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  1. I saw the first episode of channel 4's new sitcom 'Derry Girls' apparantly I do watch sitcoms again because this was hilarious. It's about a group of Irish girls (+ one wee English fellow) at a Catholic school in '90 era Derry. I suspect this is going to be a great one I thought you said: What's clever about in this context? Perhaps something is lost in translation, but when I think about a funny holocaust joke I think of something like: (this is probably outrageously offensive to some, for which I do apologise) I have to agree with @Annara Snow Telenovella's, based on the small sample I have seen are terrible. Like, pretty much on the same level as a bad soap opera. Based on my experience, I would say that the 13 episode limit is pretty hard to beat regardless of culture (again sitcoms and animation are more capable of transcending this limit). Unless the show in question has a really atypical production schedule and a bigger budget than usual, it's hard to make something decent if it has more episodes than that. I mean think of it, how many seasons of television can you recall where you'd say that an extra episode or two could have improved the whole story? Looking back to recent years, only the first season of The Last Kingdom springs easily to mind, that could have used an extra episode if they had had the budget for it. I can cite way more shows that would benefit from a reduced number of episodes (e.g. all those superhero junk shows they're making now). Of course I don't know that Turkish show in question. Perhaps it did have those two things or perhaps it's one of those mysterious flukes that happen occasionally
  2. Never heard this one before, please do tell
  3. Jikes, I wouldn't even try to begin with that. I mean, can a show really be that good for so many episodes? As a rule of thumb, I tend to avoid series which have more than 13 episodes a season (animation and sitcoms, if I were to still watch the latter, excepted). Odds are pretty big that a show is going to be crappy if it exceeds that number.
  4. I'm a closer what can I say Yeah, I still haven't seen everything from last year TV-series can be a bit intimidating to jump into
  5. Reading the last page of this thread was about as enjoyable as the premiere of Knightfall
  6. Philistines are everywhere these days The protagonist is pretty much a mute though, so I give them a pass on the dialogue. The story is pretty thin, certainly in the beginning, but they put that to rights I think with some clever tricks. On the ending, I did like that it was So it doesn't go further into funny-bad territory? that's a shame
  7. Finally got around to Baby Driver. My God, what a gem of a film that was. I thought it began a bit slow (storywise that is, the car chase was awesome), but near the end it had me completely on board. Great performances (I know everyone rightly praises Jaimie Fox, but damn Jon Hamm was also on point), nice story and just the sheer brilliance of the film maker shining through. This film just flows perfectly in sync with all the music it throws at us, which is something I don't think I have ever seen before. Definitely one of the best films of last year, I'm sure displeased with myself for not having seen it in theatres.
  8. The whole Templar history should be golden material for a TV-series. They made in my opinion the boring decision to make it about the grail, but even then they should have at least been able to create a sort of okay show. But this went next level bad with the way it was filmed, like I would be ashamed to be associated with it as a director. But imagine that it ends up like some sort of medieval version of The Room or something... The odds are slim, but it might just be that special!
  9. A friend called me and said that I really had to watch the pilot for Knightfall. He said I would understand and boy did I ever That was almost to painful to watch. Horrific VFX, bad acting, shoddy dialogue, weird editing you name it, this pilot had it all. I'm almost tempted to watch more of it, just to see how ridiculous it will eventually become.
  10. Yeah, we're supposed to Yeah, that slayed me as well What I also liked about the show is that it showed me a side of the UK I wasn't really familiar with. It felt strangely American, with the road trip and the sort of country and people they encountered throughout their voyage. Not like I usually think of the UK at any rate
  11. It looks very shiny and chrome, despite having Joel Edgerton in it @AncalagonTheBlack Any news on when Hard Sun is going to be released?
  12. I can imagine. It's just plain weird. I loved it though. I don't get to see that much television and film anymore, so I'm very glad that one of the things I did get to see was such a creative little outlier (thank God for the boards for recommending it). I also really liked the format. Short season, very short episodes and yet still not a story of the week kind of format. I think we need more experimentation with runtime on television, that would vastly elevate the standards of our TV-shows imo.
  13. I get what you mean about rubbing you the wrong way. Apparently he is a grade-A douche in real life, so at least he's deserving of your apathy of his filmography. He seems to have been quite an asshat on the set of Out of Justice, although I read a funny story about his turn on that film. Apparantly Seagal thought he was immune to loosing continious when choked because of his martial arts training. Supposedly, a stuntman put that to test and Seagal of course lost consciousness and actually shat himself while he was passed out In general I think he's quite bad, but I can't help but like his better films. Under Siege was indeed a good one, I also liked On Deadly Ground and the one where he tried to get that Polish girl back from the people who abducted her (it was a weirdly Takenish movie, I forgot the title, but it's a later film, probably the only one worth seeing after the 2000s started). I probably saw Executive Decision, his films were on the tele a lot over here, but I can't for the life of me remember anything about it.
  14. Just saw The End of the F¨¨¨¨cking world. Damn, that was a brilliant little series. It reminded me a bit of A Young Doctor's notebook and Utopia in its quirkiness. I can only echo the praise for it that has proliferated on this very thread for the last couple of pages. The actors are great, the story is simple but nice and it's really fun to watch. It's kind of perfect as it is, but I wouldn't mind watching more of it. I also really liked the format, it's about as long as your average sitcom episode, but it does more with the short time format in my opinion. The story never felt like it dragged, nor did it feel rushed. Simply put, it's definitely something I would recommend.
  15. Ah yeah, now that I read the synopsis I remember that movie. It was pretty good as far as I remember. I think my favourite Seagal flick was The Glimmer Man though. It's been years since I saw any of his work, but he did have some good ones indeed