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  1. I've got an unrelated comment to throw in. Has anyone seen this? I'm assuming a number of people had to approve this segment of the website. Why would anyone think that a statement like "What has Donald Trump said about people like you?" is a good thing to say?
  2. I've been listening to more rap/hip hop (never learned the difference and not interested to learn it) the past year than usual and I found a few artists and groups I think are pretty interesting. I think Stormzy started out as a slightly self parodying artist who netted an audience with lighter tones and became slightly more serious later on. I'm also a big fan of the Australian group Hilltop Hoods.
  3. Which generation was the most vain? Taking into account today's enabling factors of cameras and the internet.
  4. In a way it's spot on. It's for the person doing it, by the person doing it. Unless I suppose they're publishing it for a wider audience.
  5. This is becoming pervasive. It's also a little comical to have a tool in your hand with which you can request a bunch of people you don't really know to stop, present a frozen grin for you and wait until you say you're done. And if you don't want to partake, you might be considered grumpy or difficult.
  6. I'm not extremely well informed on the relationship between this demographic and the US military, but looking at the numbers, with 62% not wanting to join, and 23% "probably" unwilling to, it leaves you with a 15% considering joining or already joined. If you can consider a sample size of 435 people to be telling, 15% of any region's population wanting to join the army is an enormous fraction.
  7. Welcome to the forums, Cassana :) . There's an introduction thread pinned on top of the list here in General Chatter, you can post there as well if you want.
  8. You don't think she has a heroic death coming along at some point?
  9. Welcome all :) are going to love aSoS.
  10. No one else even knows what water polo is this far west! Anyways hydrodynamics was serious business in the school team :P
  11. Thanks for the welcome :P
  12. Hello, my name is Adam and I've been following the SoIaF books since I turned fourteen. Two years after that I discovered this site and I've been lurking here ever since. Now I'm twenty. It's a long time to lurk. I know you people. I'm half Libyan and half Serbian, studying engineering in England. Ask me for anything else =D.