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    House Type
    On the Wiki the houses are broken down into categories

    Knightly (Masterly for the North)

    The great houses are obvious, but how do you know which houses to put in Noble and which in Knightly? Is it based on the person who heads the house being termed Lord in conversation and others being termed Ser (or Master?)

    If that is the case, shouldn't the North have a category listed as Knightly/Masterly, because Cassel is listed as Masterly yet we know it is headed by Ser Rodrik. Also plenty of Norther houses seem to follow the 7 so there would probably be more.

    This has some houses that are listed as 'other' yet here they are listed as knightly. What caught my eye was the Fossoway house and cadet branch. The cadet branch (green = new barrel) is listed as knightly and the original is listed as 'other'. I'd think the original would be knightly as well if not noble.

    ALSO, with The Reach being described as the pinnacle of Chivalry as far as cultural recognition, it is surprising to see so many 'other'
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