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  1. As far as the best example of bran time traveling goes, the OPs is I think possibly the poorest. Jons wolf dream where he speaks to bran-or bran speaks too him while he is in ghost-is a much, much better example. At this time 'real' or current bran has not left winterfell, but brans voice through the small shabby mountain weirwood is clearly saying he's with the crow, and safe. Look it up.
  2. Yeah it basically leaves the RP-which gives a morally ambivilant somewhat 'cool' guy as the lead and his lover come later wife as the queen in the dance. It has potential. I thought of all the possible movie scripts that the RP into TPAQ had the most potential.
  3. It's quite obvious that season 5/6/7/8 are going to be/have been a shit show. The writers backed themselves into corners with location problems and script dead ends, dorne and the original script for the BOB being the big ones here. They front loaded the start of season 7 with marginal pacing and then threw it all out the window to get the set pieces they wanted in non sensical movement and forced drama. No one other than a casual watcher can be happy with season 7. Even GRRM has gone silent. Up til season 5 I was willing to give it the benefit of the sour by it's actually just sub par storytelling now. Cogman will need to work hard too pander to the EPs and the 'traditional' casual GOT viewer and honestly it all concerns me it will be more of the same. Winds need to drop soon, it's getting ridiculous.
  4. Such disappointment
  5. Hahahahaha dude get with the fucking program, everyone in hollywood knows this season was utter shite. The irony of the Sam montage is real. Even adult swim took a shot at GOT and good fucking on them, someone needs to tell them to get their act together.
  6. Show only watchers crying about delays. Lel.
  7. Despite him asserting to the contrary many, many times? He would be sick of not being finished, yes, but that's art. It takes as long as it takes. He would be sick of the shows overwhelming divergence and spoiling of his ending. He would be sick of being hassled about winds. He would be sick of being told he'll never finish. For me I'll just be happy if winds makes it out, anything after that is a bonus.
  8. Very glad RR is not to be done. As GRRM said himself by the end of asoif everything you'd need to know about it will have been told. That's kind of important in and of itself for book readers. And glad he left dunk and egg off the table, for obvious reasons. Whatever script happens I know I'll watch it if it has GRRMs blessing. But I won't neccesdarily like it. Morbid fascination and peer pressure will force me to watch season 7. Hopefully they can pull of something with the ending that works. Hopefully.
  9. All are prequels, so that makes me actually happy about it. The inclusion of the expanse writer is V. Interesting.
  10. Zing haha Regarding tyrion he's a pretty interesting character from a genetic point of view. Look into the disease of chimerism, pretty cool. It's ties in with martins (very) rough Mendelian genetics.
  11. But yet the tattered prince is still very interested in Pentos. So it clearly has potential to be more than it is.
  12. Wrong thread old bean. Try the GOT thread.
  13. Oh look it's totally plausible, and there's not much difference between d and d style magic and 'powers' in a basic sense. As I've said in other threads though it's about how these powers/blood lines got there in the first instance that interests me most. I wouldn't want a magical peak without at least some kind of reason. The valerians were messing with genetics that much is clear to me, could they hav found a way to manipulate magic as well, possibly. But where did they learn all this? And what explains the very large yittish and their yellow eyes that can see better and further than anyone else? Genetics and manipulation of genetics will play a factor I think, for me I hope it's tech not magic.
  14. *ressurection. Well have this *life force* being passed from Beric to Cat but we don't know what it is. Thoros is certain it's the LOL which makes me suspicious to begin with. George is an atheist, why all of a sudden in this (arguably) his finest work would he suddenly give 'gods' power? What purpose does this serve in the narrative? The ability seems more about healing wounds-to a point-that caused death maybe with telekenis, maybe not, and then 'calling back' the conscious to the body, similar to warging, which is for all intents and purposes is telepathy. And yes the argument is that telepathy is its own kind of magic, so what's the difference? The difference to me is if these abilities were created/engineered by a third party(i.e. Not a God or an innate magic. But perhaps an Old advanced race from the Pre long night civilizations, or an event such as the red comet or even Brans manipulation, let's be honest, the whole time travel thing has cracked a lot of it open) and then found their way into the blood lines of our characters to be used in this timeline within the story. I just don't think GRRM is lazy enough to change his whole writing style and be like, cool, gods exist and they give x y z powers because it's easier. It just doesn't make sense. For extraordinary abilities to exist there has to be an extraordinary reason. He is a sci fi writer at heart, and I believe even his fantasy work must have good 'furniture' as he calls it, or it all falls to pieces. A lot of his work in the past takes an event. Usually an apolcalyptic one, And then humans re tell that event over time distorting it, making it dogmatic, creating war and conflict only for it to be discovered that a large part of the dogma and the event was false or misremembered or indeed Intentionally misleading. Sound familiar? In conclusion thes magical events from an in character perspective can and most likely are points of interference from a bran like character-close too but not quite a god. Given power by a conflation of manipulated circumstances to ensure that a certain outcome is acheived for an as yet undisclosed reason. And the abilities that allow such interdictions are genes passed down from the old races allowing use of glass candles, warging, dragon riding and greenseering. Hopefully haha
  15. I think it points out a very strange floor in Dorans grand strategy. He sends a son across the world with basically no help surrounded by his most powerful vassals and sometime enemies the Yronwoods and their bannermen. For as Barristan points out, a marriage pact signed between a dead man and a master at arms who cannot in their feaudal society even make marriage pacts. It's just all so odd. As a character he exposes us to the horror of war and in that he is a useful literary device. However he is then helped by his sworn knights In can what only be described a stupid plan to capture dragons. It just makes no sense.