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  1. Heresy 181

    Pardon this brief intermission.....but wanted to also say Happy New Year to fellow Heretics and to invite anyone to go back and redo the Centennial Project on Timelines for BC's upcoming new Project.  I had a real challenge trying to piece together the timelines and felt that I generated more questions than I did answers during that particular piece. You want hurt my feelings....scouts honor!!! Here is the link:  
  2. Heresy 180

    LmL....I like your line of thinking.   At first, I was compelled to wonder about Mel's shadow baby and what happened to it versus the "offspring"...for the lack of a better word.....of the NK and NQ.  In other words, why don't we see Mel's baby running around, but yet we still see the white shadows finding residence in live or dead vessels.  If this line of thinking holds true, the answer is likely to be found in the old adage..."ice preserves, fire consumes". I think you have laid old a very plausible genealogy: NK + NQ = Pale Shadows = Ice Magic Pale Shadow + Live Being = White Walker Pale Shadow + Dead Being = Wight Not sure how the cold, the Others and Coldhands fits into this equation; but logic would suggest that the Live Being variable is why Craster and his ilk are producing babies and giving them up. ETA:  not sure on the ramifications of the fire magic babies and their effects: i.e. Vic's arm, Moqorro's and I suppose Mel herself.
  3. Heresy 180

    On the subject on how one's avatar comes across in dreams, we also have Bran appearing as a three-eyed Weirwood to Jon outside the Skirling Pass. "Jon?  The call came from behind him, softer than a whisper, but strong too.  Can a shout be silent?  He turned his head, searching for his brother, for a glimpse of a lean grey shape moving beneath the trees, but there was nothing only.....A weirwood. .....The weirwood had his brother's face.  Had his brother always had three eyes?  Not always, came the silent shout.  Not before the crow".  
  4. Heresy 176

      Could not agree more "Ramsey Gimp" with your query.  I read e1kobong's plog yesterday and thought the same thing.  If I might offer my own sentiments, I got lost on the last comment about "when the world was ending".  I'm not an expert on Norse Mythology and Ragnorak;  Which leads me....   I must confess the whole "patchface" verbiage has escaped me.  I haven't paid attention, and "most likely to my own fault" do I think he will matter.
  5. Heresy 176

      Don't mind me, I'm simply dropping a buoy so that I can come back and explore this further when I'm sober.  My first reaction is Symeon Star Eyes and his "sapphire blue eyes" and how that might translate to the 7-pointed stars.
  6. Heresy 175

      Do we chalk this up to the demise of the First Men by the Andals and then the Andals by the Rhoynar?     On the other hand, could it not be said that those families who chose to let the Pact die; effectively broke it?  At least in the eyes of the Old Gods.
  7. Heresy 174

      I think this post is really hitting the mark.  I've highlighted 3 of the 5 arguments, which if we all knew the answers we "could probably skip book 6" and move on to ADoS.   The other two items that Tucu mentioned are not quite straight forward (at least in my park).   -CoTF using obsidian (fire magic) weapons. -The Others hating all life (might be just a misunderstanding)   BTW....the last time I heard the name "tucu"....reminds me of "tuco" from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.   RIP.....Eli Wallach!
  8. Heresy 172

    Actually, GRRM was really shooting for the male version of "Orange is the new Black". Rather than taking place in a prison environment, the story starts in a far away place in a land called Westreros. Queue "Phillip Frye".
  9. Heresy 172

    And I concur. What a pleasant surprise to find Vinculus as our favorite red priest of Myr being non other than Thoros himself. Allow me to sift through the chaff and get to a few questions: Is it your believe (and I'm being lazy as I could very well go back through the pages upon pages of Heretical rhetoric): Strange & Norrell are the embodiment of what GRRM is creating with the Bran and Bloodraven story arc? If yes to the prior (and I preface again, as I have only seen three spoilers allowed) where do you see the Raven King (John Unkglass) fitting into the mix? Or to be more direct, as you seeing him as the Great Other, or something else? P.S: After three episodes I'm still finding it difficult to ascertain who is good from who is "bad". I tend to lean towards Strange as something good, as Norrell appears to be hiding something. I might add that the Gentlemen is evil incarnate. My take.
  10. Heresy 172

    A special note to Black Crow. Tonight, I saw the preview for "Jonathon Strange & Mr. Norell" for the first time here in the new land. Not sure when it will be premiering but we have it on our radar. Question: Am I okay watching the series without having read the books first? Your forthcoming wisdom will guide us.
  11. World of Ice and Fire App Update

    And I'm getting a mental image of Gregor Clegan as "Biff". But the real question is who is portraying Dr. Emmett Brown? My shoot from the hip answer is none other than Bryden Rivers (a.k.a. Bloodraven)! Besides; who else has access to time travel......maybe not physical, but certainly mental.
  12. I stand rock. I went back to mark this post so I can find the god damn thing and realized that you have Parts 1 and 2 embedded in this thread. So, I'll amend my previous post.....when this thread concludes, consolidate the two parts and kick off the next thread. Still....well done... :cheers:
  13. @yolkboy: I sort of stumbled onto part 2 of your b+s=m thread and am very impressed with the detailed work and analysis. This last post describing the Blackwood connection to the Stark family, which gives us a 2nd Mel really shores up the Melissandre theory. I'm a little lazy and didn't read all of the part 2 posts, nor did I go back and try and find part 1. As this part 2 thread comes to a close you might consider combining both parts into a a single op ed piece for your ulitmate part 3 segment of B+S=M. Nicely done.... :cheers: P.S: Now I'm going to hit the send button so that I can find this thread in the future. It's really least that is what the lazy side of my brain is telling me.
  14. Goldenhand & Becoming Azor Ahai (Spoliers)

    It all now seems so clear..... :cheers:
  15. Goldenhand & Becoming Azor Ahai (Spoliers)

    I agree with you. I'm beginning to lean more towards having to pick one or the other.....AA or TPTWP. One of these has to be leading up on a wild goose chase. If I had to pick one.....and this is purely shooting from the hip....I would hitch my saddle to the TPTWP. AA is going to be a deadend. Sorry folks, no scripture nor concrete evidence to support the belief. The only thing I do base by opinion on is the Targaryean claim and what will ultimately be where Jon Snow's story arc lands. I'll brace for the onslaught.