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  1. Glass Gardens in Winterfell

    In Jr. High I did an experiment with plants covered by 3 different colors of cellophane, they were planted at the same time & given the same amount of light, but some grew taller & were darker in color that the others.
  2. Question Regarding Conception Date Relative to Marriage Date...

    Also there is evidence that Targs practiced polygamy
  3. Where does Danny land?

    Pictures indicate the North?
  4. If "R+L=J" is true, then what would Robert have done?

    Well, Ned thought he would try to have Jon killed. We don't know if Robert was really as fanatical as he was when he Reayhsy & Aegon "dragon spawn" when he saw their bodies, but he was still obsessed with Lyanna.
  5. Choose your (Valyrian) steel

    How about the dagger they were going to kill Bran with?
  6. Virginity: Important of Chastity in Westeros

    "Maiden" is synonymous with "Virgin", in medieval/ASOIAF talk. & it was Aerys brutal killing of Rickard & Brandon Stark, then calling for Jon Arryn to kill Ned & Robert that started the war. Maiden, Mother & Crone are analogs of the Greek Hecate...the "Triad of the Moon".
  7. Do you think Daenerys and Jon Snow

    If the incest really bothers some people...then I would say this is really the wrong show & set of books to be following! -duh- I mean if something that is so central to the story isn't your cup of tea, it doesn't make sense to follow it.
  8. A Song of Ice and Fire: The Animated Series

  9. The white walkers are the Others. The Others are the white walkers.

    It's prettty much established. They only use "White Walkers" on the show so it won't get confused with the "Others" from Lost.
  10. Do you think Daenerys and Jon Snow

    Oh, come on! They've been working up to Kit/Emilia-Jon/Dany getting together since before the show started! To many fans voted for "fuck" over "fight" for them not to at least have them have sex!
  11. Bran goes back in-time..Prevents the CoTF from creating the White Walkers

    Timey whimey time paradoxes would make everybody disappear.
  12. Hummus

  13. Does Sansa Stark have PTSD?

    Yes, but currently it's not being shown in a "traditional" fashion. Not everyone breaks down the same way, some of "evil Sansa" might be bizzare symptoms of this or similar syndromes.
  14. Euron's sigil

    Arguably, Jon's white dire wolf is his personal sigil...
  15. What's Next for Beric?

    Dragon food.