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  1. Longaxe added a topic in Blood of Dragons MUSH   

    Game Down
    I knew Jyana was going to break the MUSH. I just knew it.
    • 9 replies
  2. Longaxe added a post in a topic Help with Atlantis   

    The port should be 3000, not 300.
  3. Longaxe added a post in a topic Another stab at Renown & Reputation   

    It would also make the asset searchable, handily enough.
  4. Longaxe added a post in a topic Another stab at Renown & Reputation   

    Famous is hidden? It shows up for me when I do others.
  5. Longaxe added a post in a topic Another stab at Renown & Reputation   

    Is some sort of normalization algorithm feasible? Say, for example, every so often (maybe monthly or quarterly), the renown of all characters is recorded and then reduced in a manner so that they keep the relative disparity between them, but it's normalized so that even the most renowned character is below a cap of, say 1,000 or 10,000 or some random number. If it's at 1000, then a character that was at 1500 renown at the start of the algorithm would still have twice as much renown as a character who had 750, but the objective number would be smaller?

    This is just a rough idea, so I don't even know if it's feasible, but if it's workable, it could help when dealing with inflation. People aren't so much concerned with "I have x more renown" but "I am x amount more famous than that guy". If the proportion is still there, does it really make a huge difference what the exact number x is?
  6. Longaxe added a post in a topic DISCUSS: Suggest Articles   

    As a subset of the Chivalry article, you might want to include something in there about duels and matters of honor. I don't really believe that we should just duel about everything, but since this type of environment thrives on conflict it would be good to have a set of guidelines to go about in such a situation within the code of Chivalry. How closely would Westeros follow the code duello, etc? The society is old enough and the court structured enough that it's likely something like this would have been worked out--there may be various differences between the way the Reach does it as opposed to the Vale, for example. Just a suggestion.
  7. Longaxe added a post in a topic BoD Casting Call   

    So, I was thinking about it, and I was trying to find someone age appropriate, but then decided screw it.

    Paul Giammatti. He'd need a dye job and a toupee, probably, but he'd be perfectly able to pull off the civilized sleaze I try and aim for when I'm not RPing drunk--in which case I usually go for a cheap laugh.

    Runners up if he wasn't available: Geoffrey Rush or Alan Rickman.

    EDIT: OK, I changed my mind. An actor that would be perfect for Myles recently came to my attention that I knew of but just slipped my mind when I was considering this: James Purefoy. He'd be great as Myles.