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  1. For years now, Obama was in charge.
  2. Yeah, the good thing here for Dems is that people blame the party in power. This is a fairly, afaik, robust finding from studies in poli sci on how democracies work. If stuff goes bad, they blame the current government and people turn against them (on average, obviously). It's actually almost completely independent of whether said party is responsible for what is going bad too. Like, a bad drought will drop support for the government, no matter the response. Stuff is bad -> the people in charge are to blame ... somehow. The GOP is gonna eat this shit sandwich to a large degree, one way or the other.
  3. Yeah. As much as he's a narcissist and thus demands adulation, he's also obsessed with dominance. It's the lens through which he views the world and through which all his actions are filtered. You see it in every thing he does. It's in his trade policy, his interactions with others (especially women), his complaints about Obama (a black man who was better then him) and about foreign relations in general and in the way he forces those who opposed him to humiliate themselves for his pleasure. Even the way he shakes people's hands. Fahrenthold, who has been by far the best at understanding Trump for like 2 years now, has been talking about this for ages. Trump needs to dominate others in the same way he needs praise and adoration. He feeds on it and when he doesn't get it, he becomes sullen and childish and angry.
  4. Trump is, predictably because it was a story on morning cable news, began lying and claiming he didn't insult the widow and children of one of the soldiers killed last week: The widow later, of course, confirmed that no, it totally happened that way. Everything about this situation is, of course, completely unsurprising.
  5. According to these guys: The Army is sending out instructions that they will no longer accept green card holders. This is apparently illegal under federal law. And totally expected cause, you know, this is all about racism in the end.
  6. The funny thing about all these working class whites or whatever that voted for Trump is how much they like to talk about the rhetoric of his they liked and how little they want to talk about anything else he said. And it's not like directly race-based or anything. In all sorts of interviews and conversations and such when they talk about the issue, either directly with the people in question or with people who talk to them frequently discussing the issue in general, it's often about how "he was really listening" or "he was the first one to speak about the issues I cared about" or "fuck the establishment" or whatever. It's arguments about economics and jobs and all that shit. But then you ask "Well, what about when he said mexicans were rapists? Or when he admitted to being a sexual predator? Or when he goes off about muslims?" and suddenly they all just wanna change the fucking subject or just shrug. Cause the truth is that whatever they wanna talk about as their reasons for liking Trump, and you saw it from people on this forum too, it always involves either agreeing with or at the very best just loudly ignoring all the horrible shit he's said and done. Because despite all the whinging about how nobody listens to them, they really don't give a shit about anyone but themselves and were more then willing to let people who weren't them eat a big shit sandwich because Trump made them feel good. My sympathy meter doesn't register too much here. "Wawawawa, nobody is listening to me and fuck everyone who's not straight, white and christian."
  7. Mmmhmm. The right in america is fundamentally about white supremacy and has been for a long time. The only place something else joins it is in the creamy topping of the rich white men who constitute the "establishment" where killing government's ability to stop them from amassing massive wealth and doing whatever they want takes over the driver seat. Although, of course, those people are still at best super comfortable with white supremacy and often just white supremacists themselves too.
  8. Also, the NFL quietly went nuclear on the protest issue: Basically changing the language around in the rules to say "We will fuck you hard if you keep this up".
  9. The breakdown in US-Turket relations is basically nothing to do with Putin. It's all Erdogan and his gradual ascension into strongman dictatorhood.
  10. The Kneeling Protests thing is taking a new fun turn: Salute the flag or be punished. America truly was ready to go hard fascist at the drop of a hat.
  11. They are supporting a nazi friendly organization. You can call that whatever you like.
  12. Here's a good Vox piece on the link: But yeah, being a domestic abuser is a huge predictor of these kind of violent actions. ie - Machoism and regressive ideas about gender roles are a cancer that destroys men, yes. But it kills women WAY more. And often, with guns. To the poster a page ago complaining about the framing of toxic masculinity, remember that no matter how bad men have it, the victims of toxic masculinity who end up suffering the most are the women those men abuse and kill.
  13. It's really not true actually. Racial resentment is mostly about racism. I mean, one of the predictors of racial resentment is actually a lack of contact with people of other races so, like, who exactly is being racist against these poor whites exactly?
  14. Trump on PR: In case you thought Trump wasn't a monstrously evil narcissist.
  15. Another day, another mass shooting and the gun nuts are already circling the wagons to insure nothing will be done about it. Probably the best thing I saw on the right-wing/gun-nut side about this was actually from from O'Reilly of all people. It's nice to at least see someone on that side being honest that this is what they are ok with.