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    game of thrones UK slipcase - what to do?
    Good morning,

    While surfing Amazon UK I noticed this nice looking edition, however the first book wasn't available. Immediately I abandoned the hope to do the full set collection.
    A couple of days ago I was on a local shop which is also a bookstore and I reminded (not hopeful) to ask the clerk if they had any of these left.... they had 2 copies in other locations!!!
    So immediately I ordered both and now they are here. Both still in shrink.
    I'm planning to keep one and sell the other.

    Since I'm not really aware of OOP book values I ask for your advice:
    - how much is this edition worth still in shrink? (to my surprise, I've seen a couple of them go on ebay for 200£ + shipping)
    - Is the value expected to rise with time? Or if somebody publishes a nicer edition down the line the values goes immediately down?
    - Is it also expected that the other books in the series will eventually become OOP also? In other words, if I want to do the full collection should I get them as soon as possible?
    - have you sold this type of item on ebay? Is it risky? I've heard a couple of horror stories regarding payments that were later withdrawn by the buyers and the seller in the end gets no money and loses the item. Any advice?

    Thanks in advance for any comments.
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