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  1. Seems to be a west coast American thing to "detox their spirit".
  2. I never quite understood what borderline personality meant. So it's about boundaries, and inability to have any regarding emotions? They could call it "boundaries personality disorder" if they ever want to rebrand. The show is making me wonder "what's up with Josh, bro?" Does he have a disorder too?
  3. In other news the demonstration satellites for SpaceX's internet constellation Starlink has been approved by the FCC. This will probably be launching out of Vandenburg on the NET January 30th, 2018 mission for Hisdesat, a Spanish company, paying for the ride. An explanation posted on the spacex subreddit: That launch will include the first booster landing at Vandenburg too -- on dry ground -- whereas previously only landed on the drone ship on the west coast.
  4. Incredibles 2 teaser
  5. Or instead of an obsession, they just happen to invent the genre first, and like Hollywood execs, kept going back to the well they know with the developed skills of the creative people they have.
  6. Launch postponed until tomorrow, Nov. 17 at 20:00 EST. Indefinitely delayed.
  7. Yes, flying from LC39A and landing nearby at LZ-1 (return-to-launch-site as opposed to a drone ship out at sea).
  8. Today's launch at 20:00 EST of the secret "Zuma" payload for the U.S. government: No public information on what Zuma is.
  9. Seen in a Toronto subway station..
  10. For the political angle I'd like to see the fall of the north kingdoms of Arnor into the division of the three states that followed.
  11. Was there a coup at the Tolkien Estate? Did Simon littlefinger Christopher?
  12. Go see it and bring ear plugs.
  13. I'm a fan of Chrissy too. This player profile is amusing, especially when Cole talks about her being flirty in auditions. By proximity that makes Devon seem like he too has a milf-complex. I don't blame them, Chrissy is hot af. Less amusing is Patrick's claim she squeezed his butt in an elevator. He reminds me of the compulsive liar kid in American Vandal that said the most popular girl in school gave him a handjob, or whatever it was. Patrick is the worst.
  14. Yeah, devastating episode. This season is Rachel Bloom's masterpiece. Also, the alligator: