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  1. Jon Snow's potential love interests.

    This has to do with the outline, so I will spoiler it: (not really evidence, but maybe some support?)
  2. Jon Snow's potential love interests.

    I really don't have a clue with him. but I am sure it will be complicated. Nothing goes easy with him.
  3. Jon Snow's potential love interests.

    If I recall correctly, he seemed disenchanted with Val due to her comments/feelings regarding Shireen. I felt like he lost respect for her. It was a side of her he hadn't seen before (something like that).
  4. Sansa sitting on the iron throne?

    I could see Sansa as the younger more beautiful queen, if Cersei can somehow defeat Dany. That would set up Sansa vs. Cersei. I actually think that scenario would be way more interesting than Dany using her magic words "Dracarys" and winning Westeros. I am kind of suspicious that Dany will never sit the Iron Throne because of her House of the Undying vision. However, Dany appears to be unstoppable right now (boring).
  5. Sansa: Why not the Dreadfort?

    After hearing all of the negative comments that were made at SDCC this weekend, I have to admit I like this idea. I certainly don't want to see a war or struggle for power up North. However, I feel that Sansa is a Stark, more so than Jon, actually. I really liked Ned, and I feel that one of his rightful heirs needs to be in charge of Winterfell (maybe Bran or Arya if not Sansa). Just my personal feelings, but I want to see a true Stark rule the North.
  6. Possible marriage

    I feel like they need to make time for a Sansa romance. Really, she has been pushed into bad engagement, after bad engagement, and bad marriages. I know it doesn't matter what I feel because the story is the story, but why are only male Starks allowed to have loving relationships?
  7. Azor Ahai and/or The Prince Who Was Promised?

    I kind of thought it was Bran. Bran is the one who is most important in fighting the WWs. He is a prince. He promised not to climb and did anyway. His broken promise led to many events (pushed by Lanisters, almost killed again by Lanisters , Cat takes Tyrion, and 3ec visions/magic).
  8. Possible marriage

    I was thinking that the production video for season 7 might have a Sandor hint because it showed the kennels. Also, the set they were building resembles the Lord's chamber from season 1, I think they wrote Sansa's chamber on some building material, and someone was stacking what looked like fur blankets. Her chamber is being highlighted. Maybe she is just going to have meetings there, kind of like Cersei did at least once in season 1. Still I wish they would have asked Sophie about what she thinks about Sandor heading North or even Tyrion (her ex) returning to Westeros. She has already answered the Jonsa questions recently, and everyone knew what the response was going to be.
  9. Possible marriage

    Someone should have brought up Sandor at SDCC.
  10. Sansa: A passion for Killing. The New "psycho"?

    Yes. They also showed the production for season 7 with the kennels, and Ramsay saying he is a part of her. I think it shows she will kill again. I just hope it is LF and not Jon. (I am pretty sure it will be LF)
  11. Bran communicating with Littlefinger??

    I agree with your two thoughts I put in bold. If I remember correctly, the Godswood in the Eyrie couldn't grow a Weirwood. I think in the book ASOS, Sansa said it was, "A godswood without gods, as empty as me." (p.1100), so the gods ( or Bran/3ec) couldn't be watching. Still someone was watching, Lyssa. At Winterfell, it must be Bran watching. I agree there is a theme that someone/thing (gods) is always watching in the godswood. That explains these perspective camera shots. I also want to add that in Season 4 E01, Sansa is in the KL godswood, and Jaimie, Brienne, and Ser Dontos are watching her. Also, with Ser Dontos there is a perspective shot of Sansa (bushes kind of obstructing) as he follows her.
  12. Yes, I think if the show writers had the book material the show would be so much better. I like the show. I respect their work and efforts. However, I don't think they can capture the political intrigue that is presented in the books.
  13. Bran communicating with Littlefinger??

    I am not sure if anyone really witnessed what happened in the Godswood. I do think that Bran has strong powers. The 3ec could see through Weirwood trees, ravens, and I think through mists. Just from the camera shots, LF 's face, and comparing this scene to the last Eyrie Godswood (camera shots and Lyssa saw) I would say someone/thing heard. I could be wrong. The chance Jon was there is really small, but other than Bran he is the only one I can think of who might have been there. I read somewhere that the show will give some deleted scenes. Maybe this will be one, but I doubt it. Although, I do think that look that LF gives at the end is meant to be provocative, but as you say, maybe it is all for a transition.
  14. Possible marriage

    I think these blood ties are important in the books and the show. I think her blood ties must be one of the reasons LF sees a way to get the Iron Throne . As for Robb's will, I am not an expert in Westeros history, but I know of at least two occassions where a KIng tried to name his heirs (Rhayenyra T. and Blackfyre) and it didn't work out so well. How it will play out in the North? I don't know, but based on what I know of Westerosi history, naming heirs is questionable. I would think that Edmure in the Riverlands would not approve of Cat's children being disinherited, and someone (Robin, Harry, LF) in the Vale might not like it either. Jon already has the North and the Riverlands? Why would the Riverlands care anything about Jon? They prize family. Jon isn't family and he is Ned's bastard. Cat didn't like Jon and her family probably doesn't like him either. I am not saying it is going to happen, but I can see where it might happen. The show is indicating Dany/Jon. However, Sansa, Bran, and Arya have strong family alliances. That is a fact. These three would make great marriage candidates for anyone who wants alliances. Jon has the support of the North, but he lacks connections to other houses. Yes, Dany and Jon have armies/dragons, but to me they don't have the ties to Westeros that make their reigns really meaningful. Bran, Arya, and Sansa (even Sweetrobin) are Westeros.
  15. Possible marriage

    Yes, this totally applies to Arya as well. If anyone wants to make a marriage that has strong political alliances in Westeros, then they should look to marry Bran, Sansa, or Arya.