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  1. Time has already told dude. This is just a pathetic attempt at deflection. The standard right-wing "But look at what some college student is saying!". YAWN!
  2. It's important to remember that most of the Confederate Statuary was erected well after the Civil War had ended and was entirely about white supremacy. The first major wave of them hits around the time Jim Crow laws are getting put into place. The second around the time the Civil Rights Act is getting passed. Many of them are placed in black neighborhoods. None of this is coincidental. Here's the SPLC on the issue: There's a great graph in there: You really want to see what it's about, look at the surge in schools being named for Confederates right after Brown v Board. These statues and monuments and such are literally just attempts by white supremacist state and local governments to keep their local black population in their place. To remind them they are subhuman.
  3. loloops on Fox News' part: "We totally think it's ok to kill protestors with your car. That is, until it becomes a PR problem for us to say that, then we pretend we didn't."
  4. Yes, he was wrong in what he said. There is only blame on one side here and everyone marching was a white supremacist or supporting white supremacy. The right has no valid concerns here.
  5. Why did he do this? Because he has no self-control. Because he hates being told what to do. And because he's a white supremacist and average Fox News viewer. His initial reaction where he defended white supremacists and nazis was his honest one. His Monday statements where the PR clean-up job he was forced at gun-point to read in the boring monotone voice as he reads directly off the teleprompter with no adlids that he always uses for such occasions. His answers today were him exploding under the pressure of having to not say what he really thinks and so he came out and said what he really thinks about the situation. And what he really thinks is entirely informed by Fox News propaganda and his racism and bigotry.
  6. Germany and Canada are the fascists now? This coming from the land of President Trump: Neo-Nazi Ally?
  7. What if every book in the world self-immolated? Would it be concerning that we hadn't memorized all our information? It's not like leaning on hard copies is a new thing for humans.
  8. I don't know if America deserves Trump. But he's certainly quintessentially American. All the talk about how the stuff in Charlottesville "wasn't American" or whatever was such bullshit. This whole series of events is so very very American in every way. Like, the POTUS getting up there defending white supremacy is absolutely unsurprising because the white supremacists have always been a huge part of US politics. Trump is the logical end result of the Republican Party's strategy since at least Nixon.
  9. The US fought a literal Civil War over white supremacy and then "enjoyed" like almost 100 years of Jim Crow. And still "enjoys" more of this kind of shit to this day. I'm pretty sure the US has first hand experience with being terrorized by people like this. The reason the US has continued to not collectively do anything about it is because those white supremacists remain in power. They even have an overt member as the President now.
  10. Germany seems to be getting along fine without that happening. Hell, they have less Nazis in power then the US does. Which is a hell of a thing when you think about it.
  11. The longer this goes on, the more it becomes obvious that God is a hack writer.
  12. I think this one was my favourite from today:
  13. It's in the Constitution afaik. It's mostly just a quirk of Congressional adjournment and is super easy to stop from happening so it's not really an issue. If you've got the votes to stop a real veto, you've got the ability to stop a pocket veto with even less work. How it works is if the President doesn't sign a bill in 10 days (excluding Sundays) it becomes law, unless Congress is not there to "receive it", in which case it doesn't become law. As long as you make sure someone is there to receive it at the 10 day mark, it's fine.
  14. He's in mental decline. This admin is some combination of Reagan and GWB, but stupider this time.
  15. The guys on Pod Save America were mostly tearing it apart. Though they liked the shit about busting monopolies. Talk about fucking over Comcast and you'll win lots of support I think. But yeah, it definitely needs work. Thankfully at worst it'll only last for 2018. By 2020 a presidential candidate will come along and set the agenda themselves.