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  2. It looks like they are waking up, but I don't want to get my hopes up yet. We've been there once before. After Episode 5.6 a lot of critics were writing negative stuff about the show and then we got Hardhome and they started praising it again. I've stoped watching so I can't judge the episoe itself, but the stuff critics are complaining about has been an issue for several seasons and they are only opening their eyes now. Anyway here are more critical reviews in case anyone is interested: Paste magazine responding to Alan Taylors comments: https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2017/08/we-think-this-game-of-thrones-director-is-mad-at-u.html?platform=hootsuite From Vox: https://www.vox.com/culture/2017/8/23/16184306/game-of-thrones-season-7-white-walker-dragon-battle-dumb-no-sense?utm_campaign=vox&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter The rest of the article reads like a nice rant
  3. I think I'd rank them 1 3 2 4 big gap 5=6 (due to all the plotholes of Season 6) 2 and 4 have some of the best moments of the show (blackwater, purple wedding, Tyrion's trial, Oberyn vs. the Mountain), but they both took more liberties from the books than 1&3 did and have some other stuff I dislike a lot. Season 2 always was a difficult one for me, because I watched it directly after reading the books and really noticed when they deviated from the books. The fact that they deviated in the storlines of my favourite character didn't help very much either. I guess I would have had a more positive opinion of Season 2 if I'd watched it before I read the books. Still I think that it was good TV and a lot better than Season 5 or 6. I never ranked episodes per Season, but I usually had a favourite and sometimes also least favourite episode per season. Agree with you that GRRM's episodes were always outstanding. I did some earlier re-wacthes and watched every Season with the exception of Season 6 at least twice, but I can't do a re-watch right now that would be too "painful" for me. It reminds me too much of how good the earlier seasons were and I don't really want to re-watch Season 5. Maybe in a couple of years I re-watch Seasons 1-4.
  4. Oh no.. Hope it gets better soon
  5. I agree. Moreover, GRRM said that the title has other meanings as well. I wouldn't want to speculate on the nature of Rhaegar's and Lyanna's relationship based on the poem. I also agree with your previous comment that it's too soon to tell what kind of relationship they had.
  6. It's not just you. I laughed out loud when I heard the title. The other titles this season weren't particulary great either. Same with the titles last season. BTW here are two good reviews from Los Angles Review of books. The first one about the illogic of this episode and the second one about the portrayl of women: https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/game-thrones-death-enemy/#! From the first review And from the second one
  7. The first one that comes to my mind is Reddit Pure ASOIAF. The tagline of that subreddit is "we do not show". I'am not active on Reddit, but I think you will not encounter spoilers on this particular subreddit and the people there should understand your book snobbery. However, there are fewer discussions there than on this board. I have stopped watching the show only recently, though I disliked the last two seasons. However, I'm a person who doesn't mind spoilers, actually I always look for them. Moreover, as other have mentioned the show has moved so far away from the books that it's hard to tell what will actually be a spoiler for the books. BTW your comment makes me glad that I deceided not to read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
  8. I have never been to a Con either. There is acutally a big Fantasy convention in a town about 1 hour away from my home. It started out as a Lord of the Rings Convention, but now encompasses other Fantasy universes as well and is probably the biggest Fantasy Convention in Germany. I wanted to go there for years, but they always put it on the wrong dates. I'm going to Comic Con Amsterdam in two weeks though. It's a small Comic Con, because it only started last year, but that's probably good for a Con newbie like me
  9. Would be interested in getting your opinion once your finished. Out of curiosity how would you rank the different seasons so far?
  10. Had to check which episode that was. The one is the Tarly family dinner apparently. Not the worst episode of the season if you ask me, though not particulary good either.
  11. Patchface. Seems to have worked fine with Sheireen. Would you rather have Cersei or Lysa Arryn as your mother?
  12. Ah that's good. It's always great to get more people to read the books. And it definetely helps that she hasn't watched the show. Nice I bought myself a ticket for WorldCon 2019 in Dublin. It will be my first WorldCon and my first time in Ireland. I'm already getting excited now
  13. sour
  14. And even if all books had been out at that point that wouldn't have guaranteed us a good adaptation. See the Hobbit movies. Yeah that's really stupid. If they want these characters together so much they could have done it a lot easier by just letting them marry for political reasons and than they could have fallen in love.
  15. Decided to take a gamble and bought the WorldCon membership. Not sure if I'll also go to EuroCon though.
  16. I have never been to WorldCon before, but I would really like to come. It's hard for me to make plans for 2019 right now, so I'll hold off buying my membership for a while. Anyone knows when they'll raise prices?
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  20. Thanks for the clarification. I didn't pay that close attention to all the leaks that came after the first one. Yeah the dialogue has become really bad. Imagine someone had leaked the script for Episode 5.10. Many people would have assumed it to be fake because they thought D&D would never write something as bad as the "bad pussy" line
  21. I've stopped watching the show now, but for me it's hard for an Episode to be worse than Episode 5.6 However, I agree that it sounds like one of the worst written Episodes on the show. Pretty much what @Cas Stark wrote. I can't recall the exact time, but I guess it was September/ October. The leaks started to appear and first few people believed them, because stuff like Cersei getting pregnant, Gilly finding Rhaegars annulment, etc. sounded like complete FanFiction. However, pictures of filming started to appear which alligned with the leaks like pics from Jon and Davos at Dragonstone and then WotW confirmed the leaks at some point. There were a buch of false leakers on Reddit Free Folk. I think one even went through the process of making fake script pages, but I might have been wrong. Additionally D&D's writing is so bad that it's hard to distinct it from FanFiction. That's why I always wait for evidence.
  22. No we aren't allowed to talk about leaked episodes. Same. I only take leaks serious when there is supporting evidence like actual script pages or pictures from shooting. Alternatively when they have been confirmed by sites like WotW. Everyone could write something like this. I could see D&D writing the kind of stuff we see in these "leaks", but it could also be FanFiction.
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