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  1. People are going to jump down your throat with a range of inane examples, but I, for one, agree with you - the show is speeding things up to the point where it's painfully obvious that they're not even trying to make sense as far as travelling goes.
  2. Re: A - possibly, and it makes a certain amount of sense as far as "honour" is concerned: a rape victim is blameless, while an adultress bears some part of the blame - Westerosi ideas about women are messed up by modern standards, to say the least, but this at least makes sense. Re: B - yeah, even without allowing for Jon, it would be a hard sell, but with Jon in the picture, Ned has no real incentive to dispute official events - he does his best to not join in on Robert's "Rhaegar bashing" because he knows better, but he is practical enough to not take it any further than that. Robert's acceptance of Tywin's actions re: Rhaegar's kids did lead to a major falling out between Robert and Ned, but Lyanna's death made them reconcile - Ned's newfound reasons not to rock the boat probably played a role here. 100% agreed. I mean as far as the show is concerned we're kinda forced to accept the "Marriage was annulled and Jon is legit because we say so" reasoning, but we don't have to like it.
  3. I think it's very likely that, had Rhaegar won at the Trident, he would've become de-facto ruler, if not King, immediately after - he certainly intended something along those lines, and if Robert and the majority of his forces had been defeated, he might have managed it, too. Most Loyalists probably would have followed him rather than Aerys. If the rebel leadership were given satisfactory assurances that Aerys was no longer in the picture, it's also possible that peace could have been achieved (probably not with Robert, but this is all a giant nearly pointless what-if in which Robert lost). Unfortunately for Rhaegar, he misjudged a few crucial things, and well then we have King Bob.
  4. It was the official version of events, and as I recall even Ned's kids believe it to be true. Ned probably knew better, but his promise to protect Jon precluded him disputing the official version. But yes, Rhaegar was not a rapist.
  5. If Dany was pressing a claim (or rather, leading an invasion) in the name of herself, rather than in the name of House Targaryen, that could work - but for better or worse, she's doing the whole thing in the name of being the last descendant of the Targaryens. This seems to be a mostly theoretical difference as long as she is the last scion, but with Jon around... her reaction to which is one of the more interesting facets of Jon's apparent legitimacy.
  6. Actually that's exactly what was already there, just with different titles: subject Kings rather than Lords Paramount, Emperor instead of King of the Seven Kingdoms (substitute Queen/Empress as applicable). Well it would not be much of a change, but it might be all that is needed to get it to "go down easy" in some cases. Yes, just what she needs, more titles, urgh!
  7. Whichever one it was, it certainly wasn't a beheading nor was he using Ice. Personally I thought he pierced her heart, but cutting the throat is also possible. I don't see that it matters though, either would be a quick and reasonably humane death compared to what Cersei would have had done, which was the whole point of Ned doing it himself (as well as to reinforce how Robert / the southerners don't believe in the whole "he who sentences..." thing that Ned believes).
  8. Fair enough, I think we mostly agree since that's what I'm saying, too - her only theoretical claim is through Robert (and Tommen, obviously, but officially the Baratheon line in any case) though in practice it's obviously through the simple combination of "there no-one else left", "she's not Dany" and she has (had?) a sizable army left. As well as simple inertia: she physically sits on the Iron Throne. It's not like Cersei controls much more than King's Landing itself any more, even if she claims ownership of the full Seven Kingdoms.
  9. Did you read the rest of my post? I address that exact point elsewhere, but Cersei's situation is unique in general, and has literally nothing to do with Gendry's.
  10. Well put. Some people get very angry when they lose a point in a discussion, and go right for personal attacks - usually of the kind we see here. Not sure why really, if their life truly is that amazing and busy, but eh. People will be people.
  11. I don't think you can be legitimized into kingship when the dynasty you ostensibly belong to has ended. But really, at this point it all comes down to who's left standing after everything is over rather than this or that tiny detail. Say Dany and Jon and Cersei and a number of other ambitious lords have all perished, yet Gendry is alive and his parentage is widely accepted (those are a lot of ifs and rather implausible) then I guess it's not impossible that he could end up being King. Currently, Cersei theoretically rules on as a sort-of continuation of Robert after all. IF Gendry survives at all, it's possible that Jon (likely) or Dany (possible) would restore him to the Baratheon line (where he'd be at the top) as Lord of the Stormlands however, as much for "services rendered" as for his blood.
  12. GRRM has grossly misjudged how long it would take him to finish the story - but other than that I don't see how this accelerated ending is his fault? That it ends up finishing in this much of a rush is a surprise though. It feels like, at the end of The Two Towers, there's a final paragraph that says "but then Sam freed Frodo and they kicked Sauron's ass and by the way Aragorn probably became king or something, the end. PS: Cast Sean Bean as Boromir please, that would be fuckin' awesome".
  13. Start by reading the thread before jumping to conclusions.
  14. You might want to consider getting some help with that, it sounds very unpleasant. Though I suppose it's better than pissing yourself crying.