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  1. Promise me Ned, you'll always drink Coca Cola and not Pepsi.
  2. water
  3. Taking my victory back
  4. Bumping while writing the proposal for my thesis
  5. Bumping this thread back to the first page
  6. Settle for the stony shore. I prefer peace. Would you rather live beyond the Wall or in the Dothraki Sea?
  7. Why don't you just ask TripAdvisor? Is there a TripAdvisor for Westeros and Essos?
  8. bump
  9. The whether is constantly changing. One day the sun is shining the other it is raining all day long
  10. I laughed, but telling jokes won't make you win this game
  11. Promise me Ned, to give him a Nintendo as a birthday present
  12. cow
  13. Nearly gave up on it after 50 pages, but than deceided to continue because it had some interesting stuff in it and I rarely ever dnf books. I liked it overall though I had some issues with it. I gave up on "Mobby Dick" twice. My father gave it to me when I was 14, because he thought that I should read the classics instead of just reading Fantasy. I tried it back then and didn't make it past the first chapter. Tried it again several years later and didn't make it past the second chapter. Haven't started reading it since then, but I want to read it one day.
  14. Bump
  15. Sounds delicious. Had two extremely stressfull weeks at University, but now I have a couple of days off