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  1. King - Jon Targaryen, First of his name Queen - Arya Stark (I know, cousins etc., but they seem to like it, so what?) Hand: Ser Barristan Selmy Grand Maester - Marwyn Deputy - Samwell Tarly Secretary of State - Syrio Forel (Expert for secret negotiations. Or do you still believe he was in King's Landing just to teach Arya swordplay?) Master of Coin - Tycho Nestoris (An expert needed. Let's face it, Littlefinger just made debts and filled his pockets. Nestoris may fill his pockets, but he won't make debts.) Master of Laws - Davos Seaworth (No more burnings, plain common sense!) Master of Ships - Moredo Prestayn (Braavosi don't worry for Ironborn attacks cause they can build a new war galley in just one day. MP will make Westerosi shipyards fit for competition.) Master of Whisperers - intelligence - Bran Stark operations - Arya Stark (who says a Queen can't run a Secret Service?) Master of Civil Engineering - Tyrion Lannister (time for an Aqueduct in KL) Master of Trade - Wyman Manderly KG LC Ser Bryndon Tully Ser Brienne of Tarth Sandor Clegane Ser Garlan Tyrell Alysanne Mormont Mance Ryder Meera Reed Warden of the North: Rickon Stark, Lord of Winterfell Warden of the West: Asha Greyjoy, Lady of Pyke Warden of the South: Arianne Martell, Lady of Sunspear, Princess of Dorne Warden of the East: Yohn Royce, Lord Paramount of the Vale, Lord of Runestone Ambassador to Braavos: Lord Petyr Baelish. A lifetime job. He might open some brothels in Ragman's Harbor. Ambassador to Pentos: Lord Varys. A lifetime job with his friend Illyrio. Edited for spelling
  2. Seven hells - Stannis + Arya as Masters of Laws: her night prayer will become endless! :rofl:
  3. Well, he just made disappear a singer now and then....Why not make him Master of Free Press (just for redemption...)? :idea: