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  1. Keep me high, drugs is close, watch the world go up on smoke

  2. What if R+L=J is wrong how will fans react

    If R+E=YG then I'll be fine.
  3. Is Rickon the future King in the North?

    We haven't read about the tough Starks who styled themselves Kings in the North and the Wolf Blood (Lyanna, Brandon and Arya have it) for no reason... I think Rickon will be a very badass dude once he grows older... Robb was a good commander at a young age, but I think Rickon will become a fighting prodigy like Robert Baratheon at a very young age, bringing the Old Godd' fury with Shaggy Dog beside him to everyone who ever wronged them (he might forgive, though) with Azor Ahai and the best greenseer fighting with him. Imagine Ramsay makes it until Rickon's fifteen, and he's then chopped liver by the Fierce Wolf or whatever he's called.
  4. What will Khal Jhaqo do with Daenerys?

    Jhaqo will bow to Daenerys and she'll go try to conquer Westeros. Obviously, she'll fail, 'cause Joffrey, reborn amidst salt and smoke, will kill her.
  5. What should be Jon's new Targaryen name?

    It should obviously be Aejon.
  6. What if Bloodraven met Melisandre?

    Bloodraven could warg Summer and kill Melisandre.
  7. The Bear & the Maiden fair

    Jon licked the honey from Ygritte's hair. Pubic hair. LOL never meant to be that explicit, sorry.