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  1. I have never been to WorldCon before, but I would really like to come. It's hard for me to make plans for 2019 right now, so I'll hold off buying my membership for a while. Anyone knows when they'll raise prices?
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  5. Thanks for the clarification. I didn't pay that close attention to all the leaks that came after the first one. Yeah the dialogue has become really bad. Imagine someone had leaked the script for Episode 5.10. Many people would have assumed it to be fake because they thought D&D would never write something as bad as the "bad pussy" line
  6. I've stopped watching the show now, but for me it's hard for an Episode to be worse than Episode 5.6 However, I agree that it sounds like one of the worst written Episodes on the show. Pretty much what @Cas Stark wrote. I can't recall the exact time, but I guess it was September/ October. The leaks started to appear and first few people believed them, because stuff like Cersei getting pregnant, Gilly finding Rhaegars annulment, etc. sounded like complete FanFiction. However, pictures of filming started to appear which alligned with the leaks like pics from Jon and Davos at Dragonstone and then WotW confirmed the leaks at some point. There were a buch of false leakers on Reddit Free Folk. I think one even went through the process of making fake script pages, but I might have been wrong. Additionally D&D's writing is so bad that it's hard to distinct it from FanFiction. That's why I always wait for evidence.
  7. No we aren't allowed to talk about leaked episodes. Same. I only take leaks serious when there is supporting evidence like actual script pages or pictures from shooting. Alternatively when they have been confirmed by sites like WotW. Everyone could write something like this. I could see D&D writing the kind of stuff we see in these "leaks", but it could also be FanFiction.
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  11. Another nice spelling mistake: "People in costumes" Instead of "peoples and customs"
  12. I guess he is refering to the poem "Fire and Ice" by Robert Frost. GRRM has said that it was one of the things which caused him to name the series "A Song of ice and Fire. http://www.adriasnews.com/2012/10/george-r-r-martin-interview.html?spref=tw
  13. Thank you That doesn't completly solve the issue, but it's better than doing nothing. I hope someone asks Martin about the issue at some point.
  14. Yeah knowing what will happen it advance definetly lessed my frustration about some stuff. I ranted less about Season 7's episodes, because I did it back when the spoilers came (though there is some stuff they missed). My big problem is that there is nothing that interests me about the show anymore. I didn't have high hopes for Season 6 when I watched it, but I was interested in seeing some stuff like Jon's ressurection and a Stark re-union. Moreover, there were some storylines were they were still "adapting" book material and I was interested in seeing the screen versions of the TOJ scene or Jaime's riverlands adventure. In both cases the show disappointed me, but I had a least something to look forward to. There is no storyline or even scene left that interests me now. I still remember my first read, because I read the books directly after watching the show. Then I came to this board, found out how much I missed and read the books again a couple of month later.
  15. Nice to have so many people who know the story. When I started watching the show and reading the books back in 2012 no one I knew knew them. They weren't as famous as they are now. People who read a lot of fantasy might have heard about them (or not), but not that many people knew them. I basically came to this board, because I wanted to talk to someone about the books I'm sure Viseron's egg will still look nice.