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  1. Well in that case we can at least safely conclude that Ned was shorter than the Mountain (and Brandon)
  2. I'm not talking about carrying Ice in battle, I'm talking about being able to carry it on his back and handling it in general, even as a ceremonial sword! Although I wasn't aware of that SSM, and would like to see it). Ice is a bigass sword that would be impossible to carry out use for anyone under 6ft. Ned simply cannot have been notably short. He was simply shorter than Brandon, who was notably tall. Being shorter than someone who's tall doesn't make you short.
  3. Ned was 18 at Harrenhal, he was fully grown, because people are fully grown at that age. They may become broader, but not taller. If he was able to carry a 6ft tall sword on his back, he has to be taller than that sword, hence he must've been over 6 ft at 18.
  4. This! I also don't see what the point would be of Egg being alive, the major mystery surrounding Summerhal, is who, how and why that fire started, not whether Egg survived or not. He'd be as old as Aemon if he did, and Aemon and BR are /were the Targaryen survivors to make the connection to that period in time. We don't really need another extremely old man to spark our interest. The point of Summerhal is that something terrible happened, and everybody died, and it was likely a maester's conspiracy... Of the most important figure of that tragedy would've survived survived, it would severely diminish the devastating impact of that event. It would be like Robb surviving the Red Wedding. Although I'd love for Robb to have survived, the whole point of the RW is that the King in the North is dead, and the huge powershift that resulted. If Robb would somehow have survived, it'd be a less intense event. The simple rule of thumb is that the people who's deaths change everything, ate meant to stay death. This includes Egg, Ned, Robb, Rhaegar, Tywin, and Aerys. If any of them survived, the game would change back to an earlier point in history. If Egg would still be alive, the whole Summerhal murder mystery would be sort of pointless, since he's the key figure who was murdered there.
  5. I didn't mean random in the sense that they don't mean anything, just that they're not always a repetition of something said before, and I think (although I'm not certain) that we get at least one occasion like that from another POV or where someone confirms it's not just Jon hearing the raven say something unusual. Maybe it was when Jon was chosen LC... of the corn, King, snow thing, or both... If all the occasions where the raven says something other than a repetition of a word in the sentence before are from Jon's POV, without others noticing it, I'd agree with you that it could be an indication that Jon understands raven speech, but only this sole example is too little to be convincing to me.
  6. Yeah I understand, I just think that the hint seems too subtle to have meaning, especially since Mormont didn't survive to tell Jon he didn't hear the bird say anything. I also have my doubts about him being a skinchanger to be fair, although I do think he's Bloodraven's son, so that would make skinchanger genes a possibility. I don't know why he'd how that though. I see your point, although the bird also says random things at other times, or a row of different words... I can’t recall if this is observed by anyone else than Jon though... I think Sam does observe it in his POV... But again, not sure. Not to mention his black and red cloak... In fairly certain he is BR's... Which doos make me wonder if he inherited done of daddy's gifts. Hmm not sure about the raven imitating the raven helm... A ravenwing collar seems different than a helmet. Perhaps it's another BR hint, suggesting Mormont's actions are manipulated (not in a warg way) by BR. As in that The great ranging was orchestrated by BR (by way of sending other and whatshisname) as wights.
  7. Yes I agree entirely! I think that scene is the most cringe-worthy in all the books. I personally think all sex scenes in ASOIAF are awkward, but this one is just awful. What makes it even weirder is that after this scene, Drogo does start having rape sex with her, so why not make the first a rape as well? Or alternatively (preferably) have her not be turned on, and answer "no", and have him actually listen. That would make Drogo a more appealing character, and it would also make Dany's growing love for him a bit more believable. She could still grow into a stronger person, due to the respect she gets from the khalasar and Jorah, develop sexual curiosity and have Doreah explain things to her, and then decide to have sex under the stars with Drogo on the night they make Rhaego. I could look past the creepy age difference and all that jazz if it would've been written in such as way. The whole marriage bedding doesn't fit into that point of her arch at all.
  8. Thanks! Yes, that's the one I meant. So unless there was some serious EFFECTIVE bloodmagic going on at Summerhal (which is not entirely impossible), there is no chance Egg survived that fire. And definitely not sure to fire immunity!
  9. That's a very interesting thought! I like the idea that Jon understands raven speach... However Small Paul really wanted to have Mormont's talking bird, and others seem to understand the words the raven says as well, so the raven quite obviously uses human words all the time, and I find it unlikely that it would suddenly speak 'raven', without any witnesses (except Mormont, but he's dead, so he can't confirm that only Jon heard actual words). GRRM goes to great lengths to make it clear that Mormont's raven is the only raven that doesn't simply repeat words, and if seems a bit far fetched to suddenly have him NOT do that at a crucial moment. About Mance's raven helm: I think that this is a hint he's Bloodraven's son, not a connection to Benjen being Mormont's raven. In this light it would be more likely that Mance is a warg, and that he's the one who's warged Mormont's raven...
  10. Didn't GRRM state that Targs burn just as crispy cracked as other humans, and that Dany only survived the pyre because of the bloodmagic going on, and not because she likes it hot...?
  11. I suspect Margaery of being gay, since she likes to surround herself with girls, and seems pretty content being being married to guys who are not into sex with her (a gay man and a child). It would also be ironic considering Cersei's masterplan to have Osney seduce Marge.
  12. Well Dany may not have lost a hand, but she did lose a baby, who could've become her Hand when he grew up, she also lost her husband, who had hands, so she basically lost a baby + 2 hands. Also her current Hand has imprisoned her new husband, which may lead to either of them or both dying, which means she could lose plenty of hands. She also only has one Hand, as in Hand of the Queen. So... Yeah this works totally.
  13. Yes, it makes perfect sense doesn't it? Especially since there's no evidence in the books that sperm can be dormant, because there also is no evidence that it can't be dormant. Which is basically proof that it can be dormant!
  14. Could be, I kind of dislike the idea of wights being warned though.. It would make it too similar to the other magics in my opinion. We don't know yet if it's possible to warg multiple creatures at the same time either. We know Bran kinda zones out when he wargs Summer or Honor, but we've seen Arya warg a cat and punch the kindly man with a stick simultaneously, so we know you can warg, and still use your body. We also know from Arya's chapters that you can warg, and lead a group of other animals with your warged animal... We also know you can 'have' multiple animals, like Varamyr, but whether you can warg all of them simultaneously, or whether you have to pick one at a time (as a sort of leader), and then switch when necessary is unclear. I think the animals stay with their 'master' mostly due to the bond they have, for most of the time, rather than that they're constantly warged. I like to think the wights follow the wishes/interests of the Others due to some sort of bond, combined with their own grudges and vengefulness, rather than being controlled. I think our opinions aren't that far apart. I also think they do follow some sort of orders/common interest from/with the Others, but due to a bond rather than being warged, or controlled. Perhaps I'm a bit too philosophical about this, but I see many of the living characters as quite similar to wights. If we take Arya for example; she's been feeling like she's dead inside for quite a while, so on an emotional level, she has sort of died. She's lost much of her sweetness and happiness, and feels dead inside. On top of that she has become rather cold, murderous and vengeful. Not on the level of UnCat, but not that far off either. She has not literally died and frozen however, and has not been revived by a cold mist, and has therefore not bonded with the Others, so she has been following her own interests, rather than joining a 'greater' cause. We even see her trying to join a cause in the HoBW (and I think with the Hound as well), but she fails, and can't stick to the rules, imo because she can't 'bond' with the cause. Most of the living characters go through one or more symbolic/emotional deaths and rebirths, after which they often find a new purpose, and bond with some group and cause. Jaime is a great example of this (and one of the few positive 'rebirths ') Plot twist: Jaime has been warged by Cersei, until his hand was cut off... You have a good point there. I think Coldhands could be warged by Bloodraven. If the theories that the wall works as a barrier against warning, rather than Others, or any kind of creature, are true, this would explain why Coldhands can't pass through the wall. He'd just drop dead halfway through or turn into a normal wight... It would also explain why he can talk, and doesn't have blue eyes. This would be entirely different to Beric, who isn't controlled by anyone... Unless Beric and UnCat are warged by BR as well... Although he shouldn't be able to warg through the wall...
  15. Sorry, couldn't remove quote. He didn't take it seriously! He does everything he knows Tywin DOESN'T want, and then he whines when he's not rewarded for it. And he IS rewarded, just not with CR. Tyrion pushes the self-destruct button of his family, and then gets angry when it blows up in his face. Tyrion didn't reward LF with Harrenhal, Tywin did. And Tywin did it because LF gives the impression of working FOR the Lannisters (we know he doesn't) , unlike Tyrion. LF's approach to gaining power is much smarter than Tyrion's. Yeah exactly. If you want power, you have to behave in a way that people with actual power will give it to you. Alternatively you can use an army to take the power, but Tyrion only has his unruly mountain clans. I don't think Tyrion wants CR. He wants power. He wants to be admired. I think he wants to be king. He also wants to hurt his family, which would be much easier if he'd first work on becoming very powerful... Cersei was never the lady of CR...?
  16. Imo it's still stupid to make it so clear his main goal was to make Cersei's life as hard as possible. He could still have also worked against her, without making obvious it was him. There was no way in the world this was going to go well for him, since he didn't have any actual power.his power came through Tywin, and could, and would be taken away as soon as Tywin figured out he wasn't working in the interests that Tywin had in mind. And without his power, chances are, he'll end up dead. He should have anticipated that, and have given a good show of seemingly working in Tywin and Cersei's best interest, until he gained enough power to overthrow them. And his obsession with Cersei allows others to use him. I sometimes wonder if he was suicidal, because it's almost inevitable that his actions would lead him to the black cells. If course he'd be a less interesting character if he was another LF or Varys, so I'm not complaining.. I live Tyripn's mess. He's just not as smart as he thinks he is. I don't think it was a particularly stupid move. They needed a strong alliance, the Tyrells hadn't joined them yet. Stark and Tully weren't options, and that leaves Martell, Tyrell and Arryn... Besides in KL Myrcella was in more direct danger at the time... It was a choice between evils, but the way he tricked Cersei into accepting this marriage was what made him her obvious enemy. He could have pretended to work in her and her children's best interest, but instead he makes it clear from the start that he doesn't, and then he wonders why Cersei thinks he's capable of harming her children....
  17. I really like Tyrion as a character, but I think his biggest flaw is his stupidity. Yes, you read that right. Tyrion may be clever, and have good strategic insight, but his behavior is utterly stupid. We, as readers, are inclined to think he's a genius, because Tyrion himself thinks so, but few of his actions are in his own best interest. When Tyrion is sent to KL to serve as hand, he instantly pits himself against Cersei. To what end? What good would it do him? Tywin wasn't gonna thank him for it. Tywin makes it very clear that the strength of the family is his main motivation. Yes, Tyrion's ploy with LF, Varys and Pycelle was clever, but he could have known that he couldn't trust any of them, and ALL of them would report to Cersei if it suited their purposes. What he should have done, was propose the Dorne alliance to Cersei directly (possibly lying that Tywin ordered it, to give his proposal some more weight). Cersei was still relatively reasonable at this point, and she would likely have accepted it, if brought to her from the perspective of Myrcella's safety, and lack thereof in KL. He then could've tested LF, Pycelle, and Varys over a longer period of time, with smaller matters. Everything that goes awry for Tyrion is the direct result of his own actions against Cersei. He had her son kidnapped for Christ's sake and threatened to have him raped, how could she NOT think he was capable of harming her children? The one occasion he has to bond with her, he uses to poison her. He should have made himself useful to Cersei. He should have complimented her cleverness, handed her ideas she could claim as her own, the way Taena does with Cersei, and Varys with Tyrion himself. If he would've shown himself to Cersei as a good accomplice, she would probably have told Tywin a more positive account after the Battle of the Blackwater. And she likely wouldn't have tried to have him killed (or was that Joffrey?) Instead Tyrion does all in his power to work against Cersei, allowing himself to be used by LF and Varys in the process. Even without Cersei's account on how things went down, Tywin could see what a mess both of them made of their rule. I think Tywin's intention was to wed Cersei off again, assume regency, and make Tyrion hand, that is if Tyrion had worked for/with his family! Instead he poison's his sister, and kidnaps his nephew, threatening to have him raped because of a whore. No wonder Tywin was pissed off. Tyrion did EVERYTHING Tywin despises! And on top of that he plays the victim, begging for rewards... Why was LF rewarded with Harrenhal? Because he, at least gave the impression to work with and for the Lannisters. LF made himself useful,without posing as a threat. Tyrion is unreliable and threatening, to his own family, in all ways possible. On top of that Tyrion is easily triggered. In AGOT he goes around telling Jon and Bran that they have to accept what they are, so it can't be used against them. But his own biggest problem is that he hasn't accepted his dwarfism, and let's it be used against him. LF has figured out precisely how. Tyrion looks down on Cersei for being stupid when she's angry as supposed to composed and cunning, but he has the exact same problem, albeit a more witty version of it. No less stupid though. Long story short: Tyrion has a keen strategic insight, and has what he himself calls 'Cersei's low cunning', but he lacks the capacity to see the bigger picture, and calculate in long(er) term consequences. Which is worsened by his own opinion of himself of being smarter than he actually is, and allowing himself to be led -almost exclusively- by his emotions. He's not half as smart as Varys or LF, at least he doesn't use his intelligence half as intelligently as they do. And I haven't even mentioned how stupid it was to bring Shae to court...
  18. What I've been wondering about is this: are the wights just preserved in an extreme manner, instead of being warged? In the real world bodies can be preserved entirely in extreme cold, they won't decompose, perhaps in the asoiaf world their bodily functions are also preserved when the cold is extreme enough. If people in Westeros bury their dead rather than burn them (which seems to be most common, since burning the dead is presented as not entirely common throughout the books) this would not cause problems under normal circumstances, because the bodies would decompose. I'm guessing the brainfunctions would 'decompose' first, and very quickly (but not immediately), starting with all the functions associated with warmth. If there would suddenly be an extreme cold, the decomposition process would stop almost immediately, and the amount of dead bodies would rise drastically, especially during a war. If this extreme cold would be accompanied by a cold mist, that transfers a magical substance, that would trigger the dead bodies to start using their functions again, you'd have wights. Now these wights would in this case be independent creatures, and not some sort of slaves, but all positive and warm features will be gone (decomposed so to say), and only their grudges and anger etc would be left. Especially towards the ones who were connected to their deaths. I have some thoughts on firewights like beric and cat as well, but I haven't entirely figured out how this would work, so I'll keep it real short. Let's just say that this would be more of a preservation process similar to drying, and possibly some of the positive characteristics can be reactivated as well, though not all. Getting back to ice wights: skinchangers who are wighted can preserve more of their original personality by escaping into their animals. I believe this to be the case with Coldhands, who appears to either be a skinchanger himself, or a wight that has been warged by bloodraven. If my Coldhands theory is true, then I expect Jon to slip into ghost, and to be taken north of the wall, to be cremated amongst the old gods. There he will either rise before being burned, or his cremation will echo the birth of Dany's dragons, with Jon's body not burning, giving him an ice and fire rebirth. If the latter is the case I expect this to be a huge event where either Melissandre is being burned alive, as a punishment for burning mance or shireen (a second mirri maz duur), or she walks in willingly due to a vision, making her believe she will be reborn herself as a dragon or something. Alternatively ghost (or Jon inside ghost) sacrifices himself, but this I do not want. In any case I expect the cold mists to rise during Jon's cremation...
  19. Of course. Especially because I don't have any evidence to support this!
  20. You're wrong. Brandon Stark is Dany's father. I don't really have any evidence for this, but we know he was the kind of man who took what he wanted. After Lyanna was kidnapped he went to the Red Keep shouting for Rhaegar to come out. Instead his mother Rhaella came, and said: "hello young man, Rhaegar isn't home, he's playing come into my castle with his little friend Lyanna, in Dorne, but since you already came into my castle, you can play with me..." so then they had sex, and Aerys walked in, which is the real reason why Aerys was so pissed off. And then Rhaella was pregnant.
  21. I expect he might have guessed it was a lie. He said he didn't know who's dagger it was, which can mean 2 things : 1. He had never seen it before, and didn't know who's it was 2. He knew it was Robert's, and he didn't want to create friction or distrust between Robert and Ned at this point. So if he did know or guessed it was a lie, there can be plenty of reasons to not disclose this knowledge. 1. He knew Cat (and possibly even Ned) would be more inclined to believe LF, and instead of convincing the Starks, he would only be disclosing to LF that he knew more about the dagger, and lied about it. 2. If he only suspected LF was lying, he'd do better to first find some evidence to support this, and disclose this to Ned later in private, instead of blurting it out in front of LF on the spot. This would take time, even for Varys. 3. Varys clearly wanted to create tension between Lannisters and Starks, if LF tells a lie that suits his purpose, he's fine with that. 4. He didn't expect Cat to run into, and arrest Tyrion. He probably expected her to travel back the way she came (by ship), and once she left, it was too late to give her reason to doubt LF's testimony. He also doesn't know Cat personally, so he may not know how impulsive she can act, and she seems rather composed in general. 5. He clearly didn't want things to escalate so quickly, but after Cat has left and arrested Tyrion, there's really no point in telling Ned, because there's very little Ned can do about it. Besides, Robert already orders Ned to have Cat release Tyrion (upon arrival in WF). Varys probably didn't expect her to take the dangerous road to the Vale, to unpredictable Lysa. So he would've expected Cat to follow Ned's /Robert's orders to release Tyrion. Again making it unnecessary to warn Ned about LF's lie. 6. He did expect the Lannisters to be "at each other's throats", but he may not have foreseen (on time), that LF was going to take Ned to a brothel where he would be attacked by Jaime, and ALSO be severely wounded. In fact he would've expected Ned to leave KL, which he was about to do. LF taking him to the brothel was unexpected, and Ned's decision to go with him, was an impulsive one. At this point, there was also no chance to warn Ned not to trust LF. On top of that, even hot-headed Jaime was bright enough to order his men not to harm Ned. The only reason Ned was (physically) harmed was because he tried to defend his men/guards, and his horse fell on his leg. 7. After Ned was injured, there basically was little chance to reduce the damage. Varys may have expected Ned not to trust LF again. He likely also didn't foresee Ned telling Cersei what he found out about her children, and Cersei killing Robert at that point. He also may not have cared which war would ensue. If Ned told Robert, there'd be war between the Lannisters and the IT, now there was war between Starks and Lannisters, both having virtually the same effect on the country. At this point, the only difference in motive between LF and Varys, was that LF wanted war asap, where Varys was trying to postpone it.
  22. Please don't spoil the show, I'm waiting for winter to watch it
  23. Ironically Tyrion suffers from the same condition, even though he looks down on Cersei for it.
  24. I have to correct myself, volume one of Fire and Blood includes more than just the dance. So that is basically most of the history of the Targaryen kings already, and will also include the short story about Aenys I and Maegor the Cruel. Which makes it all the more likely that volume II will focus on the pre-Conquest Targs and the reason they moved to Dragonstone, and eventually conquered Westeros. EDIT: Of course it's also very much possible that Volume 2 will focus on the Kings after the dance, including Aegon V. I mean, GRRM does say it's about the Targaryen KINGS, not just Targs... But even if that's the case, I have a hunch that Aegon may have found out something about the pre-Conquest Targs which made him set up the whole Summerhal fiasco. All in all I expect (at the least) lots of tidbits of info on Valyria in Fire and Blood, likely more altogether than we'll learn in Winds/Dream.
  25. My guess is that we will learn a little bit about the doom in winds and dream. We have Euros, who supposedly visited Valyria, although I'm not sure how his knowledge will be passed on through an existing POV... Maybe he'll share some knowledge with Damphair.. And of course Sam will learn some things in Oldtown, and Tyrion may gather some information in Mereen as well... We also habe Arya in the HoBW, who already learned some things about the 'slave resistance' in Valyria, so we'll definitely learn more in the next two books. However I think most information will be reserved for Fire and Blood volume 2. Since the first volume will focus on the dance of the dragons, and the rest of the Targaryen history in TWOIAF is already relatively detailed, my guess is that volume 2 will mainly focus on pre-Conquest Targs. That means, from around the time they left Valyria until the conquest or shortly thereafter. The SotD story in the book of swords anthology is about the period after Aegon I's death though, so either the conquest +first period AC will be included (which sounds like a rather large volume, that will repeat much of the worldbook info on the conquest), or I'm wrong, and it will be mostly dedicated to the reign of the Targaryen kings before the dance.