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  1. Forget Jonsa and Jonerys. How does anything occur accidentally on a show? Isn't it all written, put on story boards, directed, and acted. Everything on a show is done on purpose. To what purpose is up for interpretation.
  2. I was reading this: There is an interesting reply from the reporter in the comments section.
  3. The show hasn't provided anything on Ilyrio. You're theory on Sansa is just that, a theory. The gut is a horrible place to be stabbed- intestines will leak all sorts of nasty stuff. It's not a bad argument. LF is suppose to be able to read people and anticipate their actions. He knows Cat really well. She did in fact keep a vigil and he should have known she would.
  4. Yes, why make us wait all season for this? She knows enough about him to have done it last season. Why does she wait? I could understand hatching a great plan (intrigue) that would take time, but this just sounds tedious.
  5. Of course she will keep a vigil over her child. I guess the thinking here is that the distraction/ fire would draw her away. I don't know why they have to include Bran's attempted assassination in LF's crimes. If they want to go back and explain stuff they should explain why Illyrio is helping Dany, what happened to Syrio, why didn't Sansa tell Jon about the Vale, how did Arya survive being stabbed and I'm sure more assorted questions.
  6. Was the Catspaw going to kill Cat? I know he said, that she shouldn't be there, so maybe the plan was to only kill Bran. However, LF should know that Cat would defend her family (Tully words). He took a risk on Cat's life to be sure .
  7. Yes, it turning out that it's LF who put the hit on Bran is too convenient. Also, what about Jaimie Lannister? Are the Starks going to execute him because JL is the one who pushed Bran. If the show is going to be consistent- anyone who hurts a Stark gets killed- then JL should be next.
  8. I wonder if Bran knows Jaimie pushed him out the window. Will they be executing Jaimie as well?
  9. #1 makes no sense, when would LF make that plan? Was it his plan to attempt a Bran murder all along, but he got lucky that the Lannisters almost beat him to it??? It really seemed a crime of opportunity, but LF wasn't anywhere nearby, right??? #2 sounds off as well. They execute LF based on Bran's visions. Seems like they would want to have a trial or something because LF is a guest at WF. It's not how I envisioned his death. Why do we need to wait all season for this to happen? #3 Is that for the Wight hunt or as they head North at the end of the season? These don't sound very good.
  10. IIRC the D's will write the last four episodes. If Jon doesn't learn about his parentage this season (leaks say no), then do you think that Jon will learn of his parentage in one of the episodes that the D's are writing next year? It would seem to me that they would want to write that big moment. I think it is the biggest moment of the series.
  11. I don't see Sansa as a leader. I don't think LF is one either. LF works behind the scenes. He is an advisor, and a deal maker. He has orchestrated some pretty amazing deals. If Sansa follows that arc she would operate behind the scenes behind a leader.
  12. Just to clarify, my point doesn't have anything to do with your last paragraph here. I'm talking about camera shots, as you address in your first paragraph.
  13. Except that Jon is getting advice from Tormond. What is the reason for including Jon ? Also, there is a strange blending of scenes between Ygitte and Sansa right after Orell asks Ygritte if Jon was going to make her his lady- that showed me that these scenes are related. Scars? Margery also said pretty men as does Orell- and Orell was talking about Jon . No one in these scenes mentioned Sandor, so it would make more sense to connect the scene with someone actually mentioned (Jon)- he has scars, too.
  14. Season 1 & 2, I have watched them, what exactly should I focus on there? I totally don't agree with you, but that's okay. For me there really isn't just one thing pointing to Jonsa- it's a long list of stuff from last season (parallels, camera shots, odd dialogue, unexplained looks). Also , I noticed how Season 3 Episode 7 written by GRRM parallels a tips on women conversation between Jon/Tormund with a tips on men conversation between Sansa/Margery. There is also a strange transition there from Ygritte to Sansa after Orell asks Ygritte if Jon is going to make her his lady. There's too much here for me to ignore .
  15. That's the thing Sansa and Jon interactions were very mysterious last year. It does seem like the show may be doing it on purpose for some reason (you know what I think already). Many may disagree with my conclusion, but it's refreshing to see others recognize the plot holes/mysteries. Some say it's bad writing, but I am looking for an answer. Also, Arya shouldn't have lived through her wounds. I hope they account for this later.