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  1. At the bar outside (they have heaters), dinner is inside downstairs if you don't see us or coming late. Supposed to start raining any second.
  2. Reminder, dinner tomorrow if you are around. Happy to add people last minute, but may need to divide to 2 tables. Place is near the main esplanade or what not in city center (or magnum store if you've be there), at 7 pm.
  3. Minor trip update - Rode the train in, seemless customs/immigration, smooth check in and hopped on the train to pasila. 10 min door to door. Bumped into pod within 30 seconds of registering. Went to a panel on space, 50000000 people in line, was like a George panel. Went to ran and lindas panel, which was interesting as a member of the community. Would have been good if we could have asked some tough questions. Met up with some bwb. Went to trivia which was fun, ended up grouping with some random super fun team and had an epic fail on trivia. I literally couldn't remember stuff I read last week. Then headed to eat/drink...
  4. For fortress tour - Meeting at 10 in front of central station, will take tram from there. There s an English language tour starting at 11 we will try to join.
  5. My wife and I will do dinner sat! We are planning to do a tour to the castle in the morning if anyone is interested. Probably best day weather wise, so figured we do that while we can.
  6. I take Uber everywhere in the world (well Lyft actually). Usually fast, cheap, and talk to interesting locals. Assume it works in helsinki?
  7. Yeach it was a shocker to see the weather... Had to dig out a jacket and umbrella. Since nothing is specifically organized, anyone interested in meeting up in a bat near central thursday? Will call around and see potentially places if si.
  8. Also, I arrive Thursday via train @3 pm and leave Monday via plane @ 6am. Staying at solos torni. If nothing is happening Thursday evening, Happy to try and organize a meet up at a pub. There is o'shaes and solos sky terrace at my hotel., or can figure out something else.
  9. (Repost from facebook) Normally I let Lee do all the food organizing, but I decided to set up dinner (at a gastropub, so reasonably priced) for Sunday August 13th (shooting for 7 PM). Location is Bryggeri Helsinki a Finnish gastropub, afew blocks from the central station: Was shooting for 10 people, have 10, but can up the reservation if anyone else wants in.
  10. Sounds good! This book is single handedly making me go from no checked luggage to checked luggage, so wanted to make sure! Getting George's autograph is easy, Ran's? Not so much...
  11. I'm in of course. PM me or send me a note on Facebook and will give you my phone number if interested. I get in Thursday though and am at sokos torni. Ran - how do we get your autograph on our world of ice and fire book? You have a signing time or should I just ambush you and Linda?
  12. Nice!
  13. Doh, sorry just saw this. Hope you had a good trip. If you are in LA again, feel free to shoot me a note...
  14. Bumped to 1 PM on Saturday. Debating south bay or burbank.
  15. Probably meeting with tubadoor Friday @ 7 PM.