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  1. Who Indeed? (AND WHY?)

    This is where I think the source of Tywin's power lies. Everyone else. Tywin destroying the two rebel houses Reyne and some other foolish family wasn't about vengeance; it was about sending a message. Tywin-propaganda is all over the Seven Kingdoms, and the Lannister theme song is sung as often as The Bear and the Mainden Fair. There are many sayings about House Lannister (Tywin shits gold; a Lannister always pays his debts), as the smallfolk and the nobility are wont of reminding one another. As readers we can judge his battle commanding skills, and those don't seem to be great at all. His fleet was burnt in the Greyjoy rebellion, and he was crushed by a 16-year-old boy about 5 times in battle. The only significant victories he had were the Battle of Blackwater (and that would have failed if not for Tyrion's wildfire nuke) and the Sack of King's Landing, by use of treachery. Other than being rich, there seems to have been no factor to his reputation other than how he crushed the rebels (which was easy enough with the rest of his bannermen at his back), and the propaganda that arose from that. Anyway, this propaganda is so strong even Robert Baratheon fears slighting him. Everyone fears the mighty Tywin. He pretends to be a completely cold man, to retain that reputation, but through Cersei we know this is only a mask. Everyone everywhere needs to do exactly as he says. And he's always been a cunt.
  2. Who Indeed? (AND WHY?)

    There's only one sellsword here. If there were more sellswords, the one whom most of the sellswords believe most of the others believe has the power, is the one with power. It's not about fearing the man of power, it's about fearing those who enforce it. So I think Varys is right in that regard. Unfortunately, with only one sellsword, all the power goes to the sellsword. Should the sellsword be righteous, he would obey the king; should he be faithful, he would obey the priest; should be be practical, he would obey the rich man; should he be LF, he would kill all of them and crown himself, and take all the men's gold. GRRM very clearly and cleverly demonstrated the nature of power by choosing that specific example.
  3. Coolest names in the ASOIAF universe?

    How did I not think of that? It's sounds like some dragon-speak slang.
  4. Coolest names in the ASOIAF universe?

    I found "Dolorous Edd Tolett" very catchy. Tywin suits his name perfectly. Cat of the Canals has an awesome ring to it.
  5. Possible Cover art for Winds of Winter

    Wild guess: Cloak on purple/black