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  1. Was just coming to mention this. This is what happens when you pass a bill that you scrawled in the margins at the last second to rush it through. The good news is that this, if true, means this is 100% going to committee so there is more time to agitate and scream and try and kill the thing.
  2. MAGA is white supremacy and fascism. This was obvious from the minute it was first uttered if you know anything about the subjects.
  3. They don't understand soft power or what the State Department does. Never assume intention with these people when stupidity is the more obvious answer.
  4. They aren't counting on it to help them. They are counting on it appeasing the donors that fund them. It's what those donors paid for and they wanted it delivered.
  5. He's pounding the table cause he's got nothing else.
  6. Probably that immigration is a net positive to the US economy.
  7. Dude, read a history book. If you wanna try and paint this picture, then the "working class" made this move 50 years ago when they slit their own throats over women and blacks wanting less unequal rights. The rural and the working class picked social issues over economic ones and made this move a LONG LONG time ago.
  8. Yeah, that's what happens when you become as cartoonishly evil as the right-wing are. I remember first hearing this shit back during the Romney campaign.
  9. Geez, and here I thought they just so obviously hated her cause she was a Clinton.
  10. It's exactly the pattern we've always seen with the Trump Admin: This is step 3. Also, in other hilarity, did you know Trump's lawyer released an official response to the Flynn stuff in fucking comic sans?
  11. The US is already undergoing multiple constitutional crises. Has been for years. It just turns out if you pretend they don't exist, the government shambles on anyway.
  12. They didn't sell their souls, they just did what they and their donors wanted. They are Republicans. They are not good people. They came to DC to slash taxes for the rich, fuck the poor and loot the country and they got their chance last night and took it. Their reluctance is mostly kabuki theatre and the parts that aren't are overridden by the donors screaming for their ROI.
  13. Why? More likely it's because 2016 raised his national profile in a way that's made him the darling of most of the left. Anyway, look at Virginia and you see that it wasn't these much wanked about "rural voters" who won the day, but suburbanites.
  14. Sadly, people's memories seem short. The lessons of 2000 didn't even last 16 years. This whole thing was literally just paying back the billionaires that own them. They paid money to get Republicans elected and they demanded those Republicans deliver what their masters paid for. And since they don't give a shit about democracy or the rule or law or political norms or, really, anything but naked power, they rammed it through and flipped everyone the bird while they did it. "We can, so we did, fuck you all" Their rhetoric is empty beyond that.
  15. No, it wasn't. The problem with your racist bullshit is crap like this. Fucking Jim Crow is still within living memory. People alive today were effected directly by hugely racist government policy. Your attempt to pretend otherwise is simply wrong. Racism fucked people alive right now hard. It hasn't been that long.