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  1. Yes, Linda's videos were great. Finn Jones who played Loras is one of the few actors who has read the books. He basically stated that he preferred the book version of his character over the show version. Which already made him sympathetic to me. The actor who played Barristan Selmy (forgot his name) did the same thing. If you liked Finn Jones you might want to look into Iron Fist once it airs. He plays the leading role and Netflix has produced some good quality shows in the past. D&D could learn something from the writers of Jessica Jones when it comes to adressing trauma and PTSD
  2. Am I The Only One Around Here Who V.2

    No you're not. I would love to do this. Since it's practically impossible we should just chat in the rant and rave threads. IMO we could make a drinking game or bingo (in case we don't want to be drunk after 20 minutes) with the following categories. - Drink everytime something "epic" happens. - Drink everytime something "shocking" happens. - Drink everytime a character acts OOC - Drink everytime a character teleports. - Drink everytime a character does something "badass". - Drink everytime the show contradicts itself (something like Tyrion claiming that Theom mocked him while it was actually the other way round). - Drink everytime a Stark or Snow does something stupid. - Drink everytime Daenerys lists her titles or everytime she makes her generic Dany speeches. - Drink everytime a character makes a dickjoke. Did I miss something? Re feminism: The shows version of feminism is terrible. I wouldn't even call it feminism, because it has nothing to do with the feminism I know and believe in. Re leaks: Most of it sounds fake and parts of it have actually been debunked on Reddit. Am I the only one around here who liked Areo Hotah in the books?
  3. Sophie Turner was definitely robbed

    Well the show has a history of dealing with rape in a bad way and this fits right into the pattern. Apart from this all female character are now either badass or sassy. There is no diversity when it comes to female characters. The showrunners put them all into one of these groups and this includes characters who were not supposed to be part of one of these groups like Sansa or Ellaria Sand. Unfortunately she did not really take control of the situation. She allowed LF to manipulate her again by only using the words "half brother". She is now indepted to him, because LF helped her out. She did not take charge in Winterfell either Jon had to point out to her that she was the Lady of Winterfell and that she could rule over Winterfell. She did not take this power herself. She did not even try to take charge during the meeting with the Northern Lords like a Lady of Winterfell should have done, because she did not even attempt to speak up.
  4. Sophie Turner was definitely robbed

    I don't think she deserved the nomination either. There where quite a few people who did not really understand Sansa this year. Quite a few people where wondering what she want's or what she's up to. This didn't just happen on this board where we joked about Sansa suffering from multiple personality disorder, but it was also quite common among casual watchers it was mentioned in some reviews and I saw it in Facebook comments an on some podcasts. This was partially due to the writing and directing, but partially also due Sophie Turner's acting. If you listen to her comments (and those of the writers) in the "Inside the episodes" or in interviews and compare this to what you see on screen than quite a few people did not see Sansa as the person she was described to be in these comments. To give you one example in the "inside the episode" of episode 10 Sophie Turner and the writers said that Sansa was jealous at Jon and that she might consider taking LF's offer. However, the majority of viewers interpreted her behaviour completely differently: I saw it on different boards that the majority of viewers believed that Sansa was happy for Jon and that her smile dropped when she saw LF, because she was worried that LF would start to plot against Jon. Some viewers even wondered if Sansa had encouraged Lyanna Mormont to speak up for Jon. Most viewers were confused by the Inside the episode comments" and said that "they did not see Sansa's jealousy at all" or that they only caught it after having rewatched the scene several times and after they had paid very close attention to her. This is not the only scene very viewers interpret Sansa in a different way than the way in which Sansa is described by Sophie Turner and the showrunners. Yes, the writing is partially at fault here, but I think an actress worthy of an Emmy nomination would have played the character in such a way that the jealousy was obvious and that our views of the character would be more in line with what the showrunners and Sophie Turner said in interviews. Regarding the other actors: Peter Dinklage is a really good actor , but he did not deserve an Emmy nomination this year. The material they gave him was not strong enough. I don't think Emilia and Kit are as bad as some people make them out to be and Kit improved over the years, but none of them a good enough to deserve Emmy nominations. We can debate about Maise and Lena, but both of them also suffered from the bad writing. Regarding the badass Sansa: I don't think that it was good that they portrayed her as a badass. It was actually really bad and one of the worst ways in which you could deal with the consequences of rape. I just copypaste some of the stuff I wrote in another thread in here in order to explain why: Some reviewers praised the portrail of Sansa this season and said that it was good to see her as empowered after the rape, but I consider it to be a really bad and unrealistic portrail of the subject matter. It's the rape = empowerment troope and this is one of the worst ways in which rape can be portrayed. Showing a rape survivor empowered shortly after the act is not a good way to portray rape and it's consequences. While each person deals differently with trauma I think that the way in which Sansa acted this season completely goes against the ways in which most rape survivors act. Most survivors have completely lost their self-confidence afterwards and it takes months or years to regain that. Having Sansa act so confident was rather unrealistic. Furthermore, Sansa didn't seem to be bothered at all that she was surrounded first by members of the NW (many of them got to the wall in the first place, because they raped someone) and later by wildlings (who are known for raping and pillaging). They should have shown her terrified or at least a bit uncomfortable around these people, because quite a few rape survivors feel really uncomfortable around men during the first few weeks or months after the rape. And yes her trauma should not go away by killing ramsay, but this season has been so focussed on revenge and it has portrayed revenge as something good, that will heal your trauma or make you satisfied. Which is the complete opposite of how revenge is portrayed in the books or how it is in reality. It's another example that shows that the showrunners do not know how to do with the subject matter of rape properly. IMO she showrunners should not be praised for portraying Sansa as a badass. They should be criticised for it.
  5. Bumping for TWOW V4

    It's getting lonely here. Bump!
  6. Am I The Only One Around Here Who V.2

    No, I wasn't mad about it either, despite the fact that I like the dragons. I coul understand her decision. Re Mary Sue: Jon and Dany aren't Mary Sues in the books. A Mary Sue is a character who succeeds at everything he or she does and has no characer flaws. Neither Jon nor Dany are Mary Sue characters in the books. They've made mistakes, they don't suceed at everything they do and they have character flaws. GRRM doesn't write Mary Sues. In the show I would agree with Dany being a Mary Sue, but not with Jon. The show has repeatedly (not just this season) portrayed him as someone who does not succeed and has to be saved by others. The only thing Show!Jon is good at is swinging his sword and he seems to be incompetent in most other areas. Ramsay on the other hand is a Mary Sue in the show. He succeeded at everything and only lost, because of he sudden arrival of a third party, not because of his own failures. Am I the only one around here who didn't like the Kingsmoot scene in the books (the show did an even worse job with it) and who doesn't undestand why so many people hype this scene?
  7. Snippets from season 7

    I'm also glad that Gendry is back. I just hope that they don't kill him off. He might not even need a legitimasation. Ellaria and the Sand Snakes have become the leaders of House Martell without leading one. Jon has become the ruler of the North without one. I also think that Davos would push for it, but I'm not so sure about Davos and Tyrion becoming buddies, because Tyrion was responsible for the death of Davos's son. They might get along after some time, but in the beginning their relationship should be a bit tense.
  8. Am I The Only One Around Here Who V.2

    No you're not I have a feeling that there are quite a few actors who don't really understand their characters, but I partially blame the writing for this. It has been difficult or nearly impossible to understand some characters. Apparently some actors also get very little information about their characters. Steven Dillaine said as much in his interview last year. Am I the only one around here who really enjoyed reading Bran's chapters? (Now I'm also wondering if this has been asked before )
  9. Parts of 'The Winds of Winter' you are looking forward to

    To the OP: ADWD was my second favourite book of the series as well and I think a lot of exciting stuff will happen in TWOW. I'm actually interested in most storylines. Jaime, Brienne and the BWB Everything in the North, namely: - Stannis and the battle of Ice - What will happen to Asha and Theon? - Jon and his journey. How much will he differ from the Jon we know? - Davos and his trip to Skagos. Skagos sounds like an really interesting place and it will be nice to see Rickon and Osha again. - Bran, the three-eyed raven an the CotF. Arya and the FM. I actually liked Meereen, so I'm interested in seeing how the Battle of Fire will go down. Daenerys and the Dothraki. Sounds like an interesting personal journey for her. Sam and the Citadel. This is such a mysterious place and I just love big fantasy universities with cool libraries. Alleras/ Sarella is also a fascinating minor character. Arianne, Jon Con and Aegon. Is he fake or not? How sucessful will they be? Cersei in KL. KL is always interesting. Now with Kevan dead the Tyrells try to grab more power, but Nymeria Sand will also arrive and be part of the Small Council. This could be fun.
  10. @ Moonmoon: Welcome, nice ranting I don't understand why people call it the best TV series ever, either. The characters I care about right now are: Ghost, but they really try to honour his name. I really like Meera in the show. The fact that she basically gave up everything in order to help Bran makes her really sympathetic to me. Instead of running and trying to save her own life after the whole Hodor thing the still tried to save Bran, knowing that she would most likely die as well. I think these factors make her one of the morally best characters of the show. How many of us would do the same? Unfortunately she's sort of a backround character right now. Somehow I really like Cheryl/ Charol. She's not Cersei from the books, but somehow I like her. Even after the wildfire thing. Maybe because I hope that she will just blow the entirety of Westeros up? It's good that your sister recognises how terrible the writing has become. In the past I've watched each season twice. Once after it aired in the US and then again when it aired in my home country (which is usually 10 months after the US release). I normally did the second watch together with my parents who have not read the books and who are really casual viewers and don't really know the name of the characters. Daenerys is "the girl with dragons", Cersei "the blonde evil queen", Jon "the guy at the wall", etc. None of us liked season 5 and when I told my mother what kind of stuff happened in season 6 she said "this is ridiculous how did they get an Emmy for this?". She recognised that it was bad without even having watched season 6. I also convinced her to read the books and I hope that she'll start soon.
  11. Maisie Williams: S7 scripts made me read & RE-READ everything!

    Gendry's master Tobho Mott is one of the few blacksmiths who's able to reforge Valyrian steel. In the books he was the one who reforged Ice and created Widow's Wail and Oathkeeper. Gendry could have learned how to work with Valyrian steel from him. I don't know if they books ever indicated that Tobo Mott tought Gendry how to do it, though. However, the secret for acutally creating Valyrian steel has been lost with the Doom of Valyria and no one knows how to make new Valyrian steel only how to reforge existing Valyrian steel objects. That's why there are so few Valyrian steel swords and why they are so valuable. Of course the show could just come up with it's own explanations and they could develop a scenario where someone re-discovers the old secret for creating Valyrian steel.
  12. Maisie Williams: S7 scripts made me read & RE-READ everything!

    Gendry should be back, because there are some pictures of the actor in Belfast. I just hope that they don't kill him off after he has only appeared in two scenes.
  13. Am I The Only One Around Here Who V.2

    No you're not. I really liked her dresses in Season 2. It was kind of the only thing I like about her arc in that season. They made terible choices about the adaptation of her storyline in ACOK. Same goes for the adaptation of Jon's ACOK storyline. Regarding Emila: I don't think she's as bad as some people say. She's not on the same level as some of the other actors on the show like Peter, Alfie or Lena, but she's not a terrible actress. The problem is that they rarely allow her to portray any emotions and let her do the same "badass" speeches over and over again. While we are talking about costumes... Am I the only one around here who really liked Cersei's coronation dress?
  14. Maisie Williams: S7 scripts made me read & RE-READ everything!

    Well it's only a rumour so far and I generally don't believe these rumours before we get pictures or unless they come from leakers who have often been accurate in the past. I just think that too many false leaks happened in the past. However, this is still one of the things I could see happening. A video that has been released confirmed another thing:
  15. Snippets from season 7

    Well, so far this is only a rumor and there is no evidence for it. Another rumor is that