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  1. Will you be watching S6 even if it spoils TWOW?

    I'm convinced George will never finish the series. I'm 100% watching.
  2. Claptone - Puppet Theatre KINGDM- Can't Get Over You Couple of top notch up and comers!
  3. Season 6 Casting, Sightings and Speculations

    Could be in a fat suit and become Lord Manderly?
  4. Season 6 Casting, Sightings and Speculations

    Euron/Vic or Randyll, he would fit anyone one of those well fairly well.
  5. [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    I didnt even know this was in doubt, I guess I just assumed so, it seemed pretty logical I mean dragonglass/dragonsteel...not that far of a stretch.
  6. [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    I did notice the cliff that the NK was standing on changed position depending on the camera shot about 3-4 times, oh well, still a great scene overall.
  7. [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    Very impressed, this show has lost me as a whole, but this episode was on point, everything at Hardhome was done well. I really can't majorly fault this episode, Only nitpicks are the Reek/Sansa convo humanized Reek into Theon too much and the Tyrion/Dany convo was good but kind of repetitive. Other than that, I would probably give this ep a perfect score.
  8. This episode just saddened me, it kinda epitomized everything wrong with the adaption. Before this season I was still loving the show. 5 episodes in and Im pretty much over it. I'll stick with it because I still like seeing the portrayal of some great book characters (Jon, Arya, Jaime, Brienne, Tyrion), but the changes made in earlier seasons and this season have finally deteriorated the quality of the show as a whole to almost unwatchable levels (see Sand Snake seen in episode 4). This episode gets a 5 at best. The stone men were poorly done, Jorah getting greyscale was expected (with the omission of Young Griff/Jon Con) and I just don't understand the whole Winterfell situation, it just simply doesn't make any sense.
  9. Another thread about hiphop...

    Opinions on Kanye's performance at the Brit Awards? I f**ken loved it. Great song, and great energy. Here's the audio, the video links keep on being taken down so if you can find one enjoy, Also digging Vic Mensa and Theophilus London lately.
  10. Fuck that was bad, Billy Zane could be ok with a decent script and no beard. Such a scumbag move. Imagine if a decent anime studio got hold of the rights, or AMC/HBO? It would be bigger than GoT if done right.
  11. Another thread about hiphop...

    What are people thinking of 2014 Forest Hill Drive? I'm loving it. Wet Dreamz, A Tale of 2 Citiez and Fire Squad are standouts for me. What differentiates Cole from everyone else in the game is his unique flow, lyrical story-telling ability and truly honest production values. No gimmicks, no trap and no catering to the new temporary hip hop flavor of the month sounds, his music is timeless. Honestly, if you can't appreciate his music I would go as far as to say you're not a true rap/hip hop fan, I know it's a bold thing to say, but it really is fitting imo. You don't have to love his music, simply appreciate it for what it is, which is grade A rap the vast majority of the time. Edit: Songs like these, wow, simply perfection.
  12. Another thread about hiphop...

    Been jumping on Childish Gambino lately 3005 - Fire Fly - Also Hov has reeled me back in -
  13. Anime IV - new SUMMER animu and guff

    This is my main problem with anime, the majority of shows give the audience no respect and think everyone just wants to watch gratuitous up-skirt shots of teenage girls in school uniform saving the world, its actually makes me sick. It's the main reason I don't watch a lot of anime, I see the posters/advertisements and instantly know to not even bother.
  14. Anime IV - new SUMMER animu and guff

    Watch Brotherhood, it's definitely superior, the english dub is excellent as well
  15. Anime IV - new SUMMER animu and guff

    Just finished Full Metal Alchemist:Brotherhood for the first time (yes i know I'm late). Was very good, probably not as good as everyone makes it out to be, but its was still damn good anime. If I was to recommend an anime it would probably be the one where my display picture comes from, Planetes, simply a great relaxed anime that has some great philosophical, sociological and political themes throughout.