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  1. 2 Crows and 2 Queens; Parallells *minor spoilers*

    gah thank you!! ok so also now that
  2. 2 Crows and 2 Queens; Parallells *minor spoilers*

    well even if his death is important, it still ultimately won't affect Daenerys when the great war happens. And we absolutely know that Valyrian steel kills White Walkers. it was confirmed Also if fire DOESN'T harm them, why would it keep them at bay??
  3. 2 Crows and 2 Queens; Parallells *minor spoilers*

    <spoiler/> test </spoiler>
  4. Let's Discuss Arya's Pie Baking Logistics

    yeah exactly!!! I mean the girl can steal faces and use glamours now.....I don't think moving stealth is hard for her.
  5. 2 Crows and 2 Queens; Parallells *minor spoilers*

    Also, Daenerys' dragons are no longer babies, she can now ride them at will.
  6. 2 Crows and 2 Queens; Parallells *minor spoilers*

    well exactly, the Valyrians never CAME to Westeros, probably for the reason of Wargs and possible due to the Others. And of course there are no accounts of dragons being used against Others, because there are hardly accounts of Others!! Everything we know of them is uber steeped in legend. But we know that- -Dragonsteel (Valyrian steel) can be used to kill them -Dragonglass (frozen fire) can and HAS been used to kill them -Even Tormund says that fire can destroy them. Given all of those things are elements of fire, and dragons are fire made flesh, there is WAY more foreshadowing that dragons will be VERY useful against the others. Hell, the Ice Dragon is set within Westeros (or the world of Westeros) and it was made very clear that Ice Dragons are A) powered by the same magic that Others are B ) capable of being harmed by fire dragons C) are just more massive/powerful than the avg fire dragon. Anywho, the to the Faegon thing- trust me there was no one more than I that wanted Aegon Blackfyre to have a HUGE saving role. A Henry Tudor of Westeros- however between Euron and his evil plans, and Cersei gaining control, I don't see him harming Daenerys' cause in any last way, especially when she has dragons.
  7. Let's Discuss Arya's Pie Baking Logistics

    I think you need to realize that she was moving around with the level of stealth that equates to pretty much being invisible. Also keep in mind they were having a night of revels and she was a cute serving girl......all she would need is basically a six hour window to accomplish this.
  8. 2 Crows and 2 Queens; Parallells *minor spoilers*

    oh and also there can still easily be a Dance of Dragons- esp if Euron ends up stealing one from Dany
  9. 2 Crows and 2 Queens; Parallells *minor spoilers*

    Oh definitely, but I think Faegon will either die relatively quickly, or become subject to Dany. I mean I was REALLY pulling for Aegon, but given current events I just don't see him having that much more of an impact other than bringing the Blackfyres possibly back into the fold. And I mean, why WOULDN'T the dragons have an effect on the White Walkers? Look at the story of the Ice Dragon.
  10. Death Knights **Spoilers for season 6**

    Sooo with the return of Benjen Stark, we also get a glimpse into HOW the White Walkers are actually made- however it seems that we can somewhat infer that as long as the White Walkers are not made by the Night King through the altar, they may remain sentient. Unless the Others aren't beholden to the NK at all, and just choose to follow him with a fierce loyalty. That being said, I think Benjen is amazing in terms of him being dead, still wearing the Black, and wanting to help "fight for the living" for as long as he can. Since he has the secret to making these Death Knights, do you think Benjen will try to use that to his advantage in the war against the Others? For instance- it'd be so awesome to see him go back to the Night's Watch and ask them to make the sacrifice so that way they can really slow down the NK and White Walkers and buy more time for Jon/the North.
  11. Soo I think this could definitely be an interesting set up for what is to come: Keep in mind this is with the belief that the foreshadowing in the books and the tentative CANONICAL timeline of the show. That is NOT saying what happened in the show is bible, but I think we can definitely infer some of the broad strokes of what will happen.....ok, so here we go- Cersei may fight Euron at first because she wants all the power for HERSELF. However when Jon sees how bad it's getting in the North with the White Walkers and Winter, he will probably hear about Daenerys and her dragons and see that as a potential saving grace. So I think that will make him bring his forces or whatever is left to the South so that way he and Dany can vanquish the people who are just greedy and want power, so that way they can focus on the REAL war. When Jon comes into the fray, I think Cersei will become desperate. She will probably see Euron as her only saving grace (even though they will ally together, they probably will both make plans to double cross each other). Euron and Cersei will probably marry (and this is where I think Jaime will be DONE with Cersei)
  12. **SPOILERS** The Deaths of Last Night

    oh wow. I honestly totally forgot about Mace!!! haha This kind of makes me think that Loras really DID get mortally wounded in the siege of Dragonstone
  13. The Blood of Starks: More magical than Targaryens

    I seriously want to know now of WHAT the whole "there must be a Stark in Winterfell" thing has to do with magic. I mean I absolutely believe it does have something based in rituals, but I'm just not 100% sure what that could be. Possibly something with the Wall?
  14. Soo given what we know now just in terms of all the collective media, what do we think the White Walkers' motivation is? I think it's interesting that GRRM had always said that they aren't necessarily inherently evil. Going by D&D terms, would that make them "Lawful Evil"? Also in both the show and the books, it seems like the White Walkers at least have some sort of semblance regarding culture. There is a hierarchy, there is a language (even though many believe it to just be the Old Tongue), and they appear to be at least a LITTLE ritualistic in terms of taking offerings like Crasters sons. Sooo let's say they are just like a tribe of humans that became somewhat weaponized by the Children of the Forest- are they now marching simply because they want to start an ice like version of the Valyrian Empire? Or are they doing so because they ran out of resources? If it IS resources, then what could that be? From all we know they don't eat (unless it's human flesh), and since they appear right at home within the cold, we can't really state that climate change would have any real affect. And also a question......given that the Lands of Always Winter is the furthest Northern Point (known), and Asshai is basically the most Southern/Eastern, could it be possible that the Shadowlands and Lands of Always Winter border each other at some point??
  15. Rickon, the Black Wolf.

    That quote is awesome!! But yeah the way that they describe Shaggydog I think definitely gives us a window into Rickon's mind. I mean like many people have said- he's at a very young age and therefore not capable of expressing himself all that well. However since we can infer that the direwolves are linked to their masters in terms of demeanor (Ghost being silent/white, Summer being very cautious, Nymeria being a great leader and savage, etc) we can definitely see that Rickon is going to be at least a LITTLE angry/damaged because of everything that happened to his family.