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  1. [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    I really loved this episode - best so far! Loved Edmure and Blackfish - Blackfish being exactly how I imagined. Loved Dany. Loved Sam and Gilly and hated Craster. Loved Hot Pie. REALLY LOVED Tywin, Tyrion and Cersei in the same room together like WHOA! And most of all, I very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very much loved Jaime!
  2. You love me really, guys. And I would read a sample, but... nerh...
  3. Your unnecessary jab is really making me want to read your book right now.
  4. The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    See, I really want that dream to just show how much she now loves Jaime. I've had similar dreams about the men I like and want to be with, but can't be. I want it to show her desires and fears, not some prophecy. It has to. It just bloody has to. LOL!

    That depends if the Targs are recessive or dominant genes. They wouldn't need to be dominant genes for the legitimate Targs as they wed brother to sister anyway. But you're right, it does weaken their case. -phew-

    The Lannisters and Baratheons did marry at some point, and produced dark-haired children (Just as is the case mostly with our gene pools, though it didn't work for me). Varys is just Varys. I think at some point, either Aerys or Rhaella showed him an act of kindness that he had never known and for that reason he remains loyal to their dynasty. I really hope he is not a secret Targ. As to the dragons, I think a bond must be created at some point between dragon and rider, just as there is sometimes unique bonds between horse and rider (I would like to think there is one between me and Bay, but when I sat someone else on him for the first time ever, he acted the same).

    You're quite welcome. Shakespeare is zee best source of inspiration for all tragic figures. I quite like the mirroring of Tyrion killing Jaime's father and vice versa, but I do not see how it would make Jaime's life a tragic comedy. He has already 'rejected' Casterly Rock as his inheritence, not once but twice. Of all the Lannisters, he's the least to bang on about being a Lannister. I would even go so far as to say his fame and notereity has been only about 30% down to being a Lannister, and 70% down to his own actions. Of the three children, he's the least 'bothered' about Tywin being his father. Cersei spends her whole life wishing to be him and Tyrion has spent a good part of it trying to kill him. Jaime, on the other hand, very rarely mentions him.

    Sapphire blue eyes and curly blonde hair. Strong-limbed, broad chested ... A great amount of honesty and integrity, but a touch too much pride. I fear I may have already created this child of Brienne and Jaime for my own story, lol. Back to topic... I see what you're saying about Elia and Gregor. But Tywin would not consider that a debt repaid. Tywin has always been funny around sex. He buried his head in the sand regarding Jaime and Cersei's incest (nobody is convincing me he didn't know about it). It would be in his character to silently seethe about it.

    Alas, but what if some recessive gene meant they suddenly had violet eyes. THAT WOULD RUIN EVERYTHING!!!!

    Yes... but that would mean Jaime was not be a full Lannister. Sorry. That does not work with my romantic picture of him.

    I agree... but unfortunately, GRRM is fucking with our minds again.

    I hate the idea of Tyrion being Aerys' son. The problem is, Aerys has left enough of a 'seed of doubt' through Tyrion's physical description, his lifelong fascination with dragons and the references throughout the series of him somehow 'towering above' the men he should look up to. There's nine years between him and the twins. That's quite a long time. Considering Tywin loved Joanna, their marriage was not very fertile. A medieval woman would be expected to birth far more children - albeit, not all would live beyond their first year. There has been no reference to Joanna suffering miscarriages or still-births... something the twins might remember. This *might* suggest that Tywin wasn't too fertile, or something happened to affect his fertility after the twins.
  13. The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    Really? How predictable. I am disappointed and am now really hoping that Brienne doesn't betray him. I will go from loving to hating her in an instant if she dares to harm a hair on Jaime's head. Jaime leading band of outlaws Robert of Loxley style would be quite cool. Sansa as the poor Maid Marian in need of rescue. Littlefinger as Alan Rickman the sheriff of Nottingham. I am buying this already...
  14. The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    GRRM knows what he is doing by keeping silent about Jaime. He's the Byronic hero of the series and by keeping him in the dark, GRRM is making us salivate. He's done it before in ACOK when Jaime was imprisoned; he's mentioned throughout that book, teasingingly, then GRRM gave us an awesome scene at the very end that builds up our expectation for ASOS. I was in love with Tyrion until that scene, and then I cruelly dumped him for his more mesmerising older brother. Brienne will not lead Jaime blindly to his death since she loves him. We know from her scenes with Renly that she loves fiercely, almost obsessively. She loves Jaime for the same reason she loved Renly, because he saw her worth and gave her recognition (in the form of a Valyrian sword, FTW!). Throughout Book 4, her love for Jaime was subconscious (her dreams, her cutting off that fella's hand to avenge him) but the BwB made her face her feelings by calling her the Kingslayer's Whore. This will change how she is around him for sure. She is a very honest character, and whilst I doubt she will express her feelings outright to Jaime, she will likely tell him the truth of the ploy. Podrick makes it more complicated, but by telling Jaime the truth, it gives him chance to hatch a cunning plan (or at least, I hope...) I also think there's going to be some wandering in the snow going on. Stannis was stuck three days off Winterfell for what felt like a freaking century and a half. We know at the end of Book 5 that the snows have reached KL, which means they could be heavy in the riverlands. Brienne and Jaime may have found somewhere to keep a low profile for a while and hence gone off the radar. New Jaime is a cautious man, after all... so for once, this annoying snow might come in useful. Cue romance ... There's been a lot said about Jaime's sexuality in recent chapters. GRRM expends a lot of energy in this latest chapter explaining Jaime's views of Lord Jonos' fancy piece. He also makes frequent mention of the toothless whore from Harrenhal. His narcissistic relationship with his twin is all but over and he's beginning to recognise other women's bodies, even women with serious imperfections. And we know from the scene in the Harrenhal tubs that at least one *ahem* part of him finds Brienne attractive. I would enjoy reading a romance between the two. I would enjoy (in a sadistic way) reading their relationship being destroyed when he's forced to return to KL. I also agree with everyone that his story is not done yet. He is finally wanting to tell Tommen and Myrcella the truth, and thus bond with them. Whilst I doubt he'll get the 'happy ever after' he craves, I really, really do not want this part of his story arc to finish before it's really begun.