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    Swimming, running, doing taekwondo, raging, my girlfriend (there's nothing in this world I love more than I love her), cigarettes, rap, indie rock, beer, going out with my mates and obviously A Song of Ice and Fire!

    I've loved reading since I was 8 years old when I first read Ham on Rye, by Charles Bukowski (a great novel btw).

    Contact me if we share some interest or if you just want to talk to me ;)

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  1. Keep me high, drugs is close, watch the world go up on smoke

  2. Tyrek Lannister

    Yes, he is married to Ermesande Hayford, who is just a baby (that's why other squires mocked him by calling him wet nurse) and is the heiress of House Hayford, sworn directly to Kingslanding --> this way the Lannisters will have their lands. So yeah, it's a political marriage.
  3. Tyrek Lannister

    He is Tygett's son, Tyrion will not mind he inherits Casterly Rock. Jaime is said to fight like his uncle Tygett, so Tyrek could be at his level perhaps. I personally think he's being hidden by Varys to place him as Lord of CR, loyal to Aegon. Tyrion will be Hand of the King.
  4. INFO: Interested in joining the MUSH?

    I'll try it tomorrow, thank you Ella! :)
  5. INFO: Interested in joining the MUSH?

    I can't even create my character, I'm trying to create one by typing name and password, just as it says, but it's impossible.
  6. I'm surprised by the astonishing amount of knowledge on this forum, I love it here, a great plac e to discuss about one of my passions... and I realized I haven't both

    1. Makes No Sansa

      Makes No Sansa

      ered my friends and relatives by telling them things about ASOIAF... lol

  7. The Tattered Prince is a Targaryen

    Fine irony, bro, but if he was chosen to be Prince of Pentos, then, whether he is a Targaryen or not he will be important, at least for the Essosi thing going on. Remember he wants to take Pentos not as Prince but as King. Our fellow poster the Scorpion King made a good point, IMO.