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  1. Friday hasn't been a day to bury news for like ... at least a year now. Friday is the big news reveal day. Mostly, I've seen it speculated, because it means it dominates the news cycle all weekend and makes it difficult for others to respond. Mueller has, as my memory has it, consistently dropped bombs on Friday. They've also been very careful to state that this indictment has no americans or willing colludesr. They clearly have evidence on people actively working with the Russians. I believe the point of this is to get the news out there about this shit. In part to help establish a narrative about Russian interference in the election so that when they begin to target americans with indictments, the groundwork is already laid. I think a lot of these are also basically warning shots. They are smacking this zenga tower, weakening it's structure, waiting for the whole thing to fall as people see the noose coming and start cutting deals.
  2. They are continuing to commit the crime of living in the only country they've ever known? This is fucking ridiculous. These people were raised in the US. A bunch of them don't even speak the language of the places they were brought from. WTF are you expecting them to do?
  3. It's not voting trends, it's just demographics in general. You can see it in their media all the time. They are white supremacists and they fully embrace the concept of "white genocide" and having to fight it. To prevent the US from becoming not-white-enough anymore. Obama isn't really american. You will not replace us. Make america great again. These are not subtle slogans.. EDIT: Non-whites can't be american. That's the whole idea. America is a white christian nation in their minds and they are fighting to keep it that way.
  4. Ok, let's all remember that this is about Dreamers, not illegal immigrants. There's a big distinction there in that Dreamers are specifically people who had no choice about immigrating to the US. They were kids. That's where the broad support comes from. That's why the talk about "well, it's the law" is bullshit. You are punishing kids for actions they had no control over. It's like throwing the children of a burglar in jail because they ate food paid for with money obtained via theft. This is not about illegal immigration in general, it's about specific people. In general I think Kimmel's little bit he tried to do serves as an example of the fact that people who are currently anti-Dreamer are not gonna change their minds. But those people are just way less numerous then the alternative from any polling I've seen. Constantly sob stories about people who've done nothing wrong getting deported are gonna effect people. The idea of it already effect how people answer polls on the issue.
  5. Dreamers getting deported is gonna be a huge shitshow in the press and rile up the Democratic base a lot. As long as they keep their focus on it being the Republican's fault and not start blaming the Democrats in the usual left-wing circular firing squad, it'll probably help. And support for Dreamers polls real damn high so while I wouldn't expect it to shift hardcore Republican voters it can certainly shape the opinions of the uninformed masses of moron voters.
  6. She's also the person who dropped the suit against Trump University after Trump bribed her with donations.
  7. I'm not sure it was a goal, they (as in Congressional Republican leadership) just don't give a shit. Like, it might have been a goal for Trump but it might just have been his standard operating procedure of undoing anything anyone tells him Obama did because Trump is literally just the racist blacklash to the election of a black President. I suspect it's more the later given his comments up until Kelly and Miller got to whispering in his ear. Ryan and McConnell would have just done nothing about the issue. They aren't jumping at the opportunity to deport Dreamers. They just don't care. But now that it's here they don't care the other way either and don't wanna do anything about the issue. McConnell is willing to use it to fuck with Democrats because he lacks morals of any sort or any sense of decency. And fundamentally the big hurdle is that any DACA fix bill is probably never getting past the House because Ryan would have to both violate the Pedophile/Hastert Rule to do it and open up the debate on immigration, both of which would likely end his Speakership. The white supremacists (ie - the GOP) are just looking to use it as leverage to try and curb legal immigration and keep america great/white. Without that they don't give a shit about the issue.
  8. Except your contention was that the issue was that the issue was a focus on immigration. Even ignoring the assumption that this is what they are actually doing (the Democratic base actually motivated by immigration sure as fuck thinks they aren't), what you are even describing is not necessarily a result of that supposed focus. We may just be seeing exactly what we've seen before, which is a return towards less extreme outcomes because Republicans, as they've done before, are just admitting to themselves that they are just gonna go back to their standard behaviour. Saying it must be about Democratic actions is just wrong. It's just standard Murc's law bullshit, where we assume on Democrats can have agency in politics.
  9. Republicans gave that shit up years ago. No one cared. Republicans will run on this tax cut and deficit increase the same way they ran on the last one. It won't work as well but neither will it force some sort of fundamental eye-opening moment for the cultural zeitgeist. Boomers gonna borrow from the future, just like always.
  10. Are you? That's not necessarily true at all. Maybe the other side is just getting over their demotivation. Look at Alabama. It's as much a story of Republicans not showing up as Democrats showing up. Which often has nothing to do with anything the Democrats do.
  11. Motivating the base is how you win elections. Especially mid-terms.
  12. Yes, but what does that have to do with anything I said? To them Trump is a rubber stamp. They keep him happy and he packs the courts for them, guts the regulatory state and the social safety net and signs the tax cut bills he wants. And in return they pay him a pittance in tribute. They are not gonna chuck away the filibuster on his say so. Why would they? What's in it for them? They don't respect him, they are just using him and trying to stay just enough on his good side so they can keep getting elected.
  13. The Senate is not gonna do shit for Trump. They dropped the filibuster for judicial appointments so they could complete their decades-long plan for packing the courts and that's it.
  14. I wouldn't be so sure in the House. Boehner literally quit because the caucus there is ungovernable. They are the pre-Trump. His Johns the Baptist. The people who are high on their own supply finally in charge. And the result is a government that can't function.
  15. Michael Wolff is kind of a scummy guy but nothing about his account is really lacking credibility, at least in the broad details, because it's all just confirmation of shit we already new. Just more sensational and with more on the record accounts.Which is likely to be true for Omarosa's book too. There's no shortage of accounts of shit from real journalists backing this shit up for the most part.