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  1. I don't know. I could see Bran becoming a king's guard by
  2. Yes, I wonder if there is such a thing as Stark honor. In the books, I only recall honorable Ned. In the show, I was struck by Ned's father. As Ned leaves for the Vale, his father tells Ned to conduct himself, but if there is a fight "win". I think it implied to win no matter what. Sansa I think is following her grandfather's advice. You are also right that many people don't accept that Sansa has changed. I think it is odd because even GRRM was in an HBO video that was called "Pawn to Player". Really all through out the book and the last few seasons, Sansa has done nothing but think about her family. She doesn't tell Jon about the Vale, but she does care about him because she tries her best to warn him about Ramsey. I think some people just can't let go of first impressions, and I think it is at least in part because she is a female. Like I said, females are held to a higher standard of behavior than males (like the study I mentioned). I can point to Jaimie who many now view differently even though he threw Bran from a tower. If Jaimie can change, so can Sansa (who is still growing up).
  3. I agree that she is snobby at first, and so is Jon (at least on the show I can't remember the books). I think that people are just not as tolerant of snobby/selfish behavior in females as they are in males.I remember hearing about a study recently where parents were encouraging their daughters to be more honest than their sons. However, in reality I see Sansa and Jon's attitudes as more of a hallmark of their youth and experience. Of course people will say that she sided against her family with the Nymeria incident, but again I would say she was in a poor position mostly due to her position as a betrothed girl. She was really put in a no win situation. Even if her betrothal had ended as a result of her siding against Joff, would not her reputation be ruined? Future potential grooms may hear of how she went against her betrothed and view her as not a good marriage prospect. As a daughter of a great Lord, Sansa only has marriage to look forward to, and she knew that. Sansa has trusted many people who have failed her. I think this season we saw that she thought she could trust the Northern houses and depend on their loyalty. I think that North rejection was the final straw for her. She realized that in fact she could not trust anyone and that is why she did not tell Jon. She couldn't win the North the Stark way with loyalty, honor, honesty- she would have to win it by playing The Game of Thrones. ( Even if Jon knew about the Vale, LF was not going to work with Jon in battle. LF's plan all along was to come at the last minute. We (the audience) knew that and so did Sansa.
  4. Yes, I wonder where it will lead to (this false memory). Also, I don't think she mentions this unkiss to anyone like Petyr keeps bragging about his conquest of Cat. However, Petyr does seem to be very proud of his time with Cat. As someone said in this thread, he seems to think it makes him look really smart or better than others. Sansa mentions the unkiss (to herself) in the same manner. I think she is putting the other girls (Tyrell girls) down thinking how she has this kiss experience that they haven't had. I get the same kind of vibe of bragging. Anyway, I think this passage (Titan of Bravos ) you mention could predict a sexual assualt . I always thought her experience in Kingslanding after her father was executed and she was dreaming/imagining someone coming up the tower (leather on stone ) and entering her room with ice as she hid naked as a foreshadowing of this potential assault.
  5. I really wanted to see Meera and Jojen give their Fire and Ice oath to Bran. It was so beautiful in the books, I can't believe they omitted this and have horrible lines like the one the Sand Snake tells Bronn (would rather not repeat it ).
  6. Arya Stark & Good Queen Alysanne. ?

    Well, I like Sansa. However, many do feel that she is bad for the Starks (her incident with Arya/Joff on the way to Kingslanding). Many people see her as not a true Stark. She also lost her Direwolf. Many would say she is the least magic of the Starks because her warg ability never developed, so I see the points made by Sweetsunray (especially the lack of Direwolves- Sansa was the first to lose hers )that Alysanne was bad for the Starks and her anti-magic/direwolf effects as being more indicative of Sansa than Arya. (I originally thought that GQ Alysanne had more in common with Sansa mainly due to the similarities with her alias. However, I have read your post and now see some parallels with Arya, but these other qualities that Sweetsunray has pointed out remind me of what many say about Sansa.)
  7. Who is the luckiest character in ASOIAF?

    I really don't feel like Dany is at all vulnerable or in any kind of real danger. I know she faces many political pressures in Mereen, but it doesn't feel like it has real consequence since she is not from there and her ambitions don't end there. The stakes just don't seem very high for her.
  8. Arya Stark & Good Queen Alysanne. ?

    Yes, I think it fits better if Sansa (Alyanne- name similarity) is compared to Alysanne. The parallels you point out fit Sansa better than Arya. Although I like Sansa,
  9. This (in bold) reminds me of Sansa's "memory" of Sandor's kiss. I never thought about it before, but she is exactly like Petyr in that regard.
  10. On the show there are no more Barratheon heirs, so I guess it would be up to a council to decide. Maybe she had a puppet council make the decision that she would succeed to the throne? I guess that could be why Qyburn put the crown on her head. He was probably on the council (or was the council). Anyway, she mostly just wills herself to be the Queen. People are probably too scared to speak out against her.
  11. Robb & Jeyne vs. Robb & Talisa

    Yes, in the book Robb's marriage is more understandable than the show's marriage. I do think Talisa was out of place. A noble lady who is devoted to helping war wounded can be believable, but such a woman would be too devoted/dedicated to pursue a romance or drop her work for any man (or even a king). They should have stuck with the original story line because it is plausible. Also,I really don't like her bad mouthing Robb when they first met. What was especially strange to me was that during their next meeting her abrasiveness towards him was suddenly transformed into flirtation. It was almost like she reverted into a silly love- struck girl. I think they were trying to go for a Ygritte/Jon dynamic, but I don't think it worked. I think in general they do make the female characters more abrasive than they are presented in the books. Book Ygritte and Brienne have softer sides that are not reflected on the show.
  12. Jon is certainly the most boring character. The show really portrays him as almost perfect. I guess that is how most fans want to see him. I really thought that after his death, he would become a bit darker or more of a gray character. What D&D said about Jon being surrounded by dishonorable people makes me think his one fault/problem area is that he is so good.
  13. Future of Sansa

    Yes, I tend to think that GRRM doesn't know much about sewing.
  14. Future of Sansa

    Can you or anyone else on this thread please explain this to me: Sansa is known to be excellent at sewing and designing her dresses. How can she have such poor math skills when sewing/designing obviously has so much math in it? Is she being an unreliable narrator? I think she says this about herself in the books and Arya also mentions it. Could she be purposely trying to down play her math abilities? It doesn't make sense to me at all. If she was so poor at math her dresses would look awful.
  15. This show does have difficulty when putting two main characters together. It seems that they do prop one up at the cost of another. To me season 5 Theon/Sansa was indicative of that. In the books, Sansa has her own storyline, but in the show season 5 seemed mostly about Theon. I would like to have seen her storyline without Theon. I don't think there will be good news for Jon fans when Sansa leaves his arc because most likely Dany will enter his arc. Dany will dominate the story line.