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  1. Maester Tormund added a topic in The World of Ice and Fire   

    {Possible Spoilers} What references to other works have you found?
    Currently reading about House Tully and their history during the Dance of the Dragons and noticed a similarity in the names of the lords and heirs of House Tully and the residents of a certain street where large birds roam and hairy green people live in trash cans.

    -The old, bedridden infirm Lord Grover Tully who supported Viserys over Laenor Velaryon 101 AC and alter pledged his support for King Aegon II.

    -His grandson, a knight who defied his wishes to support King Aegon II by shutting the gates of Riverrun and later declaring for Rhaenyra, Ser Elmo Tully.

    -Ser Elmo, later Lord Elmo after his grandfather died, did not live long as a lord. He died whilst on the march during the war. He was succeeded by his young son, Lord Kermit Tully.

    So what else have you guys found that are references or nods to other works? This one was pretty obvious but knowing GRRM I'm sure we have some much more subtle ones in here.

    (Also for those of you who have the strange combination of both having lived under a rock, never watching television as a child, and being too lazy to click the links those are all names of Muppets from Sesame Street)
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    Lord Monford Velaryon, Master of Driftmark and Lord of the Tides. Mainly because that's a pretty bad ass title.

    Ser Daven Lannister.
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    I always saw Rhaegar "taking" Lyanna as the final straw that broke the camel's back and gave them a reason to rebel against Aerys. I also see the whole thing as being a lot closer to Troy and all that with Lyanna being Helen.


    GRRM seems to take little pieces here and there and then mix them all together to make his own story. I DM tabletop games and when I'm designing a campaign I always start with something well known, for instance in the current game I'm running the TV show "Lost", and then I add in other parts until its a completely different unrecognizable work from where I started. While Lyanna is a lot like Helen I'd say Rhaegar is a lot more like Hamlet than Paris.
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    Two reasons.

    1. Have we seen Emperor used? Also its not like you have to rank one higher than the other. When the Seven Kingdoms WERE seven individual kingdoms (The North, The Iron Islands, The Vale, The Stormlands, The Westerlands, The Reach, and Dorne) six were ruled by kings and one was ruled by a prince (or princess). It didn't mean that the kings were a higher rank than the princes in Dorne, it was just the term they decided to use to say "Hey, that person over there is the one in charge!"

    Using the logic that an emperor is one who controls both his own lands AND lands outside is then shouldn't King Harren the Black really by Emperor Harren the Black? Because he controlled both the Iron Islands and the Riverlands.

    It's a bit of a stretch but isn't the Targaryen Monarchy closer to a confederacy? The definition of a confederacy from the CIA World Factbook:

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    Why does my uncle have five daughters and no sons? Why did my grandparents have three sons and no daughters? Why did my parents have two sons and two daughters?
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    Dany. Dany made a sacrifice (Drogo). Dany is the Unburnt. Dany has something that could be a truly legitimate contender for Lightbringer. Aemon pointed out that the PtwP prophecy was flawed, as dragons don't have a gender. "Prince" was assigned to it just because, but it could as easily been "Princess that was Promised".

    GRRM has said Targ's aren't fireproof, that the times Dany has gone in the fire and only lost her hair are something different and special. The red comet appeared (I'm pretty sure) right as Dany was making her decision to kill Drogo and MMD and the stallion and her dragons appeared.

    Born amidst salt and smoke?
    Salt? The ocean, and storm that raged during her birth, at Dragonstone. Smoke? Dragonstone leaks smoke from its volcanos all the time. Hense the name "Blackwater Bay".

    Sorry that it's all disjointed, I'm a bit scatterbrained right now.