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  1. But wasn't there some observation by Victarion that Euron hadn't aged any since he had last seen him? It wouldn't be out of the question that Euron may have been resurrected.
  2. I'm on board with this. I think Rodrick Harlaw expressed skepticism of Euron actually traveling to Valyria as well. The Warlocks were traveling to Pentos when Euron intercepted them, this is after Illyrio had sent "Aristan" and Strong Belwas to fetch Dany and bring her back to Pentos. My guess is the Warlocks may have been in league with Illyrio to try and wrest control of Dany's dragons from her and may have brought the horn for just such a purpose.
  3. I think I recall some round table discussion where they indicated that George was testing them as to how much thought they put into the book. He questioned them as to who Jon Snow's mother was, and they said he seemed pleased with their answer. During the round table I don't recall them actually saying that they guessed Lyanna, but I assumed that's who they would have guessed. But the trick for most of the readers has always been figuring out that Lyanna was Jon's mother. Once you figured that out, Rhaegar became the automatic assumption as to the father. So when R + L = J crowd dispute that this theory seems too obvious, I think they are mainly disputing that it's too obvious that Lyanna is Jon's mother.
  4. I think that the idea isn’t that Howland has adopted the Faith of the Seven, but rather he would be taking on the identity of a Septon to use the religious beliefs of the Southron common-folk to create unrest and form an army. (And a behind the scene schemer creating an army out of thin air is a repeating motive in the books). Now one may make an argument that Howland shouldn’t have sufficient knowledge of the religion to make a convincing Septon. For example, I don’t think anyone sees Varys or Illyrio as devout followers of the Seven, but they are taking pains to bring a Septa on board to teach their Eliza, Young Griff, the religion of the Faith. I don’t think it’s an adoption or an endorsement of the religion, but an awareness that Young Griff needs to win the hearts and minds of the Southron common-folk, and one of the best ways to do that is through their religion. (Perhaps a lesson that Stannis should have heeded).
  5. Howland playing King Alfred and Howland acting as an agent of the Green Men don't have to necessarily be exclusive. Howland uses his children to ferry Bran up north, leaves the Neck in the hands of the Crannogmen, while Howland and perhaps other agents of the Green Men wage guerilla warfare in the south. There is at least one passage that makes me think that it's possible that Beric and some of his companions may have made a visit to the Isle of Faces: The lake in question is the God's eye. And it would have been after this trip, that Lord Beric announces who his allegiance is to:
  6. But where is the High Sparrow coming from? So Brienne wonders if this group of sparrows (the leader of which would later become the High Septon) had previously come from Maidenpool. Now if you look at the map, follow the Green Fork. I say the Green Fork, because we know that Howland Reed was familiar with it. So let's say that after Robb sent his emissaries to contact Howland, Howland traveled back with them through the Green Fork, sneaking past the Twins ultimately traveling to Saltpans, the scene of a massacre of the war. They pose as septons, encouraging survivors to take up arms and travel to King's Landing. They then go through Maidenpool the place of another massacre, and continues to stir up the local peasants. Then to Duskendale, scene of yet another massacre. And then they come upon Brienne and her companions on the road from Duskendale to Rosby. And once in King's Landing he uses the support he generated from his travels through the war torn Riverlands to become the new High Septon, where he uses his influence and Cersei's lack of judgment to start arming an army in the middle of King's Landing. I'm not saying I totally buy this, but I think this is a definite possibility.
  7. But King's Landing is the heart of the enemy (the heart of the lion). While Riverrun is biggest Stark ally south of the Neck, now under enemy control. If he is Tom, then he has already been gaining a measure of revenge on the Freys. Despite technically being a part of the North, the North appears to be unknown territory for the Crannogmen. In fact, Meera and Jojen's arrival at Winterfell seems to be the first time any Reed in recent memory has traveled there. However, the Crannogmen seem very well known to the Freys, which seems to imply that they have had much more contact within the Riverlands. So it wouldn't surprise me that this is where they would start their resistance.
  8. But on the other hand, this isn't a game, it's guerilla warfare. Which is what the Crannogmen are known for. They are sneaks, they don't fight fair. The High Septon is assembling an army under the noses of the Lannisters using the religious beliefs of the peasants. And in the process commits a humiliating revenge on Cersei Lannister one of those responsible for the death of his paramount. Meanwhile Tom is joined up with another guerilla force first organized by Lord Stark, which is striking at Tywin's armies and supply lines. Now Tom has positioned himself into the middle of Lannister forces occupying Riverrun. And Shadrich is attempting to find Eddard's oldest daughter, and the apparent heir to Winterfell. If you look at the legend of King Alfred the Great, it ties in. Alfred's realm was overrun by Danish forces. He gathered an army and used guerilla tactics to fight back. In the midst of this King Alfred would go forth into the realm in disguise, where he could gather intelligence.
  9. There is a much more mundane possibility as well. The Wall is as tall as it is, because it has been manned for thousands of years by a force that has nothing better to do other than continue to make the Wall taller and taller. Think of it as a mass case of obsessive compulsive disorder lasting thousands of years. We have a huge force of people waiting for thousands of years for the return of the Others, but the Others never come. So the commanders have to do something to keep their recruits busy and focused at a task. Thus, they make them continue to build the Wall taller and taller, and as generations come and go, the height of the Wall reinforces their belief of how dangerous the threat north of the Wall is. After all it would have to be for their predecessors to have built a Wall that high.
  10. If Howland is really running around in disguise I think there are four possibilities (I'll put them in order of what I think is most likely to least likely): 1. High Sparrow. 2. Tom O' Sevenstreams 3. Shadrich 4. Septon Meribald (this is a real dark horse. Unlike the other three he is not described as small, but is described as being stooped over. So I suppose it is possible that if Howland is operating under a glamor he could be disguised as a taller person stooped over). The High Sparrow has been debated enough on this board. Tom O'Sevenstreams is interesting because he is the most stereotypical of a "green man" type character out of folklore. I also find it intriguing that Howland Reed is allegedly descended from the "Marsh Kings" of the Neck. There was a book by Walter Hodges back in the lates 60's about King Alfred the Great titled the Marsh King. I haven't gotten around to reading it yet, but I assume that he associates this title to King Alfred for the time that King Alfred hid out in the Sommerset Marshes from the Vikings. Anyways, old King Alfred was known for traveling in disguises, having once infiltrated a Danish camp disguised as a wandering minstrel. I'd put Shadrich a distant third behind these two unless he's operating under a glamor because his hair color seems wrong for being the father of Meera and Jojen. I've also become really enamored with Shadrich being a descendant of House Darklyn, which was discussed in the previous Heresy.
  11. Why have an eight hundred foot wall for any purpose? Is a wall of that height needed for White Walkers? They appear to be the size of a man. If they can turn into air I would expect that they could still travel either over or around the physical barrier the Wall creates. Woukdn’t a magically warded wall be just as effective against the White Walkers if it was much shorter?
  12. I don't think we have any reason to believe that Jenny wasn't from the riverlands. It appears that the nearest village to Oldstones may be Sevenstreams, where Tom O' Sevenstreams is from. And speaking of Oldstones: My guess is Jenny was also from Sevenstreams, where they all appear to be interrelated. In other words a very insular community that is keeping a bloodline fairly close together. And if Jenny is from Sevenstreams, and if she claims to be descended from First Men kings, then the my guess is we have a group of people who at least lay claim to having "kingsblood". And interestingly enough old Tom seems to have some similar physical characteristics to our mysterious Mad Mouse: And then Ser Shadrich:
  13. This thought occurred to me as well, that the snake part of the Wall was where it followed a river, while the sword part of the wall, was a canal used to connect the end of the river to the eastern shoreline. Basically making a navigable channel through the north, which was later used to create the Wall. But going back over the quote and how the Wall runs west of Castle Black made me rethink this: A river wouldn't be running over the tops of hills. So if the Wall directly came from a river west of Castle Black, than the Wall should follow a valley between the hills as opposed to running along the tops of the hills.
  14. One can make a decent argument that the white walkers are literally made of frozen air. The skeleton and their outer shell made of frozen nitrogen, while their "pale blue blood" is liquid oxygen. (google liquid oxygen to see what I mean).
  15. I don't know if the Targaryens, or any dragonlords, have ever been able to do this. At least we haven't been given any evidence of it. My theory is that the Prince that was Promised, might be directly tied into this idea. That the Prince is meant to be sacrificed through fire so that his psyche can be transferred into the dragon. Which is why Aemon seems to directly tie the prophecy to Septon's Bart's theories about dragon gender.