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  1. Heresy Branch Office E05

    A few observations and queries on my part. 1. Not sure I remember any reference in the books where "hundreds" of COTF were sacrificed in order to create the "Hammer". My books are in confinement (don't ask) so I would plea upon your good nature to expand on this statement. Paraphrasing...I also give pause to items #2 thru #4. I'm not sure book readers would know or agree with your statements. I am frequently my intent is purely an attempt on total understanding on everyone's part.
  2. Heresy 185

    Let's hope not. I think there is plenty of room in the play pen to keep a mummer's version and a canon version. Although I must confess...I do like playing in both sides from time to time. The challenge for everyone is keeping things in check and to avoid the common pitfall of making claims in one area while citing events from the other side...of the play pen, of course. Besides, once TWoW comes out later this year (right, I'm holding my breath too) then this subject takes on a different perspective. I think.
  3. Heresy 185

  4. Heresy Branch Office E05

    @Feather Crystal its what you call a conundrum. I've fallen into the same very trap last week after Dany's funeral pyre @ the Dosh Khaleen. I was convinced that this "has to happen" in TWoW, until someone reminded me of GRRM stating that her walking into the flames of Khal Drogon's funeral pyre and emerging with three hatched dragons was a one time episode. Anyone can feel free to quote canon or dispute this claim. The moral of this story is that we are "all" now in "uncharted territory" and must be careful on keeping things segregated...mummer's version or canon.
  5. Heresy 185

    This would make things shockingly simple. Thanks wolfmaid7 for recognizing these three Heretics. Might I add to the list @redrose and also acknowledge their emergence as well.
  6. Heresy 184

    Would that be the equivalent of someone from Canada going to Puerto Vallarta for vacation or sabbatical...for 4 years (I might add)? I correct would be the equivalent of a Canadian going to Katmandu for 4 least that's what Bob Seger told me!
  7. Heresy 184

    Exactly. And if there ever was a loss in translation between ice spiders and wingless dragons (wyverns) see monitor lizards. @Arry'sFleas I'm convinced.
  8. Heresy 184

    Before this segment of Heresy draws to a close I'm still of the mood to dream of spiders. At some point as they continue their march South, the WW's are going to run out of runway and end up at the wall. There are several potential outcomes that would then come into play: 1. They flip everybody at the Wall off and say na-na na-na boo-boo we ran you all of the North and now it's our to keep. Doubtful. 2. They walk right through the wall and materialize on the other side....T-1000 like in Terminator 2. Again, doubtful. 3. Somebody whips out the Horn of Joruman and the wall comes tumbling down. This is quickly followed up by the hit single..."Then the Sh*t hits the Fan". Possible. 4. The WW's start crawling up the wall, without cables, hooks or spikes...sort of "spider like". I'm somewhat intrigued. 5. And perhaps my personal favorite, they whistle and the ice spiders come out of the group like sand crabs on a beach at nighttime. The WW's mount their mares and hi-oh silver to the top of the wall. That's what I would like to see.
  9. Heresy 184

    On the subject of "ice spiders".....the only spiders I've ever seen were walking up a wall or across a ceiling. Rarely, do you find them walking across the floor. I did say "rarely". I'm still considering @Feather Crystaltheoryon the whole inversion/flip process going on in Westeros (the cold winds withstanding....) and remain....undecided, or as they say in Texas...on the fence. However, the reference to Ice Spiders and their comparison to Krackens draws my attention. The only way this comparison stands is if indeed their is a flip going on in the circle of time...unless I've missed something. My point is that I can see a comparison being made between an 8-legged arthropodand an 8-armed sea monster. But only if H2O is changing states.
  10. Heresy 184

    It's ASOS Chapter 34 (Arya VI). My books are packed up and ready for a pending move (I know, stupid on my part,,,not the moving, but rather packing the books up) so I can't look this up. The mummer's version shows Thoros hovering over Beric with hands folded (in a prayer) and uttering words. This is not someone needs to confirm what he did in the books.
  11. Heresy 184

    Well put Feather. I've always considered that the brightest lights referred to the an individual rather than the sky or sun. Hence the reason why as Mel has "sucked up" Stannis's light anything more would be but a flicker. And the long night reference.....I know we've discussed this ad nausea here in Heresy, but the way you put it into words, a simpleton as myself (Hodor) can understand it.
  12. Heresy 184

    "Snowfyre" don't take this as directed towards just happen to be the last who made reference to the KotLT. I've always considered the KotLT to be in the "red herring" category and that it was the events prior to Lyanna's "kidnapping", the Stark's rescue mission, the Mad King's implosion, etc., etc. With that being said, I'm unclear as to whomever was the mystery knight, what significance does that hason who Jon Snow's parentage is? I'm speculating that Jon's significance is important to the overall story direction. ETA...If I'm keeping up on recent posts the odds on favorite is Ned, rather than Lyanna, or the crannogman. For me...I'm not seeing the importance, and herring. Perhaps next weeks episode of the mummer's version and the return to the tower of joy will give us pause and clarity....if that is at all possible. Inquiring minds want to know!!!
  13. Heresy 183

    Based on Othor's asassassination attempt on Jeor they (Wights) can be controlled either through pre-programmed directive or energized with say.....a passing "cold wind rising". I'll leave further commentary to "wolfmaid7". In either instance it does appear that there is more intelligence than simply seeking out heat signatures. I believe they are directed.
  14. Heresy 182

    MwD....thanks for sharing the scene in follow up to BC's earlier comment. This is the same scene I remembered as well. IMHO it tells us that young Bran will be taking trips at least backwards in time with the help of the deadman in the wierwood. I can't help but wonder if that is the direction that GRRM is taking in TWoW with Bran. Hmmm??? Hoping I don't get kicked off the boards or found guilty of shutting this thread downas I notice that copying your post the hidden comments are no longer hidden. Nothing else to add here other than...good post....and we obviously look forward to your reasoning on how Howland Reed might by conjuring up White Walkers. I stand corrected. The hidden comments are not shown. I await my punishment....with eager anticipation.
  15. Heresy 182

    Great post. The story of my humble opinion....offers as much information to us readers about the early history of the wall as the Varamyr Prologue does about warging and skinchanging. I'm a left handed person so I generally takes things at face value. Some call it a flaw, I call it a burden. Of your four bullet points (honorable and handy with a double-bladed staff) can be used to identify many great nights throughout the history of Westeros who ultimately were sent to the Wall. So far, Symeon doesn't really stand out from anyone. Turning to the remaining two points: sapphires eyes and watching hell-hounds fighting are what I find fascinating. Citing scripture: Bran 56 (ASOS): Bran wasn’t so sure. The Nightfort had figured in some of Old Nan’s scariest stores. It was here that Night’s King had reigned, before his name was wiped from the memory of man. This was where the Rat Cook had served the Andal king his prince-and-bacon pie, where the seventy-nine sentinels stood their watch, where rave young Danny flint had been raped and murdered. This was the castle where King Sherrit had called down his curse on the Andals of old, where the ‘prentice boys had faced the thing that came in the night, where blind Symeon Star Eyes had seen the hellhounds fighting. Going with the literal interpretation here; if SSE saw hellhounds fighting, he saw them before he became blind. Key definition here is that hellhounds = direwolves. In other words, two stark brothers: one as commander of the night watch and the other in charge of Winterfell. From here it should be pretty straight forward: the hellhounds fighting was after the Nights King brought his "white lady" back to the Wall. The Winterfell Stark leaves; the Nights Kings unleashes strange sorceries on the other NW brothers and Symeon now has Sapphires for eyes. I might be missing a few steps, but that is what I make of the story of Symeon Star-Eyes. Thanks again for sharing Evolett.