interviews. (I didn't see a prelude to a great betrayal as some are saying.) The composer of this series, apart from the directors, has to know the most about the end game. After all, his work will be taken as a whole. The music has to reflect the story.
  4. I agree with you. She didn't tell Jon about LF for some reason. Who knows why??? That doesn't negate the seasons of her complaining about people betraying her family, and crying about the deaths of her family. If she was out for herself, why did she tell Jon about Arya?? She could have kept that info to herself. Keeping that secret would have sold me on selfish. Instead she makes him a cloak (only Hot Pie can surpass her gift giving skills). What did he ever give her??? I think she is the one who has made his dreams come true (Winterfell, Stark, KiTN) and what did she get out of this??? He wouldn't seek out more Northmen, so he forced her to grovel to LF. He looks like the selfish one here.
  5. Possible marriage

    Theon and Sansa at about: : 32 At the start of this. They seem very similar to me, but I am not a music person.
  6. Possible marriage

    If there is one thing I know, it is that this show will disappointment me. I am not emotionally invested in Jon/Sansa, but I don't want to be shocked by it either. They really caught me off guard with Stannis/Shireen, and I don't want that to happen again. I said earlier that there is a scene where Sansa begs Theon for help. At the start of that scene, the Mother of Dragons theme is still lingering from the last scene (a little over long). Then the scene where Sansa learns about Bran/Rickon still being alive they play the same theme that is played when she is with Jon in season six episode 10. This theme sounds like the first notes of Mother of Dragons but with violins/violas??? I am not a music expert, if someone is correct me. I just thought that the theme they played in the "Trust Me" scene was strange sounding. Maybe I heard it before??? I think it matches with Mother of Dragons. They have played this new theme at least twice with Sansa. Does it mean anything?? Someone else mentioned they played some of the Targ theme when Jon beheaded the men who killed him, so maybe yes. Anyway, the camera shots are still suspect. Also, nothing D&D and all the others really matched what I saw this season. Sansa is so jealous she makes him a cloak and gives him the best room????? No, not even in a fantasy.
  7. Possible marriage

    No, I am saying the Lord of Light mix with Cat/Brienne was foreshadowing LSH. They didn't follow through in the show, but LSH is brought back due to the Lord of Light in the books. Therefore the creation of this LSH theme makes sense even though it doesn't happen in the show. This new theme indicates to me that Jon/Sansa will happen either in the books or show.
  8. Possible marriage

    I know it (LSH) doesn't exist in the show, but it does in the book, so there is a reason/basis for its creation. There must be a basis/reason for the creation of this new theme. I understand you feel it is pointing to an alliance. However, I think it is indicating Jon/Sansa marriage/romance/children something like that. At the start of this season, I thought she would pair up with an Umber. And if I could match make him, I would pick Meera. However, I really think the show is saying Jon/Sansa. I could be wrong, but I think I am convinced at this point.
  9. Possible marriage

    Thanks. Actually, this firms up my belief that Jon/Sansa will happen. I feel that the composer must know where the story is headed. LSH didn't happen in the show, but it does happen in the books. So this theme must be on purpose. Jon/Sansa must be happening in the show or in the books. He mixed it for a reason.
  10. Possible marriage

    I wasn't at Comic Con (I would love to go),so I don't know who they were talking to, (I thought it was the one who asked the question). All I can do is look at this past season. They seem to be forming a closer bond (even show runners say she loves her brother), there are some strange camera shots, and it sounds like they are giving her a version of the Mother of Dragons theme (very similar sounding anyway). I guess because she will be a mother dragons???? In totality, it looks like Jon/Sansa at this point to me.
  11. Possible marriage

    I don't know. Regarding Sansa and Jon they said something like they never considered it but thanks. If they had just said we never considered it, I would believe them. However, they added "but thanks"??? They were asked about Dany and Missandei and they definitively said it would never happen. I don't think their Jon/Sansa comment was very convincing. (I've always been told that when people use "but" in a sentence you can disregard everything that came before it. )
  12. Possible marriage

    I think the show is hinting at Sansa and Jon. I noticed an overlap of the Mother of Dragons theme when Sansa begs Theon for help. Then the themes they play when she finds out Rickon and Bran are alive (from Theon) and the scene with Jon and Sansa making peace on the battlements sounds like some of the Mother of Dragons theme (the first part with the violins). It is very similar anyway.
  13. Possible marriage

    That is a good point. They have cleaned up a few characters like Tyrion to make them more appealing. I really don't care for that. They should give us the characters from the book. I think Sansa does express feelings for him, but I am not sure what purpose they serve. It seems like she is so desperate for some champion/hero that she is willing to make one up. I don't know where it will go in the books, but show Sansa seems far to practical/mature to be interested in Sandor now. I just don't see the relationship dynamic anymore. I think they would really have to start brand new for romance to take place.
  14. Possible marriage

    Well, I know some people who support Arya/Jon say it is their close relationship as children that makes a future romance more likely. I don't know if it is true, but someone pointed out that some of the great Targ romances were between siblings who were always close. (I think the dragonknight and his sister???) I guess the psychology, just like the genetics in Westeros do not have to comply with the real world. However, it could make it more difficult for the audience to understand.
  15. Possible marriage

    Yes. I am about 90% certain that Jon/Sansa is being set up in some shape/form. As I have said in earlier posts, the camera shots are not mistakes/actor chemistry. I think that Jon and Dany marrying, but with Jon an unwilling partner also leads to the treason for/to love.