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  1. Star Wars Rogue One: Now With Less Rouge

    Wow, nice. Hey since we have threads for the whole MCU, do we need threads for the whole Star Wars universe?
  2. If the question is whether Tinder allows anyone to find you on facebook, through some sort of direct link, it does not. Yes it allows you to search your facebook albums to copy photos to your tinder account, offers to use your real first name, and offers to add your interests from your facebook likes, but you can refuse to allow those things, and edit at will.
  3. Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    JMS wrote every episode of season 2. I believe Ran was referring to directing and producing duties regarding his limited involvement. I don't see why you'd abandon the show for that. According to imdb season two is 10 episodes, two shorter than season one, but season one was originally 10 episodes but they asked Netflix for the extra money to make it 12 because they shot some much for it. I don't recall it seeming stretched out like Marvel Netflix shows, so it was probably a good thing. So perhaps any Netflix complaints about the cost was regarding any question over whether it would be 10 or 12 episodes this year too. Now regarding Aml's departure, my understanding is his scenes will be confined to the Xmas episode, whatever it is. So perhaps the recasting is the motivation for separating it from the rest of the season.
  4. Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    Is it really a Xmas special? I got the impression it's just the season premiere, then for some reason waiting a few weeks later to drop the rest of the season. Jamie Clayton literally said it's ep 1.
  5. 12 Monkeys

    Great Scott!!
  6. Donald Glover's Atlanta on FX

    Worth remembering:
  7. Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    I think there are still filming actually. Today: And Bae Doona is still there. As far as I can tell on the first day at every location the production posts a photo onto facebook & instagram to mark it for the fans.
  8. Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    I think it was expected since the pilot that characters would die, since other sensate clusters are being killed off to extend the powers of the main villain. So it's more likely Bae Doona's character was killed off, rather than the actress quit the show. As such, that's an unfortunate spoiler. I haven't seen cancellation rumour from any credible source, just random blogs. I can't take these seriously. Lilly W. taking a break from the production was known from the beginning of the season, I don't see anything to panic about over that. I assume she'll be back for the following season. The reception for the show has been great both among fans and critics. No way is ANY show going to be cancelled over minors things like internal strife.
  9. Brooklyn Nine Nine [SPOILERS]

    So the crossover happened (two days ago) and nothing much happened. It was fairly pointless. I'd really like to ask the writers what the hell were they thinking.
  10. South Park: Member Season 20? [SPOILERS]

    I thought for a moment they were going to make him sort of a Julian Assange type.
  11. Doctor Who spin off: Class.

    Are those characters suppose to be teenagers? Seem older.
  12. The Man in the High Castle [Spoilers]

    I'm looking forward to it. I don't remember how the book ended... didn't it just sort of trail off?
  13. Boarders Writing A Novel: Volume 14 A Memory of Civility

    I wish I had something ready for their previous call, that was perfect for me.
  14. Ever see THE FLY with Jeff Goldblum? Make sure your demon comes out whole.