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  1. Jon and Val an item in WoW?

    I don't see Jon and Val becoming any longterm thing. He's got an arc about him coming back including great changes for his status quo that will probably eat up most of TWOW. Val may play a role in that, along with Mel, but I don't see them being an item that rides off into the sunset. Perhaps she will become a choice he will be presented with. As far as Jon abandoning his vows when he comes back, I really think it will be a matter of him not having a choice in the matter. He will be informed he was released from his vows. He will probably try to retake his vows to re-enlist and be refused by his former brothers. Hell, they could refuse him for his own good if Jon's lineage suddenly becomes common knowledge.
  2. [Book Spoilers] EP309 Discussion

    To the poster who was upset we didn't see the tents burning, it looks like next week's season finale picks up right where this left off, much like ep 9 of season 1 was picked up the next week seconds after Ned was beheaded. The previews for next week show Roose on the rooftop watching all the tents burning and collapsing in front of the twins. In fact, I think we may see Greywind's head sown onto Robb's body for all to see next week.
  3. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    I'm all for Merreen getting burned to the ground. There IS no better time. Dany is away with one dragon, probably recruiting a new Dothraki army. If she comes back to find Merreen utterly destroyed and her other two dragons taken? And a fleet of ships with something resembling an army at her disposal? Then she pretty much HAS to get the f*ck out of Dodge and head for Westeros. I think we all agree that storyline needs to end NOW. Dany really should be making a dramatic entrance on the shores of Westeros by the end of TWOW so she has the whole final book to get her story done. That means, bam!, out of Merreen after the battle. If Vic blows the horn this helps that along. Why else introduce the horn to the story? Why prophecize Dany seeing a corpse at the bow of a ship? Why even bring the boats if she isn't going to use them? Seems to me what you guys are piecing together in on the right path; Vic will die and Dany will seize his ships. That's all they were ever good for anyway. Selmy will probably die as well, but I wouldn't bet the rent on it just because it looks so obvious. As for Merreen's destruction, why is it so against the character's path? If she's gone when it happens she's absolved of any blame and the whole thing is taken out of her hands. If she comes back and there's nothing to rule she can say, "you know what? This is an omen I need to get back to my real purpose, reclaiming the iron throne". And if her dragons are missing and someone tells her they are being taken to KL or somewhere in Westeros? Instant course correction for Dany.

    I would pass this theory by as wishful fanfic, but for a few things: There is clearly an effort by the writer to establish 3 Targaryens for the end of the series. 3 dragons, three riders, yadda yadda yadda. I think most posters here buy into R+L=J. Dany being the second. So there will be a third. If you buy into Aegon being true, then that might be the end of it. But that's putting aside that he's a red herring because he's going to die, or isn't who he says he is. Tyrion being a Targ DOES work on the level that he would be the third rider. He also doesn't have to be legitimate. He could be the hand of the king again for a Jon/Dany rule. The downside to that is that it robs him of the great daddy issue story he had going on with Tywin. I'd almost rather Jaime and Cersei end up being Aerys' children, for the simple fact that it'd be more interesting. Imagine how tragic it would be for Tywin to have been murdered by his ONLY child? Wouldn't he have treated Tyrion better in life if he knew for a fact that the twins weren't his? And it makes it even more tragic for Tyrion. Jaime has a whole lot to answer for, and as much as I like him he probably should die at the end of his story arc. But a case could be made that HE'S the 3rd head of the dragon. Cersei is certain to die anyway, probably after she lives long enough for her last two children to die before her. Also, finding out that Tywin wasn't her father might be enough to push her over the edge and kill herself in a really dramatic way, so she surely won't be in the way at the end. I'm just not in love with the idea of Jon, Dany, and...Jaime being the 3 dragons at the end. Tyrion works better for that spot, and I could see Jon, Dany and Tyrion teaming up to rebuild the kingdom together. I'm not in love with the idea; I don't want secret Targaryens revealing themselves at every turn, but I DO recognize the need for it to play out to happen.
  5. Rickon, the Black Wolf.

    I think the will's going to be revealed at some point, but by that time or soon after it'll be a moot point because Jon's true herritage will become public knowledge (L+R=J); he'll be quickly moving on to bigger and better things. As for Rickon (and getting back on topic), he's a perfect example of why I wish Martin WOULD do time jumps in these books. The kids are all A previous poster made mention of how useless Rickon is and I can't help agree with him. Rickon is so young that to the PLOT and to us readers, he IS useless. All these cool things about Rickon being a badass, or a cold hard ruler, or even a cruel one, COULD come to pass, but only if Martin does a few time jumps or a helluva big one in an epologue. And I hope fans give him a pass on that because the series needs it. I kind of like the idea of a Rickon POV epilogue in the last book where Jon and he are massing forces with other northen alies, as they prepare to ride to battle to wipe out the rest of the Freys at the Twins. Jon would be present on another field as king of the iron throne (perhaps Dany would be his queen), and Rickon the lord of Winterfell. Sansa's armies from the Vale would be there too, as well as Bran and Arya being involved somehow if they are still alive. I just picture this badass ending montage straight out of the Godfather where all Michael's enemies are killed and all old family business is taken care of. Braveheart but with actual balls. I can see it all in my head right now with a 16 year old Rickon with his direwolf at his side. Something that lets the readers know that the Lanister and Frey lines are about to be snuffed out. In the course of the POV we'd get a "where are they now?" on the remaining characters and some insight on how Rickon got to be how he is. And Rickon get the last line of the series with, "The north remembers." as thousands of swords are drawn and horses ride out on the Twins in overwhelming force.