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  1. The Others: Why now?

    I think we can safely blame queen allysanne for this one... The amount of politicking and meddling she did with the lords of north and the NW tome indicates that the lords of the north were probably still sacrificing to the others up until her and jahearys' reign. It took the others sometime to realize craster was giving them damaged DNA and they could no longer properly reproduce.
  2. The food of the Asoiaf world, and the lack of potato

    Personally the weirdest passage for me is when Sam is leaving castle black. The wagon driver says "let's do this". It always jars me out of the illusion because it's so modern/colloquial. For a man who apparently chooses every word so carefully it has always seemed odd too me.
  3. The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Every one of us have been the blackboard in a moment in our lives in this forum or off it. We all, I believe, see the potential for it to be one of the stories of our time. We believe our passion for the saga will drive him onward. I believe in him, his vision. He knows his career will be defined by these books, the tv show(s) will always have come from his work, his worlds. To finish the story(s) is to properly define their perspective places in modern literature and also probably a part in all of our lives, and his. That's pretty amazing. But every now and then we catch ourselves being the blackboard. Such is life.
  4. The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    In Australia when I was a child we had a puppet with a pencil for a nose on tv. His name was Mr squiggle. Mr squiggle took seemingly random doodles and turned them into pictures. There was also a blackboard Mr squiggle drew on. whenever the pencil Nosed puppet took too long the black boa.... "HURRY UUUUUUUUUP" Would interup... HURRRRRRY UPPPPPP ...
  5. Oily Stone: Plastic?

    Haha that's almost as much of an oxymoron as 'Christian science' i thought of a good argument against for magic and that's the face swapping of arya and jaquen. Unless it's actually only telepathy/wargs who can properly face swap making Jaquan and arya a lot more special and unique. The blood being somehow different and special and 'activating' the face is not a horrible explanation but it's a bit soft.
  6. Are Dragon Eggs made by Humans?

    This whole idea of turning into a dragon seems fairly rooted in the targaryan mythos. Perhaps this is racial memory of genetic binding to dragons or just a display of madness...not sure.
  7. Oily Stone: Plastic?

    You're right in a way, it's about setting I suppose. How those abilities are gained though makes all the difference. Magic blood seems the same to someone who doesn't know better in universe, it seems for example the targaryans knew that by marrying each other it kept their blood pure. However how this was initially entered into their blood to me makes a difference. Was it PUT there, or did it appear there? 'Magic' explains one, design the other. Not in a religious way either to be clear.
  8. Oily Stone: Plastic?

    I'm the same. Theres far too much weird stuff going on with the GEOTD, Ashai, Qarth and Valyria for me to believe that these civilisations were at the same tech level of our current story line. For example I believe in an off record conversation between Elio and a known you tuber that it was let slip that Valyrians could MAKE sphinxes. This was supposed to be in WOIAF but was later Omitted, for reasons. Think about that for a second. A civilisation that built the most advanced structures(in the west) had BLood Mages that MADE composite animals. The implications of that are huge on a lot of levels. Now can it be 100% confirmed? no, unless Ran would like to chime in haha but this idea that Valyrians were the last great advanced civilisation using geothermal power and blood/DNA for their 'magic' is just delicious!
  9. Oily Stone: Plastic?

    The prevailing theory here Is that stannis' disembodied consciousness murdered Renly, so equal parts Telekenisis and telepathy. Imagine an insidious version of Varamyrs disembodied consciousness from the prologue of adwd. There is also the glass candle angle here too, which have numerous times been linked to people entering other people's dreams, perhaps the user can control the sleepers unconscious mind. Further, the 'shadow baby' may have just been a glamour with stannis unknowingly doing the actual killing in his sleep. This is also the plot of GRRMs favourite movie. Another explanation could be the power of Mels ruby. It's ability as both a glamour weaving device and something that hides her True age could be a piece of technology that feeds off the life force of others-perhaps at a cellular level and re uses it. Sounds magic like, true, but it doesn't necessarily mean it is. We know Davos witnessed something, and we know Cat and Brienne also saw something kill renly. Taken at face value these events can be explained by a shadow baby. But what if Mel birthed whatever it was to prove her 'power' to Davos, as she did with the poison chalice on dragonstone. A glamour for Davos benefit and a Turncloak inside storms end make just as much sense when it comes to the death of sir Courtney. Given we have witnesses to the death of Renly we have to assume they saw...something, but again as stannis was 'asleep' it's not outside the realm of possibility he was being mind controlled/astrally projecting inside his dream, again this is the plot of Forbidden planet GRRMs favourite movie.
  10. Oily Stone: Plastic?

    Magic is only magic if you don't understand it. I have drunk the Preston cool aid and it tastes good. Magic is kinda dumb because anything can be explained by it. Must just be 'magic'. Pfft. Technology though. Technology totally changes the fabric of the story and makes it far, far more compelling imho. Now is the oily stone plastic? I doubt it. But do genetic engineering, ancient technology and the theme of knowledge(not magic) returning to the world make sense? Yeah. They really fucking do. Why would a feminist, pacifist who has written thinking persona sci fi his whole life suddenly switch and write a fantasy novel where feudal patriarchy wins? Exactly. He wouldn't.
  11. Are Dragon Eggs made by Humans?

    In all of martins work he's never made magic 'real' there's always an explanation. Magic is what you make it. power resides where men THINK it resides. I can't think of anything more yawn worthy than finding out people are special n cause MAGIX. nope nope nope haha
  12. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    Sorry golden empire of the dawn
  13. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    Yeah it's like the Moat is the smoking gun. Here was once something mighty and it was ruined by...something. The wooden Keep was probably just first men built, but before that it could have been a lot more. A first line of defense against...something? or a structure of domination for...someone. I would also like to think these Pre first men were GEOTD of some stripe. Messing with the local DNA... maybe that's just what they want me too think... I'd very disappointed if that whole angle of the GEOTD was 'world building'.
  14. Are Dragon Eggs made by Humans?

    See I see blood mage as a scientist or someone who knew how to work a very ancient technology as opposed to a d and d prestige class...
  15. Heresy 195 and the Mists of Time

    5000 Is a bit off stretch but I take your point. So where then has this oral history come from? If we assume nans tale is a widely told story in the north it stands to reason it has survived through its/his/their infamy. Further it shows that the efforts to expunge the NK from the events of the past have in essence failed suffice to say the PR he's gotten is not dissimilar to Rhaegars i.e. Bad bad bad. It's this idea that the Nightfort stood alone for a thousand years before more castles were needed. Why. Why were they needed if the LN was so far in the past by this point. Also if the NF was the first castle. Did it once have walls? It's size is often spoken of as huge, but is it as large as say Moat Cailin when complete? or one of the five forts? Maybe clutching at straws but it seems odd that at the time the biggest castle in Westeros was alone in the North in the shadow of the wall with no way over or through said wall except the weir gate.