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  3. @Meera of Tarth I wholeheartly agree with what you wrote, but I'm pretty certain Livers and Onions was being sarcastic. I don't speak for her, but she has in the past shown a feminist stance and critcised sexism. To add something. On average a woman is more likely to spot sexism than a man. Sure there are also women who behave pretty mysoginistic and men who feminist, but on average a woman is more likely to recognise sexist behaviour for what it is. Same goes for racism a PoC is more likely to spot it than a white person, or all the other -isms. And I agree with everyone who says that men can write female characters well there are enogh examples of that. There are also some examples of women who write female characters badly, but one average a woman is probably gonna write female characters better than a man. D&D were getting criticised for their sexist writing from day one and rightly so. If they really wanted to change something they could have hired another female writer after Vanessa Taylor left and asked her to call them out for sexism she spots in their writing.. Or if they didn't want to hire a female writer they could have hired at least a sensivity reader to tell them when she spots sexism. IMO the most sexist Season was Season 5. As it happens this was also the first season without a female writer or director... Neither Dark Wings Dark Words nor Kissed by Fire is on my favourite epiosde list, but they weren't the worst episodes for me, fare from it.
  4. Farm in the reach. I don't like fish. Would you rather fight agains the Mountain or against an Other/ White Walker?
  5. Oh we have a new pretender *sharpens her blade*
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  8. Always happy to help, but I'm still not gonna let you win
  9. Arbour Gold. It's sweeter. Would you rather spend a week in an ice cell or a week in the black cells?
  10. All hail Cersei of House Lannister Queen of the Andals, the First Men and the Smirk Great thank you. I laughed out loud reading it
  11. And you nearly won, because @Darkstream and I weren't posting
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  14. No, you're not I also find the costumes for season 7 quite ugly. Which is a chame, because I liked most of the costumes from earlier seasons. There were some exceptions like Sansa's Darth Sansa dress, but overall they were much better than the costumes for Season 7. Am I the only one around here who has considered to buy herself a replica of Longlaw or Needle, even though I have no idea how to use a sword?
  15. A while ago I mentioned that I wanted to read you books, but had imposed myself with a ban for buying new book. Well this is over now and I have lots of time to read right now So I you tell me the titles I'm gonna buy them