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  1. It was an incredible stupid political move. Besides the whole Northern independence movement, Tywin delivered a direct attack on the whole feudal system. Walder Frey took his liege lord captive and got Riverrun by the Lannister Government; Roose Bolton killed his liege lord and was named Warden of the North. So what next? Will the Lannisters encourage the Redwynes to kill Mace Tyrell? No House in the 7 Kingdoms will be safe as long as Houses Lannister, Frey and Bolton exist. Edited for spelling
  2. Jaime Lannister's death

    Wouldn't she?. Day will come to chose between the FM and Needle...
  3. Jaime Lannister's death

    I take it Arya will learn that Jaime was the one who shoved Bran out of the window (she doesn't know yet!), and she'll kill him in an awesome sword fight of the left-handers! :fencing:
  4. Who will sit the iron throne?

    Tycho Nestoris. Just to make the Lannisters pay their debts. Of course, he needs permission of the Sealady.
  5. Braavos, of course. But the weather... :bang:
  6. King - Jon Targaryen, First of his name Queen - Arya Stark (I know, cousins etc., but they seem to like it, so what?) Hand: Ser Barristan Selmy Grand Maester - Marwyn Deputy - Samwell Tarly Secretary of State - Syrio Forel (Expert for secret negotiations. Or do you still believe he was in King's Landing just to teach Arya swordplay?) Master of Coin - Tycho Nestoris (An expert needed. Let's face it, Littlefinger just made debts and filled his pockets. Nestoris may fill his pockets, but he won't make debts.) Master of Laws - Davos Seaworth (No more burnings, plain common sense!) Master of Ships - Moredo Prestayn (Braavosi don't worry for Ironborn attacks cause they can build a new war galley in just one day. MP will make Westerosi shipyards fit for competition.) Master of Whisperers - intelligence - Bran Stark operations - Arya Stark (who says a Queen can't run a Secret Service?) Master of Civil Engineering - Tyrion Lannister (time for an Aqueduct in KL) Master of Trade - Wyman Manderly KG LC Ser Bryndon Tully Ser Brienne of Tarth Sandor Clegane Ser Garlan Tyrell Alysanne Mormont Mance Ryder Meera Reed Warden of the North: Rickon Stark, Lord of Winterfell Warden of the West: Asha Greyjoy, Lady of Pyke Warden of the South: Arianne Martell, Lady of Sunspear, Princess of Dorne Warden of the East: Yohn Royce, Lord Paramount of the Vale, Lord of Runestone Ambassador to Braavos: Lord Petyr Baelish. A lifetime job. He might open some brothels in Ragman's Harbor. Ambassador to Pentos: Lord Varys. A lifetime job with his friend Illyrio. Edited for spelling
  7. Seven hells - Stannis + Arya as Masters of Laws: her night prayer will become endless! :rofl:
  8. Well, he just made disappear a singer now and then....Why not make him Master of Free Press (just for redemption...)? :idea: