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  1. He is an important go-between character so I can't see him leaving the show anytime soon but when he does I hope it is at the hands of Sansa via the Hound or ol' Lady Stoneheart. The North remembers.
  2. still looks like a random dothraki to me
  3. Methinks we'll still be left with some big moments happening off camera... Few reasons for this: I. D&D as well as GRRM realize that the mental image(s) we create are sometimes more satisfying than the ones they can portray II. Bran's and Bloodraven's eyes can't see everywhere can they? e.g. outside ToJ but not inside III. Practical/economical factors such as creating settings/props/costumes for a scene we see once; not to mention casting characters for a few minutes of screen time
  4. Using the old D&D alignment grid...: Littlefinger - the most 'chaotic evil' character of the series. Maybe even the embodiment of chaotic evil. Varys - more subjective, but I think 'chaotic neutral' Agree/disagree?