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  1. Same here and I wasn't even a fan of the book character. I didn't hate her, but I didn't like her very much either. However, tastes differ and the great thing of GRRM's books is that they have so many differet characters that we all find someone we like. I'm not sure if the showrunners really thought they improved her book character, but if this was the case they achieved the opposite with me. I have started to appreciate book! Sansa more, because of how rerribly she has been changed in the show.
  2. Yes, I agree with everything you wrote and have made some of these points elsewhere. My point was that some reviewers found that there were some flaws, but than handwaved them, because they found that"the Episode was so awesome". It's bad when critics don't see some of the very obvious flaws, but I find it even worse when they see some of the flaws and then ignore them. I found that pretty much the entire Northern storyarc of the last two seasons was terrible written and did a disservice to the characters in it. And yeah there is nothing feminist or empowering about the show. Season 6 was just less obviously sexist than the seasons before, which isn't exactly praiseworthy. I stopped taking the Emmy awards seriously when "20 good men" and "bad p*****" were judged Emmy worthy.
  3. Same here. The show got me into the books and I mostly liked the first couple of seasons, but now I feel like there are just shocking and epic moments left, but the way in which these moments come to pass make no sense at all. I can't understand most characters, either. What bothers me probably even more than reviewers not seing the writing mistakes, are reviewers who recognise the big mistakes and handwave them. To give you one example: I listened to podcast of three German critics who discussed Episode 6.9. and they were talking about Sansa a lot and none of them could figure out why she hadn't told Jon about the KotV, but then they said: "We are nitpicking here, the episode was fantastic and such minor details shouldn't matter , so we still give the episode a 10/10." I just thought: "This isn't nitpicking and this isn't a minor detail. You are a critic, so it is your damn job to be critical and find flaws. If there are flaws like these you have to deduce points for this. You can give the Episode a 9 or 9,5 which is still better a better grade than you give most other shows." Of course I personally wouldn't rate Episode 6.9 so high. However, I just think that even when they love the episode, they have to deduce points when you recognise such massive flaws. @sweetsunray : Season 6 already brought Jaime's Season 1 personality back, so maybe they just bring his Season 1 swordfighting abilities back in Season 7....
  4. So I just read this interview with Finn Jones: while he is friendly towards D&D, there is also some critical stuff in it:
  5. ASOIAF Guessing Game version II AfU: Favorite historical male character: Round 1

    Gambling on the Last Hero
  6. Be as unhelpful as possible

    I'm not a Greenseer, so I can't predict the future. What were Joffrey's redeemable qualities?
  7. Bumping for TWOW V4

    Never experienced a Tornado and I hope I won't experience it in the future BUMP!
  8. Be as unhelpful as possible

    My keyboard is set in the Latin alphabet, not the Dothraki one. Therefore, I can't write down the text Do Ice Spiders really exist in Westeros?
  9. Be as unhelpful as possible

    Definitely not the one that played at Edmure Tully's wedding. How do I produce Tears of Lys?
  10. Be as unhelpful as possible

    Sorry, but I didn't manage to upload my audio recording of the pronounciation here. Where do whores go?
  11. Be as unhelpful as possible

    Somewhere in the known world I guess. Where can I learn how to practice magic?
  12. Be as unhelpful as possible

    I don't have a boat, so I never had to take an inssurance for one. What happened to Tyrek Lannnister?
  13. Was Ser Duncan the Tall really a knight?

    Maybe.. it's possible. Unfortunately we don't know super much about the appointing of a KG members and the full ceremony, despite the facts that two of them are POVs. I mean we don't even have the words of the oath. Though Duncan is definetely a special case and I'm not sure if the people of Westeros had seen things that way, if they had found out about him.
  14. Bumping for TWOW V4

    @Lady Blizzardborn Still 15k more than you had before November started Good luck with publishing! What genre are you writing? Publlishing is more of a long term plan for me I definitely want to do it at some point, but I don't think that I'll try it within the next 5 years. Has been raining for two days
  15. Am I The Only One Around Here Who V.2

    No, you're not I was thrilled about this as well. Especially, since we didn't have one last year, so I actually wanted to write one for this year's NaNo, but I was really busy and then I forgot about it. So, I'm really glad someone else did it. However, I didn't do it, because I was using NaNo for the revision of parts of my novel this year. I can also recommend you the Harry Potter crawls, they are really good for boosting your wordcount. @Raisin(g) Bran 2 Greenseer : I should have expressed myself more clearly, I ment the former thing. I don't do the latter thing. Am I the only around here who was dissapointed when Nicolai Coster Waldau didn't get nominated for an Emmy award in 2013 (after season 3)?