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  1. The Dushku to star as The Lady in adaptation of Glen Cook's Black Company
  2. Orphan Black 3: So, sometimes stuff just works out[SPOILERS]

    Old interview, but really great insight into the process of creating these characters:
  3. Afterbuzz TV finale review with guests Wes Chatham (Amos) and Cas Anvar (Alex).
  4. Anyone remember how far into Caliban's War this ended on? I'd guess half-way?
  5. The Magicians - SyFy [SHOW SPOILERS - Seasons 1 and 2]

    Well, that's a pickle. Can they still use the clock to get to Fillory though?
  6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Season 2

    Season 3 trailer.
  7. Authors who vanished from the face of the planet

    Sean Stewart. Wrote a dozen books, including the terrific Nobody's Son. Disappeared to write video game storylines I think, came back and last publish in 2009 final book of a YA trilogy with a co-author, and seems to have disappeared again.
  8. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Apparently retired Canadian astronaut has a new documentary mini-series released today, called Miniverse. It's released on a streaming app called CuriosityStream. The premise is the solar system has been shrunk down to the size of the U.S. and Hadfield drives across the continent to check it out. It's been described as "Scientists In Cars (But Not Getting Coffee)" sort of thing. The app is first month free.
  9. For Myshkin: Labyrinth Remake in the Works

    Janelle Monae should be the Goblin Queen.
  10. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: On the fringes of the MCU

    No, I think Fitz's one thing changed was having a relationship with his dad.
  11. The Last Kingdom II - NO MERCY [SPOlLERS Season one]

    Doesn't bode well that Sihtric ran though, instead of doing his job and following the scary revenant back to wherever his day job is.
  12. iZombie on the CW

    I looked up the wikipedia entry for the comic this show is based on and it's not even close to an adaptation, except for the eating brains to gain memories premise. Not any of the same characters, plus there's a ghost in the main cast and were-terrier.
  13. The Magicians - SyFy [SHOW SPOILERS - Seasons 1 and 2]

    Naw, the books were the 39th time through the timeloop and this is the 40th, that's all.
  14. This show does a good job of giving three-dimensional personalities for their walk-on characters.
  15. The Magicians - SyFy [SHOW SPOILERS - Seasons 1 and 2]

    Ratings have been up 15% over last season, and it's been renewed for Season 3.