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  1. This is one of those times where I think death of the author is needed. That quote is not at all in line with what he wrote. If anything, I would say it's a full ret-con if he really thinks that. Which ordinarily wouldn't bother me, I don't really have an issue with retcons for small things, but that one is too far. He might as well have said he was a truly compassionate and good ruler. With brown hair. And is actually female.
  2. Immaturity kept me away, immaturity brought me back. :)

  3. Then that's not "proof," is it? :P
  4. Do you have photographic evidence to back this claim up? (Mostly, I just want to see that issue. I can't justify spending the money some online sellers have it priced at.)
  5. You won't often hear me say this but I didn't hate it. Plot holes aside, only the battle of Winterfell was disappointing.
  6. At that point he was not longer equal to Robb, who had just been raised as king by his lords.
  7. I've actually thought that Theon meant House Greyjoy owes House Tully for their workings against House Hoare, since it allowed the Greyjoys to be the Great House of the Iron Islands.
  8. I love them because of five simple words: Her cunt became the world. Seriously, your life is not complete until Roy Dotrice reads that to you.
  9. Has anyone gone through all of these and searched for hidden messages? Because I did and I feel... disturbed. y'all some sick posters. ;) :P
  10. Is there another way I can log onto the MUSH?
  11. Not sure if this is the right space to ask, but the MUSH link at the top isn't working. I've tried it on two different computers and I'm getting a 502 bad gateway message. I'm wondering if it's these computers I'm using or maybe I didn't download something?
  12. I love this series and I love writing... I'm not confident I can write in the universe well, but I'd love to try. Would any log on here give a good example of the writing style involved?
  13. hmm... I'd like to see that sometime. would be interesting to see what kind of poems GRRM comes up with here. Any chance of this in the future books or show? ;)