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  1. No. Amos is somewhere on the psychopath spectrum. He doesn't have empathy to begin with. I think it was implied Amos is wondering if that the procedure was done to him in the past against his will? I don't know, I'm not that far in the book series if that's a thing from the books.
  2. Wait, why are trumpists taking Rudy Giuliani joining Trump's legal team as a good sign? Isn't he some sort of anemic vampire clown? Oh, I get it, must be approaching the last dungeon of their larp. Geez, someone explain to them he's just an NPC.
  3. Not sure what you mean... Like describe the launch second by second in text?? haha, not doing that. At the webcast youtube page, you can click on the notifications bell symbol to let youtube notify you for the start of the cast, if you're logged in. Here:
  4. Launch of TESS scrubbed for today, but Wednesday's weather is looking near 100% clear.
  5. Pretty sure he's serious, but wording it with his usual exaggeration. An old idea they are probably using is the concept of a "ballute", which is a combo of a parachute and a balloon. The problem with a simple parachute dropping from orbit at supersonic velocity is it wouldn't have the atmospheric pressure surrounding it to maintain it's shape as the 2nd stage descended into the atmosphere, twisting up and probably burning up. So they design it to inflate and hold the shape. I wouldn't be surprised if they have some way to steer it too, like a parafoil-shaped ballute. Their experience with recovering the fairing, though they're yet to catch it with the ship, has probably encouraged them to make the attempt.
  6. SpaceX is starting production of the first BFR (probably the upper stage ship for grasshopper flights) at their new Port of Los Angeles location. Today's TESS launch will be the last new Block 4 version of Falcon 9. It'll fly a few times probably, including the next CRS resupply mission to the ISS later this year. Block 5 will be soon to fly! Webcast will be here: From NASA it seems the SLS is being delayed yet again. Will it ever actually fly? Most space industry journalists doubt it. Just going to steal a quote from an comment I've seen on
  7. Hopefully that'll be ironed out. Regulations regarding video from space not enforced prior to seeing Starman in front of the Earth are now enforced. The regulation existed for a long time and now the routine use of cameras aboard 2nd stages of rockets are falling under it. Tomorrow's launch of a Falcon 9 will carry the TESS space telescope to orbit: Interesting, The second stage will not be de-orbited on this mission but it will be put in a hyperbolic disposal orbit (ejecting it into interplanetary space). The fairing will soft land in the ocean, without attempting to catch it with Mr. Steven. Launch scheduled currently for April 16 th 2018, 18:32 - 18:33 EDT (22:32 - 22:33 UTC).
  8. Mary Shelley was so goth she lost her virginity on her mother's grave.
  9. I don't think that is accurate. It started about $6-7M but it's now up to $15M per ep.
  10. A billion on LOTR for 5 seasons doesn't seem out of line, given HBO has spent more than $750 million on 8 seasons of GOT. If LOTR is 10 episodes per season that is $20M per episode. G0T is more than $15M.
  11. I remember seeing his name around. Was he ever a boarder here?
  12. July 10th season premiere
  13. Anson Mount cast as Pike:
  14. Sometimes all I do on facebook is post CXG videos.
  15. Rumoured to be renewed.