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  1. Interesting lines on the re-read? (hindsight)

    From Chapter 4, Eddard of AGOT: (Lyanna had only been sixteen, a child-woman of surpassing loveliness.) Ned had loved her with all his heart. From Chapter 6, Catelyn of AGOT: Whoever Jon’s mother had been, Ned must have loved her fiercely... It struck me on reread how similar these lines were with how close together they were in the book.
  2. Stannis humor

    Stannis had so much snark in these! Having just read this whole wonderful thread, I decide to rewatch them and pick out some of Stannis's most brilliant comments. Stannis truly does tell it like it is! And Stephen Dillane's delivery is pure brilliance. From the History of Dragonstone: Talking about how nobody knows why the Targaryens left Valyria: "Westeros was a filthy backwater with seven kings squabbling over borders and minor glories. So much for progress." Talking about the building of the castle of Dragonstone: "Simpletons claim they used ancient Valyrian sorcery, forgetting that the Targaryens brought a small army with them from Essos. There's no magic in strong backs." Talking about how Dragonstone was a good place to mount an invasion: "The lands there were disputed by three kingdoms... but their capitals were far enough away that none could mount a force before Aegon got a foothold, even if their kings had been able to stop bickering over whose problem he was." History of the Greyjoy Rebellion: Starts off with: "Though Robert has risked all our lives to win it, the Iron Throne bored him... If it weren't women or wineskins, he had no use for it." Talking about how Robert turned enemies into friends: "In rebelling against the Iron Throne, Lord Balon did more than Robert ever could to cement his rule." About the siege of Pyke: "Robert would later boast of the battle's bloodiness and how he could have torn down the island into the waves if Lord Balon hadn't bent the knee. But if I'd have led the assault, Balon's neck would have bent. Under a sword."
  3. Interesting lines on the re-read? (hindsight)

    This is one I noticed from AGoT, in Catelyn X during the Battle of the Whispering Wood. This could be an allusion to there being an actual wolf, and the Young Wolf fighting alongside him. But, I choose to believe that, since we know Nymeria has been prowling the Riverlands, she decided to make an appearance at Robb's battle to help out!
  4. [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    I laughed out loud when I read this ;) For the first time, I really liked Talisa in this episode! I hate the change from Jeyne to Talisa, but Oona Chaplin was quite fun to watch. So many great lines this episode! Hot Pie to Arya and Gendry- Don't get stabbed. Gendry- Don't... burn your fingers. Tyrion- This is more than I pay you in a year. Bronn- He's a squire, you don't pay him. Tyrion- Then it's definitely more than I pay you in a year! (Nice callback to Tyrion not knowing how much he's paying Bronn) Dany- Yes, all men must die. But we are not men. Hot Pie- I'm no Stark of Winterhell. Arya- Winterfell. Hot Pie- Are you sure? Arya- I'm sure. And so many more...
  5. a quote i found interesting from the very first chapter

    I always thought that, in regards to the warging situation, it was weird that Ghost opened his eyes first as opposed to Summer, with Bran being the first one to embrace his warging abilities. My interpretation was that through most of ADwD, Jon's the only person who opens his eyes to what needs to happen at the Wall. Everyone else- the queen's men, the other men of the Night's Watch, the Iron Throne and the rest of Westeros- have their eyes completely shut to the situation, or are blind to the ramifications of failing to act.
  6. Twists that got you again on a re-read

    *deleted- wrong thread!*
  7. Twists that got you again on a re-read

    All of the evidence leading up to Roose's betrayal of Robb gets me on a reread. I can't believe I missed all of it. Of course, once Jaime meets up with Roose it's fairly clear, but there is so much pointing to it before that. I thought Ramsay was a rouge, and I never picked up on his "Leave the Freys and kill all the rest!" at Winterfell or its significance.
  8. Twists that got you again on a re-read

    Nice catch, Bababooey! I'd never noticed that before, but it's very interesting!
  9. Twists that got you again on a re-read

    It's not really a twist, but I was surprised when I reread the beginning of the great ranging when they're at Craster's for the first time. LC Mormont told Craster that his family could come back to the Wall with them and shelter there because of the rising threat of wights. In the fifth book when Jon's talking to his useless advisors, they claim Mormont wouldn't have allowed the wildlings over the wall and Jon says he doesn't know what Mormont would have done... but he'd already offered shelter to Craster and his wives, meaning that Mormont was thinking along the same lines Jon was. Though Mormont probably wasn't thinking of letting anyone through as Jon was, I thought it was pretty cool that Mormont and Jon were both in the same mindset. It also grants legitimacy to Jon's efforts to treat with the wildlings.