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  1. Who will Jon serve?

    How 'bout the Many Faced God?
  2. GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Finn Jones (Loras) has just been cast as Iron Fist on the Netflicks series based on the Marvel comics character.
  3. Is Sansa Pregnant?!

    God I hope not! I'm not really up for some kind of trashy abortion scene!
  4. On the show, are Sansa and Jon destined for each other's arms?

    The North won't follow Littlefinger & there really isn't anyone in the North that they could settle on for "The Queen in the North".
  5. How is the Wall Coming Down?

    The Others will salt it?
  6. Oswell

    Kettleblack has brothers, one of whom is Kingsguard so no.
  7. if R+L=J is true...

    Look, if any did speculate about it...they quickly dismissed it as unlikely, unimportant, & a can of worms that shouldn't be opened! No real reason to dwell on it, & "Who did Ned do?" is just as juicy!
  8. if R+L=J is true...

    What would be the point of speculating beyond Ned's claim anyway? Nobody thought Ned would want to restore the Targs. And Neddidn'treally avoid Robert's questions completely! Remember? Bob thinks it's Wylla! Ned just "didn't want to talk about it" (paraphrasing). What's so strange about that?
  9. On the show, are Sansa and Jon destined for each other's arms?

    You know Jon ending up with Danydoesn'tpreclude his getting together with someone else before or even after if Dany still believes her self barren. Dany could be open to Jon taking consorts, meaning junior wives or just paramours, particularly if she can keep Daario as part of the deal! Sansa &/or Arya would be logical choices for that role, from Dany's Targ point of view.
  10. What is the second most likely theory of Jon's parentage?

  11. Will you be watching S6 even if it spoils TWOW?

    It's either that or do with out! lol
  12. On the show, are Sansa and Jon destined for each other's arms?

    Well...thereisMel! To be fair there isn't any fore shadowing of romance foranycharacters (on the show anyway) before it actually happens (Jamie/Breinne might be the exception) & it would be ridiculous to expect that there won't beanynew couplings before the run is out! Also,it's possible that they could craft the story so that it's believable, I mean fandom fell for Karsi in less than a episode before they killed her off in the same! (Okay, okay we thought she was going to be the shows version of Val mixed with Alys, still...)
  13. GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Did everyone catch Charles Dance as the Devil--er--the alien Karellen in the SyFy adaptation of Arthur C. Clark's "Childhood's End"?
  14. What is the difference between concubine, paramour and mistress?

    Concubine=slave. Mistress=kept woman Paramour=lover
  15. Is Jon (Dayne) better for the plot than Jon (Targaryen)?

    Sounds a bit like a bait & switch to me.