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  1. The sound did not bother me personally. The film definitely makes use of a soundscape that is meant to be grand and overwhelming at times, but it wasn't as over-the-top as say Interstellar was imo. If you could sit through the latter, then Blade Runner 2049 should definitely be fine for you. You're definitely missing out if you skip this one. I would suggest finding a decent theatre to wacth it in, so that any chance at sound-related mishaps are kept as low as possible
  2. I went to see Blade Runner 2049 today, in a new theatre I hadn't been to before. The theatre was very cosy, so I was already very pleased, but holy fuck the film was amazing. I have gone on record before bashing the original Blade Runner (still one of the most overrated pieces of garbage in the canon imo) and after Sicario (horrible piece of shit as well) I soured on Villeneuve, but boy did this film redeem both Blade Runner as a property and Villeneuve as a director. Roger Deakins cinematography was sumply glorious. The acting was on point, Ryan Gosling is definitely one of the best actors we have running around. The story was intriguing without being pretentious and I keep on praising it really. I was deeply impressed. If I weren't so damn tired I'd write an essay in the praise of the film I guess. Also saw the trailer to You Were Never Really Here by Lyn Ramsay... Looking forward to that one
  3. They do indeed all look very interesting. Especially the first one, i really do love A24
  4. Just caught up with the last two episodes Great fun
  5. Yeah, I think so
  6. This episode was weird, but I liked it a lot That Native American should become a recurring character
  7. Perhaps Jerry acted as some sort of repressant for her natural intelligence. Who knows, she might return smarter than ever when she gets back from her travels
  8. I just caught up with Rick and Morty. I don't know about this one honestly. There is some really great stuff in there, but there is also a lot that just doesn't hold my interest. When you're able to binge that's not that bad, but I don't know whether I'd be willing and able to keep up with this on a weekly basis. Endeavour is the prequel to Morse. I also really like it, Shaun Evans (I think that's his name) is really great in it. I actually think that Endeavour's pilot is the best murder mystery episode ever made, but then again I had no knowledge of the standard Morse format beforehand. As to your spoiler Love 3:10 to Yuma. I have never seen the original though, so I can't help Put you back into it and get it over with, we'll save that film from undeserved obscurity together This is turning into a love-in Glad you liked it I don't understand your criticism on Pattinson though, I really thought he was great Still need to see this I really liked Formation, so if the whole album is like that I'd be really happy Shame that it is so hard to find
  9. well, I guess there are worse things than getting stuck with Tomb Raider era Angelina Jolie
  10. The sad thing is that even when they release a great adventure film people don't flock towards it If all of us on here watch it, we'll probably double the number of people who have watched this film. Even critics largely ignored it I feel (or at least the lowbrow variety like Stuckmann and Jahns).
  11. You make, you own up to it 'Murica
  12. Trailer for Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs. I'm looking forward to this one, I hope I'll be able to check it out in theatre The trailer is pretty boring imo. I actually feel the same about Vikander. She was great in Ex Machina, but she gives pretty much the same performance in every film I have seen her in so far. Jolie's version is a national treasure I mean, it was definitely bad, but in quite an entertaining manner. This just looks dull on the other hand.
  13. I'm glad someone else also saw it I hope it gets a lot of love at the awards, because this definitely didn't get the audience it deserved unfortunately. Let us know what you think
  14. I agree with A True Kaniggit. I actualy enjoyed this episode. Not one of their best, but just plain old fun. Also a surprisingly sweet episode, I really like the whole decision of turning Tweek and Craig into a couple
  15. Just finished The Lost City of Z by James Grey, starring Sienna Miller, Charlie Hunnan and Robert Pattinson. I can't believe I haven't seen more discussion about this online, it really is a great film. And here I was thinking that 2017 was quite a bad year for films (well, I actually still think that to be honest, but at least we got this one and Logan). The film really feels like a throwback to an older kind of film. Some of the better reviews I read described it as a cross between one of those epic New Hollywood films of the 1970s and a David Lean epic. I can see where they got that from, although I feel like its a lot closer to David Lean in feeling than New Hollywood, without actively copying it. The story of Fawcett's obsession is staggerinly well-portrayed, the actors all gave great performances. I never really payed much attention to Charlien Hunnan before, but he was really good in this. And Robert Pattinson was a revalation. I knew he was in this and I knew which character he was playing and I still had trouble recognising him. That was a really great performance I have to say. The lighting and cinematography was really beautiful. I can't really remember any of Grey's other films, but here he really displays great attention to detail. I wish more directors put this much care in their craft. I definitely warmly recommend this one.