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  1. Best and Worst POV

    Best: Jon, Arya, Dany, Jaime,Tyrion, Arianne. Worst: Sansa, Aeron, Vicatario.
  2. What should be Jon's new Targaryen name?

    Jon Targaryen Jon Starkaryen If he has a Targ name I hope it´s Aemon. Named after Aemon the Dragonknight (a hero from Jon´s childhood) and Maester Aemon :)
  3. If Jon Snow becomes king who will be on his council and kingsguard?

    No, I don´t want Jon to end up with any of his "sisters" especially not with Arya they have a great relationship, but I don´t want them as a couple. Even Jon and his aunt would be better thatn that.
  4. If Jon Snow becomes king who will be on his council and kingsguard?

    Did I really wrote Laws? Ok I did. I made a mistake :). I don´t want Arya to become master of laws, that would not fit, I want her to become Master of Whisperers. She gets the right training for it and could like the job.
  5. If Jon Snow becomes king who will be on his council and kingsguard?

    I Doubt he will be 'King and I don´t want him to, but it is a nice consideration. King: Jon Hand of the King: Tyrion (they will make a nice duo) Grand Maester: Sam Master of Laws: Stannis Master of ships: Davos or Cotter Pyke Master of Coin: Manderly Master of Laws: Arya Master of Magic: Bran. Kingsguard: LC Brienne of Tarth Greatjon Tormund Blackfish Garlan Tyrell Alysanne Mormont Gendry
  6. 1. Arya Stark 2. Jon Snow 3. Tyrion Lannister 4. Danaerys Tagaryen 5. Sansa Stark 6. Brienne 7. Arianne Martell 8. Asha Greyjoy 9. Bran Stark 10. Davos Seaworth
  7. What will Arya be in the end

    At some point she will goe back to Westeros. She will become known as the Night Wolf a mysterious assassin, who kills a couple of Freys (if Lady Stoneheart saves some for her) and the remaining people of her list ( except Cersei Jaime will kill Cersei). She will reunite with Nymeria and her pack after that She will goe North, reveal herself to save the Fake Arya and teach the Boltons a lesson. She will reunite with her siblings and Jon ( I hope for an awesome Arya & Jon scene). She will not dye ( or I will cry and hate the books). She will become the King/Queen in the North Master of Whisperers. And she will finally have a happy life.