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  1. So is there now any counter argument of Rey being a Mary Sue?
  2. Every episode is gradually getting worse and worse this season. What's the point of Bjorn slutting around? What's the point of the blonde girl and three Ragnar sons? What the fuck is this plot. It's god damn soap opera. Ivar is the only interesting and bearable character left in the whole show.
  3. Not sure I'm able to follow your train of thought.
  4. Surely not as big as Obamas, but not a small crowd.
  5. I'm more bothered by the one in front making faces.
  6. misrepresentation of what?
  7. Why does that even matter? lmao
  8. But Bernie still can win! Just donate
  9. And the finally they succeeded. Floki went all the way from being among my favorite characters to me not liking him to me wanting to see him dead as soon as possible. Fucking hell. That's not a character development but straight up butchering of a character. Is this because history channel must be tolerant to oppressed muslims?
  10. I have no idea what could they have in store for us for the second season. Will the whole show be about Ford struggling to stay in power? And if Ford gets eliminated there really isn't that much of a substance or mystery left in the show anymore.
  11. Why still mad about that? But that whole storyline makes no sense, unless if it's some master plan set up by Ford. Otherwise it just looks like some parody of the rest of the show.
  12. Does Delos have any security at all? The things those two clowns are doing with Maeve are beyond ridiculous. Are the events set in future US? Is this idiocracy?
  13. No I don't even care. I just ask what is wrong with him? Day before talks about unity and now is back at dividing. I don't see any logic lmao. How I see these videos you ask? They are trending on youtube
  14. oh, the second was meant this He is back at attacking Trump supporters and also has standing ovations for the riots. Distasteful
  15. From that to this What the fuck is wrong with him?