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  1. Tyrek Lannister

    I mean, for all intents and purposes she is the Lady of the Rock, but only because Tommen is a child. If Tommen had been 14 or so, they'd have had him designate who would hold the Rock. Cersei is only Lady by default. Or is that what you guys are saying...by default Cersei is Lady because nobody else really qualifies?
  2. Tyrek Lannister

    The impression that I get from the Cersei/Casterly Rock situation is not that Cersei has inherited the Rock, but that Tommen has inherited the Rock but is too young to run it effectively, so Cersei is only really castellan/regent of the Rock until he comes of age. She doesn't think of it like this because she thinks she's the most important thing in the world; the Rock belongs to Tommen for the same reason the Crown belongs to Tommen. Its akin to how Luwin looks to Catelyn after Ned leaves; if she had been of more stable mind at the time, then Robb wouldn't have had to stand up and take command. Cersei just thinks she's Lady of the Rock, but actually Tommen is the Lord of Casterly Rock.
  3. Interesting lines on the re-read? (hindsight)

    ^Mind. Blow Its so funny--things that are so obvious when you just think about them differently. I had never really given a second thought to the choice of Beric over Loras, except to think that the Gregor/Loras thing had to play out eventually (but at what cost to the Sandor/Gregor thing!!!). Ned just did everything wrong. Damn.
  4. The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    I want Brienne to make it, but she's been out of control of her own fate for a long time, just being swept along by the events happening around her. She's in the same boat as Robb, only having her own POV which makes me have hope for her. But Robb was basically swept along by events as well and he died. She served Renly, then Cat, then Cat died, then the kids were killed, the two daughters disapear, she's captive, then in recovery, then wandering around following no leads and being pretty dumb. I like Brienne alot but she has no direction for her goals, and we know that both kid are essentially fine but beyond her grasp entirely throughout all of AFFC. Its doubly frustrating because we all know where both daughters are.
  5. The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    He hasn't broken his vow to Cat, though. He said he wouldn't take up arms against any of Robb's bannerman and he hasn't.
  6. The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    I think Brienne will have to kill UnCat since she loves Jaime, Jaime hasn't broken his oath to Cat really, blahblah, and Brienne will see what its like to break a vow and kill someone she swore her sword to. Cat is the Mad King. Some of the Brotherhood are down with her ruthlessness, but I doubt people like Gendry are going to be wholeheartedly supportive. Especially since Brienne just saved the people at the inn and is committed to telling Gendry that he's Robert's bastard. This confrontation is going to let a lot of things climax and culminate a lot of plot points to where Jaime and Brienne are leading the Brotherhood Without Banners. The Lannister Reign is over. Jaime's basically forsaken it when he chose not to go back and rescue Cersei from the Great Septon and the Sparrows. Moves the pieces around and ties some of them together. Makes revelations and changes other characters. Simplifies the game for the end game just a little. Brienne might be killed, though, just to cut down on POVs.