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  1. Outside of that trilogy, there is a reduced amount of magic used and I can't really recall any in Red Country.
  2. Got the book yesterday and I have to see im impressed with the quality of the book.the binding is a lot better than mowt UK fantasy books and heck the story ain't too shabby either. Signed copy from Goldsboro books. When is the next book scheduled for publication?
  3. Well the work better than Pratchetts boots where one boot is here and the other a few leagues away
  4. The sample is the most infuriating peice of literature I had the pleasure of reading on my kindle. Just finished the super epic awesome sample and went onto amazon to buy the full book only to have my hopes dashed. Next two days are going to drag! Mr. Cole is my favourite piece of the story so far, although his henchman choice leaves a lot to be desired. Keep up the excellent work Luke Scull and I hope the book is a massive lumbering enchanted juggernaut of success.
  5. Just got the free sample and im brewing a cup of tea before I begin to read.