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  1. Stephen King 2: M-O-O-N that Spells King

    Picked up a hardback copy for €3 last week in a second had shop. Was well chuffed with myself. There's a few stories I hadn't read and that King one, will be my first port of call.
  2. Amazing Book Deals

    Thanks for that one.
  3. Best recent fanatsy debuts (or thoughts on these books)?

    That's great news. Well the bit about you releasing the ebooks in the UK, not the bit about where you had all the hassle with Night Shade books. Your book will likely be the first thing I support on kickstarter as well. Best of luck with it!
  4. Best recent fanatsy debuts (or thoughts on these books)?

    No Ireland, so I can't purchase the US kindle without changing my address. I'll try the kobo and iBooks links but the iBooks will likely be problematic because I'm in Ireland. Thanks though.
  5. Best recent fanatsy debuts (or thoughts on these books)?

    Anyone have a link to where I can buy an ebook of Courtney Schafer's Whitefire Crossing. Can only seem to find paperback copies.
  6. What is the general consensus on the last book? Did anyone else find it incredibly disappointing after the initial excitement of a new Fitz/Fool book wore off? I thought the idea behind Fitz's and Molly's unusual child was an interesting one but could have been developed better.
  7. 2015 Reading Self-Challenge

    None of that in my house when I was growing up, the parents were too busy listening to Blondie, The Ramones and all that jazz. Always been a bit partial to Thin Lizzy and Lynott myself though.
  8. 2015 Reading Self-Challenge

    Going to go for 84 books that can only have been published in 1984. Not going to restrict my self any further than that by setting a target for female or male authors or sticking to any one genre or even fiction.
  9. I might give it a read anyway, if I can squeeze it into my reading pile.
  10. So that ye are in agreement about the quality of Rain Wilds, is it mandatory to read them before the new series? :)
  11. I wonder will the last books set in the world are required reading or just additional reading for this new trilogy.
  12. Well I for one am very happy with this news. Sure it could underwhelm but hey it could be as good as her other trilogies and then aren't we lucky.
  13. Outside of that trilogy, there is a reduced amount of magic used and I can't really recall any in Red Country.
  14. Got the book yesterday and I have to see im impressed with the quality of the book.the binding is a lot better than mowt UK fantasy books and heck the story ain't too shabby either. Signed copy from Goldsboro books. When is the next book scheduled for publication?
  15. Well the work better than Pratchetts boots where one boot is here and the other a few leagues away