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  1. Just finished The Lost City of Z by James Grey, starring Sienna Miller, Charlie Hunnan and Robert Pattinson. I can't believe I haven't seen more discussion about this online, it really is a great film. And here I was thinking that 2017 was quite a bad year for films (well, I actually still think that to be honest, but at least we got this one and Logan). The film really feels like a throwback to an older kind of film. Some of the better reviews I read described it as a cross between one of those epic New Hollywood films of the 1970s and a David Lean epic. I can see where they got that from, although I feel like its a lot closer to David Lean in feeling than New Hollywood, without actively copying it. The story of Fawcett's obsession is staggerinly well-portrayed, the actors all gave great performances. I never really payed much attention to Charlien Hunnan before, but he was really good in this. And Robert Pattinson was a revalation. I knew he was in this and I knew which character he was playing and I still had trouble recognising him. That was a really great performance I have to say. The lighting and cinematography was really beautiful. I can't really remember any of Grey's other films, but here he really displays great attention to detail. I wish more directors put this much care in their craft. I definitely warmly recommend this one.
  2. I finished the last episode of Strike (the BBC adaptation of the thrillers J.K. Rowling wrote under her pseudonym). Kind of bummed out by the fact that this was the last one. I really liked the characters and the stories (although the episodes based on the second book were definitely a bit weaker plotwise). I hope they'll decide not to wait for the release of further books and just make their own original mysteries for the series. I think that would be nice and it would mean I had a new crime series to look forward to every year. We are also all in dire need of more Tom Burke in our lives, so that alone is already a good excuse to make more of these. I also watched Kobayashi's Seppuku (1962). I had this one on my watch list for quite some time and I am very happy to say that it did not disappoint at all. It's an incredibly sad story, that manages to tug at the heartstrings without being manipulative. It was also pretty unpredictable. I honestly couldn't really predict where the story would go (I guess that that is both a result of the cultural strangeness and expectations shaped by the way modern films would go about telling this story), but I really like the way Kobayashi eventually developed it. It was compellingly tragic and surpringly calm (the action is handled extremely well when it occurs though). The acting was also great, I get why Tatsuya Nakadai was such a famous actor back in the day. He was very subtle, which was quite the pleasant surprise, because sometimes those Japanese actors can go really annoyingly over the top (one of the reasons why I didn't enjoy Rashomon). The film also made clever use of symbolism to convey its central (and imo very valuable) message and it contains some incredibly disturbing scences (If you have seen the film, you know the one I'm talking about). It's hard to talk about without spoiling anything, but I would definitely recommend it to you all. Oh, that's a shame. She really had great presence in this one Now that I have had some more time to think about it, I can't help but notice just how unmemorable the movie is. Barring the collar bar pin Keanu weares when he gets his new Italian suit, I don't think I'll remember much about it in like a week or so.
  3. They replaced Ron Perlman? Why
  4. I just finished John Wick 2. Not that impressed with it to be honest, I expected it to be better based on the reviews I read when it came out. I'm actually glad that I missed the theatrical run of this one. The film lacked a soul in my opinion, there really wasn't anything to bind it together and it suffered from that typical 'bigger = better' disease sequels often suffer from. I was also not very impressed with the worldbuilding, the world as represented by John Wick 2 is just not a very plausible one. In fact I can't really see how it makes any sense at all (like is anyone not an assassin in this movieverse?). Not to mention that some of it felt gratuitious, like they were just throwing in worldbuilding in there to justify an ever expanding network of sequels and spin-offs. The action was also, I don't know, a bit slow at times. In the first one everything felt brutal and exciting, like John Wick was this unbelievably efficient killing machine, but now it felt a little overchoreographed. Like John Wick seemed more preoccupied with the aesthetics of his killings than actually getting closer to his endgoal. I don't think I'll ever rewatch this. Although I also don't want to be overly harsh on it. It's a 7/10 film I'd say. Common was very intense and I really liked Ruby Rose's character Ares. I can't really recall seeing her in other things, but she does a good job playing the tough chick. I could see her helming a franchise of her own. Keanu was good as always.
  5. This episode was a bit of a snore. If the highlight of an episode of South Park is the parody of home improvement shows, they're not off to a great start.
  6. I got a chance to binge all the available episodes of the adaptation of the Cormoran Strike novels. I really like them I have to say. They are not as despressing as the usual murder mystery is nowadays and they have some great actors in them
  7. This looks very promising Brilliant
  8. Thank you very much Corvinus, I'm glad someone missed my analyses, I'll try to drop in a bit more often. Although, I haven't been watching a ton of great stuff lately, so I don't have much to talk about on here Thank you very much Martini, some days are better than others, but I keep on moving forward or at least I try Still incredibly fast though. I love the fact that this show has such an incredible pace without becoming incoherent like so many other shows. I hope they'll be able to keep that balance going Thank you very much as well Zorral, great to see that little old me was missed on here That was a good moment. I do think Aethelwold is a much better character on the show than he's in the books. Something I feel could be said from a lot of the TV-shows characters imo
  9. I have been gone for a very long time, due to stuff in my personal life, but now The Last Kingdom has finally brought me back to these trusted shores. I just finished the second season and it's just brilliant, overall I'd say it was stronger than the first season, although I do think season one had more stand-out moments (Leofric screaming No Mercy, the baptism of Guthred, the freeze frame of Alfred, etc.). I have to admit that I did not expect that they could pull it off, because this season's material was pulled from my least favourite books in the series. I'm also impressed by how they managed to introduce all those characters we didn't have in the first season and made them stand out. It's really impressive, I'll definitely watch a third season, it's such a breezy show I have been gone for a long time, but I'll edit the title
  10. If you hurry up with Black Sails, you can discuss the series with us over in the dedicated thread the third episode of its final season is airing this week so you still have time
  11. Hmmm, I don't know about this one. Not a big fan of alt.anything really
  12. I watched Powerless as well. I wasn't impressed either I. It wasn't very funny or very memorable. But it's the first episode, most sitcoms need a couple of episodes to find its footing.
  13. That speech he made in Africa made me shed a manly tear honestly. Such brilliant writing
  14. If I remember correctly, the third book (or was it the second, I'm a bit hazy on the details) was the weakest in the series, so I hope they find something to pair it with so that it's better than the books
  15. I'm going to stay strong and not watch that final trailer. It's been ages since I last saw more than two trailers for a film (I try to limit myself to one if I can help it), but I'm glad it seems to inspire a lot of laughs on here I think we can all agree the trailers make the movie look a lot better than any of us expected Is this some sort of alternative history show? I didn't really like the first one, but I loved the trailer for that movie. This trailer is pretty meh to be honest. Although I'm glad Merle is getting a spot in the limelight. He was the only thing worth watching about TWD after season the couple of season one episodes that were good, so he deserves a break. But at the very least a very high-budget fanmade production right? like that internet billionaire who built a castle or something for his GoT themed wedding party Pretty much sums up my feelings as well