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  1. Littlefinger was lying about the Purple Wedding

    This this this
  2. Ragnarok: this theory puts all other theories to shame

    Good theorizing sir! however GRRM has already nodded to the Norse connection, but has clearly stated many times that he is not going to do a 1 for 1 translation on any type of myth or history that he uses. Also a lot of this would make absolutely no sense in the story that GRRM has been writing. The reason there are so many Jon/Dany theories is that you have people who have poured hours into the books, and the most foreshadowing leads to them, as GRRM has even said himself.
  3. The Blood of Starks: More magical than Targaryens

    exactly. When people talk about how "crazy" it is for Targaryens/Valyrians to have dragon blood in them, I point to the fact that there are about 3 different still births in the books in which the babies came out as human/dragon hybrids.
  4. The Blood of Starks: More magical than Targaryens

    Well truly it seems that ALL types of magics have similar qualities to them. I mean greenseers are probably the "nature magic" equivalent to dragonlords/pyromancers, as the Others are equivalent to those as well. Each have ways of connecting with the animals of their element, and each have a way of communicating with others in far distances (the weirwoods, the glass candles), and it's not unreasonable to think that "dragon dreams" are similar to "green dreams" but just shown in two different styles of magics. As far as what magic is within the Starks....that is the question. I would ASSUME it is a type of ice magic, and that they fought "ice with ice" type of deal, and that's what made them not only Kings in the North, but also Kings of Winter. However I also find it interesting that the Boltons also came from the Long Night, and their eyes are somewhat supernatural in ways, so I am somewhat loathe to say that the Starks have Others blood within them....but it's a possibility. I think the Starks could have gotten a "blessing" from the Ice magic that was able to defeat the Others (probably through the help of the Children of the Forest), as to where the Boltons/Others tried to make Ice magic their slave, and use it to purely conquer and gain more power for themselves.
  5. The Blood of Starks: More magical than Targaryens

    very nice explanation! I pretty much agree with everything other than the fact that Starks "lost" any of said mana when The King who Knelt gave fealty to Aegon. I don't really think magic is symbolic in these terms, as many supernatural things within Planetos are also combined with genetics. Now for instance if Aegon took a daughter of Torrhen or a son to marry one of his daughters, then yes I would completely agree that some was lost, or at least intermingled with that of the Targaryens. However, that never happens at that point and time.............but it DOES happen later on when Bloodraven is born from a union between Aegon the Unworthy and a Blackwood woman----and given how powerful Bloodraven is, I think that says a lot. He might even have been part of the prince was promised thing, except he was at the wrong time. I mean think about it. bloodravens deeds: -Killed Daemon Blackfyre and his sons, ending the Blackfyre rebellion. -Killed Fireball before the battle, thus taking away Daemons best protector/commander. -Ended the second Blackfyre rebellion before it even began. -took down the Red Kraken. -killed another of the Blackfyre pretenders, sacrificing his honor for it. -became Lord Commander of the NIght's Watch -became the last greenseer and for decades has been setting in motion the protection of Planetos (most likely).
  6. The Blood of Starks: More magical than Targaryens

    Given how GRRM works, I think hereditary genes are going to come into play even more. I mean we already have the whole Baratheon/Lannister genetic thing, now Bran with the whole Greenseer thing. I'm just saying that by your reckoning....being a greenseer isn't about genetics, it's about being taught....but how would you explain Jojen and Bran then? No one "taught" them, it was just there in their genes. SO even if the First Men were "taught", the fact that they can STILL become greenseers proves it's at least a LITTLE genetics, am i right?
  7. The Blood of Starks: More magical than Targaryens

    ^^ exactly. I'm sure you have heard of the heresy threads within this forum. The only thing I can really do is point you in their direction. I mean what we have here is a fundamental belief (yours) that there basically is no magical blood with the story. Where I'm saying that the magical blood could be just an explanation for certain things within the plot. Like for instance you said all Stark kids became wargs because "plot". Well why did they become wargs? And how did all of them become wargs when it's supposed to be kinda rare? If you can't answer these questions within the story, that would be known as a "plot hole". I mean you can't just do something and say "well the story needed it, so i did it without any reason or explanation." GRRM doesn't work like that. Also, why would the world book make it a point to tell of the Warg King, Barrow King, and Marsh Kings and also outline that the Starks MARRIED INTO EACH OF THESE FAMILIES. Things are there for a reason.
  8. The Blood of Starks: More magical than Targaryens

    well what you said is exactly what I said. I never said they were going to manifest any sort of magical powers, other than the ones we already have. I mean having all 6 Stark children become wargs is more than just coincidence. Everything we know about warging seems that the gift, if passed down at all, is rare. However, all of the Starks have the chance of being a warg, only the 6 Stark children we meet in the series are the ones who NEEDED it. Ned and his siblings did not, they had their own destinies. Also me saying that Starks married into magical blood isn't a theory, it's fact. The World book clearly states all of the Kings I mentioned, and clearly states that the King in the North married the daughter of each foe he vanquished. Albeit this obviously happened at different times, they slowly absorbed all the magical and royal elements of the North, becoming the TRUE Kings of Winter. Also it's heavily, heavily foreshadowed that the Reeds are kin to Children of the Forest. And there is also the "Oath of Ice and Fire" that the Reeds renew with Winterfell, that is obviously ancient and carries a lot of meaning.
  9. The Blood of Starks: More magical than Targaryens

    thank you!! I agree on both points! The "levels" of magic I believe are somewhat constant at all times. So if you get the dragons back, that must be a reaction to the Others coming back as well. I think that the Starks definitely have some sort of biological connection that place them in similar "power" range as the Others, or at least something that can counteract the Others. Shared blood seems likely.
  10. The Blood of Starks: More magical than Targaryens

    Also: The title is named so because I feel like many perceive the Targaryens to be the "most magical" of all the existing families. While I agree there is probably some magical properties in their bloodline, without more specific knowledge we can't say anything other than "Blood of the Dragon", which is only 1 magical property, compared to the Starks being able to cite three different magical bloodlines.
  11. ***As a disclaimer, I just want to let people know that while I am talking about "magical powers" and "magical properties" of bloodlines and such, I do not mean to say that because a certain family or character comes from a certain bloodline or has certain blood, they do not have any uber super powers or special immune systems (fully) or anything like that. Yes it gives them certain "perks" if you will, but they are still very mortal......for what we know. Stock Stark Blood: -Ok, from what we know, House Stark was created during The Long Night and the events either leading up to it, or what caused it's end. Many think they were the family that contained the Last Hero, or Azor Ahai, etc. However that is also at odds with the fact that House Dayne also seemingly came from The Long Night, has Dawn, and fits the proto-valyrian bill that someone wielding fire magic would seemingly have. That being said, it is reasonable to think that even during their inception, the resulting House Stark had "magical properties" about themselves. We do not know whether or not they had warging abilities during this time, but we do know that Brandon the Builder either had some sort of special magic or knowledge that helped him build The Wall, Winterfell, and Storms End. We also know that Starks have always had a "sprinkle" of wolf's blood, that we ASSUME comes from when they were made during the Long Night. -So it's reasonable to say that the original Stark blood contained: wolfs blood, (possible) warg elements, and (possible) Ice magic elements. The process in which their blood became imbued with these magics is still unknown, but it's reasonable to think that "warging" is hereditary through First Men, and Wolf's Blood could be a similar "shared" blood like the Valyrians/Dragons....though it could also just be that the Starks (as wargs) symbolically always used wolves as their vessels. Thus giving the family actual characteristics of the animals since they had shared their "soul" with them for so long. The ice magic properties is anyone's guess, but I think it's somewhat apparent that one existed certainly more than the other properties, because that could really be the only explanation for Brandon the Builder and how the Starks became "Kings of Winter", rulers of Winterfell (winter-fell) The additions: Warg Blood: So thankfully from the timeline and information of TWoIaF, we can now see the broad strokes of the struggle that House Stark went through to win, and keep, the North. One of the struggles was of the Warg King, who made common cause with some Children of the Forest, greenseers, animals, and a few other men I believe. After House Stark overthrew and slayed him, the Lord took the daughter to wife, an occurrence that would become the standard for House Stark. This proves that we have an actual occurrence of when we know warg genetics became part of the ruling line of House Stark. (There was also "The War of Wolves" in which House Stark fought a warg controlling an army of wolves, however it only says that he was defeated, no mention of any family) Cursed/Barrow/Other/Giant? Blood: After the Warg King was dealt with, the account goes on to talk about the next big struggle The Kings of Winter faced....and that was the Barrow Kings. They considered themselves the TRUE kings of the First Men, laying a curse on any of those who would try to usurp that title. A curse that would feed on the life essence of the person, making them "corpse like". Now there is just enough mystery of the Barrows to illicit the Citadel to give some creedence to what The Barrow Kings had claimed. Now whether they were affiliated with the Others, or it was something from the Giants or Children of the Forest, it was clear that there was something unusual about the kingdom. So therefore like the Warg King, when the last Barrow King met his demise at the hand of one of the Kings of Winterfell, the King also took to wife the daughter of the slain King......which is why they possibly "evaded" the curse, since they absorbed the bloodline. The properties from the bloodline is still shrouded in obscurity. Greenseer/Children of the Forest Blood: The last of the independent kingdoms of the North aside from the Starks, was that of the Marsh Kings. They were the ones who ruled the area now called The Neck, the swamps where Moat Cailin now stands sentinel. Now I don't believe the Marsh Kings put up much of a fight after the Barrow Kings fell, so the last Marsh King gave up his daughter willingly to the Starks. Thus completing what the Starks had always seemingly done, marrying the fallen foes bloodline into their own. Now it is widely known (and somewhat obviously proven) that the crannogmen had the blood of The Children of the Forest. Not only do they live closest to the nature, they also fit the stature, so it is completely reasonable to state that the Starks absorbed some blood of the Children through their marriage to the Marsh Kings through his daughter. What this means: Now before anyone starts thinking that the Starks are going to start cursing people or start using that army of wolves to kill all the Freys (not saying it WON'T happen, but we just don't know), I just want to say that like all of GRRM's magic in the series, the magical blood they carry is super subtle. I think from this we just get more of an explanation as to how all 6 of the Stark children could have their warg powers awakened. Given all the blood lines they absorbed, I don't think it would be hard for Bloodraven to set up their powers. He could send the direwolf down by Winterfell, make sure that all of them get their pups, and since they have an affinity for wolves, it wouldn't be that hard at all (using Children of the Forest connections) to wake their inner wargs, since we know all of them carry at leas the potential to become a warg. I also want to point out that I think it may also give them a certain tolerance to the cold. I say this because I can honestly not remember a time in which any of the Stark kids complained of being cold. Not saying that they CAN'T be cold, but just that their tolerance might be a little higher. I think Bran's journey to BR is what kind of won me over on that theory, as he is the one who seems to have made the journey with minimal damage from the cold. However I think this is why their family is treated as being SO IMPORTANT to the North. They have literally taken all the powers and fury of the North and put it into one bloodline. This could be why THERE MUST ALWAYS BE A STARK IN WINTERFELL. For someone with their bloodline could warg to always know whats going on, they could treat with the Children of the Forest as they are technically "kin" and, the most important of them all..... THEY HAVE DEFEATED THE CURSE. Which means that even when they are killed and wighted back to life, they are thralls to NO ONE. Because they proved that they are the true Kings of Winter, so therefore the curse or magic of winter cannot enslave them. Thus showing how Cold Hands can be sentient, whether he is the Night's King or simply just a Stark who was part of the Night's Watch. Keep in mind, this could also be how Jon comes back to life, yet still maintains who he "is"......however he might be brought back by Ice AND Fire, if Mel tries this as well. Thank you for reading!
  12. Is Stannis the "Light's King?"

    if the search was working, I could point you to my "Stannis is the Fire Version of the NIght King" thread. I don't think it was the first, but it definitely got a lot of traction and this is something that people have been talking about for a while. I actually prefer the title of "King of False Dawn" because I feel like it defines more of who he is in the story.
  13. Jon Snow vs Loras Tyrell

    haha exactly. ANd Bronn I would actually put on par with Loras when it came to swords. I mean Loras even says that he is better with a Lance, but his brother Garland is the better actual fighter.....
  14. Jon Snow vs Loras Tyrell

    exactly. And even then are we supposed to just forget the sell sword companies who literally fight for a living? I mean technically wouldn't they have more experience than anyone else?
  15. Jon Snow vs Loras Tyrell

    well of course, but the only thing missing from him being a knight is him taking the vows. He was trained in the style of a knight.