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  1. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    When Oliver was in David's mind, and Lenny kicked him out / made him fade from the room, I assume he was kicked out to the real world then, not back to the astral plane. To the Shadow King that might have been the only safe thing to do to keep Oliver from returning to David's mind and taking action against him.
  2. Don't forget there are 13 episodes this season, not 10. Next week is not the finale.
  3. SpaceX--Spacecraft, rockets, and Mars

    I'm glad you both and others like it. Do we need another thread to cover non-rocket stuff such as space science, astrophysics, exoplanets and other cool space news? If so, someone else would have to start it and maintain it, but I'd certainly read and contribute.
  4. Humans (Channel 4/AMC)

    I enjoy Westworld a lot but I agree none of the characters are interesting enough on their own. I was skeptical after the first episode. It was the gradually unfolding philosophical foundations that makes it interesting. My Tyrion Lannister test is: is any of these characters half as interesting as Tyrion? Westworld failed that at first. Humans passes it though. These characters were interesting and inspired empathy from the start. It's a different sort of show, out to do different sorts of things.
  5. Orphan Black 3: So, sometimes stuff just works out[SPOILERS]

    Orphan Black wrapped filming early this morning. Final season. EW released some photos of season 5.
  6. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    What if the show had embraced the white privilege aspect and made Danny the Iron Fist not because he earned it, but that he literally appropriated it? Didn't even spend 15 years there, just walked in one day and thought he could do a better job having it than anybody else, then cheated his way to defeating the dragon? Then we find out the elders had been replaced by people loyal to Danny's father, so the people of K'un Lun are being oppressed by an occupying cabal from the Hand, orchestrated from America, and they had arranged it so Danny was given the power of the Iron Fist. How do you actually tell a story of Danny realizing his privilege and reacting to it? How does he become a hero? By the way, having watched the series I still don't get what the explanation was for Danny abandoning his post guarding the gates of K'un Lun. That was not given a good enough answer, and Danny never really behaved like he wasn't suppose to be there in NY.
  7. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    That first episode was written to set up the series as a procedural, with a different case-of-the-week each episode. I think it was even filmed more than a year and a half before the rest. Amazon takes a while to pick up series. It was only then after pick-up that Graham Yost joined the show to run it, and it was reconfigured to be the continuous story we finally got.
  8. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    So, Danny's mother (Defenders speculation)
  9. It did look off, like he was really tired and hadn't slept in days. I took it as Holden being frazzled because he doesn't deal well with ambiguous political bullshit, and he just needs to be pointed at a righteous cause he'd be more comfortable with. Like helping Prax.
  10. SpaceX--Spacecraft, rockets, and Mars

    Apparently the autonomous drone ships that serve as landing platforms for F9 first stages will soon have a robot that will roll out after a landing, and clamp on to the engines to fix the rocket in position for shipping back to port. That robot is a Roomba like autonomous machine that, consistent with SpaceX's delightfully geeky naming style, will be called the Optimus Prime. Click on the link to see it partially constructed aboard the Of Course I Still Love You. The next launch, of the SES-10 commercial sat, is targeted for March 29th, using a F9 first stage previously flown to launch the CRS-8 mission to the ISS. Should this be safely landed a second time, the most important milestone in reusuability will have been achieved, validating SpaceX's economic model. The Dragon v1 spacecraft used on the CRS-10 mission to ferry cargo to the ISS returned to Earth and splashed down in the ocean on Sunday. On April 9th this year a Dragon v1 capsule will be reflown for the CRS-11 mission. Another milestone, proving to NASA that Dragons can be reused, and saving SpaceX the cost of building new copies of each capsule for all future cargo missions, of which there's another 9 contracted. The company should have about 10 used Dragons available to refurbish, though not all will due to saltwater damage to electrical components of some of the early capsules. Word is SpaceX has 3 or 4 set aside for reflight. Successful reuse of the Dragon v1 will allow SpaceX to speed up manufacturing of the Dragon v2 capsule for crew ferrying services to ISS... and around the Moon! Dragon v2's will also be used for cargo missions everywhere from LEO to Mars.
  11. But where are you going with this, Avasarala?
  12. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    I disagree. He doesn't have to see into the future, the present just has to be 1983 or later. Say it is 1983 "now" the same year the show takes place, and his mom died 25 years prior would make then 1958. Ptonomy has a perfect memory, but what if the Shadow King can mess with that in the astral plane, allowing Ptonomy to misrember details? But the current year might be 1983, would fit with Oliver being 20 years in the astral plane. Wacky thought: What if Fargo & Legion are the same universe? UFO sightings were just David messing with people.
  13. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    Does the song 99 Red Balloons that Ptonomy mentioned his mom like help pin down the time frame of the show? It came out in 1983. How old was he when his mom died, and how old is he now? Or is anything in the sanitarium just not truthworthy regarding time?
  14. 12 Monkeys

    You have an answer! The answer is YES to season 4! And the 4th will be the final season. Except, SyFy is dumping season 3 in May on us over three days for some reason. As if they think it sucks and want to get rid of it, but then renewed it for season 4 anyway... I think time travel was involved in this decision. We won't understand it until we get to the end, then loop back to rewrite the actual timeline.
  15. SpaceX--Spacecraft, rockets, and Mars

    Technical webcast for the launch: Hosted webcast if you want a little more background info: