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  1. JungWheats added a post in a topic Anyone else think Stannis is destined to be the Night's King   

    Jon Snow will be remembered as the second Night's King. Melisandre will resurrect his body, but his mind and essence will be trapped in Ghost. He'll fight the good fight as Ghost, but Melisandre will use his body as a puppet to fulfill her own goals and attempts to manifest prophecies. Thus Jon will be a hero until he fades into memory, but a large segment of future society will remember him as an asshole.

    Seems the kind of shitty thing that would happen to Jon's character. The wildlings might hold him down, though.
  2. JungWheats added a post in a topic Arya in TWOW Arya is in BIG trouble... (Mercy chapter spoilers)   

    She was only supposed to get murdered in the play; she was playing a character based on Sansa, right?
  3. JungWheats added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    Following The Strong: Dothraki and the Battle of Qohor
    So, this could probably have gone into the small questions thread, but fuck it. It is said to us a few times that the Dothraki only strength. It is also known that the Dothraki have only really been defeated once: by a group of Unsullied outside the gates of Qohor. The battle lasted several days and so decimated the Dothraki population that they all cut off their braids and admitted defeat.

    The question that I have always had is this: If the Dothraki only follow the strong, how were they convinced to surrender and humble themselves by cutting off their braids?

    It seems completely antithetical to their culture. I feel like any Dothraki man that suggested surrender would have been killed outright and his suggestion disregarded completely.
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  4. JungWheats added a post in a topic What would have happened if Ned had gone to the wall?   

    Ned would never have reached the Wall, even if he hadn't been put to death at Baelor's. Cersei would have had him killed on his way North. Ned knows about the incest and the bastardy; if Maggy's predictions have so warped her, what would Ned's secret do? She could never have left that bomb ticking away and lived comfortably.
  5. JungWheats added a post in a topic Sweetrobin, sweetsleep, lemoncakes, Sansa and the gruesome fate of kinslayers   

    The way I see it, GRRM can accomplish Sansa learning from LF and becoming to play the game, without the need to kill Sweetrobin. I think it more likely that we'll be lead to believe she's going to do it, only to pull the ol' switcheroo and have her poison LF instead. It sets her up as the new LF, but keeps her from some terrible fate down the line.
  6. JungWheats added a post in a topic But WHY Jon Snow. WHY?   

    Everyone who says Jon heading south is out of character--you're forgetting that he spent several hours plotting with Tormund before he made his general announcement. GRRM pretty much never glosses over anything, but Jon essentially reads Tormund the pink letter, and then it just says "he and Tormund talked for a couple hours." If that doesn't indicate that there's more going on than meets the eye, then what does?
  7. JungWheats added a post in a topic Is Tywin secretly insecure?   

    I think that Tywin has always been on edge about his father, and has modeled his life by using his father as a negative example. I believe, however, that he also carries 2 secret shames.

    Several generations back, there was a notable situation in which a Lannister-Reyne marriage was put aside because the Reyne woman was barren. After the marriage was ended, she went on to marry a Tarbeck and this marriage resulted in several children. (This comes from a WOIAF reading at CarolinaCon this past week) So, Tywin knows that male impotence is part of the root causes to the Lannister beef with the Reynes and the Tarbecks.

    Tywin sees his father, also as impotent, unable to rule his own lands and to keep his vassals loyal. Male impotence, either literal or metaphorical, has shaped every aspect of the character Tywin presents to the world. He has always tried to prove himself dangerous, cunning, and effective.

    We also know that Aerys II had the eye for Tywin's wife and that Tywin has been known to lay with whores, yet has fathered no bastards.

    I think that Tywin has always been secretly afraid that he was impotent and that the twins are not his natural heirs. His pride has never allowed him to outwardly acknowledge his fears, but I think it is there nonetheless. He raised the twins to be Lannisters and to carry on the Lannister name; whether they are his or not they will carry his name, and he will not let his personal insecurities slight the greatness of the Lannister name. But he damn sure made sure that every Targaryen he could get his hands on were put to death.

    So, Tywin who seeks to broadcast his alpha male tendencies, secretly fears he cannot produce natural heirs. He cannot prove the twins are not his, but always fears, in secret. Then Joanna is pregnant again, and its a twisted dwarf who rips Joanna open. Tyrion also comes out more like Tywin than any of the others. This fuels Tywin's fear that the twins are not his children, but also instills a new fear: Tywin comes to believe he isn't impotent, but has been cursed by the gods. The only child he can sire is a monster.

    Tyrion becomes a reminder that the twins aren't his and a slight against Tywin's abilities as a man.

    When Jaime disappoints him, Tywin says "you are not my son." When Tyrion does the same, Tywin says the same. Disavowing the children is his first instinct, a Freudian slip in a way. His anger lays his secret fears bare.

    Ironically, Cersei his never verbally disavowed but is constantly discounted by Tywin as of any real importance or help. She, however, comes to view herself as Tywin's truest heir, although she's more likely to be the Mad King come again.
  8. JungWheats added a post in a topic Jon and Meera   

    The show's been hinting, pretty heavily, I think, that Jon and Meera are actually separated twins. Pay attention to how much her hair is referenced, and in the almost meet-up at Craster's, just compare faces.
  9. JungWheats added a topic in A Dance with Dragons   

    3-Finger Hobb Is The Ringleader
    Today, I've been listening to Dance and Feast at the gym, and I've come to the conclusion that 3-Finger Hobb is the Emperor to Marsh's Vader. In the chapter when Jon meets with Stannis--discussing the fate of the abandoned castles along the Wall, Dolorous Edd warns him about the general shadiness of cooks, and Melisandre warns him of smiling faces who secretly sharpen knives. In one of Sam's chapters, probably the one when he, Aemon, and Gilly leave the Wall, Sam recalls how friendly Hobb has always been, and how he often sneaks Sam extra food.

    So, Edd warns Jon that cooks are sneaky, Mel warns us about sharpening kitchen utensils with friendly faces, and Sam recalls Hobb's genial nature.

    Hobb organized the mutiny against Jon.
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  10. JungWheats added a post in a topic Dunk the Talls descendants (All three of them)   

    Hoster Blackwood is one of Dunk's descendant's, as far as my money goes.
  11. JungWheats added a post in a topic Ser Ilyn got his tongue ripped out for knowing of Jaime/Cersei's true parentage   

    All of the Lannister kids are Targs. It will never be known for certain, unless George Dumbledore's them after the series is over.
  12. JungWheats added a post in a topic Sansa loosing her wolf poosible forshadowing?   

    Losing Lady frees her up to warg birds; especially apt if she ends up using a bird against LF.
  13. JungWheats added a post in a topic Craziest theory you've ever seen/heard/read   

    Jaime, Cersei, Tyrion are not Targs.

    I think some of the new histories and lore specials from season 3 put this one to bed.
  14. JungWheats added a post in a topic Foreshadowing of the Tullys and BWB   

    If anything, I think the BWOB would hold Edmure in pretty high standing. He has consistently risked himself in order to protect his smallfolk, which is the original aim and theoretical goal of the BWOB.
  15. JungWheats added a post in a topic Is the Stark/Lannister feud at an end already?   

    Are there really that many Lannisters left, though? Its safe to assume Cersei and her brood are doomed, probably Jaime as well. Kevan is dead, his son has forsaken family and property to join the Faith. There's Genna Frey and Daven and his family, but beyond that, aren't they essentially done?