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  1. Ice and Fire Assessment...Theory (Long Read)

    Just an idea that popped into my head concerning Coldhands and how he could fit into this theory somewhat Leaf tells Bran that The Others killed Coldhands many years ago, which would destroy any theories saying that Coldhands is Benjen Stark or Waymar Royce..... but what if part of the deal the Starks struck with The Others was to give up a child to them as part of a sacrifice? We know Starks have always served as members of the Nights Watch so we can assume a lot of them were lost Beyond the Wall, but maybe they were sacrifices unknowingly made to The Others? So The Others "killed" Benjen many, many years ago... by making a deal with the Starks for a sacrifice.
  2. Theory on Maggy's prophecy and new definition for 'Volanqar'

    I don't know how you define what an "assumption" is but when someone says "I think it was just the maegi's way of speaking she was foreign remember.", well that sounds like assuming that because a woman is foreign we should disregard the "the" placed before the word "volanquar". That "the" makes a very big difference.
  3. Theory on Maggy's prophecy and new definition for 'Volanqar'

    Benjen could maybe be a possibility, but since he hasn't been seen since the first 150 pages of AGoT I highly doubt that we will see him show up to make it from beyond The Wall to King's Landing to kill Cersei. If we took everything that characters said and believed in then we have no fear of Tyrion dying except if he's 80 in bed, with a cup of wine, and a whore giving him pleasure. EDIT: Sorry for the double post as well
  4. Theory on Maggy's prophecy and new definition for 'Volanqar'

    I still go with believing that the little brother could be someone in the religious order, septons and other members are often referred to as "brothers". I still hold that The Hound, if he is the grave digger, could be the killer whether through actually killing Cersei or by defeating Robert Strong in her trial. You are assuming that the maegi's way of speaking was part of her being foreign, we never see anyone else foreign speak like that. You are assuming something right there.
  5. Theory on Maggy's prophecy and new definition for 'Volanqar'

    You just made an assumption
  6. Theory on Maggy's prophecy and new definition for 'Volanqar'

    Well I could see that I guess if you also took the story of Ser Arryk and Ser Errryk into the equation as well.
  7. Theory on Maggy's prophecy and new definition for 'Volanqar'

    Jamie killing Cersei doesn't mean he would be dying though? They could die at different times at different places.
  8. Theory on Maggy's prophecy and new definition for 'Volanqar'

    Or it could be a title. There's the Elder Brother, perhaps then other brothers are known as Younger Brothers? Just a thought to tie in to my theory
  9. Theory on Maggy's prophecy and new definition for 'Volanqar'

    I thought that the volanquar could be The Hound. He served as the personal guard of Joffrey and before that perhaps Cersei? So its like he's almost part of the family. That's a weak connection but if he ends up being the Grave Digger (which come on, he obviously is) then wouldn't he be a brother? A younger brother of the faith? He is working underneath the Elder Brother, so it would make sense to call hima younger brother. Also if Robert Strong is UnGregor and the Hound is going to get revenge couldn't it be in Cersei's trial? We know Robert Strong will be Cersei's champion. So if The Hound is the Champion of The Faith, then he could both kill his brother (which I so want him to do) and by that kill Cersei in the process. Anyone else feel the same way?
  10. Ice and Fire Assessment...Theory (Long Read)

    With the whole idea of the Starks and White Walkers being conencted that makes their words take on a much different meaning. "Winter is coming." Instead of a warning as it is implied to be throughout the book unlike every other Houses' boats theres actually IS a boast. And a pretty frightful one.