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  1. Non-fantasy/SF recommendations thread (literary, non-fic etc)

    Just finished "Herbes et Golems" by Manuela Draeger. Not my favorite, I absolutely adored "Onze rĂªves de suie". Her name is actually a pseudonym used by french author Antoine Volodine. Volodine is his main pseudo (we don't know his real name), he's published a lot under this name, and also uses Draeger, or Lutz Bassmann, etc etc I couldn't recommand his works enough - sadly I'm not sure he's translated in many languages, some of his books have been translated into english, in your tongue you should check out; but for thos who read French do not hesitate, he's a master, using language in such a great way; full of dark humor, inspired by the big catastrophies of the XXth century, the wars, the camps, the failed revolutions.. His characters are often "story-tellers" themselves, be it in their insane minds, during a "torture interrogation", or for their fellow inmates in highly guarded prisons, after all their dreams of armed revolutions are long past a possible realization. It's really well written, sometimes hard to follow at first but so worth it, it's so poetic and great and gosh just read Volodine, you won't regret it! eta: if you want some titles for recommandation just ask me, I'd be delighted to help you go through his books!