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  1. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

    Sounds good from the headline but once you start reading more they start sounding really stupid: Sanders promise to reduce the US prison population by an amount he literally can't accomplish as President is more realistic then this.
  2. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

    It's cause she's the only one who would agree to work with Cruz.
  3. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

    Where are you seeing that? I don't think a single person in this thread is a "PUMA" and I can't think of anyone prominent commenting on the primary now who was one back then.
  4. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

    This seems entirely unfair since Sanders himself, as far as I know, has been at least insistent on beating the GOP, if not necessarily as much on supporting Clinton in the general yet. It's his supporters who are the "Bernie or Bust" doofuses, not the candidate himself. Sanders is trying his best NOT to be Nader from what I see.
  5. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

    As for Trump's attacks on Clinton, it's already begun. He's accusing her of being shrill and shouty and of playing the women card. This will not help his numbers among women, which were already bad last I saw. Shit, it seems like even Christie's wife can't feign a lack of disgust.
  6. US Election: It's a post-TrumpDay world

    I believe he might have been thinking of something more like Democracy for America, which was born out of the ashes of Howard Dean's 2004 campaign. He basically took the network and staff and such he'd built up during his run and converted the whole thing into a political organization to push progressive politics via various means. And been fairly successful at it. There's been hope among many that Sanders would take the momentum and supporters he's built up and rather then letting that just drift apart instead help continue pushing his agenda past the campaign via other means. In the same way Dean did. I've no idea if his current layoffs suggest he's not gonna do that kind of thing, but it might lean that way. Regardless of that point, this behaviour suggests he's in trouble monetarily. I know he's been raising alot but all reports are that he's burning through that money really really fast too. He's spending like double what Clinton is in ad-buys I believe.
  7. US Election: To NY and Beyond

    Or he's not stupid and doesn't want to help Trump win. Have you seen his popularity numbers?
  8. US Election: To NY and Beyond

    The poor are disproportionately black, but that doesn't meant they aren't mostly white.
  9. US Election: To NY and Beyond

    Will they? I don't know, I question how much polling of intentions match up to actual voting behaviour on these kind of things.
  10. US Election: To NY and Beyond

    The other thing with Sanders comment is, of course, that he lost poor people as a demographicanyway afaik.
  11. US Election: To NY and Beyond

    Anything I've read out of the Republican Leadership is that they hate Cruz and hate Trump and are mostly worried they will go down with the ship when either of them fails in the general. I read stuff about both Ryan and McConnel trying to position themselves so that their people in Congress could maybe still win despite a Trump/Cruz at the top of the ticket.
  12. US Election: To NY and Beyond

    And just how to you know that? These kind of assumptions are discriminatory.
  13. Yeah, wtf are you on about? First of all both Lybia and especially Syria were already undergoing civil war long before the US did anything. The idea that the Obama Admin "enthusiastically supported" the Egyptian revolution is absurd and the US was criticized by many for their fairly tepidsupport for the protesters and continued backing of long-time US allyMubarak long past when the situation had gotten really bad. And saying Egypt is "blessed with a strong military which managed to revert to the status quo" is basically a long-winded way of you saying "I haven't ever followed news out of Egypt for the last like 5 years". You are, frankly, spouting completely false bullshit to try and forward this ridiculous narrative.
  14. The article links to alot of things but the problem is it can't support most of it's central thesis on smugness with that or anything it rambles about. At best it establishes that sometimes people are smug assholes when they write stuff about politics.
  15. Yeah, both of these posts hit on one of the main issues with the article, which is an attempt to link "smugness" back to realignments of the american political culture during the 20th century as a way to blame smug liberals for losses by the Democratic party. Because obviously those damn smug lefties drove the hard-working white people out of the party and blamed everything on them! It's all their fault! The reality is not so simple or so, frankly, smug. Working-class whites have left the democratic party for alot of reasons, none of which are smugness and most of which are related to racial issues, social issues and a perceived softness on communism.And, of course, the Democratic party is still pretty heavily involved in promoting union activity and workers rights and the GOP is actively against both so his whole thesis on that point is rather suspect anyway. He's trying to craft a narrative about smugness and what it has cost liberals and ignoring like actual history to try and do so.