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  1. Isn't the central point of Jesse's character that he is somehow perfectly balanced between good and evil, so that Genesis could reside in him without making him all explodey?
  2. Maybe they subcontracted some Minbari worker caste to speed it up, giving them access to Minbari artificial gravity generators during construction.
  3. I don't think the first 3 Babylon stations were anywhere near complete. They were destroyed (by whoever) in the early construction stages.
  4. Today at the ISS R&D conference, a few things from Musk's Q&A: (not exact quotes, just a summary)
  5. Saw it last night and enjoyed it. If they make more but without Andy Serkis starring as a different character I'll be sad for that, but I can see him directing instead. The box office for this opening weekend is better than Rise but not quite as good as Dawn. Strangely, Rise did way better DVD/Blu Ray sales than Dawn. If it stays consistent with those, War should make better than Rise's <$500M but not as much as Dawn's >$700M
  6. The morphological differences to TNG era Klingons seems trivial. I don't care. The main difference looks like fashion. They're sort of Victorian steampunk without the steam or gears. This doesn't bother me either. I hope they're a tribe who has genetically engineered themselves to be even more aggressive, and find that isn't working out for them. They want to Make Qo'noS Great Again but really suck at it and can't pass a single bill.
  7. Elon Musk speaks to the National Governors Association meeting yesterday:
  8. Signs & Portents is great, really worked as the beginning for the long arc, but might have been even better if it was the 2nd or 3rd episode instead of the 13th.
  9. And now Sense 8 can be referred to as the Emmy nominated Sense 8.
  10. Apparently the Mormons have their own tv channel, run by Brigham Young University. BYUtv. And they got a sci-fi series from Orson Scott Card coming in October:
  11. People of Earth premiered in late October and season one finale was mid December. But season 2 starts later this month (July 24th): Great show, looking forward to this!
  12. I thought they were going out to bury their father somewhere, and presumed they would be coming back.
  13. Wait, what? Did Troy and whathisname leave?
  14. Probably, if only to combat a third party force seeking to kill 'em all.
  15. I can't stop watching because I love Kim Dickens too. But I don't understand her character's logic most of the time. Her backstory is interesting, but reminded me of the backstory for Kate in LOST -- who told the whole story to Kim Dickens.