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  1. What is the point of time-travel...

    If you meant it as a philosophical question, then the answer is knowledge and entertainment. Wouldn't we love to be able to see the battle of Gaugamela, or read the lost works from the library of Alexandria? Wouldn't it be thrilling to watch the discovery of fire or the wheel? I you you are referring to the purpose as a storytelling device, I guess that it's a way of "showing not telling", and reveal information about situations where all the protagonists are now dead.
  2. Meereen Bargaining ?

    There are only three Slave cities: Mereen, Yunkai and Astapor, and Mereen is the biggest of the three. If you add to this that Dany took away the means of defence of the two rival cities (the Astapori Unsullied and the Yunkish mercenaries), it stands to reason that Mereen can still impose its will in the region. The Free City of Volantis is also pro slavery, but they are very far away and to the Slaver's Bay is dangerous.
  3. Official Synopsis Released

    George has confirmed that Coldhands it's not Benjen. I'm also inclined towards this conclusion. We know that Jaime and the Tyrell army are going to confront the High Sparrow at the Sept of Baelor, and perhaps the stalemate will be resolved by the duel of Cleganes.
  4. [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    This pretty much sums up my feeling about this episode (and many of the latest ones). Superb acting, brilliant directing and editing, excellent music, great production values, but very poor writing. When I rate a drama, I place a lot of importance to the writing (it weighs about 50% of my score). That's why I tend to rate the episodes very low of late. This one has been a 4 for me.
  5. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    One question: is there a proper way of address to the wife of a master, or even a female master? I ask this because I'm unsure of whether the Sybelle Glover's article should be corrected: Lady Sybelle Glover, originally from House Locke, is the wife of Robett Glover and the mother of Gawen and Erena Glover. In the absence of the brothers Galbart and Robett, Sybelle is the Lady of Deepwood Motte. Sybelle is called "Lady Sybelle" a couple of times in ADWD. But still, the term "Lady of Deepwood Motte" seems odd, since there are no "lords of Deepwood Motte". I wonder if this should be changed to something like "Mistress of Deepwood Motte"? Sybelle being called a lady could be attributed to her coming from House Locke. Or a female master is just called a "lady" and that's all?
  6. [Poll] How would you rate episode 604?

    No doubt it's the best episode of the season. I've given it a 5, so it's the first one that gets a pass this season for me. Some of the things that have been introduced in this episode (Davos wondering what happened with Shireen, Tyrion's leadership being questioned, the Tyrells planning to use their army to free Margaery...) would have made much more sense if they had been introduced in this season's episode 1.
  7. [Poll] How would you rate episode 603?

    The kinsguard armor we had seen so far had white decorations and a crown in the chest. Of course the design could have been changed by Robert. And of course it's reasonable not to wear capes in a fight. But the point is that the production failed to identify the two defenders in the tower as members of the kingsguard.
  8. [Poll] How would you rate episode 603?

    I guess that Rhollo refers to the fact that the two KG wore armours with the three headed Targaryen dragon, which is not the standard KG uniform that we had seen so far (with a crown in the armour). There's also no white capes or shields. They are dressed as they could dress any random Targaryen soldier. That, combined with the fact that in the scene it's never mentioned that they are members of the KG, makes their identification impossible . You are beating a strawman here. Everyone understands that an adaptation for a different medium will be different. People who complain just say that it's different and bad, instead of different and good. Also, no one thinks the books are perfect. After the publication of each book there's been plenty of criticism of the books in these forums (constructive and otherwise).
  9. Gerold Hightower not missing but inside the tower?

    If Rhaegar had left Lyanna with 20 good men, it's likely that they'd have surrendered to Robert or Eddard after the Trident, or after the siege of Storm's End ended. They would have hurried to deliver Lyanna and her son to the winners hoping to earn their good graces. Rhaegar needed someone who could trust completely, and those were the sworn brothers of the Kignsguard. Also, the TOJ was in Dornish territory, so the rebels could only reach there after defeating anyone else. 20 guards more wouldn't have changed anything. Now, why Eddard only went there with 6 men, when he was commanding a huge army at the time? The text strongly suggests that those six were all personal friends and of proven loyalty. All of them were Northmen, and many of them had ties to the Starks. It seems likely that Eddard suspected what he would find at the TOJ, and wanted people he could trust with a secret as big as the existence of Rhaegar's secret heir. Possibly Eddard did not trust anyone else than those 6 friends.
  10. [Poll] How would you rate episode 603?

    A 2 for me. Perhaps it's not among the worse episodes, but for me it has been one of the most disappointing ones. The aftermath of Jon's return, the Tower of Joy flashback, the return of Rickon and Osha, Jon abandoning the Watch... it had many big things with potential for great scenes, and it was a huge letdown. And I completely agree with the poster saying that Tyrion's scene when he was bored and had nothing to do seems a commentary on the purposelessness of his story at this point. I'm starting to wonder if Dinklage has negotiated in his contract the obligation of including him in every episode. The scene was a complete waste of time that could have been used in giving some more depth to the important scenes that were handwaved with a couple of weak lines. I fail to see what, unless you are referring to top notch acting, music and production values. And a somehow cool fight choreography. It's not what I look for in a show.
  11. Wert's chronology is one year off. The exact timeline in the times of the original trilogy would be: 575 (spring to autumn): The Blade Itself 575-576 (autumn to spring): Before They Are Hanged 576 (spring): Hell 576 (summer): Two's Company 576-577 (summer to winter): Last Argument of Kings This was confirmed in a post from Joe some years ago. ETA: Today is the tenth anniversary of the Blade Itself's publication!
  12. How would Davos know what happened to Shireen?

    @JagLover But, 1) It would not make sense that out of some thousands of deserters, at least a single one would have retreated to Castle Black? Considering that it was their last base, one of the few Northern castles that would support them, and the where the Hand of his king is dwelling? I'm not saying that this should be what most deserters would do, but considering that Davos was a friend and Shireen and had openly opposed Melisandre and her dark magic, one could imagine that at least some soldiers would try to go there. It's not like some recruits from the Stormlands have many more places to go in the North, and during winter. 2) If you agree that Davos would know sooner or later... why would she lie to Davos? It would be worse later. I would buy it if Melisandre had tried to flee away from Davos at the first oportunity she had. But she stayed there as if nothing happened. But most of all, IF Melisandre had lied to Davos about Shireen's fate, that would have been a significant scene that should have been shown or alluded to on-screen. It's something significant for character development of two protagonists, and required to understand their behaviours later one. Not including it is just as weak as having Davos forget about Shireen. Either way, it's bad writing.
  13. How would Davos know what happened to Shireen?

    IIRC in the last finale we saw Melisandre say to Davos that Stannis and Shireen were dead, and then the scene was cut. So even if we didn't hear Mel explain it, the logical assumption would be that she would have explained it to Davos. Bear in mind that Stannis' death was within the realm of the possibility (at least in the show, were he commands the battles from the front), but Shireen and her mother should have been watching everything from distance and ready to flee. Their death would have been a very strange event and Davos should have obviously inquired about what happened. One could argue that Melisandre could have lied to Davos and concocted some made up history to account for her deaths. But it would make no sense. Shireen was burned with thousand of witnesses, and precisely half of Stannis army deserted the day after. The news of how Stannis burned her daughter alive should be public knowledge in all the North by now, or at least they would have reached Davos/the Wall.
  14. Ramsay's Gift

    I was thinking that perhaps the gift was a meat pie for Ramsay to celebrate its new rise lordship. After all, if they want to introduce the pie, this is the best excuse to do it. The only thing required would be to have some of his soldiers disappear a scene before.
  15. Episode 3 teaser

    Don't fear. The gift for Ramsay will be a meat pie.