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  1. Cancelled, as far as the Paramount Network is concerned. The studio may try to take it elsewhere.
  2. Falcon Heavy still on the pad... Here's a view looking down at it from space! Info on the wet dress rehearsal today, which might proceed with static fire if the rehearsal goes well:
  3. It was probably that Lourdes regularly enabled Josh's immaturity, and just only realized now that trying to help him was preventing him from developing exactly what she wanted to help him with.
  4. No book spoilers please, even though I pulled an Elliot and read the wikipedia page last year. I've forgotten most of it.
  5. I enjoyed the subtitles for Elliot & Margo's geek-speak code.
  6. I wish we had more a extensive subway system in Toronto, but apparently the soil / bedrock is swiss cheese with underground ravines, so it is impractical in most places.
  7. The Tick - trailer for 2nd half of season one.
  8. I didn't know this before, but the faring on the Zuma mission was built by Northrup Grumman, who also built the Zuma satellite. There were issues with the faring a few weeks ago, which is why the mission was delayed. Now it is being said this is the source of the failure -- the faring failed to separate properly. The video seems to show at least one half of the faring flying away from the upper stage, but no indication of the other half. On the other hand, it may have been (more likely I think) the payload adapter that was the problem.
  9. A profile of Oprah from 2015 trying to figure out what her politics actually are: Oprah Winfrey: one of the world's best neoliberal capitalist thinkers
  10. Whoever is responsible for The Secret as Secretary of State.
  11. Static fire test (running the engines at full thrust for a few seconds while holding the rocket down) might be at early as tomorrow.
  12. Conflicting reports: ZUMA mission is either dead in orbit or fell to Earth. Either way SpaceX performed "nominally" so the problem appears to have been with the satellite, or maybe it was hit by random debris or targetted anti-satellite weapon. If Zuma has anything to do with gathering intelligence on the North Korea situation, China could have used it's previously demonstrated anti-sat capability on NK's behalf. Or claims that it failed is deliberate misinformation to cloak what the US government is doing with it. Wild speculation, but that's all I got right now.
  13. ZUMA mission launch -- queued up to the 2 minute mark before liftoff. Rewind to hear the host talk about the details:
  14. "I am the very model of a stable genius president" is trending on twitter today. There's quite a few clever stanzas by various people.
  15. Or Daisy took the fall for what this untrained inhuman did.