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  1. Gamby is back! This was a good season opener.
  2. Apparently first episode out tonight in the UK? How was it?
  3. Nope, season 2 still in progress -- two more to go!
  4. All The Money In The World
  5. Good attempt at making sense of the plan that Cooper, Jeffries, Mike, Diane and Gordon were trying to enact.
  6. STD theme song preview:
  7. South Park to tackle white nationalists in season 21.
  8. State of the Galaxy when STD starts.
  9. More than half way through Gentleman Jole & The Red Queen and wondering... does this book ever get a plot aside from the romance & babies story? I was really hoping Cordelia was going to have to decapitate another head of state or something.
  10. Cancelled. I came to like the show quite a bit, so this sucks.
  11. I don't why I was thinking today is Saturday... Now this all makes more sense. Successful landing, btw! Here's the video cued up to the actual start of broadcast: Actual launch at about 19:00 minutes into the stream.
  12. Launch attempt of the OTV-5 mission of the X-37B reusable space plane for the U.S. Air Force atop the Falcon 9, at 9:50 a.m. EDT (13:50 GMT) Sept. 7, 2017 morning, with a 5 hour launch window. What the OTV-5 mission is going to do in orbit is a military secret. Since X-37B has a payload bay like the Shuttle did, presumably something is riding up in it. How it is going to launch when a hurricane is bearing down on Florida, I don't know. Irma doesn't makes landfall until Sunday in Miami, but there is still a 60% chance of weather scrub. I guess if they have to scrub they'll still have time to pull the rocket and payload back to the vehicle assembly building for securing until the skies clear, but the VAB is only rated for Cat 3 hurricanes! Good luck with that, SpaceX! If successful this will be SpaceX's first launch for the U.S. Air Force. Webcast will be here: but once the upper stage separates from the booster the webcast won't be following it, since it's exact orbit is secret. Instead, live streaming of the first stage landing at LZ-1 landing pad will be the only thing on the screen. In other news: * SpaceX still targetting 20 launches this year, and 40 next year. * Propulsive landing for Dragon 2 may be back on the table! With the latest landing of the booster achieving accuracy of 0.7m from the bulls-eye, that's well within the 2m accuracy needed to land in a cradle (similar to the launch mount cradles that would be used for the ITS tanker/cargo/crew ships when landing on Earth for rapid turnaround relaunch within a day). The problem with the current design that NASA didn't like is the landing legs extending out through the thermal protection shield in the final moments of descent. NASA had a number of impossible hurdles for SpaceX to prove the safety of the system, so SpaceX had decided to scrap propulsive landing and consequently scrapping the Red Dragon test missions to Mars. With a landing mount cradle, a legless Dragon 2 can achieve the goal of landing safely back on dry land and returning astronauts can walk right off it.
  13. Absolutely vicious review:
  14. The AV Club has an article that spells it out that the story was never about saving the day or solving a problem or a mystery, but finding meaning and connection -- I said the same in the Orphan Black thread describing the structure of both shows and Mr. Robot as a Seeker's Journey. The structure is used to say something meaningful, but you have to find it yourself.