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  1. Jups, he was also one of the heads of the threeheaded gladiator apparently
  2. What's the verdict on The Alienist? Is it any good? They should stuff this article in Michael Hirst's mouth
  3. Booked my tickets for the premiere today Can't wait
  4. Definitely check out the original, that's a brilliant film imo
  5. I managed to see The Death of Stalin today. It was different than I was expecting. Not bad per se, but I was expecting more of a raunchy comedy I guess? The film itself was very entertaining and it did contain more than it's fair share of laughs, but it definitely was more serious than I had initially expected. They did an amazing job at showing just how scary Stalin was though. Even after he had died, he warped everyone around him.
  6. That's the only explanation that makes sense, but I still find it somewhat underwhelming. I still feel like they should have done more to set this up. I figured that happened to , still I hoped he somehow made it through. He was a really great sidecharacter What Tuunbaq is concerned On the topic of the chains I do think I probably won't read the book. I have read quite a few comparisons between the novel and the series and I kind of feel like the changes that were made for the TV series are generally improvements. There is always some loss in translation of course but fundamental plot points just seem more sensible in the series
  7. I watched Thor Ragnarok yesterday. I don't often praise a Marvel movie, but this does deserve a bit of applause. I was very enjoyable, mainly because it's one of the few Marvel movies that doesn't feel like the same generic 'let's copy the feel of the first Iron Man' kind of deal pretty much all of their other output is blighted by. Taika Waititi deserves a whole lot of love, because the fact that he managed to do this with Thor (the blandest of all Avengers bar none, at least from the ones with their own movies) is doubly impressive. I really liked the goofy 80's sci-fi/arcade game kind of atmosphere it emanated. It sort of reminded me of wreck-it-Ralph and that's a good thing
  8. I just finished the first season. Colour me impressed. It was a very inriguing story and I like how it didn't really explain everything at the end of the series. I'm left wondering for instance
  9. Oh, that's a bit disappointing. I think they could have set that up better than, because
  10. Just finished the first season of AMC's The Terror. Truly a capital decision to watch that series, it's excellent. Great cast, strong wrting and the way it creates a persuasive atmosphere is truly impressive. There were a few minor details that bothered me, but nothing at all major. I hope the next season of this new anthology will be just as great as this one. The ending alone more than makes up for the hours you have to spend watching it
  11. I am up to episode 8 right now and there is something I'd like some more background on. I hope those amongst you who have read the book might help me understand the actions of one character
  12. Thank God for your comment, because I didn't even know there was a season 2 already out According to IMDB, a second season is coming in 2018 and it says that no episodes have been released yet (Netflix cut up the episodes differently, which is why they have two seasons while originally it was just one long season). I don't see how they can continue, but if these writers have some fresh ideas, I would love to see them My favourite character is definitely Berlin. Although Denver and Moscow also greatly pleased me. And Helsinki was funny as hell. About the professor and lady cop You definitely should. It has great characters, engaging action and proper writing. More series should be as ambitious as this one
  13. A thread to discuss this absolutely brilliant little gem of a series from Spain
  14. I have to wonder, was this a thing before HIMYM? Or did Barney really start all of this?
  15. Thanks I'm curious how it will turn out