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  1. The problem I have with the "Inside the Episode" stuff is that there is no real context apart from the episode that just aired. It's just actors, showrunners etc talking. What questions were they asked? It could put a whole new spin on what they say. I also wonder how much the actors know about their character arcs, is it just when they get their scripts? I wonder if there is some misdirection here. After all the interviews etc, Sansa betraying Jon and running off with Littlefinger seems a given. This to me makes me think it's a red herring as it would be a big plot point to give away right now.
  2. Well she literally butchered his sons.
  3. I think that they will leave it for off season speculation. If it is one thing that Sansa's character does really well, it's generate discussion. Having said that, l don't think we'll have Stark vs Stark. It seems too predicable at this point.
  4. What part did Sansa play in the betrayal of Ned Stark in the show?
  5. I don't think Sansa knows about Lysa killing Jon Arryn in the show. Sweetrobin and Sansa left before Lysa mentioned it and at the Moondoor scene Lysa just says, "I killed for you."
  6. I didn't mean that Littlefinger needs a Bond villain exposition moment but that the onscreen narrative doesn't gel with what the actors and showrunners say afterwards. It's a problem with narrative execution, the plot drives these characters rather then the other way around.
  7. My problem with the show too much happens off screen. The audience is left to fill in the blanks, hence people coming to different conclusions to character motivation. If it weren’t for cast and showrunners’ interviews my interpretation of a scene would be completely different. It’s very disappointing of a show that is otherwise visually and musically very well crafted. It’s a shame that the writing is not up to the same standard. The Sansa as a "hardened woman making a choice" is a prime example of this. While watching the scene it didn't even register to me that Sansa had any real agency in the decision. So the way I see this playing out is that it will all be about Sansa's trust issues and Jon not listening to Sansa about falling for Ramsey's trap. And next week all will be forgiven after Jon and Sansa's conversation. The will trust each other implicitly and everything will be swept under the carpet never to be mentioned again.
  8. i think a lot of it was the inconsistency of her scenes in eps. 6 and 7. In the "Behind the scenes" for eps 7 and 8, Maisie Willims seemed to contradict herself one minute she says that it is scrambling desperation and then it was very calculated. She also said that she was happy that Arya was being challenged because she got too cocky. Unfortuantly it all plot driving characters instead of making it seem that the characters are driving the plot. This IMO is why it seems that the characters are making stupid decisions. The storyline in the North is another example of this, I think.
  9. Yeah, I think so to. But it seems Jon is arguing to go now and not wait. Well it at least might make up last Ep.
  10. I'm thinking along the same lines, that the Blackfish will help Brienne and Pod escape. Maybe Riverrun will be taken by some Bronn magic, he did say to Tyrion that he could take the Eyrie with 10 good men and a few grappling hooks.
  11. Ian McElhinney (Barristan Selmy) and Michelle Fairley play a wealthy married couple in Netfilx's Rebellion, about the Easter uprising in Dublin. It was really well done.
  12. I love me some spoilers but the leaks don't tell us the nuances of scenes. I mean Jon and Sansa arcs so far have been a little underwhelming. It was not what I was expecting from said leaks.
  13. True. I wasn't saying they're not legit, just to be mindful. Truede has been on the mark. As I said might be some of what was shot ended on the cutting room floor.