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  1. If it doesn't have to be romantic how about Jon/Arya? I want that brother sister relationship!
  2. GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Kit in a commercial for Infiniti!
  3. Lady Sansa Clegane

    The Clegane's aren't Lords they are just landed Knights, under Lannister control. How is that useful? Really Tywin kept them around because they are both very good at killing people nothing more.
  4. Dany+Tyrion=Love?

    Not a romantic love per se but a deep & bidding respect for each other!
  5. Lady Sansa Clegane

    ^ AND just the kind of trope GRRM rails against!
  6. Possible marriage

    **sigh** Sometimes I wonder why some people even post. :shrug:
  7. Lady Sansa Clegane

    Never. Going. To. Happen.
  8. Stannis death - Jons resurrection connection

    Death paying for life figured into the dragon's hatching too. How about Shireen's death?
  9. Is it possible that Sansa will return to KL?

    For Jon & Dany's wedding? Well that might be in the North! How about their Coronation?
  10. I just finished all five books for the first time... What comes next!?

    There are some preview chapters out there, if you are so inclined. There is the show if you haven't seen it yet.
  11. Possible marriage

    So basically you're saying that if 4 terrorist capture someone, one of them terrorizes her, the other 2 torture her but the 4th one stops the the worst from happening, he's NOT one of her captors? Sorry not buying it! He does keep her alive but so does Tyrion, & Littlefinger. On the show her relationship with Tyrion is more amiable, than the books but she shows concern about him when she finds out about the framing in both. Littlefinger doesn't doesn't sell her to Ramsay in the books (we still have to see how things work out with Harry the heir), but even on the show we had those moments, even one in the God's wood afterward. She certainly dreams about Loras in both. So by your definition, all 4 of these men are the great love of her life! She hasn't thought about him in quiet a while in the books, & the stuff you seem to think is in the show...well frankly,is almost non existent! Going by your reasoning we have to believe that because Sandor is the "good" captor it's all right to want him with Sansa, he is totally innocent of any of her trauma & her "you won't hurt me" means more than anything she has said to anyone else! I'm sorry your whole post comes off as someone who has formed his opinion & now is scrambling for as much material that can possibly find back up what he he wants it to say, mixing it up, & disregarding anything that would contradict it! (You like the ship there for you "un-villianize" The Hound.) Yes they are about to head North,Arya is going to find them first, & who ever she doesn't kill will eventually follow her to KL to get "the Evil Queen". Oh, & it's not just about who Sansa's also about who the North would excepts her consort once Jon make her Warden of The North (Regent in the North?) after Jon marries Dany...sure as hell wouldn't be Sandor! Funny thing is, I don't really have a dog in this hunt, Jon/Dany are about the only thing I'm fairly sure is going to happen.
  12. Possible marriage

    Sansa didn't speak up at the meeting, Thormond & Davos did. Jon really should be pissed at her. I really find it interesting how people who are shooting down every possible ship they don't like are bending over backwards to say that everything points to SanSan despite evidence to the contrary! Sandor heading North? Will right now he's in the Riverlands with the BwoB, & Arya is there too! He ain't going to make it North & the showdown with "FrankenGreagor" is going to happen. In the books the "relationship" is a child's crush + Stockholm Syndrome! He doesn't even get all of that on the show...Little Finger got most of it with the best of Sandor's book dialog! **sigh** I swear if The Winds of Winter comes out tomorrow & the final 2 page are a slow description of Sansa pushing a short sword through Sandor's neck...they will go-"It's a Dream! Those two love love LOVE each other! SanSaaaan!"
  13. Possible marriage

    This is getting ugly so let's drop Jon/Sansa for now. There is plenty of other thing to talk about & I don't want the thread closed. SanSan isn't happening, we're going to get "Clegain Bowl" instead & he will die. Littlefinger/Sansa isn't happening, his days are numbered. Jon/Dany is most likely happening, because it's the most logical conclusion. Sweet Robin is likely to die. Sand Snakes to untrustworthy. Gendry missing. Frankly besides Jon/Dany Thormond/Brennie seem like the most likely right now
  14. Possible marriage

    That was what I was trying to say but blew it! They really want people to fight about it.
  15. Possible marriage

    I really shouldn't write when I'm tired! This came out as the exact opposite of what I intended!