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  1. I agree, moreover she uses the word smaller here to refer to insecurity. Here's the full quote: At this particular moment Ned is unsure whether he should become hand or not. He's thinking about refusing. It's the thought of having to become Hand that makes him look smaller. At the time they married, Ned was about to start a war, which seems even more intimidating than beckoning Hand. He was also shy at 18, and his father and brother had just been murdered and his sister was kidnapped, and possibly dead as well. No wonder he didn't look as impressive as 35 yo Ned who's living a happy stable life! It's not a physical comparison it's about the impression one gives. Here's another example that makes it quite clear that Cat uses "looking smaller" to refer to impressiveness, rather than height. NB. Many tall people bend their shoulders in order to appear smaller, because they feel awkward about their height. When they become less insecure, and straighten their back, they'll look both taller, and broader. This could well have been the case with Ned, knowing that he was shy. NB 2. Lots and lots of people are shorter than average, one has to be particularly short to stand out as NOTABLY short, especially on horseback. Now if the only thing mentioned in the KOTLT story was that (s)he was slender, a good case could surely be made for Ned, but the KOTLT was particularly short, which fits better with the 16yo girl, the crannogman, the really young boy or even the notably short 15yo Littlefinger.
  2. @Lady Blizzardborn has already worded it much better than I could. In short Beric, Cat's and Jon's resurrection serve a purpose. They forward the plot, without their status/title being so important that the plot would develop backwards. If Robb would be resurrected, the King in the North would be "alive", and the Northman could be united again, while the purpose of his death is to make the North fall apart. It's Robb's that changes the entire game, not Cat's. That's why Cat can be resurrected, and Robb can't. Similar things are true for Aerys, Rhaegar and Egg. Even for Robert Baratheon, and Renly. Their deaths enabled new power dynamics, and open up the opportunity for other family members (like Jon, Sansa or Dany) to be willing to consider taking over their role as ruler. If Egg was alive, it would mess up Dany's plot, because his claim comes before her's and fAegon's. Egg would also have way too much information, and besides that, why would he not just come back after Summerhal, and say: "hey, yo I'm alive, give me my crown." a king has more influence and power than a spider. Now if we allow some leniency here, and say: some characters do come back (like fAegon's, although part of the point of his return is, the doubts about him being the real deal), they can only come back after many years, when the new power changes are fully established, because if they come back earlier it would diminish the impact of their deaths. So say Egg or Rhaegar could possibly come back... Both would be problematic for the plot. Egg would simply be too old, and Rhaegar would entirely mess up Dany's plot. She might fight against fAegon's, believing he's fake, but she wouldn't fight Rhaegar. Viserys might have, but not Dany. The point of Rhaegar's and Egg's deaths is also that their knowledge died with them. I don't think the books would benefit from characters who have all the important information.
  3. Sorry @Livesundersink I meant to quote @Kienn Robb is tall So he's still shorter than Cat, but still tall (for his age). He's also shorter than his father, and his father appears to be tall in this context. He looks like a tall young knight when he's on horseback, even though he's shorter than Catelyn, indicating that Cat is quite tall herself, and any YOUNG knight, as in around 15-17, and not fully grown, wouldn't stand out as NOTABLY short, UNLESS he'd be quite a bit shorter than Robb and Cat. So probably EVEN (an adult) Littlefinger who is notably short, but ONLY 2 inches shorter than Cat, could look like a tall young knight on horseback. So the KOTLT had to be shorter than LF. Here Robb is taller than Cat, she doesn't indicate if he's as tall as his father yet, so presumably he isn't.
  4. Oops
  5. Alright. Show us your quote then.
  6. There is still no indication he's short though, as far as I know he's only described as being shorter than Brandon, who happened to be tall. I would assume that he'd be of average height, since Cat doesn't remark he's short, which she does say about Littlefinger. So of her three suitors, she thinks of one as tall and handsome, one less tall and less handsome than the other, and one short and slender, so presumably the second one would be somewhere in between, and thus average... Now we don't know how tall Cat is, but we have this : On the wiki Edmure is described as being of medium height. Cat being a head shorter than Edmure, and also taller than LF would most likely put her in the average height category as well. Since no one ever mentions that Ned is shorter than Cat, he most likely is taller than her. IF he's only a little taller, he would be short for a fully grown man, but since 15/16 yo boys often joust as well, he wouldn't stand out between them, since they wouldn't be fully grown yet, and there wouldn't be reason to remark how short the KOTLT was. It also seems more likely that Ned is at the very least half a head taller than Cat, which would probably make him of average height as well, or at the very least not NOTABLY short.
  7. Well in that case we can at least safely conclude that Ned was shorter than the Mountain (and Brandon)
  8. I'm not talking about carrying Ice in battle, I'm talking about being able to carry it on his back and handling it in general, even as a ceremonial sword! Although I wasn't aware of that SSM, and would like to see it). Ice is a bigass sword that would be impossible to carry out use for anyone under 6ft. Ned simply cannot have been notably short. He was simply shorter than Brandon, who was notably tall. Being shorter than someone who's tall doesn't make you short.
  9. Ned was 18 at Harrenhal, he was fully grown, because people are fully grown at that age. They may become broader, but not taller. If he was able to carry a 6ft tall sword on his back, he has to be taller than that sword, hence he must've been over 6 ft at 18.
  10. This! I also don't see what the point would be of Egg being alive, the major mystery surrounding Summerhal, is who, how and why that fire started, not whether Egg survived or not. He'd be as old as Aemon if he did, and Aemon and BR are /were the Targaryen survivors to make the connection to that period in time. We don't really need another extremely old man to spark our interest. The point of Summerhal is that something terrible happened, and everybody died, and it was likely a maester's conspiracy... Of the most important figure of that tragedy would've survived survived, it would severely diminish the devastating impact of that event. It would be like Robb surviving the Red Wedding. Although I'd love for Robb to have survived, the whole point of the RW is that the King in the North is dead, and the huge powershift that resulted. If Robb would somehow have survived, it'd be a less intense event. The simple rule of thumb is that the people who's deaths change everything, ate meant to stay death. This includes Egg, Ned, Robb, Rhaegar, Tywin, and Aerys. If any of them survived, the game would change back to an earlier point in history. If Egg would still be alive, the whole Summerhal murder mystery would be sort of pointless, since he's the key figure who was murdered there.
  11. I didn't mean random in the sense that they don't mean anything, just that they're not always a repetition of something said before, and I think (although I'm not certain) that we get at least one occasion like that from another POV or where someone confirms it's not just Jon hearing the raven say something unusual. Maybe it was when Jon was chosen LC... of the corn, King, snow thing, or both... If all the occasions where the raven says something other than a repetition of a word in the sentence before are from Jon's POV, without others noticing it, I'd agree with you that it could be an indication that Jon understands raven speech, but only this sole example is too little to be convincing to me.
  12. Yeah I understand, I just think that the hint seems too subtle to have meaning, especially since Mormont didn't survive to tell Jon he didn't hear the bird say anything. I also have my doubts about him being a skinchanger to be fair, although I do think he's Bloodraven's son, so that would make skinchanger genes a possibility. I don't know why he'd how that though. I see your point, although the bird also says random things at other times, or a row of different words... I can’t recall if this is observed by anyone else than Jon though... I think Sam does observe it in his POV... But again, not sure. Not to mention his black and red cloak... In fairly certain he is BR's... Which doos make me wonder if he inherited done of daddy's gifts. Hmm not sure about the raven imitating the raven helm... A ravenwing collar seems different than a helmet. Perhaps it's another BR hint, suggesting Mormont's actions are manipulated (not in a warg way) by BR. As in that The great ranging was orchestrated by BR (by way of sending other and whatshisname) as wights.
  13. Yes I agree entirely! I think that scene is the most cringe-worthy in all the books. I personally think all sex scenes in ASOIAF are awkward, but this one is just awful. What makes it even weirder is that after this scene, Drogo does start having rape sex with her, so why not make the first a rape as well? Or alternatively (preferably) have her not be turned on, and answer "no", and have him actually listen. That would make Drogo a more appealing character, and it would also make Dany's growing love for him a bit more believable. She could still grow into a stronger person, due to the respect she gets from the khalasar and Jorah, develop sexual curiosity and have Doreah explain things to her, and then decide to have sex under the stars with Drogo on the night they make Rhaego. I could look past the creepy age difference and all that jazz if it would've been written in such as way. The whole marriage bedding doesn't fit into that point of her arch at all.
  14. Thanks! Yes, that's the one I meant. So unless there was some serious EFFECTIVE bloodmagic going on at Summerhal (which is not entirely impossible), there is no chance Egg survived that fire. And definitely not sure to fire immunity!
  15. That's a very interesting thought! I like the idea that Jon understands raven speach... However Small Paul really wanted to have Mormont's talking bird, and others seem to understand the words the raven says as well, so the raven quite obviously uses human words all the time, and I find it unlikely that it would suddenly speak 'raven', without any witnesses (except Mormont, but he's dead, so he can't confirm that only Jon heard actual words). GRRM goes to great lengths to make it clear that Mormont's raven is the only raven that doesn't simply repeat words, and if seems a bit far fetched to suddenly have him NOT do that at a crucial moment. About Mance's raven helm: I think that this is a hint he's Bloodraven's son, not a connection to Benjen being Mormont's raven. In this light it would be more likely that Mance is a warg, and that he's the one who's warged Mormont's raven...