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  1. Terrific season. Might be up high in my top five or ten list of single best season of any show.
  2. It's too much canon that'll kill Star Trek. I doubt they're making this show in order to attract the 50-70 year olds who watched it live on CBS in their youth and who along with Bjo Trimble wrote letters to save it. They want millennials to buy into it and continue watching it for a few decades before they start trying to attract the Next Generation of viewers. I'm not saying canon should be hauling garbage... I'm saying it should be hauled away as garbage. Hint: I have to admit I was pretty gleeful writing that line.
  3. Jennifer Goines is just wonderful. Glad to see this show back in top form. It's been great so far, first four episodes. @Arkash are you missing out, or you watching? I'm likely not to see the remainder until Monday or Tuesday, so will probably avoid the thread until after.
  4. I'm not sure there is a point in watching promos now for it, but here's a couple clips. And how can you resist seeing Christopher Lloyd? Ready? Initiate splinter sequence!
  5. First 4 drops tonight on Syfy, 3 more tomorrow, final three for the season Sunday.
  6. Brad was wrong though. Cirie voted for Aubrey, not Tai. Probably just in case an idol was played by Tai? I mean, Sarah steals Tai's vote, it ought to be reasonable that Cirie thought Sarah was voting for Tai, who she suspects of having an idol. Here's Michaela's view.
  7. Post-Voyager would be too overpowered with tech for my tastes. I'm happy to go earlier, because there are plenty of room for good stories. My only requirement from this show is that Michele Yeoh pick ups a bat'leth and wrecks some Klingons before she dies. Sadly from that trailer I don't think that seems like it'll happen, and she'll be gone fairly quickly.
  8. Here's the Canadian one from
  9. Obviously the Coulson in space is the real Coulson, but was the one in the diner captured with his team by the government a LMD? ie. The latter has nothing to do with the former, and Coulson in space happened for another reason? I was thinking that reason has to do with consequence of taking on the Ghost Rider mantle briefly, perhaps becoming part dark matter himself, so he can't be on Earth anymore.
  10. I thought we knew that a few months ago.
  11. What end scene are you guys talking about? Sounds like I missed something in my watch.
  12. Almost forgot -- Twin Peaks starting Sunday too! I'll never catch up. I still have to watch the original TP.
  13. I loved BrainDead but the concept had at best one more season in it, turning from Congress to Wall Street as shown in the first season finale. New Girl was renewed for a final season of eight episodes.
  14. Never read the book... What would happen if that woman had refused to go to Anubis' afterlife? Doesn't she actually have to believe in the particular god to be taken by him? What if she had said, no thanks I prefer Jesus? The scene made it seem like she heard a few stories of Egyptian mythology once, not that she was a true believer.
  15. For the rest of us, here's the webcast link: