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  1. When you put it like that, it does sound pretty awful.
  2. Maybe the difference is the awareness of the tourney champion/suitor. Certainly, the champions knew they were champions, so do the suitors know they are suitors? I am pretty sure Robin was not at all aware he was betrothed to Sansa, so maybe that explains his absence from this list. I don't know about Willas. Did he know of his betrothal? At any rate, if it is related to Sansa, I wouldn't expect it to match exactly. That would be too telling.
  3. I get the impression that Dany isn't going to make it until the end of the story. The outline does say that five will make it through. That does seem to suggest that means until the end of the story, but I just don't get that impression from what he is writing.That final betrayal for love sounds ominous. Plus the story sounds pretty Stark focused.
  4. I tend to think it must be true if it is in a magazine. Magazines usually have professional journalists and editors on staff to make sure things get reported correctly.
  5. I understand the confusion with the pronouns. However, I am surprised at the part he added about Jon's motivations for leaving. There was nothing in the leaks that could be misconstrued for that information. Maybe it was Frikidictor's own interpretation (my Spanish is not good), but it sounded to me like he is saying LF says it. I don't understand how/where that comes from.
  6. No, not to my knowledge.
  7. LOL. It is a time of war and supplies are short!
  8. War trophies, including wearing war trophies, is sometimes a cultural practice. I don't like it, but it does exist. ( I think the Boltons practiced it for sure.)
  9. I take it as she is showing off that she defeated them. Although, that is a Bolton tradition as well, but maybe that is meant to really rub it in that she helped to defeat them??? She doesn't look pregnant to me. I don't think that will happen.
  10. 19:35 ish for the video May 29th. In the first video, he said LF accuses Jon of loving Sansa. In the second video, he corrects himself to say it was LF who says he loves Sansa. I guess he got the leak wrong??? The weird thing is (my Spanish isn't that good) that in the first video not only does he say LF accuses Jon of being in love with Sansa, but he also adds stuff that wasn't at all in the leaks. I think he says something like LF saw some weirdness between Jon and Sansa. Also, that LF tells Jon that Jon is really leaving the North because he is in love with Sansa and he wants to get away from Sansa. I can understand mixing up who said they loved Sansa, but that other stuff wasn't leaked/mentioned at all. Where did he get that stuff from??? Anyway, he said he was wrong .I thought it was strange.
  11. I don't take it as a negative. She is also wearing a chain (Umbers). Remember Cersei wanted Lady's pelt. Sansa is wearing the Umber and Bolton pelts.
  12. Frikidoctor released his analysis on the trailer. He has two analysis. The first one incorrectly gives the crypt scene that Lads 2 gave.
  13. Beric might give the Last Kiss to someone, so he could be very important.