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  1. KSims1868 added a post in a topic [NO Book Spoilers please] Who is the Protagonist, Antagonist?   

    I know it's been said, but just to re-emphasize...
    Do yourself a favor and READ the books. They will fill in SOOOO many gaps that can't be explained through the HBO adaptation. So much will become clearer to you after reading them. Then...read them again and you'll find even more clarity and a ton of connections you didn't notice the first time you read them.
  2. KSims1868 added a post in a topic [book spoilers]What your non-reader friends/family thought and their predictions.   

    My friend that I watch it with weekly was as unsatisfied as I was. Very lame finale (IMO) and he said he prob won't watch it next season. I doubt he'll stick to that...but he was less than excited about the ending. They really gave the unsullied nothing to look forward to regarding LS or PW or any of that. They don't suspect anything amazing to happen at this point.
  3. KSims1868 added a post in a topic TV SPOILERS - Qhorin halfhand and Ygritte   

    Yes it was awkward. In the book it was done VERY well as a test of what kind of man Jon is and it made much more sense. I feel like a LOT of the HBO series (while I do love it) only makes sense to those that have read the books. We can fill in the gaps in our head based on what we know from the books while the TV-only (unsullied...love that term for them) fans are putting it together in a weird way sometimes I think.
  4. KSims1868 added a post in a topic Game of Thrones Quiz Event   

    Anyone in Houston doing this? I'd love to get a Houston team together!!
  5. KSims1868 added a post in a topic The Politics of Marriage   

    Oops...wrong thread. LoL!!
  6. KSims1868 added a post in a topic Will Puddles Live Up To His Nickname? [book spoilers]   

    I loved this scene also. I think they are really capturing the white walkers in the HBO adaptation. Okay...not the beautiful part, but dang if they aren't awesome anyways!!!

    Agreed about Sam not picking the dragon glass dagger back up. Lame.
  7. KSims1868 added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] Sansa and Tyrion   

  8. KSims1868 added a post in a topic US Politics: Even Slate is down on PotUS   

    It's fuzzy math and politics.
    Look at it from a different angle. Profiling is illegal based on color, race, religion, or political affiliation (or any reason really)...so if a police officer stops a muslim in line at the airport for extra checking based only on the statistics that show he is more likely to be a threat than an 80 year old hispanic grandmother...the police officer has committed a crime and can face consequences for his actions.

    But apply this same logic to the IRS (target someone based on their political beliefs and profile them based on organizations they belong to) and it's just fine and dandy with you? Really...you can see the double standard there right?
  9. KSims1868 added a post in a topic (NO SPOILERS) Positive Nitpicking - what you loved about this episode.   

    I also loved this episode. I'm not a frequent poster...more of a lurker here I guess you'd say. I've read the books twice in as many years and will prob read them again sometime in 2014 before the next season of GoT starts...or at least a refresher of books 3 and 4.

    Some of my favorite things in this episode...
    Definitely Tywin and QoT banter back and forth. I love how that lady won't take shit from any of these buggers in KL. She's one tough broad.
    Cersei and Tyrion are awesome together. Tyrion is just awesome period. I can't wait to see more of him.
    Jamie and Brianne - their chemistry really is perfect.
    I wasn't much of a fan of the Ramsey/Theon storyline in the books. It's prob my least favorite, but I do love how we're seeing the backstory on screen. I think that's what I disliked most about this in the books because I almost forgot about Theon...

  10. KSims1868 added a post in a topic [BOOK SPOILERS] Who is the Title Character?   

    The titles (other than the golden crown) have been semi-misleading, so I don't know what to expect.
    But that quick scene with Varys and Tyrion has me very curious. What (or who) the hell are they looking at/down into?
  11. KSims1868 added a post in a topic [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion   

    Yeah the first thing I did last night was explain to my friend who the Tullys were and how they were connected. He had no clue, and it helped that part of the show make more sense for him.
  12. KSims1868 added a post in a topic (BOOK SPOILER) TOWER OF JOY