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  1. Heresy 191 The Crows

    A Tribute to Black Crow It seems appropriate as we navigate Heresy 191 to give pause and reflect upon the subject of Crow. I'm going to diverge away from the Heresy topic of Crow and focus upon its founder... Black Crow. First an interlude. I stumbled upon the scene around H21. The truth be known I was surfing the threads and came across a topic that had something to do with the iron swords across the Stark graves in the tombs at Winterfell. I made a NOOPS remark about something that had no substance on the issue at hand. The Crow quickly corrected me with the comment..."er, no". I was hooked. The following is a thank you to the man that has allowed us to remain involved in this continuing saga that we all know as ASOIAF. While we remain vigilant that GRRM will eventually complete his "Iliad"; until that time comes those of us will confide in having this forum as a common ground to come and share ideas. Thank you Black Crow for setting the bar high and pushing us all to think beyond the boundaries of what at first brush would seem normal. Mace
  2. Heresy 188

    Nice quote. My books are in storage; what book and chapter does this originate? Sounds like the Weirwood tree outside Winterfell....but that is a big assumption on my part, without a point of reference.
  3. Heresy 188

    "Close the door. Close the door. Close door....Close door....Clodor...Clodor....."
  4. Heresy 187

    I have nothing to add as usual other than to say welcome back! I'm glad to see that you are still the hand of the King Heretic and have not jumped over to the other side given recent events unfolding in the mummer's version.
  5. Heresy 187

    A few random thoughts on the Nights Kings. NOTE: my books are in storage and I don't trust Wikipedia to lend a helping hand; so I'l rely on my own recollection. Forgetting the mummers version for a moment and sticking with canon...I think the Nights King is toast. At the very best he is the entrance from the Black Gate to the land beyond. The only way he comes out of his eternal chain is if...."if".....the wall comes down. If this does happen, he is no more or less than a skin changer warging his or her way into the next host. In other words, he dies in Varamyr fashion. P.S. and no I don't think he was ever a green seer. Warging powers? Most definite. Otherwise, how could he have bound his brothers? A abomination. P.S.S. So how did he acquire these powers if not through blood lineage? Beats the hell of out me!!!
  6. Heresy 185

  7. Heresy Branch Office E05

    A few observations and queries on my part. 1. Not sure I remember any reference in the books where "hundreds" of COTF were sacrificed in order to create the "Hammer". My books are in confinement (don't ask) so I would plea upon your good nature to expand on this statement. Paraphrasing...I also give pause to items #2 thru #4. I'm not sure book readers would know or agree with your statements. I am frequently my intent is purely an attempt on total understanding on everyone's part.
  8. Heresy 185

    Let's hope not. I think there is plenty of room in the play pen to keep a mummer's version and a canon version. Although I must confess...I do like playing in both sides from time to time. The challenge for everyone is keeping things in check and to avoid the common pitfall of making claims in one area while citing events from the other side...of the play pen, of course. Besides, once TWoW comes out later this year (right, I'm holding my breath too) then this subject takes on a different perspective. I think.
  9. Heresy 185

  10. Heresy Branch Office E05

    @Feather Crystal its what you call a conundrum. I've fallen into the same very trap last week after Dany's funeral pyre @ the Dosh Khaleen. I was convinced that this "has to happen" in TWoW, until someone reminded me of GRRM stating that her walking into the flames of Khal Drogon's funeral pyre and emerging with three hatched dragons was a one time episode. Anyone can feel free to quote canon or dispute this claim. The moral of this story is that we are "all" now in "uncharted territory" and must be careful on keeping things segregated...mummer's version or canon.
  11. Heresy 185

    This would make things shockingly simple. Thanks wolfmaid7 for recognizing these three Heretics. Might I add to the list @redrose and also acknowledge their emergence as well.
  12. Heresy 184

    Would that be the equivalent of someone from Canada going to Puerto Vallarta for vacation or sabbatical...for 4 years (I might add)? I correct would be the equivalent of a Canadian going to Katmandu for 4 least that's what Bob Seger told me!
  13. Heresy 184

    Exactly. And if there ever was a loss in translation between ice spiders and wingless dragons (wyverns) see monitor lizards. @Arry'sFleas I'm convinced.
  14. Heresy 184

    Before this segment of Heresy draws to a close I'm still of the mood to dream of spiders. At some point as they continue their march South, the WW's are going to run out of runway and end up at the wall. There are several potential outcomes that would then come into play: 1. They flip everybody at the Wall off and say na-na na-na boo-boo we ran you all of the North and now it's our to keep. Doubtful. 2. They walk right through the wall and materialize on the other side....T-1000 like in Terminator 2. Again, doubtful. 3. Somebody whips out the Horn of Joruman and the wall comes tumbling down. This is quickly followed up by the hit single..."Then the Sh*t hits the Fan". Possible. 4. The WW's start crawling up the wall, without cables, hooks or spikes...sort of "spider like". I'm somewhat intrigued. 5. And perhaps my personal favorite, they whistle and the ice spiders come out of the group like sand crabs on a beach at nighttime. The WW's mount their mares and hi-oh silver to the top of the wall. That's what I would like to see.
  15. Heresy 184

    On the subject of "ice spiders".....the only spiders I've ever seen were walking up a wall or across a ceiling. Rarely, do you find them walking across the floor. I did say "rarely". I'm still considering @Feather Crystal theory on the whole inversion/flip process going on in Westeros (the cold winds withstanding....) and remain....undecided, or as they say in Texas...on the fence. However, the reference to Ice Spiders and their comparison to Krackens draws my attention. The only way this comparison stands is if indeed their is a flip going on in the circle of time...unless I've missed something. My point is that I can see a comparison being made between an 8-legged arthropod and an 8-armed sea monster. But only if H2O is changing states.