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  1. @hiemal sounds as if you have been following the HBO series Westworld, with your alternative timeline theory. You may very well be true and if so, might tie in with @Feather Crystal theory on the ebbing and flowing of time.
  2. It's amazing what you can find on google these days. It would truly be an honor to play.
  3. I'm really glad you posted this response as I had forgotten about the notion of the source of the heated water surging through the pipes of Winterfell. You are correct on the "non-reptilian dragon" (a.k.a. submarine volcano's). So would it be your position that we are due for a repeat of the 14 Flames of Valyria, except in this repeat performance we will see a single eruption from the depths of Winterfell? That might stop a charging army of White Walkers, maybe even incinerate a dragon, or two flying over the blast zone. This might fall in line with @Feather Crystal time inversion theory.
  4. I must confess that when @Black Crow started this thread I had no idea that we would be relishing in chess moves and their apparent "inspiration" for Martin in setting up the affairs in the North. Without question, this notion of Chess would do well served to have a future spot in Heresy to explore how GRRM (a grand master) might have used the game of chess (or cyvasse) to develop his narrative in the north. Besides; it would give us all a chance to have @JNR to provide other explanations on chess moves including the "Philidor Position", the deserado (not to be confused with the rock group Eagles best selling single) or even the "triangulation technique". I'm just saying! Returning for a moment back to Winterfell, I have two questions. I should preface that I have little to bring to the party in terms of enlightening revelations. 1. Where is @redriver on this subject and his premise that the storm that is ascending (descending) on Winterfell is coming from Winterfell itself? Would be great to here from you sir. 2. I would really like to hear more about the crypts and what lies below. When we ran through this topic in the Centennial Project we had posts claiming that a "dragon" was buried underground and responsible for the heat water/steam/air that permeated through the pipes that kept Winterfell warm. I for one do not subscribe to this notion, but I am interested in the relevance of Winterfell as it relates to the early stages of Westeros (pre-first man) and why it became a stronghold for the Stark dynasty.
  5. I think GRRM's use of numbers is merely to show the difference in elevations between the gateway (difference of two floors). As to the notion of a shortcut (and not to derail the conversation to discuss Chess moves), the castling move is the only time that the King can move more than one position, which as mentioned in my previous post it is really a means to put the King in a more defensive position. In other words, when I've used in past games it is generally when I sense pending danger to my King.
  6. There is a move in chess called castling (or castle). It's generally played in a defensive move by sliding the King over two spaces towards the rook, and then the rook is brought over to the next space on the other side of the King. There are certain conditions that must exist before you can castle (both pieces have not yet moved in the game and there are open spaces between them). BTW @ravenous reader I've very much enjoyed your contributions to the Winterfell topic. Keep them coming!!!
  7. First a shout out to @Feather Crystal as this really isn't on the lines of the wheel of time....but in thinking about it, all post/arguments/debates/etc. in heresy will reappear at some later point and have occurred at some past point. So I guess maybe it is. I sort of like the way Matthew has setup dispute between he and BC. It's a good question with opposing viewpoints; with a little bit of polishing there might be two good points of reference in which to start a debate. However, after posting this I see that BC has already set the stage for "Winterfell" so perhaps this may just have to wait for another day. I do like how the two views can be potentially aligned towards each other. On a separate note to Feather....since the whole world that Martin has created seems to have more questions than answers the further we travel down the rabbit hole....there are two variables that IMHO might be keys to unlocking the great mysteries. Time and magic At one point I believed that there was a field of magic that surrounded Planetos and when the comet came through (once again) the field was disrupted and magic was redistributed. I wonder if the same isn't true with your time wheel. I think it has been a great topic for the bi-centennial discussions.
  8. "Above all else, the truth. When a man lies, he murders some part of the world"