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  1. That and also her sister Falyse has been married for several years and yet she is still childless.
  2. That is an interesting notion. Who do you think that her mother and father are? Do you think that other Targaryens who are completely different to their siblings are illegitimate as well? Maekar's children as I mentioned were very different, especially Aerion,was he a bastard? Aegon the Unworthy was the exact opposite of Aemon the Dragonknight (in fact they were more different than Rhaegar and Viserys) and last but not least, there is Daeron and Baelor, the exact opposites, does this mean that they had another father or mother?
  3. The second. She also compares Jaime to his uncles, claiming that he has their characteristics but when it comes to ruthless tactics and a calm,cold attitude he is nothing like Tywin. Actually that might not be a plot twist at all. We really don't know many things about Joanna, other than that Tywin and the twins defended her memory. While Barristan mentioned that tales about her were told in KL, no such tales continued after Cersei became queen. Jaime, who loathed Aerys, is oblivious of the lust that his King felt for his mother. Judging from Aerys' aggressive behavior towards Rhaella, it was natural to expect that he had forced Joanna as well. But according to WOIAF, at least at some point, they seemed to be in love and Joanna wanted to have an affair with him. In the early stages of their affair, Aerys does not appear to be the same man that Jaime slaughtered and it is likely that Joanna liked him. The big question is whether her feelings for him were as strong after she gave birth to the twins and then she was publicly insulted by Aerys. I would love to find out what exactly occurred during her last visit to KL.
  4. And they don't really add anything to the plot...
  5. That is true. It seems that Rhaegar's children appear in his thoughts in the most unexpected moments. Another instance is in FFC when he makes a rather bizarre wish: Not only he wants Sansa to be safe from Cersei, but he specifically fears that due to her status as a Stark, her children will have the same fate as Aegon. Jaime definitely has a Kingmaker quality. The first time when he was given the chance he refused and he chose not to support Aegon's claim, due to the fact that his disgust for Aerys overtook his admiration for Rhaegar. In the end of DWD he is frustrated with Cersei and it is hinted that he will choose his own path. Supporting a child of Rhaegar is rather obvious. Besides Rhaegar had confided to Jaime that he had certain plans Jaime will likely instigate those changes by aiding a Targaryen to claim the throne, but which one? I can see Jaime choosing between Dany and Jon, but I think that it will be unlikely that he will interact with Aegon. He will probably consider him fake although the mere idea that a child of Rhaegar has survived, will definitely shock him.
  6. Jaime and Brienne Sansa and Sandor Eddard and Cersei Robb and Dacey And I love the complicated relationship between Aerys/Joanna/Tywin.
  7. I think that the whole Hornwood affair was to highlight how vulnerable the North was when their best and brightest, such as Robb, Cat, Manderly's sons, were away and only the too old and the too young had stayed behind. Another important factor is that the treatment of Lady Hornwood was a way to point out not only how sadistic Ramsay is, but also ignorant of the Game. Marrying Lady Donella made him Lord of Hornwood and sort of legitimized him as a lord: Nevertheless he gained an even worse reputation after Lady Donella died: And his own father chides him for that when he threatens to kill Lady Dustin: Lady Dustin is sort of protected by Roose, who has a better understanding of politics and would never harm a highborn lady unless he could get away with it. And it is impossible to get away with it. Even the Hornwood situation is not resolved. Ramsay seems to have gotten away with it, for the time being, due to many factors: The forced marriage took place when most of the lords were away at war. As mentioned already, there were other men, including Wyman Manderly and Mors Umber, who wanted to marry Donella but she refused them. Due to the delicate political situation Donella could not directly turn to any Northern Lord for help. The only thing she could do was inform the Starks of her perilous situation. Unfortunately for her, Bran was too young to fully understand the situation and Ser Rodrick was too old (and I don't recall Robb or Cat authorizing him to decide for such matters) The extent of Ramsay's cunning and ruthless character was underestimated Other, more important events took place shortly after her tragic death, such as the attack of the Ironmen, the sack of Winterfell and the RW
  8. I agree! I would love to read about that battle! I think that GRRM stated at some point that everything that will be written about RR will be included in the asoiaf books. We already have the most important events mentioned/described in the books, such as Tourney at Harrenhall, the Trident, the assassination of Aerys and last but not least Lyanna's death. Although it was not a big battle, I would definitely love to read about the Kingswood Brotherhood and the duel between Ser Arthur and the Smiling Knight, from Jaime's P.O.V.. Another battle that was not great but seems fascinating is the attack of Johanna Lannister against the Ironborn, along with Ser Leo Costayne.
  9. The relationship between Aerys and Tywin was rather complicated and certain factors which contributed to their gradual estrangement need to be considered such as the fact that both were in love with the same woman and that Tywin's character and attitude were greatly affected by his father's incompetence. The facts in the case of the personal life of Aerys Targaryen are as follows: He was forced to marry his sister Rhaella only because his father believed in a prophecy Aerys was promiscuous and unfaithful to his wife and was rumoured to have an affair with Joanna Lannister In contract to the Aerys/Joanna affair which was consumated, there no indication that Rhaella actually had an affair with Bonifer. In fact throughout the narrative it is stated how pious Bonifer is: Aerys was the one who had numerous affairs and once he had his mistress executed because he accused of poisoning one his children. Had Aerys suspected that Rhaegar was not his,he would have killed the child. There is no indication that Bonifer interacted with Rhaella during the time that Rhaegar was conceived. As for the fact that Viserys was different that Rhaegar, so is Daenerys. Does this mean that Dany is not the daughter of Aerys as well? Besides there are many examples of Targaryen siblings who have almost nothing in common: Egg was a sweet boy, Aemon was a bookworm, Daeron was a drunk (and extremely witty) and Aeron Targaryen was a sadist. Yet all four they were the sons of Maekar and Dyanna. In short, despite the tension between father and son and the vastly different personalities, there is nothing in the books so far which suggests that Rhaegar was fathered by someone other than Aerys Targaryen II.
  10. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!
  11. The main reason that makes lean towards Jaime surviving the encounter with Uncat is that if he dies at this point in the story line, it is extremely anticlimactic. As much as I like him, I doubt that he will survive the series but it is too soon for him to die. One does not introduce such a fascinating character to take him away so fast and in such an abrupt manner. As for Brienne giving birth to his child, yeah, I think (hope) that this is likely. After all there is a theory that Brienne is somehow related to an illegitimate child of Dunk. It would be history repeating itself if something similar happens this time between a Tarth and a Lannister. I second that. I think that meeting Uncat will be the final nail in the coffin if the Jaime Cersei love story. It will mark the point when he will turn his back to his sister and to a certain extent to his House.
  12. To be fair Doran is only afraid that once he tells Arianne, she will tell her friends and then it will no longer be a secret. For some reason he cannot trust his 23 year old daughter but he is willing to trust his younger son, a maester, a drinkwater, 2 yronwoods and a wells. He feared that Arianne would tell Tyene and then she would tell Obara and Nym and they would spread the secret. But he seems to trust men that frankly he doesn't know that well. So far, Doran's greatest accomplishment is that Tywin appears to be afraid of him And that GRRM has said that he plays to win, but so did Theon Greyjoy and so does Cersei Lannister, and Varys and Walder Frey. They all play to win. Apart from Roose Bolton, but he is another story.
  13. Well Arianne was quite old for westerosi standards. He did trust Quentyn but he is reluctant to confide to Arianne? He never even tried to tell her that he had plans for her. He just let her grow old and remain unmarried.It was a risk to send Quentyn to Essos but he took it. Why not risk trusting Arianne instead of treating her like a child? It wasn't just the letter that she read but his behaviour towards her, he alienated his daughter At the time the ally in Westeros meant very little to Dany. Daario can count, so does Dany. Things change and Dany is no longer a child in Pentos but Queen of Meereen, and as Quentyn admits Dorne needs her desperately It would have been wise if Doran had sent a group of Dornishmen as spies in Dany's court to gather information on the queen and then send Quentyn with an offer of alliance. For some reason Doran expected Dany to abandon everything and follow a stranger. But she had an obligation to her people. Doran's plan made sense when it was conducted at the Water Gardens, when his precious ally, Oberyn was still alive but there are always other factors to consider. Daenerys is not Viserys, just like the Sand Snakes are not Oberyn. A queen with Cersei's attitude would have gladly turn her back to Meereen to follow another ally, but Daenerys Targaryen would never do that.
  14. I have many favourite characters but the top three are: Jaime: At first I loathed, even Cersei seemed nicer than him and in book 3 bam! He becomes a POV character and he is revealed to be a complex personality trapped in a fake world, member of the most controversial family, member of the most controversial KG and he has the rare privilege of being the only Lannister who truly loves his family and they love him back. The fact that he is trying to find a balance between his vows and his duty, make him an utterly fascinating character. He is also the embodiment of the Byronic hero, described by Albert Camus:“The Byronic hero, incapable of love, or capable only of an impossible love, suffers endlessly. He is solitary, languid, his condition exhausts him. If he wants to feel alive, it must be in the terrible exaltation of a brief and destructive action.” Sansa: If the Starks are the family that is so easy to love, then Sansa is the Stark that is easy to hate. Often I read comments claiming that she is insipid or arrogant, but I disagree. Sansa is by far my favourite Stark. In GOT we only get a glimpse of what is about to happen, a girl who is gradually falling to a tragic situation. She is unaware of it of course, just like she is unaware how horrible the Lannisters are. What makes her so intriguing is that in most of her chapters she pretends to be timid, docile whereas in reality she is thinking the exact opposite of what she is saying. Plus it is refreshing to see a battle from the point of view of a woman, who cannot fight but is forced to sit back and wait, while hoping for the best. Theon: First he was prince of the Iron Islands, then he became Stark's ward, then Prince of Winterfell, then Reek. If his COK chapters are testimony to the frivolity of youth then his DWD chapters are chilling to read. A handsome, carefree boy who is desperate for his father's approval and is willing to do anything to get it and by anything I mean disobeying orders and capturing his bff's castle and releasing the most vile and cunning person in the 7 kingdoms. He paid the price for his actions and it remains to be seen whether he will ever regain his sanity. I guess what those 3 have in common is extraordinary beauty and a tendency to trust/fall in love with the wrong people.
  15. But isn't that a stupid decision coming from a cunning man as Doran? Arianne is acting in a particular way, which may seem less effective but it seems to her that she has no other alternative, since she is mislead to believe that Quentyn will take her place as Doran's heir. Trusting and conspiring with the Sand Snakes is definitely a stupid decision but none of this would have happened if Doran had decided to trust Arianne. And then there is Quentyn, the prince with absolutely no charisma, who was sent along with a few men across the world to woo a girl who had been sold to the dothraki and survived brought the dragons back and survived entered the HOTU and survived attacked Astapor and survived conquered Meereen and survived Whereas Dany's suitors presented her with gifts that had value sentimental or political, Drogo had his dothraki which would help Viserys take his throne back Xaro has money Daario is handsome and a skilled warrior Xhizdar will bring her peace all Quentyn can give her is a parchment. If Arianne and Quentyn are to be blamed for stupid actions, then Doran deserves part of the blame as well.