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  1. SpaceChampion added a post in a topic [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] The Expanse on SyFy   

    Holden's story was by the book mostly and was great.  I don't think they put enough interesting in Miller's story for a first episode.  He needed something meatier than a guy failing to change the air filters.
  2. SpaceChampion added a post in a topic Dating: Matchmakers, dealbreakers and affairs, oh my!   

    If that doesn't get them, I don't know what will.
  3. SpaceChampion added a post in a topic Dating: Matchmakers, dealbreakers and affairs, oh my!   

    Just walk around a say "mmm, that's one tasty burger!"  I don't know if it'll accomplish anything, but the reactions might be priceless.
    Or tell someone you want to win the trophy "so dance good."
  4. SpaceChampion added a post in a topic Watch, Watched, Watching: Blame is safer than praise   

    So there's a lot of SF-flavoured adult-level cartoons around now, and I haven't watched any of them.  Where to start, how many episodes / seasons exist of each, and what are they about?
    * Archer
    * Venture Bros.
    * Adventure Time
    * Rick and Morty
    Anything else?
  5. SpaceChampion added a post in a topic Jessica Jones [AKA This Thread Has Spoilers]   

    The twins were just another example of abusive relationships in the show.  Really, nearly every character fit in which the abuse / consent theme, so the twins weren't out of place.
  6. SpaceChampion added a post in a topic Jessica Jones [AKA This Thread Has Spoilers]   

    I thought it was excellent, though not sure about the climax -- did Trish expect to get lose her headphones and be controlled by Kilgrave to deliberate put herself at risk for what now? If not, then what was her part of the plan, if any?
  7. SpaceChampion added a post in a topic Marvel Netflix - AKA the Second Thread   

    ABC is mentioned in the opening credits.
  8. SpaceChampion added a post in a topic Fargo Season 2: you betcha!   

    I hope Dodd is still alive so he can be electrocuted some more.  Like if Ed tortures him to find out where Peggy went uff da.
  9. SpaceChampion added a post in a topic Boarders Writing A Novel: Part 13   

    None of that was in ASOIAF, which what I was focusing on, this being a Literature forum.  The relevant topic is the general question of whether the depiction of rape serves any purpose, and the conclusion is that it does when it supports the themes.  In ASOIAF and HBO's adaptation it does exist to elaborate on the major theme.  Specific incidences of rape and violence in it can each be criticized on its own, against a standard better than assuming they did it for kicks.  HBO's execution leaves a lot to be desired, but just depicting sex and rape is not a flaw, and is not indicative of motivations.  It's bad criticism to begin by assuming there is no point to it.  Assuming there is a point to it, then my conclusion is that it's there to support the theme, as is every single other scene.  How well it does or whether multiple examples of it excessive is a different arguement.
  10. SpaceChampion added a post in a topic Boarders Writing A Novel: Part 13   

    Fundamental?  Power and agency is fundamental to the series.  Depicting every aspect of power and agency is necessary.  As such, sexualized violence is a part of the story.  It's an elaboration of the themes.
  11. SpaceChampion added a post in a topic Boarders Writing A Novel: Part 13   

    The show is about power, and rape & sexualized violence is about power.  It fits in with the themes.  Look at the expected conflict between White Walkers vs Dragons.  It is about power too, with Dragons representing agency.  You can try to tame a dragon, but a dragon is no slave.  Rape and sexualized violence is about  power and agency too.
    I'm fairly sure Martin's aim and the aims of HBO / David & Dan is to depict every form of that battle between power and agency.  Thus, Ramsay forcing Theon to participate in Jeyne Poole's rape.  It's the same reason they're spending so much time in Meereen, and the slavery plot.
  12. SpaceChampion added a post in a topic I Think People Should be Paid not to Work, if That's What They Want   

    There is no reason a basic income has to be paid in dollars (or whatever your nation's fiat currency is).  Secondary, complementary currencies have thrived on and off for centuries, particularly amidst economic crises.  A basic income could be paid out as a new currency, called basic.  Money is simply an accounting system.  It can be anything you design it to be.  We can and should have several currencies in circulation to account for society's needs.  Having a single fiat currency instead of multiple is a source of huge inefficiencies.  Multiple currencies stabilize economies.  A single currency can cause crises in the money supply, halting economic activity.  Whenever that happens, alternative currencies spring up.  It did in Germany before the Nazis stomped on it amidst one German state solving the crisis of massive inflation by switching to a new currency, and got their economy working again.  The Nazis needed crisis, so they made that illegal.
    If basic can be used to pay rent, buy food, pay for public transportation it does not need to be exchangeable for anything else.  It also wouldn't suffer from inflation, because inflation does not apply to currencies indexed to a basket of items as this would be.  Renters, supermarkets and public transit authorities must be required to accept basic, and you could ban anyone else from accepting it.  But if they do, so what?  Eventually it is exchanged for dollars; if the person receiving basic used it for non-essentials, then they'd likely have to paid for their essentials with actual dollars at some point to make up for the loss of basic misused. 
    The exchange rate with dollars can float, but the amount of basic needed to purchase those goods and services does not need to change at all.  Exchange rates would be localized, so a supermarket in New York might make more off the exchange than a supermarket closer to the farm when the food it grown.
    Boosting economic activity is a huge benefit that the jobless that use basic would provide.  The value of money is in it being used.  Basic is not needed for savings.  To make sure it is used properly, you give a currency velocity by letting it expire after a set period (like 30 days) unless exchanged.  For a demurrage fee of 5% or whatever the market decides it can be carried for another period, if you have dollars to pay the fee.  This forces people to use basic as quickly as possibly, stirring up economic activity, or otherwise get a job to pay the fees.
    How do you pay for seeing a movie, eating at a restaurant or go on a vacation?  Can't use basic for that, so you have to earn dollars.  People will work to buy the things that basic can't pay for.
  13. SpaceChampion added a post in a topic The Mindy Project   

    I believe this is already streaming on Hulu?  Is the new season any good?
  14. SpaceChampion added a post in a topic US Politics - Why we can't have even mediocre things   

    There's also the fact that yesterday was Maker day at Ahmed's school, and they were making clocks, but all they were doing were drawing dots on paper plates, like some lame arts & crafts from a kindergarten rather than a highschool. Seems obvious Ahmed understood his school was missing the point of Maker day. I heard there was something about the makerspace in the school's facebook page but looks like it was deleted. Wish I could link to it but the school's twitter is now blocked. The google cache of the twitter account doesn't cache past the 12th.

    Nobody actually thought it was a bomb, because nobody was evacuated.
  15. SpaceChampion added a post in a topic Boarders Writing A Novel: Part 13   

    That's a good sign, Derfel, good luck with the submission.

    To my mind I can't imagine spending a lot of time inventing languages unless I was a philologist like Tolkien, or conlanger like David Peterson. They set a standard I couldn't hope to achieve. Of course I can't imagine writing elves and dwarves in the same world either, there's just too many stories that do that already. Why not invent some new species?