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  1. You amuse me. Maybe you can serve as a fool at my court
  2. Sounds terrible. I hope you are better now
  3. bump
  4. bump
  5. bump
  6. Hope you get better soon
  7. Wow that's pretty cool. So probably very hard. Over here (Germany) it's extremely difficult to get accepted into the programmes for becoming a pilot.
  8. Don't worry I can be mercyful. After my eventuell coronation to Emperess of this thread I will allow you to serve as the singer at my court. Since you were already trying to flatter me, my you might to a good work of siging my praises. I'm sure we can also find a good work for @The Bastards Giant Friend.
  9. Interesting. How far are you with your studies?
  10. Well it won't be your victory. Though we can share the victory of beating RevaM *smiles at her blade*
  11. I don't trust you, but it still sounds like a good plan. *draws her blade*
  12. Thank you law and you?
  13. bump
  14. Flattering me won't work. I will not concede. I will win this game.
  15. A happy bump, because I received the graduation letter from my university today. I still have to get the official diploma, but I effectively have my Bachelor now