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  1. your avatars are just pure win these days. Cheers!

  2. I'm no expert on chemistry, but that seems quite possible, too. A sort of critical mass being present, or something. As long as there's more to the picture than "Dragons did it all" I'll be happy.
  3. What Hallyne says is there is a correlation between magic and dragons, but it doesn't necessarily say anything about what way the connection is - the Targaryen dragons had been harder to breed, and become progressively smaller and/or deformed (IIRC) until they went extinct entirely, suggesting magic was on the wane in general, and when it reached a low enough point, the dragons would start fading. So I think it's indisputable that dragons are magical, probably more so than any other animal in the world of ASOIAF including Direwolves or Krakens, but I am still not convinced they are anything more than a very impressive and dangerous indicator of the ebb and flow of magic in the world - ie they are not the cause, but an effect. It is of course possible that dragons are indeed the cause, but I think it's just as likely that humans misinterpret the signs, and get cause and effect the wrong way about - hell, it happens all the time even today, not with magic and dragons of course, but "studies", that come to such conclusions as "eating healthier increases your chance at a high-paying job" (this was an actual news item a while back).
  4. What Quaithe says to Dany suggests what you say, yes, but that doesn't necessarily make it true - Quaithe could be wrong, or misleading Dany for her own reasons - we have several instances of magic on the rise before the hatching of the dragons, such as an entire generation of Stark children being Wargs, the awakening of the Others, and several of the Red Priests discovering that their magic comes easier and/or works better, though the timing of that is not entirely clear some, at least, seems to have noticed this before the dragons. It's enough that we can't just take Quaithe's word for it and call it a day.
  5. Partly because it's far from universally agreed that the dragons are the source or cause of magic, rather than just another effect or symptom of magic.
  6. Great photo... :)

  7. Urgh, no, they love each other (as brother and sister), which is in stark (hahah) opposition to eg Jon and Sansa.