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  1. While it's not necessarily true that neither of them want blue coconuts, this is generally correct. I think the next logical question is, how long will it take for governing entities to concede that "free market" capitalism has some built-in paradoxical relationships that will make less and less sense as automation gains momentum. I think rather than Carusos letting go of their (questionably earned, certainly undeserved) capital in order to redesign the way modern society functions, they will be coerced to do so with pitchforks and guillotines.
  2. They've recently realized they aren't immune to pitchforks.
  3. The general theme of BLM rhetoric is, as I understand it, equal rights for black Americans and fair treatment by law enforcement. This is easily distinguishable from the actions of a shooter who decided to kill cops without some specific directive from BLM. The rhetoric of a neo-Nazi rally, and generally the racist implications of alt-right "representatives" is not defensive or egalitarian in its tone. So the deliberate car ramming into a crowd of counter-protesters is more closely related to the actual rhetoric of the alt-right. So far it looked like and it sounded like neo-Nazism. With this attack it's also beginning to act like a radicalized group. It's safe to categorize it as a threat to the general populace, which is not the case with BLM.
  4. There's an asymmetry in the ideologies behind the murder of 5 cops in Dallas, and the car ramming in the neo-Nazi rally. Neither are justifiable, of course, but the decision of the shooter to kill cops comes from a place of historic oppression, where his ancestors (and possibly his family and community in this day and age) have been oppressed by law enforcement representatives. To some extent, maybe some of these crimes were perceived, and not real to the shooter himself, but that is beside the point. The decision of the neo-Nazi to ram into a crowd of counter-protesters, on the other hand, comes from a background of white supremacy, racism, and other unsavoury ideologies.
  5. It really looks like many of the commenters here are refusing to face this head-on. The law doesn't perfectly reflect what is considered morally upright behaviour, nor does violating it lead to a Mad Max wasteland. It's kind of interesting how this defense of free speech in the specific case of neo-Nazis implies that embattled ideologies will sort themselves out without government interference. Namely, that neo-Nazis will lose on the battleground of rhetoric because the spectating audience nation-wide will be turned off by their evil ideology. It's heartening to see people calling out this failed centrist proposal Interestingly, this defense is analogous to what you'd see in arguments that favour the free market and the idea that the markets will "regulate themselves".
  6. I've got an unrelated comment to throw in. Has anyone seen this? I'm assuming a number of people had to approve this segment of the website. Why would anyone think that a statement like "What has Donald Trump said about people like you?" is a good thing to say?
  7. I've been listening to more rap/hip hop (never learned the difference and not interested to learn it) the past year than usual and I found a few artists and groups I think are pretty interesting. I think Stormzy started out as a slightly self parodying artist who netted an audience with lighter tones and became slightly more serious later on. I'm also a big fan of the Australian group Hilltop Hoods.
  8. Which generation was the most vain? Taking into account today's enabling factors of cameras and the internet.
  9. In a way it's spot on. It's for the person doing it, by the person doing it. Unless I suppose they're publishing it for a wider audience.
  10. This is becoming pervasive. It's also a little comical to have a tool in your hand with which you can request a bunch of people you don't really know to stop, present a frozen grin for you and wait until you say you're done. And if you don't want to partake, you might be considered grumpy or difficult.
  11. I'm not extremely well informed on the relationship between this demographic and the US military, but looking at the numbers, with 62% not wanting to join, and 23% "probably" unwilling to, it leaves you with a 15% considering joining or already joined. If you can consider a sample size of 435 people to be telling, 15% of any region's population wanting to join the army is an enormous fraction.
  12. Welcome to the forums, Cassana :) . There's an introduction thread pinned on top of the list here in General Chatter, you can post there as well if you want.
  13. You don't think she has a heroic death coming along at some point?
  14. Welcome all :) are going to love aSoS.
  15. No one else even knows what water polo is this far west! Anyways hydrodynamics was serious business in the school team :P