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  1. BWB London Meet up - Thurs 3 Dec

    Sunday March the 20th unfortunately.    Got 6 weeks, so hopefully people will pop through the thread!
  2. BWB London Meet up - Thurs 3 Dec

    Land at Heathrow at 4 PM, so probably could make a pub at 6-7 PM. Let me know where in the city works best. Havent' booked anything yet, but might stay with family towards Stratford or hotel somewhere downtown. 
  3. Dave, you can probably  use a gift amex/visa card.
  4. Bought my wife and I memberships.  Now we'll just have to plan the trip!
  5. BWB London Meet up - Thurs 3 Dec

    Might be in London March 20th if anyone wants to grab a beer.   Haven't locked down my flights yet, but was planning to fly in Sat or Sun morning.  Could grab a beer Mon/Tue evening, but that might be a tad rougher. 
  6. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    Generally they don't bill you up front either, so you don't have to float the cash.  Going to book the Marriott here. And got my flights booked as well!
  7. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    We designating a BwB hotel preferred hotel?  All the hotels are about the same cost, so no real preference here. 
  8. Thoughts on the new Gambit (X-Men) Solo Movie

    Pretty much every Cajun in every movie is cliche, and I doubt this is any different. 
  9. Read some story about a dude that fought Louisiana to get "GODLESS".
  10. Careerchat

      Probably depends on the type of job/industry.  If you're an actor or tech, no biggie.  If you're a accountant, it'd probably signal some HUGE red flags.  That being said, you don't have much to lose by reaching out informally to B C D E, besides that you may be ineligible to work there for a couple years if they don't like what you did to firm A.   I knew a ton of people who went Countrywide because they offered good pay and inflated titles. Pretty much everyone was miserable going there (and knew it would be).  That sort of decision would weigh negatively on you.   One option if you haven't been there that long is to simply show it as a work gap and never mention the position on your resume or otherwise. 
  11. Housing and the Progressive Coalition

    SoCal is still a zoning mess. The whole of West LA needs to densify.     California's market is also made much worse by Prop 13, so people go through a lot of shenanigans to avoid property tax increases, and it primarily just hurts the schools since they can't properly fund themselves. 
  12. Airbnb seems like the best option for travelling on the cheap or with family in Europe.  Hotel prices/sizes are pretty rough compared to the US (but then again, all major cities suck ass - yes I'm looking at you NYC).  That being said, Holiday Inn next to the convention center is $100 a night in September (I assume no convention).    Only challenge I saw with Helsinki was that there is only 1 hotel next to the convention center with 244 rooms only, so maybe staying somewhere downtown is an option as well. 
  13. Ever think they'll have a con in Africa? Maybe South Africa or Casablanca... 
  14. Careerchat

    A lot of companies have programs to hire x-military, and I've seen plenty of officers with MBAs and such.  The one thing you need though is clear direction on exactly what you want to do, if you want to successfully enter corporate america.  If you are an officer, I'd recommend at least taking a few classes on management before making the switch, since there are some basics you probably need to learn.