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  1. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Workprint Prototype Version

    BrainDead is awesome. It's like a Heinlein bug invasion story combined with Veep. Most disturbing and hilarious thing on it though was the Michael Moore sex scene. It should be at least half as popular as Stranger Things is right now. 2nd best series of the summer, perhaps, not that there's much competition.
  2. The showrunner David Erickson was on Talking Dead and specifically called her patient zero. If he was being just careless with language, then I think that would be unusual for a showrunner; on the other hand if he was speaking accurately why would he reveal that in an aftershow? Actually, googling for it, there are a lot of old articles referring to Patient Zero appearing on the show, and Gloria as being that person. I'm thinking Nick might be the real Patient Zero, except is immune to the virus, and thus can't die just like he's been telling us.
  3. Boarders Writing A Novel: Volume 14 A Memory of Civility

    Do people actually have an EM signature? Also: spontaneous human combustion of someone cast down from heaven... Really selling the fallen angel idea there!
  4. Was Nick's drugs suppose to be not-white? If his girlfriend was patient zero, was it the weird-colored drugs that did it?
  5. I don't know why I bother.... Interview with Brooks regarding his thought on the show, and ideas for season 2. Brooks says there's a possibility of a movie of Magic Kingdom for Sale starring Steve Carrell for Warner Brothers, but sounds like the option has been stuck for 3 years.
  6. Boarders Writing A Novel: Volume 14 A Memory of Civility

    I figured the doppelganger was created same time the immortal was born and lived backwards in time like Merlin. Instead of an answer Yoshi theorizes, in the moment she's asked for her theory can she have a "vision" that some other angel / entity gives her to rationalize the immortal, and she just mumbles incoherently about Dorian Grey, Merlin, quantum entanglement and wormholes? In the vision you describe the theory (it's a false vision meant to avoid the truth), but out loud she's not understood, and the person asking the question just shrugs and never bothers wondering about it ever again. Then again that's probably more complicated than you want. :-)
  7. Boarders Writing A Novel: Volume 14 A Memory of Civility

    Sure, nanobots. Say they recognize when tissue has been removed and switch the tissue with the quantum entangled doppleganger's billion year old dead tissue. Say the immortal one doesn't age because he's effectively living his whole life in one second, but spacetime effects makes it look to us like immortality. This would just be Yoshi's theory, right? It doesn't have to be remotely plausible because Yoshi is stretching for an answer, and the real answer is magic.
  8. Boarders Writing A Novel: Volume 14 A Memory of Civility

    I'll give it a go: A recent physics paper proposed that quantum tunnelling and wormholes are the same thing, linking general relativity to quantum mechanics; that is, quantum entangled particles can be used to create wormholes that open in regions billions of light years away. Perhaps it could be in different times too, since it is a spacetime effect. If a person was made of particles that are quantum-entangled with a doppleganger, perhaps like Dorian Gray and his painting, one ages and one is immortal...
  9. Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

    Duffer Brothers have writing credits on 4 and co-executive producer credits on 2 episodes of Wayward Pines. In an interview they said WP gave them the experience that know what it takes to run a show, so Netflix took a chance on them.
  10. The Tragically Hip - A National Celebration in Canada

    I saw it at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto. My ears are still ringing, my face still smiling, my heart full of complex sentiments.
  11. Amazon to resurrect The Tick

    Loved the pilot! I want the next one now... Is this going to be one of those binge-releases, eventually?
  12. Mr. Robot (spoilers).... 'cause I suck at this stuff

    I would think Christian Slater would be the second lead. If not him, then Portia Doubleday. Certainly not Tyrell.
  13. US Elections - There is 'Ahead in the Polls' behind you

    Is Turd Blossom suppose to be the disciplinarian, or the coach?
  14. Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

    Aaron Paul chats with Millie Bobby Brown. He seems like an enthusiastic puppy. and then
  15. Vikings X: Halfway Through the Madness

    Ooh, look: Torstein is back in a new show on History.