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  1. (Spoilers All) Another look at TWOW Prologue

    I thought GRRM or someone close to official sources had already disconfirmed the Great Northern Conspiracy idea? Anyway, I personally like the idea of Jeyne Westerling being the younger, more beautiful queen from Cersei's prophecy.
  2. For me this was one of, if not the best, episodes of the last few seasons. Not quite on par with season 1 YET, but they're bringing it back. They slowed everything right down, no cheesy scenes. Some odd choices yes, but on the whole, stunning character-based performances all-round. I really want to know what the 'beatles' conversation meant! Really cryptic.
  3. How would you rate episode 402?

    Oh! Forgot to add: while I don't like any of the build-up scenes with the Reeds (annoying, inexplicable characters IMO), the whole weirwood green dream sequence was truly amazing. Kinda blew me away actually, almost spot on as far as what I had imagined from reading all the books. It was a bit like Frodo's ring-visions. I watched it back and there are tons of little clues, whispers, book references and so on. I also like how they hinted that Bran might be the "promised prince" (where book readers know where that whole thing is going...). But sorry, I don't like the Reeds' given dialogue, it's too corny, i.e. any of the scenes where Bran is "awake" with them. It all seems rushed and over-staged with obviously "derp derp" lines. When he's a dire wolf or in vision states it's cool. Also he was great with Rickon, but something about his new adventure seems a bit hammy.
  4. How would you rate episode 402?

    Didn't like most of it. Hammy acting, lines and sequences felt rushed. I have no idea what's going on with Ramsay's new sidekick. Feminist lobby maybe?! Also, Theon does NOT look like a traumatised mind-raped torture victim, he looks like a good-looking guy in makeup who's "a bit scared". Didn't get the dinner scene with Mel/Stannis/Selyse either. (Had to chuckle at Stannis' line, when he said not to strike his daughter, but he's just come back from burning people alive!) Having said that, all the Lannisters were superb. Oberyn does very well with the crap scenes he gets (episode 1, in a brothel, wth?!). The costume and set design is just... unparalleled. Beautifully done. The final scene I enjoyed, although they really drew it out in an obvious way. Actor that plays Stannis is brilliant, again given the crap scenes he gets. Basically my main criticisms of the show as a whole have all come down to one or two things: it feels rushed and/or not subtle enough, i.e. they're trying to appeal to too large an audience but at the expenses of integrity (but look at a show like Deadwood or Breaking Bad, they were successful but kept their consistency, characters, plot depth and overall integrity in tact).
  5. I do think the pink letter made them panic. As far as they knew, the Boltons were coming to skin them alive. They had to protect themselves and, as they saw it, the Watch. I also think the plan was already forming or formed, and the crime was a rushed job. How they expect(ed) to contain the ensuing chaos though I have no clue. Clearly the Queens Men, if ever they were in cahoots, became a threat post-letter anyway, since Ramsay wanted the queen and the witch. I suppose it's feasible the conspirators believed they could contain the unarmed wildings if they truly thought they'd had no access to weapons. And once Jon was dead, a new leader could rally the brothers, provided the kill was done quietly. Anyway, madness. Bloody madness.
  6. What I want to know is Mance's ultimate end-game, post surviving Winterfell and getting his people south to relative safety. Melisandre says the wildlings are a a doomed people, she sees (or interprets) as much in her visions. Does Mance mean to repopulate Brandon's Gift? Will he become a Northern Lord somewhere, installed into some holdfast or castle keep? How would that sit with his neighbours?! I'm not sure where his people could go without some degree of slow naturalisation. Also, it seems to me that Stannis has ordered supplies, funds, troops and specifically archers from Braavos in order to secure the south, not the north. I suspect that he is aware that there is some pro-Stark conspiracy unfolding in or around Winterfell, but he doesn't have the details nor fully grasp the degree of it. I also think it's why he may be about to fake his own death. He's going to watch the pieces fall and test the loyalties of various groups, saving the strength of his men where he can. Will Winterfell just shut its gates on Stannis? Many have suggested they'd need a friendly southron King, but Stannis won't accept any King in or of the North, if that's what the GN conspirators mean to accomplish through Jon or Rickon. It might be we end up with a small Battle of Agincourt type situation in the ice, mud and slush at the Crofter's Village. Except Stannis won't have his trained archers and mercenaries yet – so I wonder if he'll use the Karstarks somehow. (But he seems headed that way anyway, being a decent tactician, to a military reformer in the works.) It might be Stannis can hold back the Karstark lords as collateral to ensure their captains and generals turn their forces on the unsuspecting Freys and don't join up with them or give away the game.
  7. Val = Valerie = Valyrian?

  8. Waking Dragon from Stone: The Reveal of R+L=J

    Also, a minor link to note but 'Val' is the prefix for 'Valyrian'. I initially took 'snow crows' to mean the white ravens that herald the change of seasons (in which case 'under the sea' I took to be Patchface's biased/drowned way of interpreting winter/cold – since ice is frozen water). But now I'm not so sure.
  9. Waking Dragon from Stone: The Reveal of R+L=J

    What's curiously subtle here is that originally you're supposed to think it's the "dragon" within Stannis, i.e. his Targaryen-ness. But there will be a true dragon (Jon Stargy) that comes to be in the company of Stanny-B. So the secret foreshadowing here is that Jon is Stannis' dragon (at the time, Stannis is a "King", i.e. Lord Comm. Jon addresses him as your grace).
  10. Stannis Baratheons next move.

    Way to go on a massive irrelevant angry tirade. He's stubborn, that doesn't mean the brutality of nature has *forced* him to be a bit more flexible than he wanted to be here and there. You can read about him grinding his teeth in resentment at that throughout the books. Flexible? That's the Lannisters, Freys and Boltons. I wouldn't call Stannis "flexible". And I can't see him giving the north independence, nor bending the knee (i.e. to a King Jon). Which was my point/context.
  11. Stannis Baratheons next move.

    What's working against Stannis, despite what he's done or doing for the North are: Wrong god / red witch. No male heir. Stubborn as f**k. That's why I think he'll end up being ignored by or even expelled from the North once they have their precious Stark back in Winterfell. If the GNC is really working its magic, and if it's more than a Stark lord they want (either a KitN or a King Jon of Westeros), then Stannis is in the way.
  12. All the Dani stuff was horrible, just horrible through and through. The rest was ok, a few bizarre changes as usual. The RW was brutal though! I give it 6.
  13. Assuming this is the case, what do you think Cat would demand (from Cersei/Tyrion) for Jaime's safe return?