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  1. If you hurry up with Black Sails, you can discuss the series with us over in the dedicated thread the third episode of its final season is airing this week so you still have time
  2. Hmmm, I don't know about this one. Not a big fan of alt.anything really
  3. I watched Powerless as well. I wasn't impressed either I. It wasn't very funny or very memorable. But it's the first episode, most sitcoms need a couple of episodes to find its footing.
  4. That speech he made in Africa made me shed a manly tear honestly. Such brilliant writing
  5. If I remember correctly, the third book (or was it the second, I'm a bit hazy on the details) was the weakest in the series, so I hope they find something to pair it with so that it's better than the books
  6. I'm going to stay strong and not watch that final trailer. It's been ages since I last saw more than two trailers for a film (I try to limit myself to one if I can help it), but I'm glad it seems to inspire a lot of laughs on here I think we can all agree the trailers make the movie look a lot better than any of us expected Is this some sort of alternative history show? I didn't really like the first one, but I loved the trailer for that movie. This trailer is pretty meh to be honest. Although I'm glad Merle is getting a spot in the limelight. He was the only thing worth watching about TWD after season the couple of season one episodes that were good, so he deserves a break. But at the very least a very high-budget fanmade production right? like that internet billionaire who built a castle or something for his GoT themed wedding party Pretty much sums up my feelings as well
  7. I hated Sicario. Saw it at a discount price and still felt robbed. It's one of the reasons why I have been loath to check out Arrival So, your comment is very promising. I might bump up Arrival on my list of priorities. At first I wasn't sure about Hell or High Water either based on the Sicario connection; but I'm glad that I gave that one a chance
  8. The last part I get, but what turned you off? I clicked on that trailer expecting the worse after your comment, but apart from the MacguffinGrail bullshit, I think the visuals look promising enough
  9. I just saw the first episode. I was weary of starting it, because I'm still sad this the final season (meanwhile crap like Thrones and TWD keeps on going). I'm glad I finally manned up and saw it. What an absolutely marvellous way to open a season. The shipbattles in this series are basically the showrunners teabagging all their competitors. I do hope they haven't run out of budget, because I want to see more of this for as long as this show is still with us. The action, directing and cinematography were indeed stunning. Silver cutting himself loose and cleverly taking refuge in that sinking ship was such a great sequence. The goat was a great addition as well, it's little moments like that which help to bring a series up to a higher level. Loved seeing all the characters back. I felt like pretty much everything worked. Flint picking up the shards of the tea cup moved me much more than I expected. I'm glad Billy Bones is finally laying his cards on table, although I do wonder how the relationship between him, Silver and Flint will evolve. Me thinks he'll soon start to think differently about Flint. Silver and Madi were really quite sweet together and both actors do succeed in putting forward this sort of aura of power, which I like. Rackham was brilliant as well. I just completely believe the actor when he's talking about Charles Vane. Almost like I'm looking at real people and not a series. Bonny was also nice in contrast. Teach was powerful and charismatic. I'm really gunning for Stevenson to get something better to do than last year. I also like the new antagonist. That captain spells trouble and there is something about the actor that feels very threatening in a realistic way. He reminds me a bit of Kinski's Aguirre for his final descent into madness perhaps. Woods was appropriately desperate. I like how Eleanor plays her new role (and Hannah New still looks gorgeous). The only one that was perhaps a bit dissapointing was Max. She's clearly being set up to break away from Rogers and Eleanor sooner rather than later, but that's really only a small gripe. I really hope this is going to be as good as season two. At the very least this is a very promising start for what is definitely one of the best shows on air right now
  10. You know, I think I might be done. Or at the very least I'm now actively thinking about quitting. This season really imploded towards the end. The beginning wasn't great either, but at least Fimmel made it all worth our while. Ragnar's death was good and after that it turned to shit. This whole episode, despite the amount of money they probably spent to make it, was atrocious. It wasn't as bad as last week, but that's about all the praise I can give it. The only good thing about it were the Floki scenes. The whole Tanarus plot made absolutely no sense at all, but at least Floki got a neat burial scene out of it. Also liked his little moment with the scroll. I firmly believe that this series needs more of those little moments. I'm very glad one Hirst daughter has finally been shuttled of screen, just sad that it's the wrong one. The battle made no sense strategically. The editing was way to chopped and the action just wasn't up to par with the show's better fights with Ragnar and Aethelwulf (the time he saved Kwentrith). The decision to kill of Sigurd is baffling. I thought he started this project out of a great love for history and the sagas, but clearly Hirst doesn't give a shit. I was also surprised to hear that there are only two kingdoms in this reality... Apparently Ecbert was king of everything, including East-Anglia which is bullocks. Ecbert's plan was another thing that just didn't mesh together. To everyone fawning over his "clever" ploy to sign over East-Anglia, it's just completely ridiculous to think that these characters in universe would give a shit about a piece of paper. They can't even write in his language for cyring out loud. The Ragnarsson's are literally invading Eccie's kingdom and winning, why would they agree to the deal they were proposed? They already have Northumbria (or Mercia I have forgotten the name of Aelle's kingdom in universe) and they are seemingly well under way in wrestling the far greater riches of Wessex away from the Saxons... In reality, all the Vikings would have leapt at the opportunity to follow Ivar on his raid. They need to feed themselves anyway, so they had to keep moving, so why wouldn't they first suck the country dry and defeat the major forces of resistance before coming over to settle? Not to mention that they should have easily discovered the fact that Ecbert wasn't king anymore (you know the lack of crown and retinue should have made that clear straight away) straight way. And even if they weren't able to check it, no Viking would put stock in the word of a man bereft of followers. They clearly abandoned him, which shows that he did not command their loyalty and his signature has de facto no power anyway. The less said about bisshop Heahmund Rhys-myers the better. He can be a good actor, I liked his performance in Match Point, but the anti-christian bias (I'm not even kidding, eventhough it sounds so damn Trumpian) of intellectual feighterweight Michael Hirst was on strong display again and there is no actor who can make that dead horse come to live again. What a tired and cliched way to introduce a new main character. Further proof (as if that was needed) of Hirst's very poor taste. I could probably rage on more, about the stupidity behind ignoring Alfred's older brother. Or the fact that Eccie heared Lagertha's voice because they boned that one time. The terrible acting from Ludwig. Halfdan decision, completely out of leftfield, to follow Bjorn... Nonsensical that's the only word for it. EDIT: Since East-Anglia isn't a seperate kingdom, I guess Sint-Edmund doesn't exist in universe either. A shame really. TLK had such a great scene with him in it.
  11. And the greatest thing about that scene is that it never gets old Admit it guys, this series is amazing It's beautiful and unapologetically its own thing. You can't really compare this to anything else that has ever been on television ever I love everything about it.
  12. I saw The Last Samurai again the other day. I swear every time I watch this it gets better. This might be one of the most underrated films of the previous decade. Everything about it is just terrific, there is no other word for it really. Historically it's definitely bullshit and there is certainly a whif of orientalism about the whole story, but somehow the film is able to transcend those limitations. Anyway, The Last Samurai has an embarrasment of riches on offer. It has a brilliant cast, many of whom give (close to) career best performances in this film. The Last Samurai also has an immensly beautiful score, great action scenes and it's directed magnificently overall. What I like most though, is that it's damn smart. Epics like this are rarely as thoughtful as The Last Samurai is. Has there ever been a greater mentor figure than Katsumoto?
  13. You would watch a sequel though, with all the same people involved Definitely try to get over that just this once The Master is brilliant. I think I slightly prefer There Will Be Blood, but it's undoubtedly a great film. Well, since I don't know Stone and Gosling personally, I'm talking about the characters You can't read what isn't there I'd say
  14. I can get behind that if you take their previous performances into account, Pine was indeed the most surprising of the lot. I would never have expected him to be able to hold his own against Bridges and Foster, but he did It's reminiscent of Edge of Tomorrow on that front sadly Holy crap dude You're my new hero! I get that you can't even begin to rank all of them. I'm kind of impressed you were able to finish it Tell me is it better or worse than Anchorman 2? I passed on Zoolander after the bad reviews, mainly because my experience with Anchorman 2 was so abysmally bad. I would also like to express my deepest sympathy for having to sit through all these turds. You're like the guy who threw himself on a handgrenade just to save the rest of the team
  15. Not really, it kind of takes me out of the series sometimes XD That and the sword he carries on his back. It's just so... girly I guess? doesn't fit with Uthred in the books with his awesome helmet and the many rings