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  1. She was only supposed to get murdered in the play; she was playing a character based on Sansa, right?
  2. The way I see it, GRRM can accomplish Sansa learning from LF and becoming to play the game, without the need to kill Sweetrobin. I think it more likely that we'll be lead to believe she's going to do it, only to pull the ol' switcheroo and have her poison LF instead. It sets her up as the new LF, but keeps her from some terrible fate down the line.
  3. Tyrek Lannister

    I mean, for all intents and purposes she is the Lady of the Rock, but only because Tommen is a child. If Tommen had been 14 or so, they'd have had him designate who would hold the Rock. Cersei is only Lady by default. Or is that what you guys are saying...by default Cersei is Lady because nobody else really qualifies?
  4. Tyrek Lannister

    The impression that I get from the Cersei/Casterly Rock situation is not that Cersei has inherited the Rock, but that Tommen has inherited the Rock but is too young to run it effectively, so Cersei is only really castellan/regent of the Rock until he comes of age. She doesn't think of it like this because she thinks she's the most important thing in the world; the Rock belongs to Tommen for the same reason the Crown belongs to Tommen. Its akin to how Luwin looks to Catelyn after Ned leaves; if she had been of more stable mind at the time, then Robb wouldn't have had to stand up and take command. Cersei just thinks she's Lady of the Rock, but actually Tommen is the Lord of Casterly Rock.
  5. Gendry and Arya

    Arya could be the Nissa Nissa to Gendry's Azor Ahai. He's already a blacksmith.
  6. The Winds of Winter is Going to be a BLOODBATH

    The big issue, for me, is no matter what kind of outcome we have, if the seasonal imbalance isn't solved, nobody could possibly survive. The food situation in Westeros necessitates a very short winter, or everyone will starve. The expected 10 year winter to correspond to the 10 year summer just will not support everyone, even with a false spring at some point.
  7. Aurane Waters Endgame

    I think Lord of the Waters is too obvious to be related to Aurane. Most ambitious male bastards seek to drop their last names ASAP, Ramsay being the obvious example. I think Sallador is being set up to be the Lord of the Waters, with Aurane being saved as a wildcard to save Stannis ( Patchface prophecy). Like...Ramsay wouldn't declare himself Lord of the Snows if he suddenly had the best army in the North and the power to subdue it. But Sallador Saan, Lord of the Waters? That's exacty what he'd be doing, my friend.
  8. Money to Skylar through the Grey Matter charity. Remember who called it.
  9. I did a rewatch, and as soon as Elliott and Gretchen start to dismiss Walter's input, his hands clench into fists. Its Grey Matter which has been hoisted up as part of his downfall. Right in his eyes are his failures; the people that he has brought together and brought to prominence and success, waving their hands and acting like he doesn't exist. I think that the real Easter egg hidden in the interview with the Schwartzes is the new charity that they have set up to assist recovering drug addicts. I think Walter, somehow, is going to use this as a front to get Skyler and the kids the money. All he really has to do is blackmail E and G in some way that they modify the charity to benefit those effected by addiction and drug crime, or hire Skyler to run the books on the charity as is, while paying her a ridiculously high salary. Revenge is a good goal along the way, Grey Matter is a means to an endpoint; a road by which he could get his family the cash they deserve. They may never even know that Walt got it to them.
  10. Isn't the whole connection to the Nazis brought on by their need to hit the men in prison? The neo-nazis have prison connects. That is how Walter came into contact with them. White power groups are a big operating force within the global prison system. Nothing about them seems improbable, given how they came into the show. They are hardened douches because of time they spent in lock-up and probably life-long crime before that.
  11. I'm so glad the Grey Matter thing showed up. I've always felt like Grey Matter was a large part of Walt's psyche and his feelings of inadequacy, I'm glad that they will be tied up in the finale somehow. I think the show told us how, already, though. Walt is going to use the threat of terror and corporate destruction to force them to use his money to set up a charity of some sort and the money will be funneled to the family through that. Perhaps Skyler will be picked as the CEO for the charity or some ish. Whoever shouted out using the Ricin to contaminate some of Grey Matter's products was probably spot on. I guess the x-factor here is going to be what happens when Walt and Jesse come face to face again.
  12. Jaime Lannister's death

    Last we hear from Kevan, though, it has been a couple weeks since he was last seen by any of the men he left with. That doesn't mean anything, though.
  13. Aaron Paul on The Price Is Right.
  14. Because beneath the mother she's selfish--she's Cersei, in a way. Everything seems to be all about Lydia. She also seems like she'd have anyone killed if it inconvenienced her in any way. But she'd never do it herself, she'd just give Todd a grand or something and hope the problem disappears.
  15. On the Hank thing, he covered for Marie's stealing at least two or three times in the show, and his reaction to this make it clear that he has done it before. He hit Jesse while he was in custody. He illegally gathered info on Fring, Walt, Mike, and Jesse. I mean, by season 5 the only reason he's still a cop is because Jesse chose not to press charges as a favor to Walt. And I'd argue that any cop that hits anyone already in custody for giving him some lip needs his badge taken forever.