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  1. SoCal BWB

    Bumped to 1 PM on Saturday. Debating south bay or burbank.
  2. SoCal BWB

    Probably meeting with tubadoor Friday @ 7 PM.
  3. SoCal BWB

    Sorry for the short notice, but we're meeting up on Sat evening in Burbank. Message me or aghrivaine and I can send some info. Or shoot us a note on Facebook, since we're more likely to check that.
  4. WorldCon Helsinki 2017 -- Planning!

    I'm in Helsinki Aug 10-14, booked at Sokos Torni in city center. I'm in Russia Aug 4-10th (Moscow for 3 nights, St Petersburg for 3 nights). Whole trip is on life support though, having issues with grandparents watching the kids...
  5. WorldCon Helsinki 2017 -- Planning!

    I assume since I'm coming via Russia, it doesn't count as part of the EU for alcohol importation purposes? (or I can bring something from the US, but I don't really want to cart it around Russia). Will bring at least a bottle or two of vodka from Russia, but that probably won't even cover my drinking, let along the BwB's.
  6. WorldCon Helsinki 2017 -- Planning!

    Made a decision to book Sokos Torni. Basically 3 bars at the bottom of the hotel, and close to the action.
  7. WorldCon Helsinki 2017 -- Planning!

    How much booze can you bring in? Happy to grab some and take on the train with me...
  8. WorldCon Helsinki 2017 -- Planning!

    I'm following the same plan. Leave LAX on Aug 3rd, arrive in Moscow on Aug 4th, train to St Petersburg on Aug 7th, train to Helsinki on the Aug 10th, and fly home to LAX Aug 14th @ 6 AM (yuck). Probably will book my hotels in the next 2 weeks.
  9. Video Games: No Man's Pie

    No PC, no play for me. Fuck Square. Thinking about going and grabbing Fallout New Vegas, I ended up skipping that. Will the graphics be too oldschool? Have a month until Civ 6 comes out...
  10. WorldCon Helsinki 2017 -- Planning!

    Seemed a little dumpy with shared bathrooms, haha. Although I guess you can just go off the side of the boat. If we do the booze cruise, will cancel my hotel! I'm leaning towards just booking Sokos Torni, near all the bars/restaurants, or Sokos Vaakuna right by the train station. Sokos Pasilla is really damn far from town, so will skip that.
  11. WorldCon Helsinki 2017 -- Planning!

    There are a shit ton of hotels. Obviously airbnb is an option as well. It'd be great if someone who's been to Helsinki can help narrow down the options. Personally, I think something downtown is probably ideal, since there is a lot more bars/restaurants and stuff there. Close to the station means getting back and forth easily, plus that's the happening area (some of the hotels are out 10+ blocks from downtown, which isn't that huge of a deal, just makes it impossible to "bump into" people). I'll probably book a hotel, then opt for a decent airbnb at a later date if people are into that.
  12. WorldCon Helsinki 2017 -- Planning!

    Mentioned on the other thread I've booked my flights. Doing Moscow for 3 days, St Pete for 3 days, then Helsinki during the con for 4 days. I think the con party situation is going to be rough since most people will not be nearby, and the parties are out at the convention center. Tons of bars downtown, so not sure if I'll waste time going up there. There are some pretty decent airbnbs out there, and I assume more places will post their availability as we get closer (3-6 mo out). Going to see what the hotel room rates are, and which hotels. Hotel Kemp seems to have good ratings (expensive), so may opt to stay there if there is a good rate. Otherwise I'm all for staying at an airbnb. Seems like all the bars and sights to see are right at the main rail station area, so seems like that area is the best to stay in. There's some not-serious discussion on facebook to rent out an airbnb boat thing... which I'd consider doing if people were up for it. Also some badass houses available a good 30 minutes out of town. Not sure if it'd be worth it since I'm only in Helsinki 4 days...
  13. Flights booked. Wife and I are a go. Will decide between airbnb and hotel. Tons of airbnb available close to the city center for around $100. Probably way too far out to decide on which hotel or location, but would be good for all the BWB folks to stay near a spot (hotel/airbnb) if someone knows where to stay please let us know!
  14. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    I just tag them all in the app, then see which to go to at game time. After a while you will filter out the ones that you don't like. Or pick based on how far you have to run, or when which speakers you like.
  15. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    Yeah, and a "where you all at" on the facebook is probably the easiest way to find people. I usually post what bar I'm at, but generally just walk around to different con things during the day by myself, since I generally go to all the space/science stuff. Plus I tend to work in the mornings from the hotel... or sleep off my hangover...