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  1. High Valyrian

    You've got the spelling of a lot of those words wrong but that is most of the words that are known. There is also dracarys which means dragonfire. Also a lot of other names are most likely of High Valyrian origin like Ayrmidon,Aegon, Aemon, Aerys, Jaehaerys, Rhaegar, Visenya, Rhaenys, Aenys, Maegor, Daeron, Rhaenyra, Baelor, Naerys, Daeron, Maekar, Rhaella, Viserys, Daenerys, Aerion, Maelys, Velaryon etc. We also know that all the dialects of the Free Cities which are bastadized versions of High Valyrian so a lot of the names and words associated with those languages should also be made to fit a created Valyrian language. I know that Dothraki creator David Peterson has an idea of what he would like to do with part of the grammar of Valyrian if he was asked to create the language. I think giving the task to an experienced conlanger is a better idea than giving it to some gradstudent.
  2. High Valyrian

    Daenerys became fairly fluent after a while but in the first half of the season David made her lines deliberately ungrammatical to highlight that she was not a native speaker. There were three types of Dothraki lines in the show. Most common were lines that were subtitled. Then there were Dothraki lines that were translated by someone else on screen (often Irri) and these were not subtitled. And finally there were lines that were not translated at all. (Though we have gotten most of them translated over at the Dothraki forum:,56.0.html)
  3. High Valyrian

    There are names and placenames that are of obvious High Valyrian origin as well but ya until someone gets the order to create the language there won't be any more help than what is in the books.
  4. High Valyrian

    What we know is that the common tongue was brought to westeros by the andals and the rhoynar, that's in the books somewhere I think. We don't know that the original language of the andals and rhoynar was different than valyrian per se but it's an educated guess based on what we do know. High Valyrian was the language of old Valyria and we know that the free cities where originally outposts or colonies of valyria and that the valyrian language spoken there was a bastardized version of High Valyrian. Now, that distinction wouldn't make that much sense if the whole continent spoke Valyrian so it stands to reason that Valyrian was spoken in Valyria and that the other people in Essos had their own languages. We know that this is true of some of the other people like the Lhazareen, Dothraki, Qartheen and Asshai'i that have their own languages so it's not unlikely this was also the case with the Andals and the Rhoynar.
  5. High Valyrian

    The common tongue is a mix the languages of the Andals and the Rhoynar which I believe are different languages than Valyrian and they came to Westeros several thousand years ago. High Valyrian is what they spoke in old Valyria before the Doom. Low Valyrian is the version of the language that is spoken in the Free Cities. These can he seen as different dialects of High Valyrian that have over time become more and more different from each other and from High Valyrian.
  6. High Valyrian

    To be honest, I wouldn't mind if they just decide to literally have Valyrian = Latin. But I bet they will do another Conlang that sounds "Latin-ish" - I don't see why not? Well, it would be a lot of trouble having them speak Valyrian all season long just to have one scene as a payoff for it later on. Don't get me wrong, I too would very much like them to create a Valyrian conlang but I also see reasons for why they would avoid it. I doubt that they would simply use Latin. There are tons of words in both Valyrian and the other languages that are derived from High Valyrian that would need to get work into a language to have it authentic. David Peterson who created Dothraki has said that he already has an idea for what he would do with parts of the grammar if was asked to create it. Right now he is very tightlipped and can't talk about anything that goes beyond season 1 so currently we have no clue if they are planning anything or not.
  7. High Valyrian

    I think the main problem with Valyrian is that I don't really see a reason for them to have it in the series. With Dothraki it is a way to establish the foreigness of the situation that Daenerys is thrown into. With Valyrian it would just serve as a replacement for english since it's a language that Daenerys has grown up learning. You would basically have to have everyone speaking valyrian in every single scene in Essos in season 2 for it to remain consistent since everyone she meets speaks valyrian of some dialect or another so there would be no place where they would realistically be speaking the common tongue.
  8. High Valyrian

    Possibly. I think it might come down to how happy they are with their choice to create the Dothraki language. One thing that might speak in favor of a Valyrian language though is that they also had David Peterson create seeds for two other languages, Skroth (the language of the white walkers) and Ashaii.
  9. These are astonishingly high ratings for being an internet poll. There's usually somone who gives the 1 vote in protest or whatever but here there's not a single vote of 5 or lower.
  10. [NO SPOILERS] Orientation

    I always understood that as a different way of saying birthday as in the day they got their name rather than the day they were born.
  11. High Valyrian

    Who knows if they'll do anything like a created language for Valyrian but I would say that there is at least a chance it might happen. David Peterson who created Dothraki was also credited in the first episode with creating the languages Skroth and Ashai'i. Skroth is apparently the "language" of the White Walkers. In the dothraki wiki we have a page with all the references to other languages in the books: For High Valyrian most of the references are names which can give a sense of what sounds are part of the language. There are also the well known phrases of course like valar morghulis, valar doheris and dracarys.
  12. Episode Names

    Only in meta. If they do something superimposed then it could be nice to use a quote from the episode like in The Wire after the title sequence of each episode.
  13. Episode Names

    Definately episode titles. Though it might be hard to find a title that summarizes an episode in a good way since there might be pivotal things happening in distinctly diffrent places within one episode but I guess it's just a matter of making a decision. Titles could take inspiration from a lot of references but there are a lot of quotes that are great titles. For me the first episode should definately be called "The things I do for love". Other great quotes could be: The crow is a tricksy bird. I'm going to kill that. We take it all. There are no men like me. And now my watch begins Dark Wings, Dark Words I am king here. The night is dark and full of terrors. The Others take your honor.
  14. Requests

    It might not be and probably isn't that straight forward. With an expression like that it doesn't have to be a simple word for word translation. It could be something seemingly diffrent that simply translates as "did you know" What we do know however is that "zhey" is a vocative particle that is used in front of the name etc of that which you are adressing.