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  1. I just saw this on Reddit and had to make sure someone had posted it here. Everybody needs to watch this!!!
  2. "The Magicians" by Lev Grossman It's an interesting read, like a mix of Narnia and Harry Potter for adults.
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  9. Hi y'all! I'm Skye and I'm a 25 yr old from right smack between Milwaukee and Chicago. I stay home with my two boys and my days are filled with cooking, cleaning, crafts, play dates and all other fun toddler related activities :) I started watching GoT because one of my husband's friends recommended it, then I was addicted! I got all the books for my birthday and read them one a week. I was so pissed at the end of Dance because I thought it was only a five book series and I couldn't believe I'd have to wait so long!! Hence my love of this forum. Helps with the wait a lot :) Nice to meet y'all !
  10. In AGOT, he says 'wheels within wheels within wheels', which always reminded me of Dune 'a feint within a feint within a feint'.